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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 15, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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catherine: it is 9 p.m. in the french capital and you are watching live from paris on france 24. one gunman killed and one more on the run in brussels. we will bring you latest on the raid and manhunt that officials say is directly linked to the investigation into the november attacks in paris. russia continues its airstrikes against the islamic state group leader in syria while starting to pull out its military from the war-torn country. appear tos in geneva make some progress. millions of americans are heading to the polls on a day
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that has been dubbed many super tuesday. republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton are confident of keeping their lead but there's still plenty to play for. thank you for being with us. policet in belgium where are looking for at least one suspect with links to november pass terrorist attacks, believed to be on the run in brussels. in annman died in a raid apartment earlier. we have the latest. reporter: the counterterrorist operation at turned into a shootout. gunman opened fire on police they seized a house.
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several belgian officers were injured and an unknown people are believed to be on the run. residents are told to stay indoors. >> there have never been terrorist operations here. it's very surprising. >> things like this are really frightening. officials say the operation was in connection with the terrorist attacks last november. -- belgianf belgium camerench police officers under heavy fire. i have to be very cautious about what i say because the operation is still underway. one of the prime suspects is but belgian run,
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authorities currently hold arrested in the wake for giving help to the fugitive. to yemen now, 41 civilians have been killed in a saudi led bombing at a market according to an official at doctors without borders. that official adding children were among the dead. 35 more people were injured in the strike. medics say the death toll could rise further. underrea is currently control of a faction backed by iran trying to dislodge the government. has continued airstrikes in syria even as the military started moving some of its assets out of the country. the envoy to syria's overseeing peace talks, describing the
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partial withdrawal as a significant element. we've considered this a significant development and now we hope and we shall be expecting and hoping this will be happening, that we will see this decision bring some positive influence on the actual progress on the talks that are taking place. it is not a coincidence or we should not consider it a coincidence that that decision to place at the beginning of the talks. catherine: it comes on the fifth anniversary as the protests that sparked the war that has since killed more than a quarter of a million people and displaced several million. these russian pilots are being welcome home does heroes after vladimir putin's
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apprise decision to withdraw troops from syria. but the partial withdrawal is causing the biggest wave in geneva where peace talks are taking place. leave aieve it will positive impact on the negotiation in geneva. fors a positive decision the interpretation on the ground. stop against full the opposition faction. reporter: the russian withdrawal could be a move to force bashar al-assad to get back on message. the syrian foreign minister said it was a redline and presidential elections were off the table. envoy talked about the necessity of a transition with elections later on. saves the assad regime
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from a military collapse. that talks are starting and the russians since -- sense assad is asking too much. >> when there was a decision made to deploy troops in syria, it was a decision between assad and putin. reporter: russia is not abandoning its ally. it's air force will carry out attacks against islamic state group and keep personnel and a pit -- and equipment to protect its bases in syria. catherine: barack obama has made some rare comment on the ongoing nomination for his successor at the white house. he says he's deeply disturbed by vulgar and divisive rhetoric directed at women and minorities as well as some incidents of violence. this is being read as a criticism of donald trump.
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he is protected to do well in voting today with several states taking part in primary polls. without mentioning any names, john kasich warned voters not to go to the dark side. he is up against donald trump in his home state of ohio. it's a crucial contest because the winner will take all 66 delegates and the winner for kasich be an obstacle for trump to getting the delegates he needs for the nomination. trump made a last-minute is it to ohio. he is leading the polls and ohio. but florida senator marco rubio is still hoping for a win and his home state. >> tomorrow is the day when we will shock the country and when the 99 delegates in florida. john kasich and
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marco rubio lose their home states, the race for the white house could be over for them. trump is leading and ted cruz has 369. rubio's coming third with 163 and kasich is in fourth place. on monday, ted cruz insisted he was the only one able to beat trump and go on to win the presidential election. 77% of republicans the best trump is not candidate to go head-to-head. if trump is the nominee, hillary wins. hasrter: hillary clinton 255 more pledged delegates than her rival, bernie sanders. far more superdelegates say they will support clinton but they are free to change their minds if they failed to win enough pledged delegates.
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>> love always trumps hatred. sanders pulled a surprise victory last week, meaning it's still a two horse race for the democrats. let's get some stateside perspective on all of this with our guest who joins us from augustana college in illinois. is stableof illinois but let's look to florida, which is the prize of the day. marco rubio says he's going to win the state. pretty confident words for a man trailing donald trump by 20 points. can he turn it around? , i think heis sake has to try to turn it around, but it may be too little, too late. a lot of people advise him to get out of the race before his home state came up because he governorations to be
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or do something in the future. this is a big day for rubio. that ted: it does seem cruz is the only viable alternative to trump. he's not that far behind. perhaps if the republican party faithful are opposed to trump, it's time to cut their losses and all of them get behind ted cruz. do you see that happening us to mark guest: a lot of people forget many of the policies and ideas that ted cruz has been having our things that fall in line with donald trump also. we end up having a situation where a lot of establishment republicans don't really want to have ted cruz as their nominee either. they are looking for a different option. catherine: we have been hearing from barack obama.
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he criticized divisive rhetoric and the violence. how likely is barack obama to have an impact on trump's supporters? peoples that these are who have been disliking having obama as their president for the last years to say it lightly. guest: donald trump has been averaging around 30% or 40% of the vote when he has been getting those republican votes and when we get to the general election, he needs many more votes than that. when barack obama speaks, i think he's talking to a broader portion of the population besides just donald trump's voters. they are not interested in hearing from the president. the president's approval rating is pretty high. the rest of the united states may listen to what he has to
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say. catherine: let's look at the democratic side -- hillary clinton says the numbers are adding up in her favor. she's virtually on track for the maybe her e-mail scandal and other attacks on her -- is the clinton nomination going to be sewn up today? see iti really don't getting sewn up today just because bernie sanders has been gaining on her so much in some of these rust belt states. that would be my state of illinois, missouri, and ohio. if she was able to sweep all five races today, maybe we could say it would be sewn up even though bernie sanders has alleged to fight till the end and he has the resources to do so but my feeling is they are going to duke it out for a little while longer and fight toward that nomination. catherine: whichever way we look at this, it has not then a successful campaign for the
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establishment whether you are a democrat or a republican. much grassroots support and people who see themselves as outsiders being so out spoken, could this proved to be a turning point for american politics? might we see the two-party system shaken up a little? i definitely see a lot of things be in shaken up on the republican side in particular with the trump candidacy and with the fact the republican establishment is really stepping out and saying they do not want him to be the nominee. it hasdemocratic side, been a referee go for hillary clinton and she originally expected, so i would anticipate moving forward, at least new ideas will come into our two-party system, if not some fundamental changes to the nomination process. catherine: thank you so much.
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bringing our attention to europe, the norwegian mass killer has begun a legal challenge to his risen conditions, calling them inhumane. year sentence 21 for killing 77 people in 2011 in oslo. reporter: another day in court except this time, he's not in the dark. is convict and mass murderer accusing the norwegian penitentiary system of violating his human rights by keeping him an isolation and monitoring contact with the out like world. the hearing is taking place in the prison where he's serving a 21 year sentence for the murder of 77 people in 2011. most of them in a shooting spree.
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azi salute as he entered the room and his lawyers made the case's psychological state is being harmed by conditions in the prison. >> the most severe accusation is the one of cool and degrading punishment, ill-treatment. prolongedion with solitary confinement. that is something where norway has received international criticism over many years and amended the situation. reporter: norwegian authorities refused the claim, saying he has access to three separate cells and an exercise yard. isy say the correspondence limited to prevent him from starting an extremist network. they don't want to give the extremist any further airtime. others say justice will prevail. society is measured
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by how they treat their prisoners. we will have to try to use the system against us. i think the system will say his conditions are as good as they can be. others have been surprised at the approach of the norwegian justice system. but'm for human rights, with all the refugees in norway right now and we don't take care of their human rights, why should we care about his human rights? reporter: unhappy with conditions in the past, he threatened to go on hunger strike as well as lodging complaints that his cell didn't have a view and his coffee was served cold. the hearing is set to run until the end of the week. catherine: some updates coming in to us now from belgium after a police raid in brussels earlier. the prime minister has been speaking, saying the police operation is can in ewing in brussels.
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the country's justice minister says one french policewoman was among the four officers likely injured in a raid earlier. one gunman either killed or found dead at the scene. that is not totally clear right now and the elgin justice minister has added the fact that a french police officer was present for that raid was a coincidence. they were not expecting to find much at the search they were carrying out. that is the latest we've got for you. to recap the rest of our top international headlines -- russia is continuing its airstrikes against the islamic state group.
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millions of americans are heading to the pole for the day being dubbed many super tuesday. republican donald trump and democrat hillary clinton confident at keeping their lead in the contest. time for an update on the days top business stories with marcus -- an intriguing story for us -- sounds more like the plot of some kind of hollywood driller but it is in fact true. is an intriguing story. we're going to look at one of the biggest bank heist in history. it is that unbelievable. we are talking but the governor of the central bank of anglo -- you has resigned over the theft of more than $100 million. he says he has stepped down for the sake of my country. this is the mark of a
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sophisticated cyber heist. one man in the philippines managed to walk away with $13 million of the money in cash. reporter: for many, he was the man who could put bangladesh on a scandalme about that saw $101 million disappear from the central bank's coffers signaled the end for its governor. voluntarily to take a much higher moral ground. not many examples to take the responsibility morally and then resign. largest: in one of the cyber heist in history, hackers managed to breach the account at the new york federal reserve and transferred 81 million dollars to entities in the philippines and $20 million to sri lanka. a committee launched an inquiry into the theft.
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it would appear they transferred the money to four different private accounts. >> probably their intent is to use this to put the stolen money but it would appear the ultimate destination [indiscernible] were amongwo casinos the last institutions to see the money after was transferred to them through a foreign exchange broker. and another $30 million was withdrawn by a casino junket operator. surveillance cameras were not in service when that transaction occurred. because casinos are not covered the anti-moderate -- anti-money laundering laws, this is where the paper trail ends. marcus: we're going to look at the stock markets nass -- stock
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markets next. stocks in the united states mixed on this tuesday. u.s. markets are closing one expectedier than because of a time change in the united states. we did see the dow climbing above the flatline in last hour or so. the nasdaq and s&p 500 remain below the flatline. a decline in energy and health care stocks and shares in vale ant crashed after the firm reported latest quarterly results and came to cut its outlook for the remainder of the year. in negativeinishing territory. the mining sector weighed on the indices, for fear that chinese demand for minerals would disappear. companiesmining warning its profits are down as
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we see a slump in commodity prices. the trade damper on across the mining sector. some other individual company news -- u.n. -- shares in wilkes wagon closing lower. major investors are suing the and a quarterree billion euros. the lawsuit includes 300 institutional investors from more than a dozen different countries. the suit follows their public admission that they rigged 11 million easel cars worldwide to cheat on emissions tests. claim vw failed to inform them in a timely manner. profits at euro star fell after last year's paris attacks. during 2015, ties the train operator said operating profit margin came in at 43 million euros, a 38% fall. the company's ceo said it was a tough year for euro star in 2015
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which connects london with paris and brussels. he said passenger numbers were down after the paris attacks and a strong pound effected business. the u.s. government says it will bar companies from drilling for oil in the atlantic ocean. it's a major policy reversal for the obama administration and yield they blow to offshore companies that i the areas of the coast of virginia and north and south carolina. state governors were supporting the plan saying it would create jobs, but the obama administration says it is protecting the atlantic for generations. are going to return to france next and a bookstore in paris is hoping to revolutionize the industry by printing copies of its books on demand. the store closed its doors 17 years ago but now that it is back, the shelves rmd. -- the shelves are empty.
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you consider a coffee and wait for the book you have demanded. reporter: from the outside, it may not look out of the ordinary but this small store is the first of its kind in europe, a stop -- a bookstore that only sells on demand. to manages it easier the store and get rid of the stock managing aspect of the job. at the heart of the operation, this industrial printer known as the espresso book machine. it allows operators to print, bind and trim books while customers wait with a coffee. have a selection of over 5000 books and 3 million titles. reporter: after five years of decline, physical book sales rose last year. have of electronic readers slowed.
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most say there's no replacement for the real thing. >> when i have a book, i can lend it and pass it on. i like that idea. alwaysr: reading was associated with the heart of the french capital. but now the bookstores back and looking to open a new chapter. marcus: the estate of michael jackson has agreed to sell its stake in a music venture to sony for $750 million. it includes a back catalogue of 3 million songs ranging from the beatles and bob dylan to taylor swift and eminem. it will allow the estate to repay a reported $250 million in debt. it will retain its rights over the music that jackson wrote and recorded. michael jackson bought his share in 1985. million back catherine: you told me about
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this and i've been doing some math for the first time in 20 years. that is about 18 times what he paid for it. -- marcus: i've also been doing some math. the gainfor inflation, is a little bit smaller, but still pretty sizable, about seven times the original investment. catherine: pretty good. marcus: not too shabby. catherine: thank you very much. we go to the break, let's bring you up-to-date on the latest news coming to us from brussels -- there has been a press conference taking place in the belgian capital after a raid in one of its neighborhoods earlier this afternoon and a shoot out. four police officers were injured and a gunman was found dead at an apartment rated.
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the prime minister telling us just now that the police operation is continuing and brussels. do stay tuned. it will have the latest55ñññ1
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