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tv   DW News  LINKTV  March 31, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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brent: this is "dw news" live from berlin -- back on the agenda. the threat of nuclear distraction. from north korea to the danger of a jihadi dirty bomb. this year's growing. a multilateral summit in washington to riefenstahl threat. and belgian president says they
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are ready to send cell abscess -- back to france. and not guilty -- that is the verdict on a serbian nationalist. other balkan states are outraged at the acquittal. i'm brent goff. good to have you with us. the leaders of more than 50 nations are gathering in washington for a two summit on nuclear security. the focus is on measures to stop terrorists and getting a hold of nuclear material. concerns abobout north korea's program also will be discussed. ahead of the summit, u.s. president barack obama has been holding bilateral talks with other leaders, including
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president xi jinping of china north korea's closest ally. china is seen as key to making the latest sanctions against pyongyang work. all right, we want to go to our correspondent in washington, richard walker. good evening to you, richard. what can the u.s. do to persuade china to put pressure on north korea concerning its nuclear program? richard: the americans and chinese are working more closely than they ever have done on the north korean issue. the sanctions imposed earlier this month by the human security council were the product of close consultation with the chinese, and the chinese are increasingly exasperated by their north korean peninsula.
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-- their north korean neighbors. they do not want the regime to collapse. it could cause chahaos, a huge wave of refugees trying to enter chinese territory, and it could remove this buffer state between china and south korea, which american allies and there are thousands of american troops there. that is a fine line the chinese are trying to walk. is an indication of the corporation they are getting at the moment. brent: how big is the fear that terrorist groups like the islamic state will be able to e a dirty bomb? ririchard: that is definitely a coconcern. experts talk about the scenariosos -- the first most apocalyptic
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would bebe if they manage to manage a full-scale nuclear bomb and detonated a area that is seenn as verery unlikikely, very difficult even for a large tererrorist orgaganization likike the islamimic state. the second scenario, they might want some kind of sabotage and finally the third and most likely scenario, a conventional explosive wrapped with radioactive materials to scatter radioactive materials far and wide. the experts are saying -- because of the summit, they are tightening up controls. on the flipspside, groups like the islamic state or morere interesested in doioing a nuclear attack than they ever have been. you have a two cited --2-sideded picture. brent: that begs the question,
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what can be done to keep terrorists from getting their hands on nuclearr material, considering now more t than ever thatat is what thehey want to do? richchd: yeah, and these nuclear summits s have been seen as an important mechanisism to get international cooperation to remove unnecessary stockpiles, to impmprove security around them. one concer is these summits it is to be carried out by no fewer than five international organizations from the united nations to enterer poll. each of ththose groups wilill present plan. one thing is they will makake sure that russia is fully involved. theyey have not taken a aeading rolele and that's very mucuch of concern because russia very much has a stockpile of material. brent: richard walker on the
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story for us from washington. thank you very much. the only surviving suspect of the paris terrorist attacks is set to be taken to france after belgian authorities approved his extradition. salah abdeslam was captured in belgium almost two weeks agogo. his lawyerer says he is s willing to cooperate with authorities. he was arrested over his alleged involvement in the attacks last year that left 130 people dead. earlier, we spoke to our brussels correspondent, and we asked whether the alleged leak between akif pirincci and this month's attack in --salah abdeslam and this month's attack in brussels? reporter: he picked up the
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person who was constructing the bomb and he went by car picked him up with a car, brought him to brussels, and that is where he did what he did. plus abdeslam went to germany picked up threree more people in the south of germany and the belgian media speculates one of these three people might leave the man with the hatch, the third person from the surveillance images at the airport. it might be the involvement is even bigger than we so far no. brent: that is our correspondent from brussels. turkish president erdogan has announced a bomb attack that killed seven people. at least six of the dead are
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turkish police officers. the bomb went off as an armored vehicle was passing a bus stop. erdogan said the attack show the ugly face of militants. the kurdish workers party continues to clash with turkish forces. south africa's highest court has ruled that president jacob zuma violated the constitution. he spent millions and the judges ordered him to pay some of that back. they will hold an emergency meeting and opposition parties are also calling for his impeachment. reporter: jacob zuma's sprawling home side. -- homestead. the public money he spent on it will have to be paid back. the paper found that he failed
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to uphold and defend the cost edition when he failed to repay $60 million of public funds he spent. -- defend the constitution when he failed to repay $60 million of public funds he spent. >> by the department of public works, and the president's homestead the [indiscernible] and the swimming pool only. reporter: it also blamed the anc for failing to hold the president accountable. the opposition party was quick to react, saying it would immediately take punitive action. >> this undermines the constitution.
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this violates the public sector. president zuma must be impeached from office. reporter: jacob zuma is fending off multiple accusations of misconduct. this latest ruling could significantly weaken him. brent: in india, the confirmed death toll has risen to 21 after a traffic overpass collapsed. dozens were injured and many remain buried in the mass of twisted metal and concrete. reporter: rescue forces worked into the night, still hoping to find sururvivors trapped among masses of metal and concrete but for many, help came too late. earlier, mayhem on the streets. survivors pulled from the debris rushed to hospital. lifting machines clearing away
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the devastation, and local people pulling together to cut through the rubble. >> i saw a man waving at us from under the debris, calling for help. i organized people from the neighborhood, and with a bit of help from a crane, we got him help. the man is being treated in hospital now. reporter: a 100-meter stretch of the bridge collapsed around lunchtime, burying everything underneath it. it was still under construction, but should have been finished years ago. locals are slamming the construction company. >> that is the state of our engineers. there is corruption everywhere. >> i do not know the reason for the collapse, but i can tell you it happened because they were trying to complete the
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construction in a hurry. brent: the acquittal of a serbian nationalist leader of war crimes charges has drawn outrage from other balkan states. croatia, which fought a war against serbia in the 1990's, has called it shameful. the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia says that prosecutors failed to prove their allegations. >> after a trial lasting 10 years, a deal that issues a serious blow to prosecutors -- his seat was empty at the hearing. the majority of the tribunal judges were unable to reasonably exclude the possibility these speeches were delivered in the context of conflict and meant to
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boost morale of troops, rather than calling on them to spare no one. the verdict comes as a major surprise. many had assumed there would be a guilty verdict for seselj. >> to me, this is a correct decision. only the serbians face trial. reporter: seselj lost none of his defiance. >> my attitude toward the hague has not changed. the moment i went to the hague,
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i knew they could not prove any crime. reporter: the trial began in 2007 with seselj facing charges of crimes against humanity and inciting ethnic cleansing, but proceedings were regularly opted. seselj chose to defend himself. he was also charged with contempt of court. >> you asked me to get up. you are not normal. you are scum. how can i get up for you? i'm a leader of the serbians. reporter: prosecutors said that seselj set of paramilitary groups that carried out ethnic cleansing. he was granted temporary release from detention for treatment for
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cancer. he was received as a hero on his return, where many see the hague tribunal is biased against the country. he repeatedly refused to return to the hague. he campaigned with his radical party ahead of next month's is elections in serbia. brent: when we come back, more news in the busisiness headlines. stay tuned for that.
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brent: welcome back. you are with "dw news," live from berlin. our top story -- a multilateral summit in washington to reduce the fears of nuclear threats. fears that nuclear material could fall intnto the hands of terrorists will be high on the agenda. the summit is hosted by u.s. president barack obama. germany fell foreign minister has continued his tour of central asia and states. could you stand -- kurdistan is
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surrounded by autocratic regimes, not to mention heavyweights russia and china. he pledged help to a country that is in a "rough neighborhood." reporter: this could be any major western city. the young business is expanding. they have three other outlets. it is one of the most economically open countries in the world. young entrepreneurs are optimistic. >> on very happy to have this successful business and i'm thinking about maybe some kind of -- another business incontext on. -- in kazakhstan. reporter: outside though, many people can not afford to buy the goods on sale. human rights groups criticized
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the country. and go record, and then there is the problem of economic decline. the steep fall in oioil prices and the value of the russian ruble have hit the country hard. germany's foreign minister praised their democratic achievements and promised german help. >> the goal is to improve living conditions for the people. so they see democracy is worth it and that leads to a better quality of life. >> in concrete terms, germany will provide a for educatition and electronic votingg system. but democracy cannot go hand-in-hand with poverty. >> the two most powerful layers in the region, china and russia, are not interested in promoting
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democracy. they are surrounded by authoritarian statetes. brent: all right, and now we have business news and viva la france and viva la work. reporter: that's right. because french president francois hollande once to create more jobs during his tenure. now he's pushing back on labor reform, but that led to protest and it left a number of places shut down in schools closed. >> protests against labor market reforms in france turned violent. and paris police arrested demonstrators. unions called for a strike, planning protests nationwide. those hoping to continue life as
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normal spent the morning rush hour waiting. >> we have to work. we have no choice. reporter: the aim of the changes is to make it easier for firms to fire employees when times are tough. the government hopes it will give companies the flexibility to hire when times are good and drive down the stepper and 10% unemployment rate. >> concerning the protests, i want to make a few things clear. there are some people protesting against the railway reform, for example. there are many different causes for protest. there is exasperation. reporter: the strikes have not thought public life in france entirely to a stanandstill but the impact is wide-ranging. tourists visiting the eiffel tower were turned away.
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>> we are pretty upset. we came along way. it's closed. we really wanted to go up there. it's pretty sad. reporter: experts are split on whether the reforms will create more jobs in the country. many are asking why the president would leave an important project for the last year before elections. >> germany has released its official statistics for march. the total number of jobless people fell by 2.8 million and compared to a year ago, that's 87,000 fewer unemployed people. that means the jobless rate is 6.5%, a decline of a 10th of a percent. talking about jobs let's look at wall street. what are the expectations
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concerning jobs figures in the u.s.? >> basically, quality means quantity. that is probably what it will be about on friday. we expect an increase of about 200,000 jobs. that is pretty solid. the unemploloent rate w will stay araround 4.925%, and if you compare it after the financial crisis, the unemployment rate saw some improvement. we did not see an outrageous increase. it's really what kind of jobs get created in the united states. reporter: this new model i being presented in california. what can you tell l us about that? >> it is really amazing. before we have even seen the prototype, people all over the globe started lining up to get
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their orders and for this vehicle. the production will not even start before next year. there are early expectations that tesla may see 100,000 orders and if you look at the stock price they had a pretty rough start into the year, but since mid-february, it really took off. the stock is up i've more than 50%. high expectations on wall street. some are asking if the market might have overshot. but overall very high expectations. >> high expectations. we will see of those are fulfilled. thank you very much. >> we will see. reporter: all right, citrus has -- cyprus has successfully
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battled back from the ravaged aching sector. it agreed to a euro bailout program and did not even need the last installment. the remaining controls were lifted last april, and the european commission praised to be separate authorities and people for doing what is needed to heal the economy. we'll see if greece can learn anything from that brent. brent: yeah, it is funny. the architect to gained fame for her book designs has died at the age of 65. her company said she suffered a heart attack at a miami hospital where she is being treated for bronchitis. she grew to fame in a profession
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dominated by men. reporter: with an international career of more than 35 years she was a hard-working woman. the only rules she followed were her own and the first role was push the limits. whether she designed a bridge in spain that is also a museueum o or a shoe that is at the same time a biomorphic sculpture -- >> there are certain things i will not do. maybe a prison or something like that. but i think you can always look at any new project. reporter: this seems to defy reality. in iconic landmark. in 2004, she became the first woman to receive the highest accolade for the architects, the
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pritzker prize. it was a long struggle in a traditionallyy male-dominanated profession, as evidencnced by the few major contracts she has one in her chosen home, london. an indoor swimming pool for the 2012 summer olympics. >> i realized a long time ago that a certain world i cannot answer. being a woman and young and foreign. i would say the woman factor is the most critical. and also i don't do normal work. like other developers. they think i'm crazy. it's a constant struggle. the struggle is very tiring, but t sharpens you up. reporter: and how very sharp she became. she will be remembered as one of
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the world's leading architects. brent: here is a reminder of our+ top story. a multilateral summit in washington to reduce the threat of nuclear weapons. fears that they could fall into the hands of terrorists is high on the agenda. the summit is hosted by u.s. president barack obama. after a short break i will be back to take you through "the day." stay tuned for now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ ♪ ' 0 p.m. paris time. returning to face justice in france. salah abdeslam the one surprising -- surviving suspect from november's paris attacks, was ordered to return from belgium where he was arrested. some angry scenes. tens of thousands of workers and students marched in french townsend cities against sweeping labor law -- towns and cities against sweeping labor law reforms. the south african president found guilty of breaking the constitution after illegally spendi


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