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>> and a clock in the french capital and you are watching "live from paris" on "france 24 ." i'm tom burges watson. leaders gather in washington for nuclear security summit amidst concerns that terrorists could make the so-called dirty bomb. tensions on the greek island as scuffles break out at camps housing migrants as mps in athens vote on laws taking the way for them to be deported. shocking to the court -- that is how the u.n. disrupts testimony from more than 100 girls and women in the central african republic who say they were abused by international peacekeepers.
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tom: good evening. a global security summit got underway in washington take. more than 50 world leaders are gathering there, the last such a summit of the obama presidency. last month's deadly attacks in brussels have field concerns about nuclear material falling into the hands of terrorist organizations. despite those threats, president obama says some progress has been made in the field of nuclear security. here is what he said. 102 nationsama: have ratified the treaty, the convention on the cisco production of nuclear material. as a result, we expect that the treaty will enter into force in the coming weeks, giving us more tools that we need to work together in the event of theft
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of nuclear material or an attack on a nuclear facility. in short, everybody has been participating, and by working together, our nations have made it harder for terrorists together hands on nuclear material. cap -- to get their hands on the image of. we have measurably reduced the risk. tom: concern about north korea's nuclear ambitions were also high on the agenda of that summit. faced with the regime set on developing nuclear capabilities, world leaders have descended upon washington to try and turn north korea -- to try and get your north korea. hopes tod states deepen cooperation with south korea and japan in the face of continued provocations by pyongyang. we agree during this meeting that trilateral security cooperation is essential to maintaining peace and stability in northeast asia,
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rring the north korean nuclear threat, and the potential of nuclear proliferation as a consequence of north korean activities. reporter: the u.s. and its is vital that sanctions are vigilantly enforce to avoid any possibility of nuclear war in the korean peninsula. they warned pyongyang could face cover sanctions and further isolation if it launches more missile test. >> what is essential going forward is to thoroughly enforce the u.n. resolution so that north korea realizes it cannot last unless it abandons its nuclear aspirations. a separate meeting, america and china: north korea to give up the nuclear stockpile and announce their own plans for annual bilateral security talks in a bid to combat the mounting threat of nuclear terrorism. tom: in other world news, lawmakers in athens are voting
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on new legislation which allows for migrants and refugees arriving on greek soil after march 20 to be deported. the vote has gone had an overwhelmingly they have given support to the legislation being implemented. it is all on the lives of the terms of the new eu deal and tensions have been running high in a number of caps on greek guidance, where outbreaks of violence have been reported. more about the outcome of the vote. reporter: the law passed with a comfortable majority of 169 against 103, and it was quite clear already from the beginning that the legislation would get the support of the 2 coalition , thees, including syriza party of prime minister alexis tsipras, and the opposition to the most controversial issue until today was the idea that greece should declare turkey as a country so that migrants can
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be sent back under international asylum trees. greece refused to do this. they say that turkey is not safe for everyone -- for instance, for kurds. they have found a way to work around this by basically bringing the great asylum legislation into line with other eu countries and according to the european commission, the should be enough, and under this legislation, the deal implemented by -- can start to be implemented by monday when we see the first returns of migrants from greece to turkey. tom: interesting to know what the general public in greece makes of this law because, after all, we have seen it spillover into rather tense scenes during the course of the last couple days on some of the outlying islands. reporter: yes, and this tension is only increasing. right now there are several hundreds of migrants in the port of death were one of those islands -- in the port, one of those islands you mentioned. they broke out of the detention
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center and they now demand to be put on a ferry to athens where they want to continue to journey northwards into europe. this is an option that does not exist anymore under the eu-turkey deal. greeks,ral public, the they fear the clashes we see with greek police, for instance, but also among the groups of afghans, most notably and syrians, they will only increase because of the fact that these people have no perspective. they are in cams under very difficult circumstances and have no clue what their rights are and how long the procedures are going to take it there are more than 50,000 migrants now stranded here in greece, and that is what worries most of the greeks most from how long they are going to stay, and how can these problems be resolved. athens. latest from
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more than a week has passed since the departure hall of brussels airport was damaged in a suicide blast. aviation officials say it is ready to reopen but staff is going to go on strike unless security is tightened up further with more rigorous screening of passengers and baggage before they are allowed to enter the building. reporter: the deadly blast on march 22 in the departures area. airportlater, brussels has a temporary check-in facility, but the challenges remain. >> there are practical concerns, like where to put things in word to build a temporary structure. then we have to think about the employees. how do they react to the situation? how do they feel about returning to the airport for the first time since the attacks? reporter: in a statement, the
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airport, he said it is technically ready to receive 800 departing passengers per hour, 20% of its normal capacity. airport police, however, are threatening to go on strike, citing the lack of security. they have already had a strike warning 4 days before the bomb blast, according to media reports, and the unions warned of the company about jihadist centralizers among airport staff. to europe's led largest 1 -- one of europe's largest house to be diverted to other airports. it is something the government admits to and the deputy prime ministers as an agreement with the union is needed before reopening the airport. tom: south african president jacob zuma this evening address the nation in the scandal over upgrades to his private residence. zuma had been given a legally
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binding order to pay back the state to millions he renovate his home, but opposition lawmakers are accusing him of ignoring the orders and therefore violating the constitution did tonight, zuma promised to pay back some of the money. it all happened in good faith, and there was no deliberate effort or intention to subvert the constitution on my part. it has helped me and my beliefs to reflect deeply. with hindsight, there are many that could have been handled different. tom: south african president jacob zuma speaking there. more than 100 girls and women have come forward in the central african republic claiming they
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were abused by international peacekeepers there. the u.n. team has been interviewing the women, whose testimony they describe as shocking to the core it all countries with peacekeepers and soldiers deployed to the country , amongst them france, have been formally notified. reporter: the international peacekeeping forces faced fresh child sex abuse allegations on thursday. the ngo-run campaign claimed in a 2014 from a member of the peacekeeping force tied up and forceded 4 victims and them into performing be still asked. havenconfirmed allegations sickened the international community and prompted the u.n. to expand its investigations. >> allegations concerning some you runre -- sometimes out of words. shocking to the core. but at this point we are not thatto confirm the reports we have seen. reporter: the u.n. has
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interviewed 108 victims of alleged sexual abuse between 2013 at 2015, the majority of whom are minors. for months the international body has been plagued with dozens of allegations of child rape and other abuses by peacekeepers. but despite pledging to leave no stone unturned in the investigation, some say the damage has already been done. it is just unthinkable this does to an entire community, and frankly, an entire country. most people in the world don't have a lot of intimate knowledge of the united nations. peacekeeping for many, many millions of people is their first introduction to the u.n. when you are told people are coming to protect you and then they turn on the civilian operation, it is mind-boggling. reporter: an independent review panel in a december accused the u.n. and its agencies of grizzly -- firstly mishandling allegations of sexual abuse in
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the central african republic in 2013 and 2014. tom: investigators in a french city have this week and searching the offices of a prominent cardinal, this amidst allegations that he and others have covered up not just one but 2 scandals in the diocese relating to claims of sexual abuse. you hoyer have the details. yuka: the scandal to snowboarding. -- snowballing. they have reopened the investigation into alleged sex crimes by police, 10 years after the victim filed a complaint. the latest twist has to mounting pressure on the cardinal, the archbishop of leon, just two days after police searched his offices. the cleric is under investigation for failing to report a crime. he has repeatedly denied accusations of a cover. never, never been in the 17 years i've been archbishop i've received two complaints, one that happened in years beforehand and another
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about a different case. i immediately suspended a priest in question. if there was cautioned that someone did something that band them from practicing, we would have no one left. the decades-old pedophilia cases only came to light when a group of alleged victims filed a lawsuit last year. the accused priest in that case is under formal investigation and could end up in prison. the victims say that the archbishop must go. talking about children. we are talking about pedophiles and sex crimes. and we should not have him resign, we should have him sacked. yuka: now it has been revealed that a different priest was convicted of abusing a girls and received a suspended jail sentence in february. one of the victims said the cardinal knew about that case, too, and kept quiet about it. tom: residents of central areas of the french capital had an unpleasant shock thiss afternoon as a loud explosion n tore throh a buiuilding.
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five people suffered minor injuries in that blast, which was caused by a ghastly. -- ghastly -- ghastly. many people initially thought the explosion was a bomb. india andn eastern the city of calcutta say that they are not expecting to find any more survivors following from thursday's collapse of a flyover. at least 25 people lost their lives and indian police say they have detained five people from a construction company in connection with the accident. mark thompson has this report. continueovery efforts through the night and into the morning. hundreds of rescue workers digging through the rubble, tempting to find anyone feared trapped underneath. they were helped by local residents who removed some of the debris from the sites. there are concerns the structure may collapse further in hopes of finding any more survivors are starting to fade. -- it is oneeople
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of the busiest markets of this area. basically, we're trying to remove debris and trying to recover the bodies. mark: the dramatic moment was caught on cctv footage. of aafter midday, parts flyover under construction collapsed in one of co-caught a lkata's most densely populated neighborhoods. the cause of the accident has not been confirmed. but one construction worker rescued from under the rubble seven the b beams on the bypass could not hold the weight of cement. on the -- work began in 2009. the project is over budget and behind schedule. safety issues caused by a lack of inspectioions and subststandd materirial have plagued recent construction works in the
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country. there have been seven major building collapses in the past seven years alone. the government faced official says stringent action will be taken against those found responsible. the unity government in libya has been given a freshfaced after 10,000 cities in the western countries said they supported its arrival. libya has been split between rival governments since 2014, consequence of the chaos that followed the fall of qaddafi. the big challenges which still lie ahead for the country's leaders. libya's unity government is starting to get the support it desperately needs . on wednesday its prime minister arrived here in tripoli by boat, leading to hoax in the capital of the political deadlock could finally be broken. >> this is one that meeting people have been waiting for patiently -- libyan people have been waiting for patiently. reporter: the man tasked with
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living up to the expectations has an uphill battle ahead of him. on thursday, 10 cities in the west of the country also threw their support behind the u.n.-backed administration. but he barely set foot on a libyan soil for hardliners in the capital call him to either leave or surrender. since 2014, libya has been effectively ruled by 2 rival administrations, both of which opposed the new government. the third, based in truly, run by powerful militias. the third in an easton city internationally recognized. chaos has ravaged libya for five years, turning it into a breeding ground for the islamic state jihadists on the coast, making its stability at top priority for western leaders. we fully eligible the libyan government because it is that that will garner international support and will bring about stability. reporter: world leaders are
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pinning their hopes on the unity government to ring together a nation split by years of conflict. tom: antiquities minister in have says archaeologists been working tirelessly through the course of the night, scanning what could be a whole series of hidden chambers next to choose in common -- tutankhamen's tomb. his hope that their efforts could result in the discovery of queen nefertiti's remains. last month the discovery of two hidden chambers at the site triggered huge excitement and many hope there will be more important discoveries in the months ahead. let's get a recap of our top stories on "france 24." tackling the nuclear threat. world leaders gathered in washington for a nuclear security summit amidst concerns that terrorists would use a so-called dirty bomb. tensions on the greek islands as
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scuffles break out at camps housing migrants as in the -- mps in athens vote on new laws paving the way for them to be deported. and shocking to the court -- that is how the u.n. discuss testimony from more than 100 girls and women in the central african republic with say they were abused by international peacekeepers. time now for a check of the top business news stories. markus karlsson joins me in the studio. we will start with the collapse of multibillion-euro deal in france. markus: orange won't buy the telecom unit of french conglomerate puig. they've not been able to agree, throwing in the towel. this cap three months of talks ygues.en orange and bou as part of the deal, they wanted a stake in a combined telecoms firm but the state in which owns 23% of orange, didn't want their influence to rise above a certain level.
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this sets the scene for a continued price war in the french market as france will continue to have 4 major operators and this deal would have brought the number of operators down to three. all right, more on that as we get it. shares of tesla, meanwhile, are among the winners on wall street. after the electric carmaker presented in lower-priced electric car. model three will go on sale until next year but tesla says it has already received almost 200,000 preorders. sleek, high-tech, and spacious, all for the price of $35,000. that was the promise from tesla ceo elon musk as he unveiled the company's model three, the affordably priced electric vehicle that he has been planning the past decade. tesla is teaming up with panasonic to build a $5 billion battery factory that musk says
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lower the cost of the car. musk: it is what enabled us to make a model three. reporter: fans queued up for hours hoping to be the first to put down the $100,000 deposit, even though the car hasn't gone into production yet. >> a car you have ever seen. but you know, it is a tesla and it is affordable. reporter: the model three hopes to compete in a lucrative mainstream electric car market that only keeps growing. in 2012, the market was worth around $84 billion. analysts predict that the revenue will grow to $270 billion by 2019. musk is facing stiff competition, however. leafn will release the later this year. general motors lunch the chevrolet volt, both in a similar price range could tesla expects to sell 85,000 cars this
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predictingalysts are maintenance issues would further operating losses. last year alone tesla burned through $1 billion in cash. last is banking on the model three to turn tesla's fortunes around. the company expects to sell half a million cars by 2020. markus: some economic news. the american recovery remains on track with the jobs market and manufacturing pointing in the right direction. the u.s. economy added 215,000 jobs in march, which seems to be a pretty solid figure, extending a good run in the past six months, as you can see right here. only in january to job creation did below 200,000 in america. the official unemployment rate, meanwhile, was higher at 5% but even that was, well, pretty good. the increase came as more americans started looking for jobs again. long-term unemployed may be returning to the jobs market after giving of working -- looking for work, meaning they
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dropped out of the statistics. they are coming back into those statistics. also this friday figures show manufacturing expanded in march for the first time in happier. american manufacturers have been struggling with a strong dollar, which dampens foreign demand for their products. the march figures signal an improvement in the all-important manufacturing sector. other market moving news this friday. oil prices have been weakening as saudi arabia is pouring water on the prospect of production freeze. the saudi crown prince has told bloomberg the kingdom is ready to freeze the output levels, but there is a caveat. also4 major oil producers sign up to the agreement. that may be a tall order, as iran has signaled to the intention to increase production . major oil producers are set to meet on the 17th of april in qatar to discuss of production freeze. the idea being to essentially introduce a price flow. the saudi comments are seen to
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be, getting the possibility -- are seen to be court vacating the possibility of a deal in qatar. oil prices closing in new york with the brentford losing 4% and a similar picture for the wtr, losing also 4% from trading around $36.80. let's see how the stock markets have been reacting to all of this. just about 35 minutes to go of trading over in the united states. as you can see, we are seeing shares in positive territory as we are approaching the close. the manufacturing figures seem to be brightening sentiment. energy shares are logging on those indices as the oil prices have been having lower. oil prices put pressure on european stocks earlier and the dax closed in negative territory by quite a lot. down 1.7%. ftse lost about half a percent. political crisis in
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brazil keeps bubbling with calls for president dilma rousseff's impeachment. as the challenges against her increase, brazilian stock market has been heading higher in recent weeks and the leader of one of brazil's most high-profile business associations says her departure would be good for the economy. reporter: time for change in brazil -- the call comes not from protesters from businesses. industry leaders say the country's political crisis has taken a heavy toll on the economy, and argue that president dilma rousseff's departure could offer brazil the chance of a fresh start. >> impeachment would be a solution to the political crisis . after that, we will need a "project to make the country grow again in terms of opportunity, job creation, revenue, entrepreneurial spirit can everything necessary for a country is because brazil. she is impeached
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she would be temporarily replaced by vice president. the prospect has lifted market expectations with stocks hitting a two-year high earlier this month. investors hope the new interim president would be able to tackle the country's long-standing difficulties as brazil is now facing its worst recession in over 25 years. 2015 and is3.8% in expected to shrink again by 3.5% this year. analysts have pointed to factors such as low commodity prices, high inflation, as well as a weak currency. -- dilma rousseff's departure may not solve all problems by itself. her successor will be limited by budget deficit now topping 11% of gdp as well as high borrowing costs. widespread corruption has also significantly hurt investor confidence, with hundreds of politicians and businesses allegedly involved in a massive scandal at petrobras.
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markus: let's bring you some other news that we have been watching for you. blackberry could stop making handsets altogether. that is according to the chief executive of the canadian firm.
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