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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 4, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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france on the accusations and denials are continuing. four stars, celebrities, and more being investigated. 11 million documents linked to and moneynce, laundering. sinces the first votes
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unsuccessful asylum seekers are shipped back. and iraq is reeling from a day bloodshed. -- a day of bloodshed. thank you very much for joining us. the accusation, denials and three continuing this monday evening. scores of business leaders and politicians and celebrities have been named in length biggest tax links in history. it shows how some of some of the world's most powerful individuals have secreted their money's in offshore accounts.
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in china, several people close to the president xi jinping are implicated. we have to report. of formerthe dozen and present heads of state implicated in the penama papers text scandal. his family is one of the handful said to have assets stashed away in offshore accounts. they have found it involve off shore. accusation includes his brother-in-law. who would have had accumulated several hundred million dollars, and property assets by bloomberg news in 2012. tax avoidance is not and illegal, but these documents are
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likely to have impact on the chinese president. since taking the lead of the communist party he has led a high profile anti-graft drive . officials haveg been convicted of bribery and corruption since taking power in 2012. of microblog we did see the papers. the post was removed moments later. >> in london, meanwhile, the prime minister, who is hisr some scrutiny after late father was linked to the papers. can you explain for us how his
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late father is involved in this story? you say, the prime minister's late father, who died in 2010, is indeed linked to offshore account in panama. companytually through a , and the documents show that the prime minister's father was one of five united inga -- united kingdom directors who flew to board meetings overseas. three directors were in switzerland, and three were in the bahamas and at one point they had 50 employees in the bahamas. but when you look at these documents, you see that although tax, all of u.k. the decisions that were made, and the board meetings
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were made abroad, all the major decisions were actually made here in the u.k. by the prime minister's late father. today down street has been very clear, categorical and persistent they will not comment on the tax affairs of mr. cameron's father. they say the issue of whether the canada family -- cameron assets offshore is a matter of private business. >> is that enough to satisfy the public? >> i do not think it is enough to satisfy the public. they have been trying to limit the discussion about this, otherwise there would be debate raging and urgent questions of -- at the house of commons. vocal abouthas been
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aggressive tax evasion and tax avoidance. tex evasion is illegal, whereas tax avoidance is not. this shows he has simply not done enough. the u.k. has not done enough. what they have done is swift and multiple reactions. one is from campaigners demanding british legislators to and u.k. tax havens like jersey and others that have offshore accounts there. there's also the matter of the british virgin islands which he has tried to do something about t. where it gets quite embarrassing 's theseprime minister huge leaks in panama papers threatens to overshadow his international summit that he will himself be chairing here in london next month.
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past been very vocal, and active about this. he has been one of the global leaders during the g-8 meetings to be very vocal about this. the fact of the matter is you have to clear up yourself, is what the critics are saying. and some are saying they have received lots of information on offshore companies, and that that is a subject of intensive investigation, and this data will be acted on swiftly and appropriately. >> thank you very much. moving on to another of our top stories, 202 people from 11 different countries have become the first to be deported from your under a controversial new deal with turkey. the migrants had either declined to ask for asylum or had their
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claims rejected. the eu has said it will take back in one refugee deemed legitimate for every person deported. but they are decrying the plan as dangerous. meanwhile, 16 syrian refugees have been flown to central germany to be resettled there is julia report -- resettled there. here is our report. for every syrian deported to turkey, eu will accept one syrian making a legitimate asylum claim from turkey. but for the first syrian refugees to arrive at the airport, it marks the end of a very long germany. journey. >> they are very excited. they don't know what awaits them. first migrants were deported to turkey from greece. what awaits them there is more
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pay cuts. >> they will be sent to the patch creation center dust to the repatriation center. thousands of migrants are worried about the implementation of the eu turkey deal. desk and in a rocking migrant -- for this iraqi migrants, europe is is only hope. >> the decision to send back the refugees is very difficult to accept. this iraqi refugee believes that the repatriation deal goes against the fundamental principles of the european union. >> for them to send back seeking who have come security and peace is a moral, and is a breach in international law. humana view echoed by rights groups who say that turkey is not a safe country and that this attempt to stem the
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flow of refugees coming to europe and blow to the right to request asylum. >> let's get some reaction from human rights watch. let's talk about the 202 people who have been deported today. in your view, is turkey adequately equipped to deal with the deportees and to ensure their safety? turkey is not equipped. the idea that turkey is a safe country is a fiction. it is a joke. commentedchers have that many asylum-seekers cannot get the protection they need in turkey. group ofs specific people who were deported to turkey today, what we would have to say is that authorities are claiming it is people who deny applying for asylum or people who were economic migrants. authorities have not granted
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internationalsty to speak to these people and people who are detained and are to be deported in order to verify and see whether these people had access to information, and to the asylum procedure. whether they were informed about their rights. we heard in the hospital, there are no urdu interpreters. pakistan,ople from understand the procedures are? they have to rely on other people who speak english, and this is not right. >> you are on one of the greek islands right now, at the heart of this story. we have seen people deported from their today. can you tell us what other -- what the there
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other migrants there are feeling? to request access in order to speak with migrants, and we were not granted it. we earlier today went around the camp can and try to speak to migrants through the fence. managed to speak to one aged 17, the other 132, who told us they were feeling very insecure. they do not know exactly what would happen since they do not have the right information. we try to talk to people and athens and elsewhere, asking them what does it mean for you if you are returned back to turkey? and many of them, particularly women, who make up the majority of the arrivals to greece, tell us that they would prefer to die in greece then be sent back to turkey. is the conditions are
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really bad. people have experienced where they did not have access to food, potable water, is the cone really bad. and all of this is at the syrian border, as you know. >> speaking about this plan as a under it has been scrutiny by many organizations. but this is an unprecedented influx of people into europe. what would human rights groups the people, especially into such a fragile state as greece? support all.not people are going to be deported
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back to turkey, as the deal says. more equitable asylum-seekers in europe, so the people who landed greece should be shared equally in other member states. >> thank you very much. now to the middle east with air strikees, an syria has killed a high-ranking member of the al qaeda linked nusra front. they dined in a raid in northwestern syria on sunday --died in a raid in northwestern syria on sunday. a suicide bombing took the life of 32 people.
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it has left a 70 more people wounded. these out-of-state group has claimed responsibility for the deadliest single attack. suicide bombing in the southern port city of basra. >> and powerful blasts tore street, setting nearby cars on fire. victim being burned alive. >> when we heard an explosion, we ran toward the site, and found the man burning. we wanted to save her, but we couldn't. her car was on fire. boy, andd to save her a police officer, but not the woman. >> the car bomb went off near a police vehicle. people with me got injured, so i helped them across the road. >> a suicide bomber blew himself up among the crowd outside the restaurant. north of the capital of baghdad, another suicide attacker
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detonated himself the military check point. four places were hit by suicide bombings. officials say the e attacks appeared to have targeted the iraqi military and the shiite militias. they believe the islamic state jihadist vucevic pushed back by iraqi forces are moving the battlefields to the south. these multiple bombings, less than two weeks after a suicide blast kills more than 30 people at a football stadium near baghdad. in early march, a truck bombing left more than 45 --. -- 45 people dead. >> one of the countries more prestigious fashion houses has found itself a new head designer today. he has already worked at fendi and headed his of his own label, making a name for himself.
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early in the day was confirmed brought on as head of the for such a read. his assignment was not without controversy. himself in los angeles rather than in paris. let's give you a reminder of our top stories. the accusations and denials continue. celebrity world leaders and more being investigated. documuments links to tax avoidance. rights groups slamming your fourth handling of the migrant crisis. and iraq is reeling from a day of lunch. by bombs ands hit
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fire. at least one attack was the work of the islamic state group. >> these tax havens are not necessarily illegal, but hiding money is >> across european countries, an -2 trillion euros a year.
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>> transparency is the key word. we will have to have an automatic exchange of information. we must define with european union calls a tax haven, and make a list of tax havens. existing the eurozone. >> the g5 of germany, france, led to the spain oecd summit in the october of the following you were more than 50 countries signed a collateral agreement to create more tax
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transparency. another 30 countries have pledged to sign before 2018. here in france, transport officials think they may have a roadmap to the success, and the end to a dispute between taxi drivers and drivers of uber. not all will qualify. the money will be provided by some companies in this sector. drivers on ader number of criteria, including their indebtedness. many drivers have been complaining that their nontraditional competition are not required to have their licenses, and so have lower cost which gives them an unfair advantage. over the weekend, french telecom was
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francis four major operators in the sector, there were fears that the consolidation would be a low to consumers -- england to consumers. others say that it is too fragile to make an investment c. in france, the telecom landscape remains unchanged. a some say the ongoing price wars would benefit customers. before mobile arrived with there were only three operators, and what did we get? very weak competition. innovation was not relieved, and all of the prices followed it. with four operators, the
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competition remains strong, but in the long-term, the way the market is broken up could lead to a worse deal for customers. less investment for infrastructure. >> customers are also interested in quality of service, and this thends on investment from operators for updating networks and posing new services. so for this point of view, we can see that the prices will stay low, and the operators will put more investment into the networks, leading to less innovation and lower quality. >> all different combinations have been tried. they failed to reach an agreement together. least, customer still have four operators fighting to bring on board. ishere in europe, that story still being felt today on monday. the french telecom sector taking a battering. all four operators down, talks being called off.
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don't over 13%. the pain, down well over 15%. upopean indices ended despite telecom slipping. u.s. stocks in the red, health care and energy were performing better, but all stocks on wall street down about a third 1%. time now for a look at some company news. we begin with a rocket launch, a third round of trials of new reusable rockets. of amazon at the private space tourism business blue origin. private firms like his and rival elon musk's spacex are in changes in the era of space travel.
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it is important for the u.k. to eu, saidhe airbus. they said they would not relocate, but could reduce investment in the case of a brexit. two of america's top 10 airlines are merging. alaskan air is why virgin america for $2.1 billion. they have consolidated dramatically over the past decade. it helps alaska airlines break into the lucrative california market. states took significant steps toward a $15 our, wage, the highest in the nation. governors from both states signed a larger place today. into place today, we do something about
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that in a very significant way. we signed into law the minute voyage of $15 an hour to give voice to the power and fervor and belief of all the people standing here and all people i represent. it is not the end of the struggle, but is a very important step forward. keep it going. we're not stopping here. >> a french hotel group has unveiled plans to open up a hotel near the château of their side. the hotel is expected to open in 2018 and will consist of three buildings that have not been used to thousand eight at -- since 2008 and were built in the 18th century. the hotel will have 20 rooms and restaurant. there is no word on the price. i cannot imagine how expensive that must be. >> can you imagine the tourists
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getting to stay at her side. what a treat. it is time for us to take a short break. °8úxú
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