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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 5, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you are watching france 24.
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these are the headlines. the fallout from the panama papers continues. several close advisers of the of france's extreme right party have been named as well. eyes on wisconsin this tuesday for the latest primary vote. it could be a game changer for the republicans. polls say ted cruz could take the state from donald trump. the deputy president of kenya will find out if the war crimes case will be thrown out at the international criminal court. the case is linked to violence to can yet's disputed elections eight years ago. plansotests continue over to reform france's employment laws. of discuss hundreds amendments to the bill. we will rock into london for a show on the rolling tones. fans can see their first apartment to their most recent round of world tors. that is coming up.
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first, our top story, live from paris. let's start with the fallout from the panama papers. leaked documents detail how rich and powerful use tax havens. are implicated, including figures in finance, arts, and sport. at least 12 current or former heads of state have been named as well. the panama papers are sending shockwaves in france. at least two close advisers of the head of the extreme right party are also on the list. for setting up a sophisticated offshore system. mark told us more. there is an ongoing
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investigation by judges into the finance those of the national front. several members, people close to the party are under investigation because there has been suspicion that in the 2012 presidential election, both elections, the system was set up for the party to gain money from the state, from sympathizers and not necessarily use it legally. be howis ad just may this was done and especially through the use of the tax haven of offshore companies. it is a sophisticated system where money will be siphoned from france, going through shell companies and end up in places that are generally far away from
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where judges are looking. story,s been an ongoing given the world scandal we are seeing. >> given that we already knew about this, will this hurt politically? >> i would not say so. it has been ongoing in the national front. they already have their excuses. we are antiestablishment, so the establishment is going after us. when they say establishment, they say the media. reference is seen by the national front as ally by the national front as aligned with the elite.
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most of their followers would agree on this. nevertheless, the fact that the all ofs associated with the financial scandals, the political financial scandals, for many years, we heard the national front say they are rotten, they use the money be associated with this, it could hurt them with some voters who are hesitating to support the national front because they will say they are like the other parties. when they the rules have to, but they go around the rules when they need. france is not the only country to have lost a tax evasion probe. austria, australia, and the netherlands have done so as well. kate moody has more on the investigations.
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>> panama city has been thrust into the spotlight. following the publication of the so-called panama papers, the government planned to investigate whether crimes had been committed on its soil and defended efforts to crack down on illicit transactions. >> this type of challenge strengthens us as a country and has reaffirmed our engagement to fight for transparent the of our financials is to him. system.nancial >> the scandal has increased evasion,to fight tax money laundering, and offshore accounts. been fighting against corruption, illicit finance, money laundering, for the past four years. fortunately, we are not doing this alone.
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other countries are working with us and it is bearing fruit. >> high-profile figures have denied wrongdoing. the law firm alleged to have set up the account insists the business is legitimate. regulators around the world say they are digging into individual cases as well as panama on's hazy financial system. >> we turn to the u.s. .residential campaign the state of wisconsin will be the latest to vote. this is one to watch for the republicans. donald trump is trailing behind his main rival, ted cruz. loss in wisconsin would be a setback for his campaign. >> brash and confident, donald
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trump campaign for the 42 delegates up for grabs in wisconsin, saying a win would put him back on the path of becoming the inevitable republican nominee. we do not win here, it is not over, but wouldn't you like to take the credit for ending it? >> they have had a difficult stretch in the run-up to the primary. the canada grabbed headlines by changing his position about abortion. the approval rating among women has dropped 25 percent. on the eve of the wisconsin a rareis wife made appearance, stumping for her husband.
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who you are, he treats everyone equal. challengers are not backing down. ted cruz is leading opinion polls. ted cruz pitched himself as a more civilized candidate. >> the momentum we are seeing as a result of the fact the people of this state and the country are looking for positive solutions, not someone to yell and scream. >> the party is increasingly preparing for contested convention in july. president of kenya will find out if the war crimes case against him will be thrown
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out at the international criminal court. to thee is linked violence of kenya's disputed elections eight years ago that left 1300 people dead. >> it was nearly a decade ago that plugs -- that plunged kenya into political crisis. >> the president will learn his fate over his role in the iflence as the courts decide it has enough evidence to continue prosecuting him. killed andeople were hundreds of thousands of people were left displaced. the chief prosecutor has accused him of instigating violence and another tribe who supported the then incumbent president.
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this allegation against me have been, are, and will forever be -- to me. -- after judges throughout the testimonies of opposition witnesses who had recounted -- who had recanted their statements. a motion for the case to be dismissed altogether. president was cleared of all charges back in 2014. the highest to be tried by the icc.
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earlier this year, several member the african union to withdraw from the court. >> opposition debates are being held in parliament on a motion to impeach him after the court ruled he failed to uphold the constitution when he did not pay the millions of dollars in state funds used to upgrade his private home. leaders met and gave their backing to him, although the crisis is straining relations. inther possible impeachment brazil. general says there is no legal basis for the impeachment proceedings against requestusseff, and the was motivated by a desire for political revenge.
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let's head to london. an exhibition on the rolling stones launched in a gallery. there are some 500 artifacts, including instruments, costumes, and diaries. >> rock 'n roll has created musical greats out of the culturaltones and icons. this is an exhibit in london that looks at how the band has shaped popular culture. takes us back to the 1960's, re-creating the studio where the band recorded their first single and a several other hits.
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mick jagger said the exhibit is the first of its kind. >> some nice art, brilliant photography. there is that level of, as well is the normal things you would expect, guitars, things like that. the costumes include jumpsuits jagger was fond of wearing. has had a phenomenal history. they have had such impact on the social climate of life. gone into art and design, into fashion and film. theirdmembers lent favorite guitars for the exhibition. one is ronnie wood's guitar with special engraving and keith --hards' gives them up all
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gibson lepaul. is devoted to the lips and tongue logo and fans can find out the story behind the image. >> it will tour internationally .or four years let's look at the top stories. the fallout from the panama papers continues as several advisors of the head of france's extreme right party have been named as well. all eyes on wisconsin for the primary vote. it could be a game changer. ted cruz could take the state from donald trump. kenyaputy president of will find out if the war crimes case against him will be thrown out at the international
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criminal court. time for our business news. you are going to talk about what we were talking about earlier today, protests over the change to paris's labor laws. >> clashes the between police and students as the main demonstration gets underway in the next few minutes and the french capital. the change toer france's employment laws. want to allow more flexibility for employers to negotiate changes at a local level. the government says it will make will make french businesses more competitive. it is the latest in a series of protests over the law.
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>> angry students and union members continue their protests again changes to the country's labor laws. to simplifymeant some of the rules governing the labor market. say it will remove worker protections. france labor minister says it is important to get this right. >> we are reforming to bring in a new type of relationship between workers and employers, in a project for employees. that is essential. >> parts of the law have been watered down. article 30 concerns redundancies. for quarterst show of economic difficulties before can let employees go. discussion,c of flexibility in the hours worked.
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the current text allows a 12 hour workday in the event of increased activity or reasons related to the business organizations. socialisting of the party wants to see it at a maximum of 10 hours a day. issue of overtime. currently it is paid at 25% more for the first eight hours more and 50% more me on that. the proposal would allow firms the flexibility to negotiate a lower rate of overtime pay. friday before putting it to a vote in may. a let's focus on the imf and call for action to boost the global economy. >> government action is needed to boost the global economic recovery. there was a hint that the imf would cut its growth forecast from 3.4% to this year.
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the risk including terrorism were hurting growth and action was needed. >> we are growing. that is good news, indeed. the not so good news is that and its is too fragile durability is at risk. we have made progress. because the growth has been too slow, too fragile, a lot of people are not feeling it. >> it was not a good day on the european markets. -- christine lagarde did not help things. midpoint in the trading day falls to 1%.
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peugot is down. >> the united states, bp's settlement with the gulf of mexico oil spill has been finalized. >> they had to pay 20 billion dollars in penalties and damages. 11 people were killed in the rig explosion. an estimated 3.2 million barrels of oil's were spilled into the water. aside more than $55 billion to cover the cost of the disaster. they're waiting to finalize the settlement with individuals and businesses who were affected. >> a story about the air france cabin crew flying to iran has been resolved. >> company asked cabin crew to wear a headscarf when they
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landed. the company has reached an agreement with the staff or they can refuse to work the iranian utes without being penalized. >> thank you for the look at the business days. a look at what the papers have been saying. focus on the panama papers, particularly as the fallout starts to happen. there is a lot of talk about iceland, where the prime minister is fighting for his political survival. >> people are calling for him to resign. talkingsee they are
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about how 22,000 people protested. that is a sizable amount in iceland. the demonstration was similar to those held during the financial crisis in 2008. the paper interviewed a paper who says she feels like nothing has changed in the last seven years. we have been betrayed by the people who told us things were going to get better. >> vladimir putin has been in the spotlight. he is not directly named in the panama papers, but his close friends and advisers are. quite a clever cartoon. you can see him going through the tax security year. the guy is saying you have to remove your hat. the hat is stuffed with cash.
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they were quicker to bite back, down seeing what it calls a conspiracy, orchestrated by the american secret service. according to the kremlin, the goal is to destabilize russia. sameeing a bit of the thing in china. several people close to the president have appeared in the leak. blackout and the chinese papers today. i did find one editorial. talkingsee they are about the powerful force behind the panama papers. this accuses western media of taking control of the interpretation of this leak and fromting political leaders non-western countries, essentially. to the global times, washington's hand is behind all a this because there is curious lack of americans in the panama papers. there are several american
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allies. on petro focuses poroshenko. the link has weekend the ukrainian president. he was already drawn criticism for failing to fight corruption. the prime minister said this is a private matter, so you can see david cameron saying this is a private matter, but there is a major skeleton in the closet behind him. a look at the daily, it focuses has beenvid cameron
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dragged into the tax havens storm. .here is a harsh comment piece no wonder we little people who pay tax are sick and tired of our elite. >> in france, papers are of theg on the entourage far right national front. >> there was a national party involved in the panama papers. this is the latest article. it is talking about how several thele have appeared in panama papers. they were involved in sophisticated offshore systems to hide it financial gains. for years, she has been lashing harmfulhe shameful, world of the global finance that goes against the general interest.
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question a lot of people have been happening since the story broke is who is at the origin of this league? >> that is the origin of this question. who leaked the papers. question,ith a simple a message sent to a reporter for german papers. contacted by this figure with this message. yes, he was interested in data. a year later, this invest nation came out. we are seeing the fallout now. >> thank you. for a closer look at the review, or any other ones that we have done, check out our website. coming up, the former prime minister of new zealand is working to become the first female head of the u.n.
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