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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 12, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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anchor: it is 9:00 here in paris and you are watching live from paris. charges involving a bombing in brussels. they have arrested three more suspects with links to attacks in paris. the number of children being used by suicide -- as suicide bombers has grown more than 10 times in the last year. the united nations is warning that young people are falling victim to the islamist group and warn of impact.
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intimidating job interview. the candidates to be the next head of the united nations start today. first, there are terrorist offenses in belgium linked to the bombings in brussels. investigators searched the house and detained three more people in connection with the attacks. we have the latest. reporter: the detention of three people could be tied to the november attacks.
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>> they went around the houses and they saw a man near the flower shop and the policeman surrounded him and put him in the back of the car. so far, there have been little information so far. it comes as the prosecutors charged to more people for the attacks. they are suspected of renting and cleaning out the district apartments that was used as a hideout by a bomber who blew themselves up on the metro, leaving the belgian and french authorities looking to determine attacks arehe connected, given the evidence that links both. the man in the airport attacks was identified last week. suspectup with a key
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who fled the city after a suicide attack. they were seen together on the cctv. he is currently being held in a bruges prison. this is the first since the one released by interpol. >> a young mother of three with military equipment stashed in the suitcase. is prosecutors say that she considered to have shied away from extremism and is unlikely to be put behind bars. syrialeaders in currently, most are believed to have been radicalized in the same paris suburbs. we have more on the people who have been sentenced today.
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>> these are condemnations handed down today with a very would-besage sent to jihadists. young people are being sent to syria to fight a long the islamic state group and they have been handed a 10 year prison sentence. they are believed to be in syria and fighting alongside the group . it is the same for other young people who are also believed to be fighting. since been nine years they have been consider the ringleaders. as for the people inside the court, this mother of three got a five year prison sentence for having followed her husband to equipment.
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a five year prison sentence is more than the ones prosecutors asked for during the trial. a french soldier and has become the victim of military violence. the 15th french soldier to conflict began three years ago. the attacks claimed 38 lives and victims were british. at a memorial service, prince and cameron laid a wreath on behalf of the family. children have risen
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tenfold with the children's agency. certain communities are starting to see children as a threat. childrenort with 44 used with suicide bombers. the west africa director is warning that the children in the region are in danger of becoming outcasts. whether the children had been co-worst, brainwashed, or drug into taking part in the attacks. >> there are children who have been objected or held captive by dominated.and being they see the family being threatened and carrying out attacks.
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there are some who are not willingly setting off bombs and there are children who are actually doing this, knowing what they do. in all cases, i think it is important to say that these children are victims, first and foremost. -- they are not able to do and make rational the sessions what they are doing. anchor: there are other threats to children, including a fight for boko haram. can you tell us about some of the other threats? >> it is a tragic situation and these children are victims so many times.
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we see the siblings killed and homes. they are victims when they are ducted.ed -- ab they are victims in captivity, being held by boko haram, we're talking about forced marriages, in the case of girls. in the case of voice, we're looking at using young men as fighters. they are victims three times, when they are freed by the military and they come back to the community and they are haveted because they succeeded and created an atmosphere of fear with children . we see the alarming trend of
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communities starting to see children as threats. sounds like an intimidating job interview. will step down at the end of this year and, over the next three days, the candidates to replace him are expected to take the podium. they lay out the vision and answered questions. herebal advocacy director with us now, this is the first time the entire general assembly has been brought in and it used to just be security council members who got involved. do you think that this is a change for the better? have more transparency and
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there is no question about its. the security council threat, the see, the u.s., you would the smoke and it is more open with sensitive questions on know rights and we want to what they would do to stop the crisis in syria and address the refugee crisis and how they would make the u.n. more takentable and they will positions and we will remember that. i think that it is an improvement. there is a process and a
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democratic institution. i would say that it is an improvement. >> what are the main qualities that you would want to see? seethere candidates you going forward? saying goes that you usually want someone who will be more of a secretary than a general. looking at the government and the crimes in syria. the u.s. and protecting israel. they are very vocal on human rights issues. we believe in diplomacy in the itld and, to use
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effectively, you need someone who will be strong on human rights and someone who will speak for the charter and not just the member states. there needs to be someone who was willing to antagonize because it is the right thing to do. andhere are recent times peacekeepers. do you expect a more effective stance on that kind of scandal and wrongdoing? are detrimental to the work. we see many peacekeeping missions and accountability for
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this. we live in a dangerous world with the multiplication of crisis and many countries at war, whether it is syria, libya, iraq, sudan, we have more refugees than ever before. challenge and a time beginning to be vocal. >> we will be hearing about them in the coming days. the member of the french catholic church will be investigated and that is a key announcement today. it is currently reeling from a scandal of failing to fully
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investigate in the diocese. we have more of this on the new announcement. important ring announced at the end of the meeting is a creation of an independent creation. doctors, have psychiatrists, teachers, parents on board. pedophiliauspected cases and the bishops say that they would want to make it easier for victims to come forward and have their voices heard and called to set up working groups and they have set up a website already. , the heart of the accused the victims are
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of covering up the crime and there is a judicial investigation already underway and they are not in a position to comment on the issue. procedures could be launched against the cardinal and they said that it was up to the pope. debate about legalizing cannabis has been sparked up again. realistica proposition? we have been finding out more. and aminalizing cannabis doctor suddenly thought so. >> the prohibition has not led to a decrease in consumption. it was being distributed through traffic eight here. >> the latest ideas for legal
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and regulated use. >> there will be no other there was no government walk -- work done on the issue. it is pandering young people and the national labor law. >> they say, we are open, nice, having a debate about cannabis. it is not serious. >> the possession will get offenders up to a year in prison. even 20% of adolescents use this. it is hard not to mess your
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brain up. >> they are not alone. it is the highest number of young users on the continent. expert and an art was found.ork by carava they are yet to say if the painting is authentic. we take a look. >> unveiled for the first time, this rare treasure could be worth 120 million euros. the masterpiece is believed to be painted by one of the most celebrated italian artists of the century, disappearing without a trace around 400 years ago.
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the authenticity has yet to be this one isd convinced that it is the real deal. >> the announcer could not have done it. nails shows real skill and is done with somebody who does not acting guests the work. >> the owners have chosen to be anonymous and discover the painting in the attic. it was covered in dust and was on -- unrecognizable. >> at first, it was magnificent. this face emerged with a twinkle in the eye. it is extraordinary. >> all the painting needed was a good cleaning and it is in excellent condition.
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now, they decide to buy a work of art. there is a good splash of water on it. what a technique. it is a bit more controlled. and it is pretty topical. it would force more companies to and there is as process that could take several months. new proposals are not related to the panama papers. it exposed how the rich and
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powerful hide their money. givenblic outcry has fresh momentum to increase tax transparency. julia has more. >> cracking down on tax havens, the global fallout has given the european commission such a fervor and they announced new pay.res to make each >> it would require larger 750 millionls above euros and it is in line to publish the information publicly in key areas. >> it includes total sales, the nature of business activities, taxes paid, and accumulated earnings. 6000 companies will be affected.
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google and facebook have come under fire for the tech strategies and the european union currently uses -- loses 70 billion euros a year. they say the commission is not going far enough with the measures. >> we have a big problem with the tax havens. the european commission is sending out a proposal. we do notoposal that think will work. is to go after tax havens. the european union only has an informal list of not cooperative tax unions. it includes panama. >> the monetary fund has downgraded the economic growth for the next years and says that the growth has been slow for too long. the global economy will expand
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in 2016 and it is down from the previous forecast. 2.4%, respectively. the imf has something of a pattern. the chief economist described the pace of growth as disappointing and highlighted the negative risk to economies around the world. they say that a brexit could cause damage. >> the manifestation of increased nationalism is the real possibility that the united kingdom exits the european union. at the same time, communication
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is spreading. , it threatensmies to halt the trend of trade liberalization. >> it did not impact the market much. with gains above two thirds of a percent. the commodities are doing well. by 9% after the strong cells -- strong sales. oil prices are a driver for investors. international brent has spiked above $44 it aerial.
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they are prepared and closing up at 2016 with $42 a barrel. let's go to some other headlines now. the agency is creating a rescue fund and supported and announced a plan that was announced privately, including unicredit. the atlantic fund should calm concerns about stability in the banking sector. has submitted a list of concessions as they tried to get the approval for miller. premium selling off the european brands and antitrust toulators are looking
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resolve the deal of the 24. allow them to expand in south america and africa. the expansion of a criminal of a fund.bezzlement two former officials are being included in the inquiry. $4 billion is earmarked for investment and some of the money may come under accounts in switzerland. statests in the united are shining a spotlight on the gender pay gap on tuesday. home 3.5part took months of extra work. to everyn about $.79
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dollar earned by a man. for minorities, that is even greater. hillary clinton wants it will pay and called for transparency and action on the gap. >> some say that there is not a gap. that is wrong. working full-time in 2014 and, when you break it down, for african-american women, that number is 60%. for latinas, 55%. the last time i checked, no discount for being a woman. groceries do not cost less. rent does not cost less. less?ould we be paid
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>> can you bring some fluffy kittens . we are going toq?q?q?q?q?q?q?q?
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