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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  April 25, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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here in japan it's 6:00 p.m. on a monday. i'm james tengan. here are some of the stories we're following this hour on "newsline." cancelled classes. tens of thousands of students are off school as many of the buildings are too damaged or being used as shelters. and decided at last. the organizers of the 2020 olympics and para olympics
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unveil their new logo months after previously selected ones were withdrawn. rescue crews in southwestern japan have discovered another victim of the series of earthquakes that have been rocking the region for well over a week. police say the person, with no vital signs, was found at the site of a massive landslide in kumamoto prefecture. hundreds of rescue workers have been searching for two missing people. police are trying to determine whether the person is one of them. authorities say 48 people died in kumamoto prefecture in the quakes. they say 13 others died later, possibly due to the physical burden of evacuating, or the worsening condition of diseases they already had. more than 48,000 people are living in shelters or vehicles. not being able to move around much in their cars is taking a toll. officials say 35 people have been diagnosed with so-called economy class syndrome and need to be admitted to hospital.
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the syndrome causes blood clots to form and could lead to death. recovery work is ongoing and on monday the central government took a step forward to help rebuild the region. >> translator: we have designated the damage caused by the earthquakes in kumamoto as an extremely severe disaster. we have also decided on special measures to be applied to the affected region. >> the designation allows tokyo to provide bigger subsidizes to municipalities in the disaster-hit areas. one elementary school resumed classes after ten days. >> translator: i'm looking forward to seeing my classmates. >> translator: i want to play with me friends. >> school officials say they plan to provide psychological care for the children.
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students from the regions are waiting for classes to start. our next story looks at how many buildings were damaged by the tremors or are being used as shelters. >> translator: this school gym is an official evacuation facility, but t despite being reinforced to withstand quakes, its walls have collapsed. chunks of the wall lie on the ground. >> translator: i was stunned by the extent of the damage. the gym's walls didn't collapse after the first major tremor. so i understand how strong the subsequent ones were. >> reporter: shelters must be located in safe places and new rules require them to have equipment and facilities for distributing food and medicine. evacuees were sheltering in this school gym in kumamoto city, but when the second stronger quake hit they fled and spent the
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night outside. >> translator: i want to use my school as a shelter if i can but that appears to be impossible. about 300 people are sheltering in this school. teachers worked to help the evacuees. >> translator: because the building is being used by evacuees, getting back to normal will be a problem. i understand evacuees have a lot of problems, but i hope classes will be resumed as possible. >> reporter: officials say children might have to study in the summer to make up the time lost. they will do what they can by sending other teachers and making other measures. the 2020 olympics and para olympics games finally have
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logos. it's more than seven months after the original designs were scrapped amid allegations of plagiarism. ♪ >> translator: these reference a traditional japanese potter. in size they represent different countries, cultures, and ways they carry a message in unity and diversity. >> translator: it took a long time to draw this design. i feel like it's my child. i hope the emblems will be used in many ways and be known to many people. >> translator: i like it! it has a sense of japan. >> translator: i think it's okay. it's unique. >> reporter: in july, the original design was unveiled. but a belgian graphic designer called on the international olympic committee to prevent the
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logo's use. olivier deby said it closely resembled one he created for theater in belgium. the accusation was denied but further accusations emerged and in september the organizers of the tokyo games withdrew the sano's logo. they faced criticism over lack of transparency in the selection process. so they formed a 21-member panel made up of a range of experts. application requirements to design the logo were drastically eased. and entries increased sharply. there were 14,000, more than 100 times above the previous number. the screening process was made partially visible online. after considering thousands of comments, the panel selected the logo by a majority vote. >> translator: it feels like we've come a long way to find the most precious one. >> reporter: the new logo's been
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through a rare bundle of checks and balances to assure their originality. and it's hoped they will be globally accepted as symbols of the 2020 tokyo games. yuji osawa, nhk world. a group of japanese on fishing vessels on the site near a u.s. hydrogen bomb site is to file a suit against the japanese government. they're claiming damages for diation exposure. e unitestates tested a hydrogen bomb in 1954. about a thousand japanese fishing boats were thought to be operating near the site at the time. one died six months later. they say the japanese government
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failed to meet the responsibility to monitor and care for the fishermen. they're claiming negligence given the government's knowledge of radiation exposure. >> translator: the government did not do anything to support the victims. >> the group is to demand about $18,000 in compensation for each member. in 2014 the health ministry disclosed some of the records showing that the fishermen had higher than usual levels of radio activity. people in nepal are observing a dark anniversary. one year ago the country was struck by a massive earthquake that killed thousands. government officials held a memorial service in kathmandu ahead of monday's anniversary. they left flowers at the site
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where a historic building collapsed killing dozens of people. many residents lit candles and offered prayers for those who lost their lives in the disaster. >> translator: i feel like it was just yesterday. i prayed there will be no more quakes. >> the magnitude 7.8 quake and after shocks claimed the lives of many people. many people are living in temporary accommodations. more than 26,000 have to stay outdoors. they want the government to speed up the reconstruction process. the government promised to pay about $1900 to each household to help rebuild houses. so far only 0.1 percent of
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households have received the payment. south korea said it's upgrading the missile defense system following north korea's test of the slbm. >> translator: we have a comprehensive missile strategy in partnership with the u.s. and we're improving the early warning radar systems to respond to slbm. >> north korea launched what appeared to be an slbm on saturday. the north is trying to develop the capabilities and warn it could be able to deploy such missiles withithree or four years. moon said north korea may conduct the fifth nuclear tests. he notes monday is the anniversary of the founding of the country's army. other neighboring countries are on alert concerned about what
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pyongyang might do to mark the anniversary. they aired a speech by sunday by the chief of the military's general staff. he said smaller nuclear weapons together with intercontinental ballistic missiles and marine launch missiles will guarantee the country's security. and he added the north will conduct attacks without notice with u.s. and south korea if they continue to target the leadership in pyongyang. north korea conducted a series of missile tests since last month. the foreign minister is urging the u.s. to change the policy toward pyongyang. he told the associated press his country will stop all nuclear testing for the u.s. suspends its military exercises with the south korea. >> translator: stop the military exercises and we'll respond like wise. >> the largest ever joint
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military drills between the u.s. and south korea have been underway since last month. he described his country's proposal as logical. he said if north korea and the u.s. continue on the path to confrontation it will lead to cats traff catastrophic results for the whole year. president obama said he doesn't take it seriously. he added he would continue to work with japan and south korea to strengthen missile defense. japan's auto industry is slowly getting back to normal. we have the details along with other top business stories. >> toyota is recovering from the earthquakes in japan. it shut down a parts factory in the region. this forced the toyota group to halt most of the assembly plants across the country last week. the car maker is resuming production in phases. workers back in toyota's main
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plant on monday rning. executives say they sourcing parts. they plan to resume operations at other domestic factories soon but some plants will remain offline for now. executives estimate the suspension will delay production of about 58,000 vehicles as of late april. they say employees may have to work overtime and on weekends to make up for lost time. toyota is aiming to strengthening the production of fuel-efficient cars in china. company officials reveal plans to produce and sell plug-in hybrids in the world's largest auto market. they say they will sell plug-in hybrid editions of the77 their carolla. they can be recharged from external power sources. there's a growing demand for echo-friendly vehicles in china since the government tightened restrictions on emissions and introduced incentives for
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fuel-efficient cars. the incentives don't cover toyota's conventional hybrid vehicles. they're hoping they'll apply to the plug-in hybrids. they are aiming to capture a growing demand for eco-friendly vehicles. they say the decision reflects the firm's commitment to the chinese market. checking the markets. cautious investments locked in gains on monday while waiting to see corporate earnings and cues from central bankers. for more we go to the tokyo stock exchange.
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the nikkei average slid 0.8% to close at 17,439. some investors locked in gains from last week's rally which pushed the index 4% higher. this week they're focusing on japanese corporate earnings as mitt pea -- mitsubishi releases its results on wednesday. reeling from the revelations of falsified fuel efficiencieies tt data. shares are down nearly 5%. the dollar hit the upper 111 yen level on hopes of expanding stimulant measures by the bank of japan. but inched lower during tokyo trading hours. there's a lot of speculation around that boj policy meeting as well as the meeting of the feds. for now investors are playing it safe. reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. >> thank you very much for that. the sense of caution affected over asian forces. the shanghai composite down
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2,496 for the closing number there. lower than a month. it prompted many investors to sell-energy-related share sshar. singapore's consumer price index has been declining for a record 17 months. that weighed on investor sentiment. hong kong dropping. indonesia declining and markets in sydney closed due to the holiday. japanese companies are collaborating with various industries to develop self-driving technology and improve their competitive edge. soft bank and a venture company aim to start selling a system for buses in 2018. softbank executives set up a new company called sb drive this month the. they are aimed at tokyo-based
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advanced smart technology. the officials at sbdrive aim to work with municipalities aiming to work with places with shortages of bus drivers. they're also considering freight truck operators as potential customers. >> translator: we want to start unlimited routes in regional cities and areas with low population >> other companies have it it includes google in the u.s. here is a look at the other business stories we're following. mitsubishi has lowered the projection for net profit in fiscal 2015 to about $590 million. it's more than $200 million. the companies executives say they incured losses from the delayed delivery of a large cruise ship. they say design changes were the
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cause. prices of corporate services in japan rose again in march. bank of japan officials say hoterates we up as me visitors from overseas. they site higher prices for software development. index in fiscal 2015 and in march also rose for a third consecutive year. let's take a look at the business clampbd for the week. on wednesday officials will release industrial profits for china corporate earnings have been hurt by the economy. on the same day policy makers as the u.s. federal reserve will decide on interest rates. on thursday officials at the bank of japan will wrap up the two-day policy meeting. the industrial output for march will be out. every month we ask specialists to share their view on the week. on this edition of "expert view"
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we hear from a former policy board member of the bank of japan and a guest professor at cato university. in january she was one of four members to vote against the negative interest rate. she's expecting the boj to maintain the current policy. >> i anticipate there will be no action to be taken by the bank of japan. it was just introduced february 16th. the decision was made in january. only two months passed and i think it's too early to make judgment. i think at this stage bank of japan needs to consider how they will combine these measures. >> she said the central bank may decide to move in a few months time. >> the cpi based inflation is likely to go down for awhile due
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to the oil price. so i think that the crucial point is after this impact of oil price drop will staff -- and if this underlying price development is still weak and not enough to generate inflation, then boj should consider some action. okay so that will be sometime around july. june, july, august. >> the bank of japan will announce its three-year forecast after the meeting. she is expecting a more negative outlook. >> i think the outlook for economic growth and cpa-based inflation both are likely to be adjusted downward. in other results, turning to achievable 2% is likely to be postponed from around first half of fiscal 2017 to six months, or one year after. >> that's it for business news.
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i will leave you now with the markets. you're watching nhk "newsline" live in tokyo. in tokyo it's about 19 degree s s sell see us. jonathan oh is joining us. >> hello, it's been an active
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weather season for those living in texas. last week we were talking about very serious flood. i think the point for these orms wilbe tard the soutrn plainsnd lite bit rther aw from houston as we go toward tuesday. nevertheless, it has been a busy time period for this general area over the past few weeks. the reason why we're watching out for the ones coming up because we have warm air coming from the south and high pressure anchored near the carolina coast. when you have a lot of warm air coming in and a dynamic set of cold air coming in from over the north and coming over the mountains, that's when we see the air collideding with each other. that's when we have the risk for severe thunderstorms. monday a lot of activity going further north into the upper midwest. as we go to tuesday, more of the air comes toward the south and that interaction will lead to the possibility of some very strong thunderstorms. in fact, there's a moderate risk for severe thunderstorms for
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those living places like oklahoma and kansas city. moderate risk is the second h h highest category. the only other category remaining is hot. we have at least 45% chance of seeing significant activity for the area from kansas down to oklahoma as we go into tuesday. so be prepared for that. tornado risk, large hail, and strong wind gusts all a part of the picture. we also are looking at the possibility of flash flooding right to the east of the boundary extending from missouri to texas. then just enough cold air over the mountains to where we may be seeing heavier snow into wyoming. there's a lot going on here. monday mainly focal point is dealing with activity to the west and areas near chicago. when we go into tuesday that shifts toward the east. be on the look out for that. high of 22 in denver with a chance of thunderstorms. same in chicago with wet weather in toronto with a high of 10 degrees on monday. as we look at the forecast for east asia, we hav a stationary
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boundary extending from the southeastern portions of china into japan. at least the western portions of it. that's going to bring the possibility of some heavier rain bands as we go throughout the day tuesday. and the reason is because we are seeing the instability moving through the area. look out for heavier rain down toward the area south dakota of shanghai. some places may see close to 100 millimeters of rainfall. some rainfall hitting places like -- this is not the type of weather when recovery efforts require more of the dry weather pattern. the wet weather will be in play as we go throughout the day late tuesday to wednesday. toward the north, i want to point out we have to be a little concerned. blowing out of the northern portions of china and mongolia. it's spreading across south korea and japan. wet weather for shanghai.
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taipei looking at wet weather. 24 with a high in tokyo. more wet weather coming by wednesday. you need the umbrella. rain extending into thursday dry air coming up on friday. as you wrap up and look at what is happening in europe we have a low pressure system dropping from the central portions of the continent. be prepared for wet weather rain in london, paris, and berlin. hope you have a good day whenever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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the daily rat race of office
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life took to the streets in taiwan. the race is called office chair one grand prix. they do their best to race on swivel chairs. about a hundred teams including two from japan took part. each team is made. up of three members. it was to see which team could do the most laps in two hours. some participants showed support for quake survivors by displaying the area's mascot along with written messages. >> translator: i usually just sit on an office chair. this is my first time to race like this outside. >> translator: i definitely will take part again. >> the race was first held in japan six years ago. it's since grown in popularity across the country.
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the race in tie man was the first held outside japan. reports from kathmandu, çóçó@ñç
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>> we will be together for the next hour, the headlines today, american calling for a strong united europe in the face of rising populism and skepticism. obama announces the deployment of soldiers to syria.


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