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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> we will be together for the next hour, the headlines today, american calling for a strong united europe in the face of rising populism and skepticism. obama announces the deployment of soldiers to syria.
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-- two main parties are pushing for the presidency for the first time since -- prepares to face an independent in next month's runoff. protesters -- a group of lawyers says dozens of activists have been arrested ahead of the rally and the arrests continue. coming up over the course of the next hour, a lifeline to certainly energy giant edf, but will it be enough to save the nuclear project? we will have the details of that in business and yet another loss for the music business. we will have more on his life and legacy, coming up. ♪
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the american president has made an impassioned plea for european unity in the face of rising populism and skepticism about the eu. barack obama was speaking in hanover at the opening this morning of the world largest -- world's largest technology show. >> i have come here today to the heart of europe to say that the united states and the entire world needs a strong and prosperous and democratic and united europe. your compliments -- your , in one european union, remains one of the greatest political and economic achievements of modern time. criticism ofalso
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europe, particularly when it came to defense. obama accused europe of being complacent, calling on them to share more of the burden. he also announced the deployment of 250 more american troops to syria. i spoke to rob parsons about the deployment would mean. will not change the tide of battle, but it is significant and what they have been doing is providing information intelligence, but also assisting in special operations, capturing members of the islamic state organization leadership. i would expect that since this group includes special service operators, the operations will be the same, providing information for coalition flights over the area, that sort of thing. they will not turn the tide of battle, but it will keep the pressure up which has been growing relentlessly. >> in syria, a car bomb killed
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at least five people near a damascus.ine south of the gatewaysone of for pilgrims visiting that shrine. the explosion struck a hospital treating evacuees. the violence in damascus comes after fighting killed 26 civilians in the city over the weekend. in brussels, the metro station has reopened, a month after the march 22, tax that killed 16 day,e on that very same two suicide bombers killed 16
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more victims at the airport. they were the most lethal attacks to target belgium since world war ii. >> a sign of things returning to normal. the station now open to commuters. people made their way through the station located near the european commission headquarters and there were few signs of the devastation that occurred on march 22 save for a heightened security presence and a memorial wall. >> there was not any structural damage. works that hadw to be done, but they have been covered so passengers are not confronted with the damage. >> the physical evidence from the metro attack may have been covered, the psychological toll on building commuters will take longer to heal. many people confessed they still
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feel afraid. >> my heart is beating fast, i'm not feeling ok. it is very emotional. >> i tell myself it could happen anywhere at anytime. and thinking about returning home in my car, because it could happen at central station. who wouldappen -- believe -- who would have believed it happened at mel back? links have been established in the suspects of both belgians attack and the paris attack. taken aeedom party had third of the vote, bad news for the country's centrist hearties that have dominated the landscape for decades.
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whenoundbreaking election for austria's right-wing freedom party and a disaster for the ruling: -- coalition. for the first time since the end of world war ii, the outsider leads in the race for president. he claimed 35.4% of the vote ahead of his nearest rival, the green party candidate with the independent polling third. >> i think it will be possible to convince many to vote for me again in a second round. -- in the second round. as president, you have to be a president or all austrians -- for all austrians.
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this does not mean i will abandon my values. time in sevenst decades, neither of the two governing bodies even made it into the second round. we need to relaunch the performance of the government, not only concerning disputes, that also policies. -- but also policies. i think it is the last chance to do so. occupiesa's president a largely ceremonial role has the power to dismiss the government. the runoff is now set for may 22 in what is certain to be a turning point in austrian politics. story, armenhe georgian joins us. immediate factor is the migrant crisis which has
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changed austrian politics. austria has taken in per capita, more migrants than germany, and this has worried austrians about the long-term direction of their country. it has also increased mistrust and the european union. the european union is blamed for ,ismanaging the migrant crisis as our mainstream traditional politicians at home. .his is the perfect storm the nte you message was taken to voters along with security issues, saying it is normal that more austrians are buying guns. the question remains, can he sustain this in the second round? there are calls for a tactical vote against him, very much like what we have seen in france when the national front got to the second round. a we are talking about
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broader shift toward populism. >> a reminder to mainstream politicians that there is a price to pay for welcoming or taking in even a relatively modest number of migrants. even before the migrant crisis started, these far right parties had rebranded themselves. they are in event -- they are able to take advantage of the migrant crisis. two prime examples of that rebranding are the national front in france and the freedom party in austria. of course, mainstream politicians keep saying don't be full, and that they are wolves in sheep's clothing, but people are not swayed, there are voting for these rebranded parties in
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elections. >> thank you very much. in serbia, there was also a voting over the course of the weekend. the prime minister claimed victory after the elections in which pollsters say he will win , seekinglf of the vote a mandate from the serbian people for the launch of talks in joining the european union. the chief prosecutor in the international kernel court has announced a preliminary probe into violence in berlin the. -- in burundi. -- repeatedly called for calm in the country.
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we will be following events if that decision is made. egypt is bracing itself for protests against the governor and decision to hand over two islands to saudi arabia. demonstrators vowed to defy the ban on public protest. wouldesident declared he deal firmly with what the government describes as disruption to order. this call comes ahead of a schedule protest against the pro -- the president's rule and the controversial transfer of two read the island from egyptian to saudi control. >> i see that once again, there are people who are threatening egypt's stability and security. it is our responsibility to protect stability and i promise injections that no one will terrorize them again.
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-- i promise egyptians that no one will terrorize them again. these forces of evil will not be able to degrade our institutions . 100 people have already been arrested in anticipation and the army is out in force. control was handed over to saudi arabia during a visit by the king who pledged billions of dollars of loans and investment to egypt. the government has defended this -- the decision, declaring that the islands all raise -- always belonged to saudi arabia. we do not surrender our rights, but we restore the rights of others. egypt did not relinquish even a grain of sand. >> many see the transaction as a
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humiliating failure. several protests have taken place since then. egypt's interior minister says security forces will confronted with extreme rigor, any attempt to disturb public order. >> another loss for the world of music after the passing of friends -- prince, last weekend. billy paul has died at the age of 89. has fadedghtest star out. fameulted international with his grammy-winning hit, me and mrs. jones, the confession of infidelity, billy paul's -- shot to the top of the u.s. charts in 1972. born as paul williams, he was among those who put the soul in
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the philadelphia sound, the hot in rhythm and blues and the fight in 60's civil rights music, singing up from behind his trademark beard and glasses. ♪ >> closing the curtain on six decades in the spotlight, the famous tenor died at the -- in ohio sunday night. he was 80 years old. the passing of billy paul, who died on sunday at the age of 80. this hour, a strong united -- barack obama calls for a strong and united europe in the face of rising
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populism and skepticism about the eu. he also announces the deployment of 250 extra soldiers in syria. austria's political landscape is redraw on in election ready far right parties saw over a third of the vote. -- t's lawyers say that dozens of activists have been arrested ahead of a rally and the arrests continue. time now for a look at the latest business news. we are beginning with what could prove a lifeline for francis struggling energy giant. >> a bit of breathing space on the controversial project on a nuclear plant in the u.k.. the head of media says he was to push ahead with that project,
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the french government has said that a final decision will be made until september. edf.ney troubles at funds to help the company avoid bankruptcy. >> we have seen the significant fall in electricity prices. we've also seen costs escalating such as the nuclear plant. the price of construction has risen to about 10 billion euros when it was estimated at 3.5 billion and there are big investments on top of that. >> these investments range from the modernization of 19 the reactors to the construction of a nuclear facility in england. they need considerable resources, 50 billion euros for the french reactors and 23 billion for the one in the u.k.
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questions are being raised about the financial viability, as edf struggles with debt of 37 billion euros. the decision to -- on whether the plant is being built are being held off until september. by theanswer is given capital increase, by the decision of the state not to take evidence from edf. we have an answer, we made significant investments for the future so the french continued to have cheap electricity. it will happen because we all need it. >> edf has tough times ahead, but the company says its financial woes will have no effect on individual on it -- electricity bills in france. its shares sink nearly 9%, its lowest level in seven weeks.
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major european industries down between a third and half a percentage point each. we expect a rocky week on the markets as investors eye several global central banks. oil prices are also dropping after about three weeks of gains. wti down nearly a percentage point. .7%. crude down about the international monetary fund has warned that oil dependent states in the middle east missed billion worth390 of oil revenue last year alone as a result of those cheap oil to $150nd face up billion in income losses, this year. oil prices have recovered slightly since january when they had their lowest levels in over withade, but they lost 70% no recovery inside, the imf is encouraging major exporters to diversify their economies and protect themselves from further losses.
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pursue the measures they have started on cutting back and adjusting their spending and to put in place revenue like the vat, these will take many years and these measures will need to continue. >> china's largest auto show has gotten underway in beijing. the cap -- the country has become the world's largest market or auto sales. behind me is electric car -- is an electric car designed by a small chinese car company. that only is it autonomous, it has sensors in the top, cancers -- cameras inside and you can see all around. other domestic car manufacturers are showcasing similar technology.
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one wants to mass-market autonomous electric cars by 2018 and another has protested a model that can run 2000 kilometers autonomously. analysts say these could well be the future for china's roads. that only are these cars environment only friendly, they are also safer jiving in book -- environments, they can allow china to develop and export homegrown technology. until now, the domestic car market has been dominated by bmw, chrysler or volkswagen. this could well change with the arrival of this new chinese technology. groups exhibit 25% of you for market dominated by china. -- >> making headlines in the
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written press. time for a review of the french and international press. the socialist party is trying to stem the pot -- stem the tide of opulent ready and went back support for the president. areers of his inner circle organizing a meeting at terraces university which aims to defend the president's record. this comes exactly a year before the 2017 election. wakevent is being called up to the left. a health to highlight bill passed for the government, retirement and investment in education and culture. . tangible measures, but not very
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glamorous or high-profile, so it might he a bit of a hard sell. ,e wants to reactivate the left right cleavage and show the socialists to be different in substance to their opposite -- opposition. they're trying to win back voters in the left in 2010 -- 2012 that have since become .isillusioned -- if there is a man to turn around a dire situation, it is francois lond -- francois holland. he is being derided as mr. 3% on account of his low standings in the polls. he managed to get out of that fix and he has been since six years in time it -- sent back six years in time according to
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the newspaper. >> the question is whether it will prove too little too late for the socialist party. >> the right-leaning certainly think so. this editorial thinks it is a .esperate operation 80 years after the popular front, the socialist party is unable to reinvented self, bogged down by antiquated nation -- nature. they also point to the fact that the socially -- socialist party is hemorrhaging members, people deserting in droves around the time of the 2012 election, they had 173,000 members. now, it is less than half that paying their dues, 86,000. become these -- because these never shipped these make up 20% of the finances, they have been badly hit, having to close down .ffices
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>> moving on to the hasrnational press, which been focusing on this huge shakeup of the political map in austria after the first round of their presidential elections. >> the big story was the big victory for the hard right freedom party. headlines, landslide win, the anti-immigrant candidate to 36% of the vote ahead of two independents. the election was also notable for breaking the standard duality of austrian politics.
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they failed miserably and the people's party polled only 11.2% and the social democrats 10.9%. the social democrats did particularly badly in its traditional stronghold of vienna. his candidate can only pull 12% in his own backyard. to green candidate founder press the headlines with the day austrian turned blue, a reference to the color of the freedom party which dominated the map. the biggest surprise was not so much the parties and but the party's butthe the candidate's. if you weeks ago, you could have gotten very good odds on this outcome. >> the biggest surprise will be the mainstream political parties and the collapse of the system. it is not actually
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formally being dissolved, but the system that is -- has runs assenting 40 is pretty much no more. he says the bitterness of the worst defeat in their history meansçóçó@ññññññóówóoóó[ç
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