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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  May 3, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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hello. you're watching nhk "newsline." japanese foreign minister has met with aung san suu kyi in the capital. he is the first japanese cabinet minister to meet her since
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myanmar's democratic government took office in march. >> translator: i said japan will assist myanmar in its new government to develop democratically and in other ways through both the state and private sectors. i also shared the hope that japan will help myanmar face the challenges that lie ahead. >> myanmar's foreign minister and state councillor aung san suu kyi noted that western nations imposed sanction. kishida and aung san suu kyi agreed that they need to develop a business friendly environment to attract businesses. she requested that japan provide assistance in ways that can help create jobs for people in myanmar. people in kyushu are dealing with aftershocks and the threat of landslides nearly three weeks after two powerful earthquakes
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shook the area. the earthquakes last month have left 49 people dead. rescuers are still searching for a university student in xhoim t kumamoto. they believe 17 people have died from the effects of living in shelters. officials with the meteorological areas could be more ahead. >> translator: it's just one blow after another. >> local officials say about 20,000 people in the prefecture are still living in shelters or other temporary accommodation. >> japan's says its maritime self-defense force will lease up to five aircraft for training and usey the philippine litary. tephones talks ononday
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between gen natani and philippine defense secretary voltaire gazmin to the deal. nakatani stressed the need to share information and step up cooperation. gazmin responded it's important for all the countries concerned to cooperate in maintaining peace and stability in the region. the philippine military will use the planes to patrol and monitor activities at sea. >> translator: maintaining order at sea is crucial for our country, so we need to secure safe maritime transportation very carefully. in this respect, improving the capabilities of the philippines and other coastal nations is crucial for japan. >> japan's maritime self-defense force will provide pilot training and maintenance of the aircraft. ahead of the asian development bank says plans are being made with the asian
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infrastructure investment bank to finance a road project in pakistan. >> we signed -- just signed the memorandum of understanding for cooperation between the adb and aiib. >> bk presidt tehiko nakao made the announcement at the opening of the adb annual meeting which is running through may 5th in germany. he said the banks will work together on financing and technical aspects. he added that the more experienced adb will take the lead in co-financing. the china-led asian infrastructure investment bank opened for business in january. japan's finance minister taro aso and bank of japan governor cru cure oda. japan's citizens are using
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the extended spring breaks to spend time in home towns or resorts. traffic slowed to a crawl on expressways out of tokyo. railway leaders say many trains leaving the capital on tuesday morning were full. they say most domestic flights were fully booked on tuesday morning. some people were flying to the earthquake hit areas of kyushu to volunteer or help their relatives. >> translator: i have an elderly parent living there alone. so i am going back home to see them. >> authorities say the congestion is likely to be even worse on thursday as people head back home. people in japan have a new option to care for their aging pets. elderly canines can live out their final days at nursing homes.
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nhk world has the story. >> reporter: these dogs are too weak to walk. cataracts have made this one blind. like some humans, they need constant attention. 11 elder dogs live in a canine nursing home in saga prefecture. the director came up with the idea when his dog died of old age. he wanted elderly dogs to spend their last days in peace after a lifetime of devotion to their masters. >> translator: they motivate me to work hard. when i see a doing that has lost its appetite, trying to each as much as it can, i feel uplifted. >> feeding the dogs, changing diapers and helping with exercise can keep nakashima busy
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until midnight or later. he doesn't charge the owners all that much, though. the fee for around-the-clock care is less than $270 a month. he checks on the patients often because their physical condition can change quickly. each one gets individual attention. at the end of the day, he posts updates on the blog. naka s nakashima hopes the information will help the owners feel close to their dogs even though they are apart. >> translator: i hope to act as the middle man between owners and their dogs by fostering communication between them. >> translator: his service gives people like me peace of mind. >> reporter: this woman entrusted her pet to the facility. she has lived alone since her
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husband passed away three years ago. she works at an agricultural co-op. about a year ago her dog began to show signs of dimmen sha and had trouble walking. she eventually reached a heartbreaking decision. her companion would take up residence at the nursing home. >> translator: i felt tremendously guilty because i raised him like my own child. it seemed like i was abandoning him. honestly, i didn't want to be apart from him. >> reporter: even now she is possessed by this mixture of love and guilt. she visits the home every other week to see her old friend. >> translator: tim, are you awake? >> reporter: tim tried hard to
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answer. >> translator: yes, yes. he's saying something. >> translator: he eats very well. >> reporter: tim looked much better than before. she was content for him to sleep peacefully with his head on her knee. >> translator: i still feel sad, but i am relieved to see him happy here. i think i made the right choice. i feel at peace knowing he is here. >> reporter: like people, many dogs live through their advanced years just fine. but for those like tim that struggle, a nursing home may be just the home they need. nhk world, saga.
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every day tons of food is thrown away in japan. some businesses think that's a shame. they're taking the food too precious to waste and turning it into cash. >> reporter: this is tokyo's fish market, one of the largest in the world. the market handles about 1700 tons of seafood a day. wholesalers struggle to sell some products. >> translator: if the customer next to you at a restaurant is eating this rockfish, wouldn't you think that yours is kind of small? so the small one is a tough sell. >> reporter: he is a restaurant
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owner who has spotted a business opening. he buys the leftover seafood and sells it at discount prices. >> translator: i'll cook them up well. >> reporter: his restaurants uses the word to make his waste not, want not philosophy into a selling point. deciding the menu can be tricky. nobody knows what the raw ingredients until the day starts. >> translator: i look at the ingredients and then decide the best way to cook them, such as by boiling or stir-frying. >> reporter: the restaurant opens at 5:30 p.m. >> translator: today we have crab with broken legs. they were caught this morning. >> reporter: normally this crab is an expensive treat served at high-end restaurants. the broken legs make these look
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a bit less appealing but there is no difference in quality. small rock fish are perfect for customer who prefer modest portions. tuna tails are used in another dish. >> translator: if you eat this at another restaurant it would be much more expensive. >> translator: i agree with this idea. >> reporter: food served at this restaurant are 20% to 30% cheaper than average. he is confident that his concept can be expanded. >> translator: since i opened the restaurant, i learned that there are more mottainai products. i want to look for rice and vegetables too.
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>> reporter: it isn't just catching on in the food industry. this is colored by a japanese citrus fruit. they're normally tossed away, but they can be mixed with clay to provide color. coffee grounds are used for this color. the leaves of cabbages went into this one. the products have five varieties. the children's clay was displayed at an event in tokyo. the products have another unique feature. their odor. >> translator: is smells like cabbage. i wanted to produce clay that people can play with while nurturing the idea that we shouldn't waste vegetables. >> reporter: the philosophy
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ofmottainai is one that japanese people have long taken to heart. now, a new generation of business people is trying to give it a modern spin. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says he has reached an agreement with russia on how to restore a ceasefire in syria. kerry and his russian counterpart helped to broker the truce in february but the deal started to unravel due to violence in the northern city of aleppo. kerry spoke to reporters after talks with the u.n. special envoy. he said more people will be involved in monitoring hostilities and trying to implement the ceasefire. >> russia and the united states have agreed that there will be additional personnel who will work from here in geneva on a daily basis. >> kerry said both the opposition and government forces
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in syria have contributed to the chaos. he said all parties must be fully committed to a ceasefire to ensure that it works. members of a u.n. working group are sitting down in switzerland to try to draft a legal framework to ban nuclear weapons. delegates from more than 80 countries and regions are taking part but none of the nuclear powers are there. it's the second time the delegates have discussed the idea. they first met for talks back in february. hiroshima mayor gave an opening address appealing for constructive discussions toward a ban on nuclear arms. >> translator: nuclear weapons neither prevent history's response to terrorists. rather, their very existence brings new risk of use each day. >> he called on the delegates to work on a security system that doesn't rely on such weapons.
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japan's disarmament ambassador questioned the meaning of the talks if the nuclear armed nations weren't present. the german and belgian representatives called for efforts to achieve realistic disarmament. the president of iran has stated his opposition to north korea's nuclear program. hassan rouhani made the comment during talks with south korean president park geun hye. park is the first south korean leader to visit iran since the countries established diplomatic relations more than 50 years ago. park said she asked rouhani to urge north korea to abide by u.n. security council resolutions. she said she also asked him to press leaders in pyongyang to give up their nuclear ambitions. rouhani said he wants to see a world without weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons. experts believe iran is cooperating militarily with
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north korea, a long-time ally. rouhani and park discussed a wide variety of matters. they agreed to work together in sectors such as energy, construction, and banking, and they said they would triple bilateral trade to around $18 billion a year. hundreds of people in hong kong have staged a protest following the firing of a newspaper editor in chief. the men oversaw stories linking powerful local people with a law firm at the center of the panama papers leak. about 400 people including employees of the hong kong newspaper took part in the rally on monday outside the publication. last month the paper published a front-page story related to the panama papers. it said government and business leaders in hong kong are involved in shell companies and tax havens. the newspaper announced later that day it had fired the editor in chief in a cost-cutting
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measure. >> translator: there are concerns there may be other pressure, want to change mi ming pao to become less critical, less liberal paper in the coming future. >> the protesters called for his rehiring and said the firing was due to his editorial choices and the move puts freedom of the press under threat. it's been more than five years since a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated northeastern japan. at that time 3,600 trainees from china were working in the region. following the disaster, almost all of them returned home. but ties forged between the chinese and japanese continued. nhk world reports from beijing.
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>> reporter: this man has arrived and the airport to do business in china. he runs a seafood processing plant. the city has long been welcoming chinese and there are recruitment systems that bring in overseas workers classed as trainees to fill labor shortages. but since the disaster, fears of another huge quake are keeping the workers away. morista's goal is to convince local employment agencies to dispatch more trainees to japan. >> translator: japan has labor shortages but potential chinese trainees are avoiding our quake-hit areas. i want to ask you to improve the situation. >> translator: the number of applicants has fallen significantly. >> reporter: he couldn't get a
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positive response. the other aim of his trip is to reconnect with former trainees. they experienced the tsunami while working at his processing plants. this woman runs a restaurant with her family. >> translator: this is my son. >> translator: he is in junior high already? >> reporter: five years ago the tsunami destroyed all three of his factories, forcing $8 million in losses. chinese trainees were a big help during the disaster and in the aftermath. this woman was one of them. she returned to chinaoon after the tsunami, but five months
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later, despite her family's opposition, she came back. she helped him rebuild the farm until the following year. >> translator: after the quakes i felt a strong attachment to my former colleagues because we worked together for a long time. i knew he needed us to rebuild his business and i wanted to offer as much help as i could. >> reporter: morista met her mother and son and thanked them for allowing her to come back to help him. >> translator: i am sorry for giving you such hardship. i imagine you were very worried and initially told her not to return to japan. >> reporter: gian treated her former boss to dumplings, the
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restaurant's specialty. he remembers she also made dumplings at the plant in japan and they used to eat them together during the rebuilding period. [ laughter ] >> translator: delicious! they taste the same as the ones you served in japan! >> reporter: the two, now separated by an ocean, encouraged each other to do their best in their respective countries. he saw five former trainees during his trip. >> translator: everyone is doing well. i was relieved and happy to see their cheerful faces. this journey has made me realize that it's more important to nurture person-to-person ties
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than it is to just secure enough human resources. >> reporter: parts of northeastern japan still have a long way to go to a full recovery but morista is supported by human bonds that have strengthened through the disaster. hiroki yajima. nhk world, beijing. it's time for the world weather. tokyo residents are enjoying a calm day but those in western japan are dealing with heavy rain and strong winds. what's the latest? >> a may storm is bringing rough weather to western japan as well as the korean peninsula. vivid clouds affecting this area. we have reports of strong winds as well as heavy rainfall. south korea had over 120-kilometer per hour wind gusts and record breaking winds for this month. heavy rainfall of over
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140 millimeters has been recorded. in fact, north korea has been consumed with droughts. some views here coming out of western japan. powerful winds and drenching rains are affecting western japan. this video is from a prefecture where 140 kilometers an hour wind gusts were reported this afternoon. roads have been shut down and ferry services and trains have been suspended. weather will recover tomorrow but strong winds will likely remain. look at this weather map. a low pressure system is located here. and a frontal system is moving across japan. the system will likely sweep into central portions of china including tokyo. the stormy conditions will likely be seen in the tokyo area from midnight into tomorrow morning, so it's the holiday season, but if you must commute tomorrow morning definitely be prepared for the stormy conditions and leave home early.
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we will see up to 130 millimeters of rainfall in the canto locations and strong winds are expected for coastal locations. strong winds and heavy rain will likely affect central as well as western japan. sunny weather will come back. tokyo will see sunny weather into wednesday afternoon. as we go into thursday it will be calm, and then on friday very hot. 27 degrees for the high. kyoto the high could be 31 degrees. watch out for heat stroke! across north america there is a potent low pressure system in front affecting many parts of the eastern united states. we're hearing many reports of hail. in fact, some hail was as large as baseballs in the mid-atlantic coast. we'll see severe weather to continue as we go into the next several hours. across the northern areas we'll see rain and snow moving into
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the great lakes region across as well as eastern canada. temperatures will be quite -- 21 degrees for the high in washington, d.c., slightly cooling down compared to monday. going into tuesday across seattle, the high could be 22 degrees. but on monday it was very hot. the mercury hit 31 degrees making it the hottest day for the day actually. now, across europe there is a rotating low pressure system still affecting the south of italy and the balkan peninsula. hail was reported in greece and we'll see stormy weather to continue into tuesday and possibly into wednesday. the worst-hit areas will be greece, turkey, as well as bulgaria. then this low pressure system and front will likely move into the scandinavian peninsula as well as central portions of europe, bringing some showers. temperatures will be very high across lisbon. the high could be 31 degrees for the high. that's actually 10 degrees higher than normal. all right. here is your extended forecast.
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that wraps up this edition of nhkc
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>> is 1:00 p.m. in france. it is time for "live from paris" on "france 24." are headlines today. france is bracing for more protests as the hotly contested labor laws are brought before parliament. politicians from left and right are against the reforms. sixn unprecedented step months after spain's


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