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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 4, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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genie: this is "france 24," live around the world. these are the headlines. turks will soon be traveling through europe visa free with conditions. the european connection has announced its proposal in a change for turkey taking in all illegal migrants who crosthe sea into greece. raceruz pulls out of the for the white house after a crushing defeat in the indiana primary. all butrump now looks
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certain to win the republican nomination. populationthe entire of a city in alberta is forced to evacuate from wildfires. hour, andg up this e.u. court ruling paves the way for a bigger health warnings -- for bigger health warnings on cigarette packets throughout the european union. we will have details in our business update. it is the last day of campaigning for london's race for mayor, and the candidates could not be more different. more on the son of a billionaire and a son of a bus driver on the way. first, top stories, live from paris. genie: there has been a new step in the migrant deal for europe. the european commission has given turkey its backing for
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visa-free travel throughout europe for turkey's 80 million residents. in exchange, turkey has agreed to take any legal migrants who trust -- across the sea to greece. many in the you are still opposed. for a bit more -- many in the e.u. are still opposed. tell us a bit more about this visasal, lifting the restrictions on turks, who have been asking for this for decades. first i have to qualify something you said in the introduction about turks soon being able to benefit from visa-free travel. it might not be that soon after all because this is just a proposal stage. the european omission, which unveiled these proposals today -- the european commission unveiled these proposals today, theit has to be approved by
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e.u. parliament and the e.u. government. someone has been telling me europe has been making too many concessions too quickly to turkey's democratic record is troubling to them. they were telling me that europe should not move so fast just because it needs turkey on the migrant issue. others were telling me europe does need turkey as a very important partner. so you have a cross section of european parliament, views right across the continent. we can say the wind is blowing against a quick the set liberalization -- a quick visa liberalization and let me say why. the proposals have strengthened the suspension mechanism. this means that once turkish citizens start entering the e.u. visa free, the suspension mechanism can suddenly come into -three travel visa
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is suddenly over. this is a point that france and germany really wanted. they are no doubt worried about the political consequences at home if a large number of turkish citizens come in visa free. so the european commission has strengthened that tool, meaning it will be easier to basically suspend visa-free travel for turkish citizens if and when that happens. perhaps sometime after june of this year. genie: it is indeed a very complicated situation. there are a lot of questions. one thing you were telling me that seems more sure, in regard to the migrant crisis, is that the european commission has given up on quotas from other european nations. of course, a redistribution has been on the cards for many months, but it is really politically not sellable anymore. so what the european commission of done is to propose a kind
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solidarity mechanism instead. in other words, a country which takes in relatively speaking a lot of migrants will get fincialid from ose untries at have t taken in many migrants. this is really being seen as a move to support countries like italy and greece, which are on the front lines of the crisis, way, in a- and a sense, of punishing hungary and slovakia. so it is an attempt to sort of rebalance things inside the european union. but again, the european commission is here to propose things. it has not actually been adopted by the e.u. government, the heads of state and government, and we can expect a lot of wrangling ahead on that issue of trying to, if you like, increase solidarity across europe. genie: thank you so much for that.
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meanwhile, the u.n. security council is holding an urgent meeting today of syria. tuesday the council adopted a measure strongly condemning attacks on hospitals and connection more zones. at least two hospitals in the battleground city of aleppo, have bn hit byirstrikein the past week, leaving close to 30 dead. france and britain called for the meeting today as the syrian cease-fire has been unraveling. now to the united states, and the indiana primary with another big win for donald trump. it also marked the end of the race for trump's biggest republican rival, ted cruz. the texas center was his only serious challenger for the nomination. ted cruz plus massive defeat in indiana tuesday prompted him to drop out. the end of the road for ted cruz. addressing a visibly moved crowd in indianapolis, the texas senator officially conceded defeat in the race for the
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republican nomination. ted cruz: together, we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we have got. but the voters chose another path. heart, weth a heavy are suspending our campaign. ted cruz was the last remaining obstacle standing between donald trump and the republican nomination. having clinched over 80% of the necessary delegates, the controversial billionaire is now considered the presumptive republican candidate, even if ohio governor john kasich said he would stay in the race. if trump is to have a chance in november's general election, he will have to unite the republican party that remains deeply divided over his candidacy. : i have met some of the most incredible competitors
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that i have ever competed against, right here on the republican party. we started off with the 17 number, and we want to keep them totally involved because we are going to win in november. >> the buildup to tuesday's vote had been tense, with ted cruz lee -- with ted cruz unleashing a series of attacks on donald trump, calng him utterly amoral and a pathological liar. he may have to endorse his rival. genie: on the democratic side, bernie sanders it down a victory -- eat out a victory over hillary clinton. out a victory over hillary clinton. sanders himself is still determined to stay in it to the end. bernie sanders: the idea that we
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are fighting for is the idea of the future of america. [cheers] bernie sanders, and the future of the democratic party. we live in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, but most americans do not know that because the economy is rated -- all newd, and almost incoming wealth goes to the top 1%. genie: while most of the world has been focused on the u.s. election, the dates for the french presidential election next year has just been released. the two rounds will take place on april 23 and may 7 of 2017. french polls show former prime minister is the front runner. next to london, a city that is getting ready to vote for a new
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mayor tomorrow. the two candidates could not be more different. the conservative candidate, zac goldsmith, is a billionaire raised in a mansion. is a bus driver +, who is hoping to become the first muslim mayor of london. brotherand sists, i begin with a greeting. >> a muslim welcome from the labor candidate, hoping to be london house next mayor. if elected, he will become the first muslim mayor of a western capital. the son of pakistani immigrants, he was morning london to a eight children. he headed to university and law school, becoming a human right's navigator. >> my father was a --
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my mom, my dad, my brothers, and my sister. city hall might have been a few stops up, but it seems to me a million miles away. >> by contrast, his opponent from the conservative party, zac goldsmith, is the son of a billionaire. there have been allegations of negative campaigning with has linkss that khan to muslim extremists. khan has accused his opponent of flaming the flames of divisiveness. are muslim, he knows many worried about radicalism. sadiq: i was in paris last year with my wife and daughter
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watching a concert. by the grace of god, it could have been me and my family, the victims of atrocities in paris. i want to be the british muslim that defeats the extremists, that defeats radicals. i am going to keep london safe from extremism. in europe -- >> with the election thursday, the most recent polls show khan with a comfortable lead over his rival. should he win, he would end eight years of conservative rule in city hall. to canada now, when one and 100 firefighters are battling to control a wildfire in fort mcmurray. the 80,000 residents of the city have been ordered to evacuate as wind continues to fan the flames. >> a blanket of yellow smoke and thick black clouds filled the skies above fort mcmurray. these are the spectacular scenes after a wildfire ripped through northern alberta.
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just one of 35 fires in the region. >> our focus is entirely right now on ensuring the safety of people, of getting them out of the city. >> fort mcmurray's 80,000 residents have been ordered to leave. >> i find it is not fair. they did not even let us take our things. so we losted -- everything now. >> spurred by unpredictable wind and unseasonably high temperatures, the fire has nearly doubled in size since it started sunday. waterl air tanks and bombers are helping firefighters battled the blaze, which is just from the south to downtown fort mcmurray. two minutessically to get home and grab our stuff and we had to leave. i am terrified. i am very scared and very nervous. i do not know if i will have a home to come back to, but i have my dog and my family and that is
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all i need. industry is based here in alberta. it pumps out 2 million barrels a day, most of which is exported to the u.s. oil companies say their operations have not been affected by the fire, but some of the oilsands work camps are being used to house evacuees. the fires are expected to worsen over the next 24 hours, due to continued dry conditions and high wind. genie: we have the latest on the political scandal in brazil for you now. requestedosecutor has president dilma rousseff be investigated. after trying to obstruct a sweeping corruption investigation involving petrobras. this would be the first time that rousseff would be directly implicated in brazil's biggest ever graft case she is likely to cb -- she is likely to be suspended from office on the
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latest charges of breaking budgetary laws. let's take a look at our headlights today on "france 24." turks could soon be traveling to europe fisa free with conditions. -- visa free with conditions. ted cruz pulls out of the race for the white house after a crushing defeat in the indiana primaries. donald trump is now almost certain to win the republican nomination. in canada, the entire population of an oil sands city in alberta forced to evacuate from wildfires. time now for our business news with stephen carroll. hi, stephen. you're starting with a court ruling that will dramatically change the way cigarette tax looks. stephen: to new rules will require bigger health warnings and ban flavored cigarettes. the repeating court of justice
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and -- it also as more regulation to the sale of electronic cigarettes. cigarettes will have to be in plain boxes with health warnings covering at least 65% of the packaging. the manufacturers argued that the rulings was disproportionate, but the court says they are in line with efforts to protect public health. genie: to china, where apple has oft the battle over the use the name "iphone." the judgments that apple had failed to prove that apple was a famous brand in china. the name was registered for handbags, mobile phone cases, and other goods. apple had applied to trademark iphone for computer and software related goods in 2002. they started selling the product in china in 2009. genie: to google and itself driving car project. stephen: google's parent company
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has --the parent company it is the first time google has chosen the carmaker to work on the project. it is a boost to fiat chrysler itself, which had been struggling. our correspondent reports. >> self-driving cars. innovation that is round the corner and even further speeding along. google's parent company, alphabet, and announced tuesday they are joining forces with fiat chrysler. already google has tested 70 automated cars on over 1.5 million miles. , thisg up their efforts doubles google's fleet by adding 100 chrysler minivans. they are testing out the technology on vehicles that carry more people. further opening the door for those who do not want to or cannot drive, to one day safely get behind the wheel.
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in a statement, google said collaborations like these are an important part of realizing the potential of self driving technology. to improve road safety and make transportation more accessible for millions of people. this is the first time the tech giant has joined forces with a major automaker. the california-based company says they have no interest in building cars on their own. the automated pacificas will not be for sale. aogle is still aiming to make self driving cars available by 2020. the deal is a positive step for chrysler as well. the car company had been lagging behind other carmakers, such as ford and gm, in the race to develop innovative auto technology. stephen: let's check in on what is happening in the markets. european shares trading lower. footsie -- the london , shares were down 5%
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after a difficult year ahead for the industry was predicted. the biggest fall on the markets company, the hp billiton. that is after prosecutors in the brazil brought legal action against it and other mining companies for a mudslide there last year. iny are seeking $43 billion damages. 19 people died in the massive mudslide that followed the collapse of a dam owned by san marco. your's biggest oil company has seen earnings drop 50%. $1.6 billion for royal dutch shell. the cover has already cut 10,000 jobs to cope with the dramatic fall in oil prices. the french bank societe generale has cut 25 million euros at in its investment bank.
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lender saw a surprise increase in first quarter profits thanks to bigger earnings of its consumer banking division. genie: to wrap up, the european central bank is set to decide on the fate of that purple 500 euros note. stephen: we were just talking about this. thece forces across eurozone have been saying for some time that having such large notes facilitates criminal activity. the ecb's governing cap is expected to announce it will stop printing 500 euro notes. according to reports, the notes would be phased out. the central bank in the eurozone will continue to exchange the 500 for other amounts in definitely. if you find any buried under your married -- under your mattress, you will get the value for them. genie: i do not think i have seen a 500 note in person. it is time now for "the press review."
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florence villeminot no is with us to take a look at the papers. lots of focus on the presidential campaign and the news last night that ted cruz is dropping out of the race. defeat in indiana was the final straw for ted cruz. you can read more about it in politico. it was with a heavy heart, the words he used, that he is ending one of the best organized political campaigns. ted cruz had a lot going for him -- brains, ambition, strategy, a loving and supporting family. the only problem was ted cruz, according to the article. he was simply unlikable for many powerbrokers within the republican party. the choice between trump and cruise -- and cruz, as lindsey graham said, it was like being shot or poisoned. so people went more for trump. beie: donald trump seems to
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the only candidate that the republicans have less. flo: "the new york times" says it is donald trump's party now. the republican party's trek into darkness took a fateful step yesterday when ted cruz steps down, and it quotes an election saying ihenry olsen, am watching a 160-year-old party commits suicide. "the wall street journal" was a little less dramatic. it said trump's nomination is not going to destroy the republican party, but it is going to guarantee another clinton presidency. you can see the opinion piece saying the gop is getting exactly what it deserves. trump and his policies are the inevitable outcome of the republican party's dissent into populism. genie: let's move across the pond to british politics. londoners are voting for mayor. flo: if you need more details, head to "the telegraph." it will explain just when that election is taking place and also who is
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going to run. the two leading contenders are siddique con from the late -- khan and zac goldsmith. khan's favorite to win, but his critics are raising questions about his links to extremists over the course of his career as a human rights lawyer. flo: and now he is coming under fire because a new video is is dated back to 2009 you can see in using a derogatory term to describe muslims. he has referred to moderate muslims as "uncle toms." this is an interview he gave to an iranian tv channel. the daily mail calls it a slur against
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moderate muslims. critics say "the daily mail" is participating in the fear campaign against him, and it must be say that this -- it must be said that this may or race is marred by accusations of racism. many analysts say it is the dirtiest race in british political history. legend? --sully his could it sully his plans to be mayor? it is said that he never loses in his careers. of ketchup until now he has won every race. do not be surprised if he is prime minister of britain one day. french papers are calling a speech that francois hollande made yesterday as the first step in his presidential race. officially, he is going to make up his mind in december, but a lot of french papers are saying this beach was kind of
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the kickoff of his campaign. this is the front page of the "liberation."of he is on a charm offensive, but cording to the paper. it was about pumping up and bragging about his track record. what is his track record? he did manage to push through small changes as president, changes that are quite useful, but it is nothing spectacular. will that be enough to get him reelected? nothing is less unsure. genie: on the other side of the french political fence, conservative candidates for the french primary are gearing up. is confidentleader that he is going to win the primary, scheduled for november. opinions calls put his rival in the lead. this is an interesting piece that points out that he is currently on a book tour. his book, "france for life," is
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quite a success, and his book signings are quite a success as well. mighty -- of a have been many riots in some of the superstores that he is selling the book. perhaps that is why he will make this stellar comeback on the french political scene. they are talking about how he is just a supermarket napoleon, so quite harsh words there. that essentially there is a huge gap with what is going to happen and what they think is going to happen. genie: you never know. stranger things have happened. florence villeminot, thank you very much for that. for a closer look, check out the website. coming up in the next half hour, the french train station that turned itself into one of the most uniform museums in the country. more on the marvelous museum on the way.
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man: i'm really, really honored to introduce some people. i'm a do it real quick so that they can talk as long as they can. at the far side is chief caleen sisk. she's the spiritual leader and tribal chief of the wiemem wintu tribe, who practice their traditional culture and ceremonies in their territory along the mccloud river watershed in northern california near mount shasta. in the middle is jeanette armstrong. she is a selx--syilx, uh, okanagan, a fluent speaker of okanagan, and a traditional knowledge keeper of the okanagan nation. she currently holds the canada research chair in okanagan indigenous knowledge and philosophy at ubc okanagan. and just on a personal note, she is probably the single most


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