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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 13, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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laura: welcome back. you're watching "live from paris" on "france 24." i laura cellier. british prime minister theresa may names her cabinet and it is a remarkable comeback for brexiter boris johnson. he has been named foreign minister. amnesty international accuses egypt of disappearing hundreds of people in a crackdown. it says protesters have been detained for monthths withthout chcharge. up into aess worked lather over revelations that
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french president francois hollande's personal hairdresser is paid almost 10,000 euros a month. first convergence new prime --ister has been neighboring first, britain's new prime minister has been naming her candidate, and boris johnson, who campaigned to leave the european union, has been named foreign minister. current foreign minister philip hammond takes over as finance minister and amber red takes over as -- amber rudd takes over as interior minister. may made her first speech as prime minister and she promised to build the country that works for everyone and not just the privileged few. here she is laying out her vision for the british government. may: the government i lead
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will be driven not by the interests of the privileged few, but by yours. we will do everything we can to give you more control over your lives. when we take the call, we will think not of the powerful, but you. when we passed new laws, we will listen not to the money, but to you. when it comes to taxes can we will prioritizize not the wealt, but you. when it comes to opportunity, we won't entrench the advantages of the fortunate few. we will do everything we can to help anybody, whatever your background, to go as far as your talents will take you. laura: joining me now is a conservative member of the european parliament. thank you for being with us on "france 24." if i could just get your reaction, first of all, to the news that boris johnson is foreign minister and will be .epresenting britain abroad what are your thoughts on that? sajjad: good evening.
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i note this will, as a matter of great surprise to many people, particularly in various capitals of europe, that boris johnson has been appointed into this position. i see this actually in a very positive way. in the sense that it actually has captured a huge amount of responsibility to boris johnson in terms of how nenegotiations take place for brexit, because ultimately the ministers for to theis answerable foreign secretary and there is a much wider role and during the brexit campaign, boris johnson made many, many commitments and promises to the electorate about how he would deliver trade agreements internationally with non-eu countries as well. responsibility -- and quite clearly the responsibility for that has fallen squarely on the
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shoulders. her a lot of insults at brussels, at one point likening the european union to the nazis. well, this is rather characteristic of the way boris johnson has conducted his politics away from having the responsibility of office and all of the burden that comes with that. so there is no a very real test -- there is now a very real test upon him. candida mr. he has the majority of somebody in office rather than -- can he demonstrate he has the maturity of somebody in office rather than a politician who is rather attractive because of the very populist way in which he conducts his politics? this really is crunch time for boris johnson. laura: now, you wanted britain to remain in the european union, as did theresa may. what kind of feel do you think she can negotiate now with brussels?
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well, this is a very real challenge, because i in fact had just come back to london today because prime minister david cameron was retiring. and it is quite clear to me from within the european union and european parliament that the two big questions at this moment in can the, firstly, united kingdom secure access to the single market? only arises if the first issue can be dealt with, and that is whether there can be any restriction on freedom of movement which is absolute redline for the european union. these issues really are a huge test case for our new prime minister, theresa may, and it is only if we can reach some form of agreement on that that we can some form of relationship
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with european union. in the absence of that, you really are looking at a scenario of either the united kingdom saying this deal is something not good enough -- simply not good enough. and the alternative is a complete break from the european union. laura: now, your party and your former prime minister will be remembered as having brought to the united -- brought the united kingdom out of the european union. huge challenge and somewhat say causing huge damage to the united kingdom. what do you say to that? sajjad: well, i think one thing is absolutely certain, that by the united kingdom coming out of the european union, we have a weaker europe. and that is not in the interests of either the remaining members of the european union or the united kingdom. that is not something that david cameron or any of us that were in the remain cap ever
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wanted to see happen. ofrying the burden potentially having delivered that. laura: a i ask you, what are your personal plans now that there will be no longer any bridge numbers of the european parliament? sajjad: what i'm finding is that at this moment in time because the negotiating process, i'm finding myself in quite position in that we have to deliver this negotiating round and finalize which means i'm going to be spending far more time in brussels in the coming months ever done in the past and even though i've been an extremely active member of the european parliament. we have been tasked by our rate and we must try our level best to do this. of course it remains a test not
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just for the united kingdom but europe as well to see what may ultimately come out of this. and i suppose if the european union is willing to provide us with political space and political time, then there really is no k.g. at this moment in time as to when this may eventually end up. laura: thanks very much indeed for talking to us. sajjad: my pleasure, my pleasure. laura: now commodity after a wide-ranging speech tackling racism, the u.s. president barack obama has been hosting a meeting of police chiefs and civil rights leaders at the white house. obama spoke yesterday in dallas, texas, at a memorial for five white police officers who were gunned down last week at a black lives matter protested he paid tribute to 2 black citizens who were killed by police officers in louisiana and minnesota. last night obama said it no institution was immune to racism
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. for morere can we can n go to washington. philip crowther is there. obama made a powerful speech last night. -- how is he putting those words and ideas into practice? philip: pulse was of people in the same room in the executive office building, the white house complex. the white house has not revealed to us who is in the meetings. they are law-enforcement officials from civil rights leaders, academimics, as well as members of the black lives matter movement. , onexample, deray mckesson of the leaders of that movement, who was arrested in baton rouge, where one of the young african-americans were shot by police last week. he was released the day after. room, as that our officials from the state of louisiana as well is presumably from minnesota, where much-publicized deaths on camera happened last week.
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what the president wants to do is get a high-level conversation going in terms of how police departments should communicate with their communities with a largely disadvantaged african-american communities. this -- aboutking this at the highest level possible, at the white house. reporters, we have seen with our own eyes how things don't work out in some communities, baltimore being just one example, where there is very little communication, at least from what we have seen between african-american communities in west and east baltimore, where there have been riots in the past, and the police, who might be black or white, but they are -- but they don't know how to talk with each other. it is a very big problem in the united states and it has very visual and while it examples as seen on camera. the president certainly wants to solve something here or there, but of course remember this, his time in the white house is running out. as the first black president, he would certainly want race
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relations to somehow improve to some kind of concrete steps being put forward during these last few months. laura: philip, thanks very much. philip crowther reporting from washington. amnesty international has accused egypt's security services of forcibly disappearing hundreds of people in the past year. the report says the crackdown on dissent has seen students, political activists, and protesters vanished. hundreds have been killed and thousands detained since the military overthrow mohamed morsi in 2013. egypt denies the use of torture and arbitrary detention. luke shrago has this report. luke: it is a damning report running out of egyptian human rights abuses that have surged sincnce 2013. >> anyone who speaks outut agait egypt's authority is at risk. tens of thousands of people have been arrested and detained on terrorism-related charges. luke: amnesty international documented 17 cases of people, including to open, who disappears for days -- including
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jordan, who disappeared -- including children, who disappeared from days and d mons onon end. confessions were coerced under torture. >> the officer ordered another i coulding officer -- hear it and i was kind to get away from the sound. i felt the strong current across my body and i screamed again. luke: the human rights watchdog blamed the legalal system for te governmentnt's own ininitiative. ise in threats and disappearance coincides withth e rise of the current ministry of the interior. the national s security agency undnder the minisister ofof interior directly. local egyptian groups are saying 4at there are up to 3 t to cases of enforced disasappearane a daday. cairo, for its part,
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denies using torture, saying those responsible for isolated incidents of abuse have been prosecuted and p points toto the ongoing fight against the islamic state group insurgency in the sinai region. for amnesty international, counter terrorist no excuse, nothing more than a figure we are moving against critics. -- nothing more than a fake leaf for moving against critics. laura: systems failure is being blamed for the train crash in italy. still searching for survivors a day after the crash. rescue efforts carried on through the night as rescue teams did their best to disentangle the wrecked locomotives. with each passing minute, hopes of finding anyone else alive faded. the thai prime minister said his thoughts are with the families -- the italian prime minister said his thoughts are with the families. >> the bible says there is a
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titime for everything. showis a time to cry, to proximity to the families, to serve humanity in the face of pain day in the days to comeme, clearly we w will keep demanding the truth is established on what hass happened, and that responsibilitty is singled out. reportrter: union leaders and railway police have blamed human erroror for the crash. they noticed that this stretch of track was" with automatic -- was not equipppped with automamc failsafes and the antiquated signaling system. the trains collided on a piece of single-line at around 11:30 yesterday morning. three carriages were completely torn apart by the violence of the impact. the passengers thrown from their seats. >> i was thrown forward. i don't know what happened. it all happened so quickly. i don't know.
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i saw my mother on the ground. my father and my sister bleeding. i don't know. i really don't know. along with those killed, dozens of people were critically injured in the at signn paid authorities are calling on people who live nearby hospitals to make blood donations. lawyer for the souls surviving suspect from last year's paris attacks is demanding an end to the 24-hour video surveillance of his client. seleka salon was extradited from elgin and is being heldd in --salah abdeslam was extradited from dalton and is being held in solitary confinement. >> this is not a debate to get out of video surveillance. it is a debate to make sure videdeo surveillance is legitimate, because right now it is not paid it rests on
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mininisterial order. my client wishes to be alone in his cell. it is true that people cannot convert and that he has rights like the right to privacy. families of the victims told us, what rights can he have? he has the right to vote in jail for eternity. -- rot in jail for eternity. if this was the debate we had to recite court, the law required that the legislature take such a measure. laura: french prime minister has accused one of his colleagues of disloyalty. the economy minister has hinted he wants to stand in next year's presidential election. but before the investment banker -- but the former investment paper has made many enemies in his time in office. luke shrago reports. luke: it was a closed-door cabinet meeting but that did not fromnt manuel valls operating his economy minister
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upbraiding his- economy minister. >> by aggravating circumstances you yourself are the most deserving product of the country's elite. symbolizeas come to e'snçois holland pro-business allegiance. criticismlong before arrived from elsewhere on the left. to found ahave time political movement. i'm busy working. >> i i didn't even hear the beginning of an idea. of a a pure product system, very french system, producing the nation's elites. luke: there may have been last
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after the wednesday cabinet meeting, but he himself has yet to broach ththsubject. something he is expecteded to do during his traditional bastille day interview on thursday. b businesss get some news now. the delano is in the studio. some of the cabinet names being unveiled by british prime minister theresa may and the new minister at the chancellery. delano: philip hammond has been named finance minister. he was. sleep foreign minister under david cameron. former chancellor of the exchequer george osborne has resigned from the government could fill up hammond will need to shape the future trading relationships in the post-brexit world. the count has been reacting to all of these new developments. investors are eagerly looking for clarity now that theresa may has become prime minister. it is headed for its longest winning streak in two months but it has been in the past few hours to just over $1.31, the
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kind of .6%. -- decline of .6%. let's get a check of the markets. over in london, the ftse ended the session in negative territory, wiping out earlier games as the country braces for a new leader. dax down .3%. cac completely flat at the close. we are seeing a similar picture on wall street at this hour. stocks also reacting to a drop in oil prices. this after the international energy agency warned market supplies threaten price recovery. eu leaders held a numeral today summit in beijing. -- 2-day summit in beijing. they agreed to form a working group to discuss beijing's overproduction of steel. steelmakers accused chinese companies of dumping chemicals on thehe continent.. ony also adaddress concerns the future relationship with the eu in the wake of the brexit.
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impact direct relations with the european union and the peoples republic of china. although we do think that in the short term, the brexit issue will have an impact on the british economy and on the work expectations of britain, the impact on the global economy to some extent. delano: production will be cut on the a380 double-decker plane. the project broke even for the first time in 2015, more than a decade after it was launched. the announcement by airbus is seen as a sign of the times, as airlines focus more on single-i'll jets that can stash le jets thatsingle-ais consume less fuel. reporter: high costs and falling
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orders have planted the manufacturer to windnd down producuction of the susuperjumb. airbus announced that by 2018 they w will only build 12 a380sa year, down from the 27 in 2015. the reduction reflects a general slowdown in aircraft demand across the industry in general, combined with the considerable backlog of orders. get planes out the door and bring in revenue and keep up with the ramp. there is a lot to be said for leing thingsgs level out and not producing the self-induced downturn by overproducing. reporter: the a38 was0 originally aimed at competing with boeing's monopoly in the superjumbo market use of delays saw the project spiral widely over budget. when it finally took the discuss skies, customers were slow to buy, fearing the aircraft's seismic it would be harder to fill seats. in the intervening years, airbus
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and boeing moved towards producing more fuel efficient and cheaper long for models. 380 1000,e of t these, , a that scored the biggest win at the air show. virgin atlantic quarter to of the aircraft in a deal with $4.4 billion -- ordered four of the aircraft in a deal worth $4.4 billion. delano: burberry's warning of challenging times ahead as it struggggles to deal with the downturn in sales in china and hong kong. 400s fell 3% in the first on monday, burberry announced it was hiring a new chief execututive. the company stands to benefit from the weaker sterling, saying resultlts could be boosted by a0 million pounds this year and exchange rates remain at current levels. maker also says it is not expect the brexit to have any impact on its business. it reported a 9% increase in sales in the first quarter but said orders were down more than
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50%. expectys -- alstom orders to pick up in the coming months. it works on metro a and regional trains for i italy. chryslsler says it will payy hahackers if thehey can findnd a separate sececurity bug -- cyber security bug in the system. they will l pay each timime flis founund and repoported it the lh program comesnty one year after researchers took control of a moving sheet using jeep using aoving laptop. finally come he promised to be a normal president and reduce spending, but one thing francois hollande hasn't trimmed, his hair covered the president hairdresser takes home a monthly salary of nearly 10,000 euros. ellen gainsford reports. ellen: it is a hair-raising scandal for francois hollande. a french weekly newspaper, known for its cutting satire, as
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revealed that his hairdresser is paid nearly 10,000 euros a month. that is only 5000 euros less than the president's salary. this socialist lawmaker bristled at the sum. >> when the french president says on television or even in public, of course he had to look presentable, but surely it should be possible to find a better-valu presidents hair. ellen: the stylist travels with hollande on most of his troops. >> he is available to the present around the clock 24 hours a day and is never replaced by anyone else. he missed the birth of his own children, their broken arms, their operations. ellen: a french government spokesman confirmed that the bill. >> i can understand people's questions and judgments over the price.
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the hairdresser is available 24/7. he travels with the president. i'm here to tell you that this is how much that costs. that is the reality. ellen: heavy spending has been a key political issue for y years. with former president sarkozy named president bling-bling. spending at the palace was trimmed 20% after president hollande took over. delano: we may be in the wrong job, laura. laura: i think we might be. stay with us. we will be going to london next on the latest on the new prime minister, theresa may, who has been naming names in her company. surprises as well, next.
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