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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 1, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> live from paris. the top stories this hour. a russian helicopter shot down over syria. rebels trying to break the siege of aleppo. thousands of civilians is still trapped in the war-torn city. any are said to be too scared to use the government's safe corridor. bombed thestates islamic state targets in libya. they asked for assistance from washington to help. dirty water and chronic air pollution and russian athletes
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barred for doping. uncertainty reigns with just four days to go into the olympic games in rio. ♪ ♪ we start with the deadliest day yet for russian forces in syria. a russian helicopter was shot down in rebel held province with all five people on board killed. russia claims the helicopter had just returned from a mission delivering aid to civilians in aleppo. they joined the air campaign 10 months ago. is the fourth time they have lost any aircraft. russia is also claiming that rebels have failed to break the siege of aleppo. the task force has thwarted an offensive i some 5000 fighters led by the al qaeda linked
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force. it claims 800 militants were killed. a desperate situation for those trapped in aleppo. >> amateur footage shows the wreckage strewn across the ground in this province. a is all that remains of russian military helicopter and its five crew men after it was shot down. it is the single worst loss of russian life since russia entered this ongoing conflict. three crew members and two officers were on board. according to preliminary data, all of them died. humanitarian mission after having delivered food to the citizens of aleppo. that is despite the presence of what appears to be a part on the ground near the aircraft. it matches russia's insistence it has been working with the
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syrian regime to establish humanitarian corridors into the city of aleppo. betweeneen divided rebel and regime forces since 2012. they cut off the last supply route to russian -- rebel held areas. the reality is anything but. we are here in one of the so-called humanitarian carters. door andnce to the car there are more airir raids and shelling. some 250,000 civilians still live within that area under siege. there are medical shortages that are worse than before. rebel fighters have been trying to break the siege since the weekend but for now loyalist forces have managed to hold the area. at least one policeman has been killed and several wounded
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following an attempted attack on foreign contractors in kabul. a suicide truck bomber targeted held area. a gunbattle ensued. escape unharmed. this taliban attack comes two days after two suicide bombers linked to the islamic state killed 80 also in the afghan capital. >> intelligence officials are telling me that at least 1000 kilograms of tnt and other types of explosives were used in this attack. attacksimilar to the against the afghan secret service. the truck bomb was filled with explosives. it was against peaceful demonstrations. it was yet another example of how this conflict is getting more and more brutal.
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militants they will bring. these are explosives that can only be found in government stockpiles inside pakistan. to gete already trying afghanistan's neighbor which it has had a very proper relationship. >> is there a risk that the isis militants and the taliban militants are trying to outdo each other in terms of spectacular attacks? taliban are very brutal. they are quite militants. the head of the military operations is the head of the network. they had very close ties to al qaeda. these deadly attacks. it has was maintained that the group has an intelligence and army. from thehave to see afghan government point of view. the last thing they want to do
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defy isis, another brutal and militant group. worse than ifbe of isisconfirmation links to syria operating in afghanistan. more chaos for the people of afghanistan. >> we heard about links between the government and the taliban. is dead.ace process you over member that mullah omar ,nd the taliban died two years he was dead from us two years and no one knew it. deep inside pakistan. after that the taliban got a new leader. the taliban right now are trying to consolidate what is a leadership crisis inside their group. .hey had issues of mistrust
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there is very heavy fighting going on in that district just outside the capital. clear thatis very both sides are trying to fight in the summer. everyone wants to come to the negotiating table if they want the peace process. they want to come from a position of strength. so far the taliban has not accepted any move by kabul. the number one goal is to stop the suicide attacks. the taliban seems not to be listening. we don't know exactly what is discussed there. no one really has any hopes for any peace deal or extension. states has been carrying out airstrikes on the islamic state targets in libya.
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the u.n. backed government asked washington to intervene to help push the militants out of that city. it was the first major territory captured outside of syria and iraq. mary: the stronghold of the islamic state group is one of the main cities they aim to retake from those militants. the forces aligned with the offensive in may to retake the city. progress has been slow. the united states conducted precise airstrikes on the position on monday. >> at the request of libya, the conductedtes precision airstrikes against isil targets within libya. we are supporting the forces that are trying to defeat isil in its primary stronghold. they will continue to target isil and enable the gna to make
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a decisive strategic advance. >> washington has a ready conducted strikes against that position in libya. but never at the request of the libyan government. the head of the government of national accord claims these airstrikes and caused important losses within the ranks of the enemy. he stressed that the united states involvement remains minimal. affirm that there will be no combat military presence on the ground and all will be limited to technical support and logistical only efforts. mary: the fall of the city would be a major blow to the islamic state. they have already faced a series of setbacks. why the u.s. involvement in libya is so significant. robert: they've carried out a
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major strike against the islamic state in february. the difference this time is first of all it is against the stronghold. this was in coordination with the national unity government. it was merely created. it was trying to get itself establish. in the intervening months it was still weekend but expanded through the entire country. it is in a much stronger position than it used to be. the forces are battling against the islamic state organization. this is a demonstration of a growing coordination between the andonal unity government the united states authorities. clearly what the national unity government is hoping for is that the united states we use its air power to try to support the government in its attempts to not just destroy the islamic state organization but to drive
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it out of syria altogether. according to some estimates, there was a region of 6000 islamic state fighters inside libya this year. >> turkey and germany are going through a bumpy patch. it comes after a german court stopped the turkish president from addressing a pro-turkish government rally in the german city of cologne. . they suffered a senior german diplomatic response. >> turkish german relations are on the rock's. things could get worse before they get better. turkey's deputy prime minister lambasted the decision by a german court that blocked him from addressing a rally in cologne. some of the german diplomats can protest. >> it is customary all the world to let politicians who want to address their own people to do
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so freely in person or through telecommunications. the decision taken has no rationality. it is not the only recent point of contention between the two nations. germany pushed back against the contention that they might not try to stop the flow of migrants. turkey to lead to liberalization. europe under no circumstances should be blackmailed. state ofthe current affairs is just a phase. we had the bombings when things went extra very well. now we have a bit of a bumpy patch. germany is the home to the largest turkish diaspora in the world. >> more on french efforts to .ombat
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they shut down about 20 process -- mosques after they seems to be hotbeds of extremism. there were about a hundred and 20 that are considered to be preaching radical islam. about 80 people have been expelled from the country since 2012. this information is coming from the interior ministry in the cabinet. >> i took the decision to shut down about 20 mosques and others can still be closed. it depends on the intelligence we received. trump has gotten into another public spat. this time with the parents of a decorated war veteran. he was killed in iraq. criticize the couple after they appeared at the democratic convention last week. today he made a speech accusing donald trump of failing to make any sacrifice for his country.
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donald trump hit back and suggested that the wife and not been allowed to speak. a string of senior republicans, including former presidential nominee john mccain, have criticized obama's comments. they can paying tribute to fallen american soldiers. president obama: no one has given more for our freedom and security that are gold star families. they represent the very best of our country. they continue to inspire us, every day and every moment. they serve as a powerful reminder of the true strength of america. venezuela are in waiting to find out whether the referendum on removing the president is to go ahead. the acquired the signatures in an effort to force the recall vote. a crumbling economy and that infrastructure.
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this has become a common site around venezuela. the military guarding meager supplies as they are dished out to desperate crowds. the south american nation has faced not just a collapsing economy but worsening food shortages. that doesn't bode well for the president. >> i left home at 4:00 in the morning and found nothing. all i could find was a pack of flour. this has to stop. the one who needs to leave will leave. we will kick him out of power. attitude hasous spread through the research and public u.s. coalition. the democratic unity roundtable has made inroads into consolidating far more political power than their more.
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the opposition's most recently been seeking a referendum on forcing the president to step down. the government has not been idle. it is used various methods to block the group from moving forward. including more than 8000 legal challenges to the petition. while it has struggled to rally mass protest, is now facing a recession, the worst performing economy in the world and bear supermarket shelves. >> if there is no solution, anything could happen. this is a very dangerous situation. that is why we are asking for a solution that is in the constitution and we still fighting for a peaceful solution. they can't continue playing with people's patience.
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>> the opposition still has an uphill battle. if the electoral council allows it to move forward, it still needs to collect 4 million more signatures in just three days. there is also a january deadline for any meaningful reform that could take place. into hisr years six-year term. it would only transfer power to a hand-picked successor. just four days to go before the start of the 11 games in rio. they are concerned about the air and water there. is sturdier and stickier the officials would have us believe. the waterways of rio r us filled the as ever. ever. as filthy as
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jennifer: what is not to like by the looks of this? for years people have read reason to believe that rio's beautiful beaches are dangerous to health. the associated press wanted to know just how dangerous. they commissioned a 16 month study. >> almost 100 percent of those are coming to contact will get infected. it will all he have in some of them because it depends on your immunity level. for the athletes, i would say the risk of infection is the the risk of illness is not as high as it is for some tourists. especially tourists the elderly and people with immunity problems. none of this is news to the athletes competing at rio. they publish the first results one year ago.
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they showed levels of the 1.7 million times will be considered alarming in north america or europe. at these concentrations, anyone who ingested just three teaspoons of water would almost certainly be infected with stomachthat could cause and respiratory illnesses. people need to be aware of this. >> i would say go walk on the beaches. don't let your case and see the sand and don't put your head under water. >> and many athletes have been taking elaborate precautions to keep their immunity up. that means antibiotics that would help protect them against bacterial infections but not viruses. >> are russian helicopter has been shot down over syria. claims rebel have failed to break the siege of aleppo.
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thousands of civilians are still trapped in this war-torn city. the are too scared to use so-called safe carter. town -- the taliban has taken responsibility for truck bombing in kabul. united states is bombing islamic state targets in libya for the first time. u.n. backed government requested assistance from washington. let's get some business news. becausearting in china uber is giving up. >> the car hailing apt has announced it will be leaving the chinese market.
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they will be taking over all of cooper's operations. value to $35 billion. over the past few years they have spent $1 million trying to gain traction in china. >> hailing a ride has stiff competition. bought uber's operations. the new entity is estimated to be worth about $35 billion. they also invested $1 billion in the company outside of china. the two ceos will take a seat on each other's boards. the protracted battle for the chinese market fueled both companies to invest heavily to attract customers. was losing $1 billion a year in the country.
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the chinese giant had an ability to expand its taxi service to include private cars. cars ands 300 million 14 million rides every day. 18% ofmated to command the market. provides 150 million rides per month in over 60 cities. the merger comes just a couple of days after chinese regulators issued guidelines for the right hailing industry. dd is looking to cruise into markets across asia. >> one to 50 air france flights have been canceled in and out of paris. they had to stop during the busy holiday.
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are sending a labour court on rules and pay and promotions. now warning of more destruction ahead. it ended up costing air france more than 40 million euros. ineasy jet pilot taste amsterdam went on strike. several flights were canceled. announce the strike as disappointing and necessary. they said a lightning strike was the only way the airline will take notice. >> this is about paid sick leave. also longer rest periods between long-haul flights. they are not responding to our proposals so this is not a new option. let's get a check on the markets. they were ending the session in the red.
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this is the reaction to the latest bank stress test data in europe. the banks in frankfurt were completely flat at the close. it is now putting pressure on stocks at this hour. the s&p 500 hit an all-time high. is up around one half of 1%. let's take a look at some of the other stories we're tracking for now. the transaction is intended to create a one-stop shop for clean energy. panels forlar tesla's vehicles. it is the biggest company and expects to make $150 million in the first year was the deal is finalized. is joiningline out tos parent company fight chronic diseases.
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they plan on combining biology information and other key data. verizon is shelling out $2.4 million to buy gps tracking firm and will help both areas expand into the vehicle management market. speed and other data including the driver's behavior. five guys has opened its first reference -- restaurant here in france. the american giant already has more than 3800 restaurants across the united states, canada and the united kingdom. now is try to get some market share in paris. tastet have come to barack obama's favorite burger.
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the foodies have lined up for hours at the doors of five guys that are not it opened in paris. the american delicacy cost around 15 euros here double the price of other hazardous. >> there are some good shakes. the people behind the grill or real showman when they service. >> every year more than a billion burgers are cooked in france. the country is the second-biggest birgit prinz consumer in europe. it has captured the attention of the american giant. >> there is enough room in the market for all the competitors. there are 15 free toppings for every five guys burger which means if you ate a five guys burger every get -- day it would take you 15 years to eat every possible type.
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>> they are facing tough competition in the field of gastronomy. they turned american fast food into gourmet meals.
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