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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 10, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> you're watching "france 24" from paris. these are the headlines. a new political firestorm for donald trump. the republican nominee says gun right supporters could "find a way to stop hillary clinton." he denies any push to violence saying he was just trying to rally gun owners to vote. the senate in brazil votes to send the country's suspended president to trial. he is accused of fixing the national budget to try and help
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her re-election campaign from two years ago. and it's gold and more gold for michael phelps. the u.s. swimmer and most decorated olympian in history takes home a 20th and 21st areer gold medal in rio. genie: donald trump is on the defense once again after the u.s. republican nominee made a rally that seems to be inciting people to shoot his opponent, hillary clinton. trump's campaign team quickly tchend claims saying he was just trying to rally gun advocates to massively vote against her but many people including republicans say this time, he's gone too far. here is more. >> donald trump may have crossed
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many political red lines but this one for some, was very grave. donald trump: hillary wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment, people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> hillary clinton's camp was uick to react. one of his big backers chimed in accusing the clinton campaign of trying to spin the media. >> this is the clinton trick book that you fall for all the time, meaning the press. it is quite clear that what donald trump said was that because of the second amendment issue, there's going to be a
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tremendous amount of political power in the hands of the people who want to protect the second amendment. genie: the national rifle association for its part backed trump's claim and encouraged members to vote for their gun rights and against hillary. the latest controversy dealt another blow to republicans who want to see a more -- presidential campaign. >> it sounds like just a joke gone bad. hope he clears it very quickly. >> unlike what trump and the n.r.a. claims, clinton has consistently say she supports the second amendment but that safety measures are needed to keep guns out of the wrong hands. genie: trump's comments have taken another hit on his republican base. a new poll out of the u.s. says some 19% of republicans want donald trump to drop out of the presidential campaign. now to brazil and while most people there are focusing on the olympics, a senate move against
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the suspended president has brought her one step closer to her impeachment trial. the once popular leader is fighting allegations of fixing government books in her last ampaign for re-election. >> once popular president saw her star fall as the country's economy came crashing down in her second term in office. she's being accused of manipulating government accounts including loans from public banks to the state treasury in an effort to make the national budget look better than it was in reality. she defend herself saying such accounting techniques was standard practice in previous administrations. she's maintained impeachable offense. instead, she says the charges against her are nothing more than an attempted true by the opposition. however, the political mess doesn't involve fudging the
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numbers. a huge corruption scandal at the state oil implicated dozens of politicians including some from er worker's party. the brass said she haven't been implicated in the bribery scheme but saw billons paid out by the company to private construction firms and politicians. the scandal has done little to ease the country's distrust as the political crash and asked for her to strip out of of her office permanently. >> the opposition in venezuela has hit a roadblock to how its president from office. the owns must hold a recall referendum and spark a new election by january 10. a referendum after then could remove him from office and hand control over to his number two. instead of prompting a new vote. electoral officials set a
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timetable to probably begin in late october making it very unlikely an early poll could happen within the rider time frame. genie: now the fighting in syria's second city of aleppo is turning into an you will-out battle for control. aleppo has become a focal point in syria's five-year civil wara as rebels and regime troops fight it out. our correspondent told us more from beirut. >> a moment underway to control of the city. the government have actually closed off the road and therefore effectively sieged those anti-government neighborhoods in east aleppo five days after rebels are celebrating breaking through those government lines and liberating aleppo. the rebels said they -- say that the road is open. but either way, it is true that the rebels are undergoing a huge amount of pressure. thousands of progovernment
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fighters including those in the elite lebanese group hezbollah are awe passing for this major fight and bombs are falling on rebel areas constantly. , it's been so intense that only a couple of food aid are able to get in those bold claims that we had in the rebels that they were going to move on from liberating east aleppo to retaking the whole city feel quite far away. genie: saudi arabia now says it has intercepted two ballistic missiles fired by the movement in yemen. that attack follows renewed airstrikes on the capital. 14 civilians were killed when bombs hit a food factory there overnight. the saudi airstrikes mark the end of the fragile u.n. broker
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truce declared in april. here are more details. >> black smoke filling the sky as the saudi-led coalition resume strikes in yemen. raids on monday and tuesday hit a presidential compound as well as several military targets across the city. a food factory was bombed overnight, killing a dozen civilians. >> we heard a terrible noise. two shells at the place where we were cooking. here are no military here. >> the strikes come less than four months after a u.n. cease-fire was put in place between the rebels and backed by iran and the internationally recognized government backed by saudi arabia.
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fighting had intensified in recent days as both sides accuse each other of violating the truce. meanwhile, peace talks in kuwait have collapsed after weeks of stalemate. the u.n. expressed alarm at the situation in yemen on tuesday and called on both sides to show restrain. >> we're enable tit to to verify reports of civilian casualties. what's clear, however, toews the fighting exacerbates the dire humanitarian and human rights situation and the soufering the yemeni people. >> the u.n. says that over 6,000 people have been killed since saudi-led airstrikes began last year and it's also estimated that 14 million people, about half the population of yemen are going hungry with 400,000 children being at risk of starvation. genie: to portugal where a forest fire forced authority to evacuate hundreds from their homes from madeira.
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several dozen houses and a five-star hotel burned down in the fires and three elderly people were killed. that comes as firefighters are struggling to put out series of wildfires that have been burning for several daysen the mainland as well. zambia is voting in its presidential election tomorrow. the country is often praised for both a healthy economy and its democracy but the tension surrounding this presidential campaign have been particularly igh. >> this is the sixth presidential election in zambia in 10 years. and each time, this man raises hope for change for millions of voters. he runs for presidency for the sixth time in his life. he's an old hand on the political scene. but he says that this year's campaign was particularly difficult.
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>> it has been rough especially the government has been denying us our rights to assemble. hat is not -- people are accused for wearing t-shirts of our -- that's unacceptable. >> militants regularly clash of the president. -- with the president. during this campaign, press freedom hits new lows. independent nupets, the "post" has been closed. authorities say the company has not paid their taxes. but this journalist who has been arrested thinks the regime just does not like being criticized. now they are working in hiding. >> we are not only hiding where the newsroom is, we are hiding where the printing is done. we are also hiding where the designing of the newspaper is done. we are also hiding where, you
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know, the vendors are. >> the piece wants to avoid this very contested election gets out of hand. the troops have started performing against political iolence. ♪ >> these troops could be deployed for several months. if no candidate wins with an upright majority, a second round will take place. tensions might then only increase. genie: all right. some olympic news for you now. u.s. swimmer michael phelps has broken his own record twice. he's just won his 20th and 21st career gold medals in rio.
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we take a closer look at the most decorated olympian in history. >> at 31, michael phelps remains the greatest swimmer of all time after winning his 20th olympic gold medal on tuesday night in the00 butterfly, he helps the u.s. win the men's four by00 freestyle relay bringing his tally to 21 olympic gold medals. found outside the aquask stadium, say phelps is nothing short of a legend. >> fantastic to watch michael phelps, an olympic hero, a national hero win his 21st medal. i was blown away. >> i'm filled with national pride and pride for few country. >> i'm a olympic fan and just getting to see michael phelps and have the u.s. win three medals was incredible. >> if all, michael phelps has won 25 gold medals thought his career. if he were a country, he would be 40th in the all-time winner's table above argentina and
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austria. phelps took up swim agent the age of 7 and he became the youngest athlete to represent the u.s. in the olympics at the 2000 summer games in sydney. he quickly exceled and won six gold medals in athens in 2004. he won another eight at the 2008 olympics in beijing. however, his performance in 2012 in london came as a disappointment as he was beaten by south african rifle chad le clos in the00 butterfly. michael phelps came out in 2014 and now with three more is as to go in rio, phelps could prove once again he is the master of the pool. genie: let's take a look at the top stories stories. a political firestorm for donald trump. saying gun rights supporters could find a way to stop hillary clinton. trump denies any push to violence saying he was just
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trying to rally gun owners to vote. the fighting in syria's second city of aleppo is now turning into an all-out battle for control. this as the u.n. has called the situation there catastrophic particularly for children. and the senate in brazil votes to send the country's suspended president to trial. she is accused of fixing the national budget to try and help her re-election campaign from two years ago. time for today's business news with kate moody. you're starting with news of a strike on the euro star train service on the british side. >> a little bit unusual for us who are used to strikes, of course. this is britain's r.m.t. union announced a seven-day strike this month. and the british bank holiday weekend of august 27-29. the union says that they're protesting duty rosters and unsocial hours for 80 train
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managers over work life balance. they accuse euro star of not honoring an 2008 about working conditions. now the rail workers from that union are also on strike in other parts of the u.k. the country's transport minister saying passengers are pawing the price. >> i'm disappointed that the unions action over what always appear to be pretty minor matters, not do with passengers, not to do with jobs because nobody's cutting jobs. nobody's cutting pay. this feels like an excuse to be militant. >> to australia, a country that's trying to conduct its national census online and that's running into difficulty. >> the australian bureau of statistics was forced to takes it website off line as a precaution because of concerns that it had been targeted by cyber attacks. a survey conducted every five years it and provides a snapshot of the living conditions of the country's 4 million people. incident raised concerns about
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the government's cyber security and as well as the recent decision to scale back and upgrade an internet construction structure. authorities do not believe the system was hacked and that individual data was secure. take a listen. >> this was not an attack nor was it a hack. it was an attempt to frustrate the collection of data, an attempts to frustrate the collection of data. people should feel rest assured that the data is safe the census is an important document and strongly encourage people to participate when the site goes back online. genie: how are the markets faring? >> they're slugging off the strong gains -- shrugging on wall street. france showing that industrial production dropped back in june hitting its lowest levels in 11 onths.
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one of the big movers on the market today is entertainment 1 which is seeing shares up about 8% this wednesday. the company behind the cartoon franchise pepa pig has rejected a takeover offer from i-tv which would value over a billion euros. entertainment 1 which us the nada 1 majority sponsor said the bid fundamentally underestimated its strengths. many industry analysts do see a bid in red by in -- weeks to come. genie: just to wrap up with the rio olympics, if you've been watching closely, you've seen there's a lot of empty seats. why is that? >> hundreds of thousands of tickets are unsold and while spectators have traveled from across the globe see their favorite athletes compete, the price of the tickets are beyond many locals who say they cannot afford to get in.
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>> it's one of the most talked about olympic games in history, for all the wrong reasons the rio olympics began in the midst of an economic and political crisis with half of brilliance saying they're opposed to hosting such an extravagant event. many are -- can't afford to attend the games. >> for brazilian people, it's good for the people -- the other people in the world. but the people here it's too much. >> most tickets go between $100 and $350 euros which uson the means of most brilliance who one on 560 euros a month. and that could complain why only 20% of tickets are still up for grabs. meanwhile free evens like cycling are drawing in the crowds. >> yeah, i can't go to the games because of the economic crisis. i have to watch it on telly.
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it sucks. the only sport i can watch this cycling. that's it. >> ok. because it's just way too expensive. >> there are almost a million unsold tickets around half of them are football matches scheduled to be played in cities far from rio. and organizers say a lack of interest in certain sports could also be partially to blame. >> that's too bad for those people who can't to be out to get tickets. genie: thank you for that, kate. it's now time for the press eview. genie: we take a look the international papers. nice to have you back. let's start with what's grabbing headlines around the world particularly in the state where donald trump has made these incendiary comment abc the second amendment. >> that's right. what he said was in the speech
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he was giving in wilmington, north carolina, he suggested that second amendment diehards, so people who are in favor of the right to bear arms, they might be the only ones to stop hillary clinton if she makes to it the white house. he was very ambiguous in what he said. some say he was joking. others say he was inciting people to actually shoot hillary clinton. what's clear is a lot of media says he has really crossed the line. he's gone way too far. this is the homepage of "the huffington post" earlier. no more. the "new york daily news" goes further. if we take a look at their front page. this isn't a joke anymore. when trump hinted that gun rights supporters should hit hillary, he went from offensive to reckless. he must end his campaign and if he doesn't, the republican party needs to abandon him. genie: trump has really drawn widespread criticism over this with some commentators saying his rhetoric is downright dangerous. >> that's right. a piece says he says that the
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menacing language that donald trump uses when talking about hillary clinton is reminiscent about extremists were talking in the assassination of the israeli prime minister. now once again, this article says trump is being very ambiguous here. he's playing with subtly, etc. but he is being menacing and there are always people who won't get that subtly, who will just hear the bigger message and a lot of people have been quoting the former c.i.a. director who said you aren't just responsible for what you say. you are responsible for what people hear. and you can read that in "politico." what's interesting is donald trump isn't hearing any of this. he says that he's actually benefiting from this controversy. he has lashed out against the media. but you can see "politico" saying here that this has been having real consequences on his campaign. they talk about the free fall that his campaign is experiencing. genie: let's move on, that
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meeting between the russian president and the turkish president after months of animosity. >> that's right. the presidents are striving to move closer together. you can read that on the "wall street journal." as you can imagine thinks getting a lot of attention. the turkey media in this opinion piece talks about how russia and turkey are back to the future. presidents directly dive into economic matters. it says if they forgot about the major political crisis that the two countries have been experiencing over the past eight months and this bromance as some are calling it is also raising some eyebrows in russia. you can read this article here in "the moscow times." a lot of people took to social media to jeek this speedy reconciliation between the two countries. and they have quite a good selection of some tweets that people have been sharing on social media. a lot of people were confused by
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the warm welcome that putin gave him after he did accuse him of supporting terrorists. so you can sea them you're the accomplice of terrorists, yes, nice to see you, the killer of syria's ethnic thank you,. now there's another detail that didn't go unnoticed. it's quite juicy is that there were commemorative plates. i would like one if anyone can send me one, i will take it until true style, they had lunch with plates bearing their photos. genie: true to style. some lighter stories now. in rio, finally some good news for france. >> that's right. finally some gold. you can read that on the sports daily here. france won its first gold medal in the rio games in a team sport show jumping. you can see the team right up here. and kayaking, the slalom won a gold medal there. good news for all those who are starting to lose hope in french
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team. you can read in the story. we just had to wait until tuesday to start winning some medals because there were two silver medals and a bronze medal. so congratulations, team france. less exciting is the medal that slate gives to french sports commentators particular will you when describing female athletes. you can see here in the french media. sexism is an olympic discipline. and this article have some quotes from things that puts commentators said while describing the female athletes. one guy said call me patriotic but the french athletes are just more pretty and they're more feminine than other athletes. and at one point, another commentator said the chicks were crying. this comes as the civil rights groups is accused a tv channel of colonial coverage of the opening ceremonies. so it seems like some journalists still have some major training to do to make it into the 21st century.
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genie: let's stay in rio with the olympic diving pool that's been in the spotlight for turning green. >> that's right, very green. let's take a look of an article in asia. they talk about how this green pool us very intriguing. now rio olympic officials took to twitter say at the water has been tested. i poses no risks for athletes. a further investigation is underway. in the meantime, people have been taking to social media to guess what happened in this pool. some people say it's copper corrosion. and others say it was an outbreak of algae. tom daley said "what happened?" i'm not sure i really want to be diving in that pool myself. genie: agree with you. i'm so happy i'm not a diver myself. thank you for that ininformation. you can always check out our website at stay tuned. we'll be right back in just a few moments with more. 8úxú
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>> this next panel is--it's-- i think it's really important to me because it's so rare to find honesty in the environmental movement. not many p people are willing to confront the reality o of the situation we face. i think that's really understandable because that's a hard reality to face. but it's mymy belief that only by truththfully looking at the situation and moving through the process of grief can we come to a place of action. so with that said, i want toto introduce our panelists. this is guy mcpherson. he's a professosor emerititus from the university of arizona >> [applause] > shortlyly after earning a ,


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