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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 11, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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"> you are watching "france 24 live from paris. germany presents a new series of measures that are meant to keep german's favor following a recent string of attacks. some are quite controversial. pressure announces a cease-fire around the city of aleppo, to ring in humanitarian aid.
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it is being slammed as being far from enough. wildfires are racing through the south of france including through marseille. >> germans are reeling from attacks in recent weeks. there is a series of new measures to keep the country safe. let's bring in nick spicer from berlin. >> the government would be making it much easier to expell troublemaking foreigners, people who have applied for asylum and
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not been rejected. the german government could strip citizenship, men who go to terroristke part in organizations. the interior mr. abandoned the idea to make it easier for doctors to approach the authorities if they thought a patient was going to commit an act of violence. they would try to engage in a dialogue. a real issue about the doctor-patient privilege. there were the new measures to stop radicalization, including with new refugees. there would be new work in the school to do with people who have been tempted towards
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radicalization. and the hiring of more civil servants in the police forces in the antiterrorist forces. >> are they a done deal? what needs to happen? nick: they are far from being a done deal. they would be made into law before the next federal election which is a ways off. the christian democratic union interior minister in germany is part of the coalition. there are some things that might not like in this package. there would have to be debates to come up with a final package. there is a lot of pressure on politicians because of fear of more incidents of the kind that
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are placed in july. there will be more news when the today toministers meet come up with more proposals. some of them are more controversial. they include banning the burqa and banning double citizenship, which is something social democrats fought over two decades. >> thank you for that, nick spices. doctors are trying to save lives in aleppo have saved the u.s. for refusing to help. ofme are accusing washington inaction in the face of tens of thousands of lives. russia has announced a
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cease-fire,aily but the u.n. has slammed that is being far from enough. >> three hours of peace per today -- per day. >> a lot of time, the window will be introduced which aviation strikes and fire will be altered. theing into account, incorporation -- aid passage of humanitarian for the people of aleppo. >> about 250,000 people have been trapped as the area became under siege in early july. thousands of people in desperate
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need of food and medical supplies. the united nations said they would consider the russian plan with the humanitarian needs exceeds the three-hour cease-fire. about need two legs and 40 hours to get sufficient trucks in. >> the u.n. has warned that civilians are great risk for water shortages as the fighting intensifies. up to two million people have been without running water. >> government forces scored a victory against the islamic state. forces recaptured a large .omplex city center 10 days ago, there were airstrikes helping the troops move in. we have more.
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>> a big victory for libyan forces. they manage to oust the islamic state group. the group has been in control of the coastal city since february, 2015. there was a big push that sought fighters retake a hospital and the university. forces loyal to the government began operations to expel the fighters back in may. the campaign has slowed as libyan forces came to face a series of obstacles such as snipers and booby-trapped buildings. that is when the libyan government asked for international assistance. airstrikes have hit a series of targets in the city. special forces teams are
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operating and providing intelligence and support for the libyan forces. the city has not been completely liberated. several areas remain in the hands of the militants. a major setback and it would give a boost to the government, which has struggled to impose the party and unify the country. >> the president of turkey has given the u.s. an ultimatum, demanding a muslim cleric the extradited for his role in a military coup in turkey last month. the movement of the cleric is an extremist organization. he wants and to face trial. we have more after a massive rally last night. >> washington may have to make a
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choice between turkey and the cleric. >> southern france has been hit by the worst wildfires in years. thousands near marseille have been told to evacuate. raising --e watch a raging blaze, hoping it will not come their way. more than 1,000 people have been evacuated. >> i was really scared. it was terrible. >> we could not see anything. >> the government mobilized around 1800 firefighters to come thet the worst firefigh country has seen in years. >> the goal is to contain the fire so it will not spread to
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cities, including marseille. high winds, the mood in a column towards marseille. a large cloud of smoke covered the skies. many roads have been closed to traffic. the airport is rerouting incoming flights to make way. the wildfires have turned around 30's where kilometers, but have now been contained in many areas. >> we're now reposition to protect the city. the wind is still pushing the fires towards the foothills of marseille. >> the origin of the fire is unknown. the weather has recently been dry in the region. >> wildfires continue to rage
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through portugal, including the madeira islands portugal is now asking for help, as there are now 4500 firefighters battling the flam es. high temperatures and strong winds have made them particularly bad. a scathing report on the baltimore police department. the probe was prompted by the death of freddie gray, whose injuries sparked the worst riots in decades. >> baltimore is rolling out reforms to fix problems in the police force in the wake of the blistering report on racial bias . >> if they choose to engage in
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sedist, sexist, or biased-ba policing. we will become a model for the rest of this nation. >> efforts will focus on a how they carry out traffic stops and searches. tactics report into question after freddie gray die from injuries last year. >> the agency failed to provide officers with sufficient training. officers accountable for misconduct. >> they stop black people three times more than white people. they face 86% of charges by police. black letter is accounted for 82% of traffic stops, even though they make up only 6% of
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drivers. some say the trust has been eroded. [indiscernible] >> anyway i want. >> it is estimated the reforms will cost up to $10 million a year to foment, but will ensure officers will receive adequate training. voting forre president today in zambia. that country has enjoyed years of peaceful power transition. this campaign has been violent. dumay told us >> zambia they have a lot of elections here. it usually goes well. what has happened during the
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last campaign was unprecedented. three people died. the opposition saying they could not hold their property. a newspaper has closed down. it is quite uncertain. .here are two main candidates is runningchilema for the fifth time. raleighast poll, the 27,000 votes of part. there could be a second run. the u.s. campaign in continues, many people have been going out of their way to meet the candidates.
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a man spent three hours scaling the glass facade using large suction cups. he climbed as high as the 21st floor before he was hauled to safety through an open window. his only purpose was to meet donald trump. let's take a look at today's top stories. a new series of anti-terror measures in germany. daily announces a cease-fire around aleppo, but the plan breaks for just three hours a day is slammed by the u.n. wildfires are racing to the south of france including areas
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around marseille and across portugal. it is time for our business update. we are going to start with airbnb. they have been caught with a qa should with their taxes. >> there was a report in which the company paid less than 70,000 euros in tax year, even though it is earning on 65 million euros. we take a look behind the sum. >> 30,000 listings in 2013, 300,000 today. taken off in over 4 million french residents. what is not taken place is their tax bill.
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in 2015, the company paid less 18%.70,000 eruos, down it is thanks to some clever accounting practices. the headquarters are in ireland, where the tax rate is 12.5 cent. payments are processed the ireland sitter. -- subsidiary. so far the french ministry is keeping mum about how it might deal with the situation. tohas been showing its teeth american web companies. charges have also been brought against google. it says they comply with all local laws. >> a big deal to provide
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australia with electricity has gone awry. >> they were going to sell to hong kong and china. the treasure says it has blocked the sale because of national security. the british government cited similar concerns. let's hear how the treasurer explained the decision. >> with the process that is required today, i made a decision it will be contrary to national security interests to allow them to pursue in the current form pursued by the government. communication services and to businesses and government. lateal concerns, they were
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to the transaction structure. >> a new report on the oil market. >> international energy issued their latest predictions. it predicts global demand for oil will slow at a rate than first thought, 1.2 million barrels a day. they are already worried about oversupply. w,ices dropped to a week lo just up from -- >> power the other markets doing? sectorss down but other are doing better. some results are coming out today. there was a difficult year for the travel industry. in germany, they will bounce
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back. the revenue was down 34%. bmw reported a bump in sales. announced aa has better than expected year. increase and 40% shares are up about percent -- are up about 7% in premarket trading. looking to hide their -- that boosted sales of its drugs. the shares have been down in free opening trading. samsung deny withholding crucial information about which chemicals it has been exposed
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to. includingcases cancer. many were denied because they do not know what chemicals they were exposed to. >> thank you so much for that look at the this is news today. is now time for the press review . claire williams has look at what the international paper is half to say. we are starting with a story about a health scare for pregnant women. >> talking about the scandal. it is ant apps c -- was-epilepsy drug, but it known at the time. scientists had proved it caused development problems in fetuses. the result, 425 babies within that time with serious
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development problems. babies have problems, learning to walk, to speak, and to read and write. a lot of families want answers. >> who is to blame? >> they are trying to say, let's not play the blame game and improve the way things are communicated to pregnant women. epilepsy could affect their unborn child. how is it they were not able to communicate that? this is a chance to try to improve their communication. let's not play the blame game. maybe it is a hard pill to swallow. >> let's go to brazil for the political scandal surrounding the distended president.
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even is in either -- in deeper trouble. i get a feeling resilience might be sick about this. it has been going on for now. it looks like it is going be over for her. the senate voted to let her on trial. she is likely to be impeached. it could be over for her. they are saying, she is looking rather forlorn. she knows her time is almost up as president of brazil? ,here is an interested article a blog by ricardo, and he is basically saying the only way she could potentially save her skin.
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there is a corruption scandal that affected her party. members of her party were accused of except the drives in exchange for contract -- bribes in exchange for contracts. it could be her only saving grace. is up toim president his eyeballs in corruption scandals. beforescandal blows up she goes to trial, perhaps he might get -- do more harm than she does. >> somehow bernie sanders has gone involved. >> he has. he was up against hillary clinton in the primaries. he said this trial is not legal, it is political. parsing observers
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this like a coup d'etat. he also says the interim president has got rid of the legacy that was put down for the working party. he has replaced the cabinet with all males and has -- not great news there. >> now for something completely different. there is something about written's most eligible bachelor -- britain's most eligible bachelor. >> is the third richest man. he is a baby faced billionaire. he is only 25 years old. there he is. is the son of the duke of --, who died earlier this week. his son in harris pretty much
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harrising -- h iis son in pretty much -- inherits everything. he gets the title, the fortune, and all the land. it is in mayfair, london, and spain. he is a very wealthy man. it is an archaic law. the son gets everything. the british royal family, before family, theyr abolished the law. he is prince george's godfather. >> so they are friendly with the royals? >> very friendly. the papers are rushing to get a hold of as much information.
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there he is. the family has always said, we try to give our kids the most normal upbringing possible. i
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[bell ringing] >> the nation's last sardine cannery closed yesterday,


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