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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 18, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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♪ welcome to the france 24 newsroom. here is a look at headlines we are following. french conservative space off in a television debate before the first round of a presidential primary. the race tightens. the japanese prime minister, shinzo abe, meets with donald trump as barack obama is on his final foreign trip in it the eu.
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the president met with european leaders and german leaders before heading to peru. and it is the final day of the -- find out what the expected results are. also coming up in the program later on, we will take a look at the embattled german carmaker, volkswagen. they plan on scrapping 30,000 jobs as they refocus on electric cars. wherewe go to iraq schoolchildren are finally heading back to school. the islamic state group has been driven out of the northern town. coming up here on live from paris. ♪
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anchor: barack obama is wrapping up his farewell tour in europe. this, as he sat down with eu leaders this friday in berlin. he sat down with leaders of france, italy, germany. let's take a listen to what the leaders have to say to each other. this is a time for european leaders to say goodbye to president obama and he has said pushing issues such as international security, and also talked about unity in arepe, knowing that they facing several difficulties at the moment. haveure many leaders will questions about what a trump presidency will look like. also high on the agenda is the issue of the transatlantic trade deal. angela merkel in a press
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conference yesterday poured cold water on the idea that this deal could even be completed. we know that president trump is not keen on it at all. givewill be looking to this one last push. also on the agenda is the issue of sanctions against russia. whether there should be further sanctions against russia. trump has made it clear that he wants a -- with vladimir putin when he takes office. obama had a warning to trump yesterday. he said that the next president when it comesful to striking deals with russia. he shouldn't go with what feels right at the time, it should take the time to think about how to deal with russia and to know when to stand up to russia. anchor: the u.s. president has now left berlin and is headed to peru for talks there, trade talks.
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now back in the united states, the president elect, donald trump, met with his first foreign leader. the japanese prime minister, shinzo abe. they talked for quite a bit of time at trump tower. what came out of those talks. >> huddled in the golden lobby, the world press was poised to capture the historic moment trump received his first foreign minister leader since being elected. but the president-elect gave them nothing. leftapanese prime minister and entered the building through hidden entrances. he then returned to his hotel where he said he enjoyed a candid discussion with trump but did not travel to details. thatrenewed my conviction with trump, i will be able to establish a relationship of trust.
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but with regard to more of the specifics or details, even that he has not yet assumed the office of president and that discussion was unofficial, i would like to refrain from touching on details. --during his campaign, trump closest postwar allies. he said if the u.s. was attacked, all japan would do is "sit at home and watch television." some sore spots to iron out. firstly, on the issue of security. donald trump has said he would like to pull thousands of u.s. troops out of japan, unless tokyo coughs up more to post them. on trade, he has pledged to block a key component of obama's pivot to asia. that primee deal
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minister abbaye has championed. concern is about trade and economy with china while shinzo abe is worried about the aggressive stance. in france, the presidential hopeful squared off in a televised debate last night. the third and final debate before this weekend's primary vote for the opposition party. nicolas sarkozy and the former prime minister have been leading the field of seven but a third contender is coming out strong. to succeed we need to come together. that has been the spirit of the whole campaign. being together the right and center. that is why i asking for a big turnout. >> france needs authority and i think i have that authority.
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france needs energy and i have that energy. france needs experience and i have that experience. >> i would say to the french people watching, don't be afraid. don't be afraid to go against the polls and the media, whoever decided everything for you. don't make regulations. don't choose to vote for one candidate to eliminate the other. vote for your convictions. for more on this, i am joined in the newsroom by our french politics advisor. before, this was a two-man race but you believe -- has pushed himself had enough? anything,n't bet because the polls have been wrong infficiently recent times. and it is the first time such a primary has been held and the key will be be turnout. we don't how may people will cast their ballots on sunday,
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and on the following one for the round two. what is clear is that this has been last weeks news. -- has been surging in the polls and some put him in the second put a must the winner. and this is a surprise because he has delivered the same vision, a sober, somber of safety in france. with cutting expenditure in a drastic way. i've always said this and i will keep saying this. he is and a flashy candidate, but it seems that a lot of people who were willing to go the same lineolds as the elder statesman, they are moving towards him. cozy, a much more polarizing figure because he was already president and there are a lot of people who do not like his character.
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they also don't like the fact that he is probably toying with the far right voters to much for center or center-right voters. so clearly, all is up in the air. no one knows if the surge will be enough. beat the could opposite candidates. so this is clearly worrying for the man who has been the favorite for months and months. makes it to the second round, he would probably be the victim of the late surge. anchor: our people saying he has just a strong of a chance in terms of the actual presidential campaign? will be theins clear favorite to be france's next president. of cousin of the structure the french election. a two round election and only two candidates make it into round two. if the polls are correct, -- is certain to be in the second
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round. the leftist candidate, whoever hollande,e, francois or whoever, would be eliminated and so a conservative will face off. would, in alla likelihood, would be the next president. there seems to be a glass ceiling whereby she wouldn't go over 45% of the vote and that would be in the second round. that makes you lose the election. stand, the primary election is important because it might unveil france's next president. anchor: thank you for that. theto news coming in from netherlands. police say a train has derailed in the north of the country. this after it collided with a truck.
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we understand at this stage that several passengers were injured however, we have no further details, as to the state that the individuals are in. we understand that emergency services say that the front carriage of the train derailed and we will bring you more on this as it comes into the newsroom. let's turn our attention to the 22 conference is wrapping up in marrakesh today. theappeal estimate for highest political commitment to fight climate change. what does this mean? let's go to claire williams to find out. she joins us live. we are expecting a final results. what will that look like after the two weeks of talks? >> does go we are expecting to come out of the meetings. the first is the marrakesh cause. a nonlegal and political text
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which is symbolic. basically are the countries who signed the pair's deal, reaffirming their commitment to cut carbon emissions and reinvesting in the renewable energy. change.n't much not much new. but there was a desire for the country to come together and say look, what was agreed upon in paris, we still are committed. the second thing is the actual official text. and that is still being worked upon. negotiators were up until 3:00 a.m. working on that. i spoke to a representative from congo who had the text in his hand and he said you know, we are not quite there yet so we hope something will emerge this afternoon. and that is because of the one key sticking point. climate finance. agreeded countries have
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that they would fund developing countries, so they can invest in renewable energy. $100 billion previously agreed-upon but we do not know how that will be delivered. it isn't clear yet so we expect to get more information from the text that will come out later this afternoon. is the what exactly feeling there? do people say this is a success? well, it opened on a euphoric note. hot on the heels of the paris deal last year which was a huge success. of course, the election of donald trump put a damper on things. donald trump has said he thinks climate change is a hoax. he said he would cancel the paris deals. so that has overshadowed the event a little bit of people here are trying to stay positive and resilient. the french president said
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earlier in the week that the paris deal was irreversible. one thing that is concerning people here is that this is well and good and they are excited about the paris deal and it was unprecedented and the world agreed that we need action now. happy witht be too what happened in paris because this needs to be about putting it into practice. foror: thank you very much marrakesh. let's bring you some inspiring images of iraq. children are finally returning back to school. is the early stages of the campaign to retake moz oh and these children have been given standard iraqi textbooks. the group has banned subjects --y consider on islam it
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they consider un-islamic. it is time now for a business update. charles, we will start off with the latest from volkswagen. they have agreed with the labor union on a new plan for the future? to cut are preparing 30,000 jobs worldwide including 23,000 in germany. two point 7to say billion euros and lift the groups operating margins by 4% in 2020, still low compared to its rivals. but volkswagen found a compromise. there will not be any redundancies in germany until 2025. employees in germany do not have to worry about their jobs. there will be no compulsory
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redundancies. the reduction will be through partial retirement. guaranteedave also that the group invest heavily in electronic cars which will create 9000 jobs. savings are needed because of high production costs in germany and because they pay fines of settlements after the deal in missions cheating scandal. let's take a look at the markets and how businesses are doing. all three major european indexes are in negative territory. this is on the back of a speech by janet yellen where she said that interest rates would likely rise soon. that led the u.s. dollar to a 13 year high. the director of the european central bank, mario draghi, hinted at a possible extension of the quantitative easing program. >> the focus should be on newementation, not on
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design. regulatory measures should be implemented in a balanced way, that ensures a level playing field, globally. and while marginal adjustments are possible, there should be no rolling back on what has been decided. >> we also received a revised from the finance industry and it has not been revised upwards. the finance minister announced on the radio this morning that the economy is expected to grow by 1.4% in 2016. they maintained this will not negatively affect the unemployment rate. the decision to withdraw 85% of india's currency has been wreaking havoc. long lines at banks and huge inconvenience. farmers and the poor are hard-hit.
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india's rural economy mostly runs on cash, meaning the government's snap decision to pull 80 5% of the currency out of circulation has been disastrous. are a lot of problems. we don't have cash. and we can't buy anything with the old notes. no one takes the old notes. there is a huge rush at the bank and i have deposited my notes there. >> the indian government has called in higher denomination notes worth 500 and 1000 rupees to tackle corruption and halt the situation where people hoarded cash to avoid paying taxes. less than 3% of the population pays income tax. the lack of hard currency in circulation has pushed down the price of produce.. at the same time, many farmers are struggling to buy seeds and fertilizer for the winter crops.
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>> we can't get hold of anything. nobody except the new 2000 rupee note have introduced because people simply don't have enough money to give change. get is the problem to seeds. either we buy seeds for the entire 2000 rupees or four 1000 rupees but we need to buy lesser amounts and that is not possible. >> on thursday, the indian government moved to allow farmers to withdraw up to 25,000 against their crop loans. but the majority do not have bank accounts and use cash to pay for most things. the government says people can only exchange 2000 rupees each and must deposit the rest before banks stop accepting the old notes after december 30. >> let's take a look at other business stories making headlines. announcedaker has that they are reducing their earnings target for 2018. they will be buying back from the shareholders around $990
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million in stocks over two years. they came together to become the largest maker in 2016. and donald trump appear to take aedit for forage not moving plant from kentucky to mexico. saying, "i worked hard to keep he lincoln plant in kentucky." however, ford said they never had the intention of moving the plant saying they are bound to keep it there with the agreement with the automakers union. hasthe premier league reportedly agreed to a tv rights deal in china that could be worth up to $700 million. the deal is a streaming service and it could be the league's biggest deal ever overseas streaming broadcast. still a lot of money in football, as if we didn't know that. for today'sk you
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business news. time now for the press review. ♪ anchor: i am joined in the studio for a look at what is grabbing headlines. we take a look at last night's debate in france, between the republican opposition party candidates. >> that's right. the final debate before the primary on sunday. the million dollar question today is, who won? you can see the question there graded the -- has seven candidates. they did this for the two previous debates as well. five criteria -- precision, style, fair play, best soundbite and how combative the candidates were. and you can see the only woman running in this primary who won the final debate, according to their calculations. a 7.5 out of 10 which means she came out in front of the front runners. anchor: what do we see in terms
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of the general consensus? >> the general consensus in the debate is that it was kind of boring. it didn't live up to the expectations that journalists had and it echoed what papers said about the first debate. what is interesting is that the second debate came across as being more exciting and the gloves came off but it seems like they went back on. -- reports this was a dull debate. but the problem is, now voters have to make a choice. and you can see that on the front page of the catholic paper which takes a specific interest. the guys even if this wasn't exciting, everyone is focusing on it. ofis because the exercise carrying the primary is new in france. this is the first primary. the socialists did hold a primary in 2011 but it is an idea that is developing.
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it is the will of the people. this particular primary has a lot of importance because of the context. the rise of the far right. and we are seeing a total collapse of the left. so this is quite decisive for the future. papers around the world are focusing on angles. we focus on the climate. we have the crop 22 climate summit taking place in marrakesh. and there are fears that the climate skeptic in chief -- that is what they call donald trump -- could go back on the cropment reached in paris, 21. you see the stark contrast between barack obama and donald trump. they say good cop with barack obama and bad cop, donald trump. we are also getting a
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lot of focus with this registry for the muslim immigrants. what's interesting is that trump advisors are exploring how to establish the registry, which a lot of people say would be unconstitutional. this week we saw trump supporters saying there is a legal precedents for this registry. you can read more about it here in the new york times which is outraged that they would even and about this as a legal precedent. order 9066, issued by roosevelt after the that was 1940 one pearl harbor attack. and this led to the imprisonment of more than 111,000 americans of japanese origin. according to the new york times, this was a blatantly racist act by a government swept up in wartime hysteria. so they worry, are we going to 1942 all over again? one of the darkest chapters in american history ended is insane
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to think that trump supporters could think about using this as a precedent. seeking levitys in the wake of the trump elections. this article -- you can see this is a lighter article in the daily beast wondering whether in a's hair can survive duration day. capitol hill is known to be windy. so they are reporting that trump advisors are trying to figure out a way to keep the mop on his head. inhor: we move on to a story british newspapers, a 14-year-old girl who died in cancer. she won the right to be cryogenically frozen. >> a historic decision. it is all over the british newspapers. you can see the dead girl frozen so she can live again because the hope is she could be reanimated by medical advances in the future. a lot of papers are describing her as the "frozen girl."
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this focuses on a letter she wrote to the courts. she is being described i the letters of her name. "js." -- "i don't want to die but i know i'm going to. i think being cryogenically frozen gives me the chance to a frozen and wake up in 100 years." there is an article in the in the guardian that takes a look at the science behind this. it sounds like something from science fiction but according to this article, the technology behind this is advancing and making it less far-fetched. anchor: very interesting. we end here with a story from france. the traditional release -- >> that's right. it happens every third thursday in november. the light, fruity wine is released at midnight. what is interesting is that it was produced from grapes that
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were harvested a few weeks ago. it is a big deal here. it is a party. of critics. lot some people say it is disgusting and gives a massive headache an
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