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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 18, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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you are watching live from paris. these are our top stories. donald trump begins building up his cabinet. mike pompeo cia director and michael flynn's national security advisor. gearing up for the french presidential race. rounds of u.s.o style primaries. and thousands take to the streets as the former dictator of the philippines is reburied with full military honors.
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good evening. as france gears up for a presidential election in just six months from now, seven hope. our competing this weekend in what will be the first of two rounds of u.s. style primaries. it being a three course race between nicolas sarkozy and former prime minister -- other four candidates all pulling at under 10% each. brown, who ise following developments north of france. this is what he told me.
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>> his speech has just come to an end. here's really laid out his program of what he intends to do and how he intends to enter his next quarter. he was a tell people the truth before the election, not after the election. outline in great detail how he plans to govern in the 100 days after that. also making a direct approach. not just in right-wing centrist voters. but also for those disappointed by the socialist government that would have voted for socialists in the past. the supportersid have been extremely confident on the surface at the very least. pollsm is of course those , strong polls have collapsed in recent days.
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many of theamong supporters here is that nicolas sarkozy has more of a legitimacy . ability toaps more round up the conservative voters. that is why the key message from allen should be -- from alleyne juppe -- itom alain is the only realistic path to victory on sunday. mane are talking about a who was once a prime minister of this country. no one can doubt the fact he has experience. but perhaps not a breath of fresh air that people are last calling for.
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>> i think that is both his strength and his weakness. one of the reasons they want to vote for him is -- he knows how to do things. he knows how to govern, he knows what he wants to get done in the first day or so. is what we have been seeing in the united kingdom and in the united states is the brexit vote and the donald trump victory. as such that is unlikely to play out. he is trying to counter that with a theme that is a breath of fresh air. governmentted the before france followed landes --
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before france holland -- before fracois hollande. that is going to be a key issue as we move forward into 2017. anchor: reporting their from france. president barack obama left europe in what was probably the last time in his capacity as head of state. earlier today he spoke with key leaders, thinking of for their cooperation during his time in office. as obama left aboard air force one, he didn't speak to reporters, the next stop on his tour will be peru. an economist and a member of the board of directors from the atlantic council. thank you so much for speaking to us. clearly a lot of concern in europe.
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what president elect trump said on the campaign trail, there is nothing for eu leaders to go by because he hasn't held any political office. they are more alarmed than the media is making them out to be? >>'s first appointments demonstrate that as a campaigner he will be equal to his performances as a president. conservativeeme, and initiating very harsh political feedback. one democratic congressman said about jeff sessions, who is most high-profile appointment as attorney general, if you have nostalgia for the days when blacks kept quiet and gays were in the closet and the woman stayed in the kitchen, then sessions is your man. immigration in europe already a
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hot political issue. >> his support for brexit puts him at odds with the eu leaders. >> is vocal support for the environment puts them at odds. he is appointed as the head of the transition for the environmental protection agency. somebody who is a notorious climate than higher, and believes there is no problem with the climate environment. both members of the eu and otherwise. >> the one that makes the most difference to foreign leaders, we don't know who that is going to be yet. are hearingames we most recently are getting better. the first ones were extremists. -- we heard mitt
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romney may be a pick for secretary of state. that would be a relief compared to the others that have been named so far. extremists and perhaps that is calming down. no diminution of radicalism. anchor: was there anything barack obama was able to say to reassure leaders everything was going to be ok? >> he would assure them that nato was safe. but who knows if it is or not. the 2% of gdp, which is meant to be the basic fee for participation and full rights article five, he will put them under heavy pressure and europe should be worried about that. >> thank you very much indeed.
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elect donaldident trump has announced key cabinet positions, naming jeff sessions has a pick for attorney general, sessions is an archconservative with opposition to immigration and race relations that has angered many over the years. mike pompeo has been named as cia director and michael flynn has been named as national security advisor. gallagher joins me now from washington. which we read into these appointments? -- what should we read into these and are -- into these appointments? sending signals of moderation. a very divisive campaign. most of them has to be on the left of the democratic circles.
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but not just in those circles, but on the conservative side as well. against the most moderate parts of that electorate, which certainly helps donald trump transition from the compatible aggressive ultraconservative stance he took during the campaign to a more moderate approach. he is showing very little signs of fact due to those nominations. very conservative individuals, who from the standpoint of those democrats i just mentioned are going to take the country back in terms of what they perceived to have been progress made on many social issues. we will have to wait to see what the next appointments go to. there are talks of more moderate elements. mitt romney, former governor of massachusetts mentioned.
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and all of branch seems to have been extended. reassuring those who are concerned by the most recent wave of nominations. >> it would be extraordinary to see mitt romney and donald trump working together. donald trump called mitt romney and user on the campaign trail. what has been the reaction to these announcements? has a created a lot of discussion or concern? guest: absolutely. those names were the talk of the town. was known to be a staunch ultraconservative senator from alabama, whose track record on voter suppression and voter rights or immigration is very tough. this is a man said there should be no legal pathway to citizenship. anybody who enters this country
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will have no way of obtaining any kind of illegal status. nonetheless the cause for him to be tonight a federal judge ship back in 1986 when he was making jokes. that certainly wasn't appreciated at the time. just like michael flynn's track record or rather comments on muslims. that is slated to be a national security advisor. is a man whose comments angered very many. when you hear donald trump probably talking about radical islamic terrorism, these are the whispered by nearby characters.
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both in terms of domestic issues, but also on the international scene. >> thank you for bringing us up to speed. for the second night in a row tensions have been running high on the greek island of key office -- on a greek island. petrol bombs were thrown at a makeshift camp used by refugees and migrants. is reported to be hospitalized after sustaining head injuries. and spokesperson says tensions are likely linked to the fact that those camps are extremely overcrowded. thousands rallied in manila, angered at the news that the former dictator of the philippines has been reburied with full military honors at a hero cemetery. dynamic 30 years ago and will for two decades, during which time his relatives amassed a fortune somewhere in the region.
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>> a hero's burial for the philippines of the former dictator. years for his7 remains to be laid to rest. his supporters aren't delighted. >> we are very happy. this is what we have been waiting for. >> the president gave permission for the burial in august, calling mark off a filipino soldier. there have been mass protests. outside the cemetery this crowd is chanting markoff, hibbler, dictator. >> he ruined this country. he killed people.
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we have to stand up for what is right. .e can't just say move on we can't move john because it hasn't been fixed yet. was aore his burial he bomb -- he was ebalmed. they were exiled after more than one million people took to the streets to overthrow them. known as thee people power revolution in 1986, as well as an official brutality, accused of widespread corruption and the theft of aliens of dollars of state funds. the dictator is now buried among former presidents, soldiers, and artist's. corrects it is an article of clothing with a rich history and an impressive price tag. i'm talking about the dress worn
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by marilyn monroe when she sang happy birthday to president john f. kennedy. for dress is being sold close to 5 million u.s. dollars. months after wearing that dress she was found dead. >> 4.5 million euros is a considerable amount of money to part with, even if you have it. hands up now. put your fingers on those keys, whatever you have to do. >> and for a dress. beautiful, however sparkly, most people would agree. but is it too much to pay for history? birthday mr. president. , munro was at the height of her fame when she slinked into the dress and sang happy birthday to then u.s. president john f. kennedy days before his 45th birthday.
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within months munro would drop -- monroe would die of a drug overdose. at this losded up angeles auction house after an american financier bought it in 1999 as an investment. he paid over just one million euros for it. after thursday sale its new owner is none other than the u.s. franchise that displays oddities and items all over the world. an investment of another kind perhaps, in public nostalgia and history. >> let's get a reminder of our top stories. trump'se of administration, u.s. president-elect begins building up his cabinet. jeff sessions took to the , and michaelral
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flynn, the national security advisor. gearing up for the french presidential race, several -- two rounds of the u.s. style primaries. , a formerin manila dictator is reburied with seoul military honors -- with full military honors. will the brand is here, good evening to you. volkswagen had a tough year and now they are announcing simply significant job cuts. shoulda turnaround that save volkswagen 3.7 billion euros per year. they want to raise the operating margin to 2% by 2020. that figure is currently far below its rivals. you can see toyota at 7.9%.
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vw admitted to nearly 11 million cars to cheat on a andion tests area compensation to consumers of over 18 billion euros. jennifer has more. >> the cost-saving plan for reasons the biggest revamp in volkswagen history. the company is aiming to say 4 billion euros per year by 2020. its work force will bear the brunt of the plan with 30,000 job cuts, three quarters of them in germany. >> our german employees don't need to be worried. most positions will be cut temporarytrition and job losses, not forced layoffs. >> although it is a world leader they are having to cut cost to stay competitive.
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a u.s. investigation into the matter, volkswagen admitted to installing emission cheating software in 11 million diesel vehicles. thecarmaker is dealing with financial fallout. it is believed the total litigation cost could reach twice that. part of whatd as management is calling a future willagreement, the company create 9000 new positions in areas of new technology as volkswagen shifts from decent to electric vehicles. >> it has more than 250,000 more employees. not be deeps may enough. let's see how volkswagen fared on the markets, closing down 3.4% in frankfurt. ended inropean markets
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the red, basic resource stocks taking a hit amongst a stronger dollar. hitting a high before retreating. dow jones is similar. as is the s&p 500. set for a weekly gain despite falling oil prices. this all comes back on the speech of dutch on the back of a speech by janet yellen, where they say interest rates will likely rise soon, hitting that 13 year high. extension a possible of the quantitative easing program in the face of europe's low inflation. >> the focus should be on implementation not new design. regulatory measure should be implemented in a balanced way that ensures a level playing
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field globally. there should be no rolling back. >> here france and government has revised down for the french economy. minister announced earlier on the radio that the french economy is predicted to grow 1.4% this year compared to previous assessment of 1.5%. he maintained that this should not have a negative effect on the employment rate. workers at the low-cost company were on strike. the company has shut down operations, leaving 175 people without a job. some they say is unfair for severance pay.
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>> 175 mega bus employees face layoffs in january. now mega bus is bankrupt. it is clear the law was badly written and badly implemented. five companies and in the rapidly changing sector in august 2015. >> at this price there is clearly a profitability problems, only the largest cup is can pull through. >> in july a german company took --r the sale and pricing of but the law had increased
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competition in the sector. a move that made all the french drivers redundant. >> we are determined to go on strike. that's what it takes to listen to us and negotiate. >> many employees have left stable -- left stable jobs. securing more compensation. the end of the rope will be met -- will be in january when all services will shut down. >> and airbnb, a website which has given hotels a run for their money was to turn to a transformative travel company. the new trip service, letting local people off with their knowledge, experience, work, or even socializing for a price. services are available as an upgrade to the app. in12 cities and next year
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more than 50 citieies. the company will continue its core business, allowing people to rent out their homes or rooms. think the airbnb that you knew of will be a minority in the future. we have over 100 million people arriving on the platform. but it is really a travel platform. where you are going to stay, what you are going to do when you are there. what has violins, cellos, and even a harp? try the world's most relaxing atm. a creation along with the philharmonic orchestra. ebola's conduct of personal finance and found that one third orwritten's real nervous physically sick at the prospect of seeing their bank balance.
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85% have no idea what their balances. and 24% say they are most stressed on paydays. trying to make people more comfortable at the bank. it is the one day of the month they will least be celebrating. who would have thought. thank you very much indeed. will hilderbrandt with the business. i will be back in a couple of minutes with the top stories.
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