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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 30, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PST

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host: it is" -- it is "france 24 " --these are headlines. brazilian members were mostly killed in a plane crash. 50,000 civilians have fled east and aleppo in four days as the syrian government troops move into the stronghold.
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a few hundred thousand people are trapped inside. and in south korea, the political crisis continues around the prime minister. up -- the price of oil jumps at some of the world's biggest producers meet in vienna to try to agree for the first deal to cut oil production and eight years. we will have details. our daily round up of the headlines and the press review. our top story. host: first in brazil, a country in shock from the devastating loss of a plane crash of almost every member of the chapecoense soccer team. fans filled the stadium in
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mourning. the players and coaches and journalists who crash. chapecoense was in the midst of a fairytale season and was on is way to the biggest match in its history when the plane went down. reporter: a city and a stadium in morning -- mourning as night falls, thousands of football fans gather, trying to come to terms to the plane crash that claimed 71 lives. among them, the majority of the club's first team. chapecoense is not big. it was well above its weight, and for many has been a great source of pride. the green and white fills the stands. >> it is really hard to speak. we always claim to the games. we come to the stadium as sent in the same spot. we came today and sat here.
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our fighting team will not to be here anymore and is stadium. it is tough. it is really tough. reporter: and the players' locker room, a more private vigil. all but three of the chapecoense players traveling to play and the final died in the crash. columbia wasinst set to be the biggest in the club's history. some of brazil's top clubs have offered to give players on a free loan for the 2017 season. they have called for a three-year exemption from relegation for the team as it recovers from the tragedy. cause of the crash is unknown but could be due to electrical failure, bad weather or a fuel shortage. the flight recorders have been recovered and investigators say
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they should help determine the cause. also in colombia, the senate approved a new peace deal between the government and rebels. the first step toward ratifying the deal for its by voters in a referendum last month. it was voted in unanimously but only after members of the right-wing party leading the opposition walked out of the senate in protest. it needs to be approved by the lower house of congress. end armedis trying to conflict between the government and the rebels. next, to cuba where the heads of several latin american african governments have paid their respects to fidel castro. he died on friday at age and 90. nicolas maduro in the bolivian leader were there as was south .frican president jacob zuma western leaders stayed away mostly with france, the u.s. and
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britain sending diplomatic representatives. westernwas the only head of state to attend. a convoy carrying the cremated ashes of castro will begin a journey of across the country of cuba for people to pay their respects. next now to the united states. with president-elect donald trump will today just said he will be leaving his business "in total" to focus on running the country. outline a plan to turn over the business in a december 15 news conference with his family, according to a post the president-elect made on twitter. he could tease to fill out his cabinet. -- secretaryhree of state, secretary defense and treasury.
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mitt romney's name has been floated for state while billionaire investment banker steve mnuchin is expected to be secretary treasury. billionaires,are watches the insides or both, contradicting his call to shake up washington. a fierce critic of donald trump, mitt romney has changed his tone as he angles to be the diplomat in chief. the two men dined at one of the st hotels.- ritzie mitt romney: i do wonderful evening with president-elect dump truck. we had another discussion about affairs. -- president-elect dump truck. it was enlightening. -- president-elect donald trump. giuliani isdolph also in contention for the top spot.
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the spot,man clenches yet another washington insider appointed to trump's cabinet. treasury --n named transportation administrator. she served in both bush administrations. jeff sessions is the choice for attorney general. the alabama center has spent the last 20 years in washington. is nominating republicans with close ties to wall street like billionaire philanthropist they devos to head up education department. likely to join the billionaires club is steve mnuchin and wilbur ross.
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mnuchin is set to lead the treasury secretary while ross is tipped to be the next commerce secretary. whether these appointments of established candidates, it looks like trump is backtracking on his campaign promise to shake up washington. host: we are hearing now that stephen mnuchin is saying his name to you as treasury secretary. to germany -- and men employed by the domestic intelligence agency has been arrested on accusations that he made islam and declarations on the internet and revealed material. a spokesman for the agency declined to provide information on the man's role and a report that thepaper 51-year-old suspect try to explode all bomb at the agency's central office in cologne. in syria, up to 50,000 civilians have fled east and aleppo in four days as government troops
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move into the rebel stronghold. 200,000 people are trapped inside. reporter: on the outskirts of aleppo is besieged, hundreds of families waiting to be evacuated from the syrian regime forces. and wee months in their only wanted to get out and they were not let us. we wanted to leave to come here. >> we wanted to get our belongings but we have been under siege. reporter: these images were shot under the supervision of the syrian government. the army has ambulances at the ready today civilians who want .o leave to temporary camps the international committee of some 20,000s said people have fled the rebel enclave in the last 48 hours. ory fear were french retaliation -- revenge or
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retaliation as the army advances and to that eased of aleppo held by opposition fighters since 2012. the united nations called it an alarming and frightening situation. more than 200,000 people remained trapped in the east which is been under siege since july of this year. food has run out and a bombing campaign is taken out all of the hospitals. britain and france have requested an urgent security meeting to try to address the humanitarian crisis. launched an has inquiry into the possible role of at least 20 french military and other officials suspected of playing the role and the 1994 genocide. that move is likely to further deepen the already strained relations between the countries for it rwanda has long accused france in the genocide of more people. mostly ethnic
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it has angered paris and soured ties between the 2 nations. and no let-up and political scandal around south korea's president despite her offer to resign. large cross have been gathering up thel to keep pressure. opposition parties have said there were just a resignation offer saying it is a delaying tactic for her to stay in power. they are valid to push on with an impeachment effort. covering the story from seoul and joins us. opponents are saying she is playing for time. is it true? reporter: it seems to be the case. the national assembly is divided. if she is playing for time, she is been successful. thesupported herself opposition is bound to move this friday in her own party is saying let's roll it back.
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we may have to come up with a plan b given her offer to retire. what is she going to do with that time. far from the first to be tainted. can you take us back over what president park is accused of and how deep it goals? reporter: she is the daughter of a former president. a nation builder and a dictator. she came in to office with a lot of baggage including friends from the battle days, the old era. and appears to have come up bitten her from behind. one of her closest friends is accused of using their influence to engage in all kind of corrupted dealings and it is unclear how close park,, herself are to these corrupted dealings. but certainly, she has been very
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seriously tainted with in these allegations of corruption and nepotism by a close friend of hers. host: thank you for that. in october last year in france, pictures of 2 top level bosses at air france with their shirts rift to pieces were shown around the world. there will rough go by air france employees who were angry about plans to cut too close to 3000 jobs. some of the protesters have been handed suspense -- suspended sentences. >> one year from the event of that caught the trial and the verdict coming in from the judge here in northern paris. the most serious charges are violence towards the 2 bosses of air france. the defendants were found guilty is 2 were acquitted pretty
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three found guilty, suspended prison sentence between four and five months. the gravity of the accusations but it's a mixed outcome that shows the confusion of what occurred a year ago at air france's headquarters and the confusion in the trial itself. throughout the trial, much of of evidence on video footage the legal teams from both sides arguing to what extent that demonstrated the evidence of with their defendants and that is why that confusion indicates why the legal teams and they are devising and they will tell the clients to appeal against the verdict. it is time for our business news with steven. you are going to start at the united states were donald trump announced plans of his business interests. reporter: in tweets, the president-elect said he will leave his business empire in total.
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the plans exactly of how he will be doing to in a news conference on december 15 with his children. mr. trump said he thought it was important as president to and no way have a conflict of interest with his various businesses. he said the presidency as a far more important task. he had faced criticism over the potential conflicts of policymaking with his own business ventures. more details on december 15. host: less take a look at the stock market. reporter: the main focus on the market is oil producers in vienna. a short time ago on the european stock market shares were up. almost 1% in london. as a they have dramatically so far in trading today and that helped shares of energy companies of boosting in a london for now if the opec producers fail, we see oil
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prices fall again and we can see the opposite effect on the stock market. there is some optimism in trading today on the stock markets, at least, as we wait for oil producers to decide whether or not they will limit the main focus of the meeting in vienna. thes take a look at where price of oil is in trading. we are brent crude w tight i wti index over 7%. just brushing at close to $50 a barrel mark. optimismpressive as has risen of a meeting to limit oil supply has been reached in vienna using underway in good now. that's a level of $50 a barrel is less than half in what we're seeing in june of 2014. let's talk about a further where we go to london and to spencer wells. thank you for joining us from london. to missn mystic -- have
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it should we be that a deal will be done? spencer: it is quite likely that some form of deal will be done. two months ago, opec very publicly and surprisingly made an announcement they would do a deal, they would cut production barrels a day. they said in september, we will do it in november. the day has arrived and a lot of expectation that something will happen. stephen: is it a big sacrifice for saudi arabia is the expected cut output by that much? certainly they will shoulder the largest part of the burden. like we expect the united arab emirates and co-weight will be part of the deal. yes, saudi arabia, they are showing a wilderness to take the burden -- a willingness to take
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the burden themselves. could be they gradually accept and will do it with the help of some of their fellow opec nations. how soon should we expect oil prices to change for consumers? seeing oil markets reacting in expectation of a deal. will it filtered down? spencer: quite a movement today as assets , interviews with key members and they suggested the terms of the deal and who will be involved and who will not. as they have not give a specific numbers but a lot of hints dropped. a lot of the deals have been , but itnto the oil really comes down to what the terms of the deal are. bannon we will have to leave it there. thank you for joining us from london. u.k.: stephen, let stand a
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where there is bad news for the royal bank of scotland for you stephen: it has failed the latest stress test from the bank of england. plans to raise 2 billion pounds worth of extra capital. shares trading down 3% in london. barclays also failed to meet some requirements of those tests that already has sufficient plans in place to deal with the issue. genie: the music streaming service spotify has gotten personal with the latest ad campaign. stephen: what listeners have been listening to under thanks 2016, it has been weird. how people have been dealing with the two of the major events like this one a dressing people on the day of the brexit who listened to it is the end of the world as we know it and also another valentines day, what did you do.
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rolled back in the u.s., u.k., france and germany. the company said it gives insight into the motions of people. genie: i am curious. i do not know that was a thing. thank you for that look at the business news. now time for the press review. a look of what is grabbing headlines. hello. you are going to start with many papers focusing and syria where rebel fighters in eastern level are facing an offensive. >> the top story. the french catholic paper, you can sell their front page that in rebellion is trapped aleppo. you can see on the front page of photo of a fighter doing a victory sign. the lebanese paper is focusing on the plight of the tens of thousands of civilians trapped in aleppo and trying to flee. , it will out at the
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international community for its indifference. you can see the headline "the world is watching the infinite tragedy in eastern aleppo without lifting a finger." a cartoon in a saudi arabia at is thelashes out international community where you see aleppo drowning in a sea of blood as the world takes a photo. another cartoon which also has a lot of blood. you can see this pool of blood representing the shape of syria and the russian president vladimir putin depicted as a mosquito sucking the blood. genie: another very tragic story. a lot of papers focusing on the plane crash in colombia that killed him was all the members of brazilian soccer team. >> a big story. the front page of "the wall street journal" and a photo of the wreckage. the crash decimates a soccer team. this the brazilian team,
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chapecoense, on its way to the final of the copa, which was supposed to take place today. lots of papers and brazil are focusing on the story. a major story. this is focusing on what caused the plane to crash. investigators say it lost contact with the ground controllers as it approached medellin and you can see here is article is reporting the pilot reportedly -- reported an before genie: losing contact. officials have said since other passengers included three of the players. paying of players are tribute to the players. a lot of people on the plane. the staff, sports journalists and members of chapecoense. paying tribute to them. "the guardian" has an interesting article looking at what was so special about the team.
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they were serial overachievers dubbed the brazilian -- 18 punching far above its weight and taking part in their first continental final. this was a fairytale season for chapecoense will for this tragedy struck. this article says this should have been the most glorious week and is a history of the club and unfortunately ended in this tragedy. the soccer world, in general, is mourning the loss. the colombian paper and you can see the soccer ball shedding a tear. genie: stateside were u.s. president-elect donald trump has caused another up war with a tweet. >> let's look at the tweet. this was on tuesday. he said nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag area if they do, there must because of courses, perhaps loss of citizenship. where did the tweet come from? the daily beast said he was
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likely reacting to the controversy at hampshire college , one student allegedly burned up flag. this has been blasting on fox news. the problem is flagburning is constitutionally protected as freedom of speech. by theit is guaranteed first amendment of the u.s. constitution at "the new york times" takes a look. >> a message for donald trump. mr. trump needs the constitution. here, where explain what does not need explaining. the first amendment is to protect forms of government -- forms of speech. the supreme court ruled a federal law against flagburning was unconstitutional. as you can imagine, it has been getting a lot of reactions. a cartoon from "the washington hat aand said trump's new
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you can see a crown. americans are not too fond of kings. lots of people lashed out on twitter. this got tweeted to donald trump saying punish all flag as the craters. you can see kid rock, a classy u.s. shirt. genie: something completely different here and france. not a good word. french kids are terrible at a mass. >> according to a study a you can read about it, french kids are flocking in math according to european neighbors. about 10 years old. they came out last in a study. trends in international mathematics and science studies, france was dead last. specialists, not how much time french kiss spent in math class because they spend a lot of time. the problems with the teachers
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because many lower study humanities so they are not that good at math. those who cannot do, teach and maybe not so well with the math. genie: thank you from the papers. thank you for watching "france 24." a you could get a look at our website. headlines and much more after this.
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