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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 12, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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anchor: thank you for joining us. here are the headlines. the syrian regime gains control of nearly all of aleppo. rebel fighters are told to surrender or die. is next united nations chief sworn in as the new secretary-general in new york. his mandate begins in january. chieris imf christine lagarde -- imf chief christine lagarde issues of payout --
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syrian forces continue making gains in eastern aleppo. the military claims that the rebels have lost nearly all of the territory they seized four years ago. a syrian military official says the operation is in its final phase. the fall of aleppo would be the worst rebel defeats in syria's in 2011.began here is more on the story. >> smoke rises above aleppo. syria's most populous city is on back in government hands. iranianan army with backed militias and airstrikes launched an offensive in september. one of the most fortified rebel areas fell on monday morning after an intense bombing campaign. onlye terrorists control 10% of the territory they used
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to control in eastern aleppo. the british-based watchdogs said 130,000 people have fled. 10,000 in the last before ours alone. >> thank on behalf of escaped. we were starving. i can't even move because of hunger. reporter: the fall of aleppo has been -- aleppo has been under siege since july. diplomatic efforts to end the conflict have repeatedly failed. >> russia is saying teed of different things and constantly lying. on one hand they say let's andtiate, let's negotiate we will reach a cease-fire. on the other hand they continue a total war to make aleppo fall. at what cost? what will be the humanitarian cost? reporter: the youngest are paying the highest price. all of aleppo's children are traumatized. where: going to new york
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antonio gutierrez was sworn in as the new secretary-general of the united nations. the 67-year-old former prime minister of portugal was chosen in october to take over from ban ki-moon. he was the u.s. high commissioner for refugees. during his first speech before guterresffice, said the respite of be ready for changes. >> we need to redouble our efforts to resolve conflicts from the crisis in syria, yemen, south so don -- south sued on, and elsewhere, to long-running disputes including the israeli, palestinian conflict. we need arbitration and creative diplomacy. anchor: the new
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secretary-general has his work cut out for him. we take a look at his objectives and his challenges. reporter: he is the first former head of government to lead the united nations. an engineer by training, antonio to bees is known political savvy, as promised her of portugal he helped broker independence and transferred look out to china in the 90's. was the u.n. commissioner for refugees from 2005 teeth -- 22015. he raised funds for an inspiring number of refugees around the world. he also dealt with the fallout of what he has called his top priority, ending the conflict in syria. >> the domestic problems of today's conflicts can only inspire a humble approach.
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one in which the secretary makes his good offices available, working as a mediator, a bridge builder, and it honest broker to help find the solutions that benefit everyone involved. reporter: the new u.n. chief has promised a surge in diplomacy and wants the organization to take a proactive role in preventing conflict, vocus and on development and human rights. he is also a strong believer in equality and promised gender parity in senior appointments. debit he andhis chief staff arts but to be women. u.n.,ed to shake up the saying the organization will be determined by its readiness to change and adapt. detained 230y people with alleged links to kurdish militants in nationwide raids on monday. this comes two days after twin bombings killed 44 people and
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wounded about 150 outside istanbul's soccer stadium. were riote victims policemen. an offshoot of the pkk militant group claimed responsibility for the attack. for more on the story, here's our correspondent in turkey. reporter: the kurdish faction is within the pkk that seeks to comb out its own identity. it is more hard-line than the pkk leadership. it is more prepared to kill people left, right, and center. but it is funded and trained by the pkk. incame to prominence february when a car bombing killed 29 people outside a military housing estate. since then they have carried out three more bombings in turkey, including saturday night in istanbul.
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all in all they have killed a total of 120 people this year. but they have come under criticism from within the kurdish community. bombing in november, which killed 11 people, a partyrdish mp of the hdp condemned the pkk. interestingly he condemned them, not the falcons. the pkk to the islamic state group. egypt's president identified to 22-year-old suicide bomber who carried out the deadly attack against the christian population. speaking out for the victims, the president said security forces have arrested four people. a blast killed 24 people, most
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of the victims were women. >> a state funeral for the victims of sunday suicide bombing. the president and leader of mournedchristian church one of the deadliest attacks on the country's minority. >> the person who did this, he blew himself up inside the church. he was 22 years old. we have arrested three men and one woman. and we are still searching for two people. the bomberident said had detonated the suicide belt with over 12 kilograms of explosives. monday the community held its own funeral service for the victim's relatives. outside the church security forces stopped hundreds of
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mourners from entering, further aggravating the community often discriminated in egypt and targeted by islamists. >> where is the security, and where are the people in charge? >> so far there has been no claim for responsibility. for moredent called action to deter future terror attacks. >> going now to italy, where a new cabinet is being sworn in. this to speed up the political transfer of power to prime minister designate -- he met various party leaders and has included many of the ministers from the ministers from matteo renzi's outgoing administration. french police have detained 11 people in connection with the terrorist attack that killed 86 people there on bastille day. providing logistical support,
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including arms to the tunisian who drove his truck into the promenade. the islamic state group claims responsibility for the attack. french officials say some of those arrested were from eastern europe, notably albania. luke schrag oh has the story. reporter: a radical extremist left 86 dead and 103 wounded after he careened into a crowd on busty day -- on bastille day. just a day later questioning came thick and fast. officers began with the man's wife, though she was soon released. an inquiry lended a trove of information at the militants home. much of it gleamed from his mobile phone. the police brought in various profiles area and albanian
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to haveas thought provided the extremists with firearms for his attack. three days after police detained another suspect in the western town, police brought a further 10 people in on monday. among them one or more albanians who were suspected of helping arm the radicals ahead of the attack. france, thew to head of the imf is here in paris. france's former finance minister is on trial for her role in a massive payment in 2008 2 a french businessman. the guard has always maintained her innocence. by ae joined in the studio analyst and former u.s. prosecutor. tell us, what could be the outcome of this trial, and could she really go to jail? guest: because it is a criminal case, oddly enough, even though the charges negligence,
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theoretically there is a possibility she could go to jail. the maximum penalty is one year. it is unusual in any legal system for negligence to give rise to any part of a criminal sanction. but that is a possibility here. there is a maximum jail time that could be imposed for one year, but it is very unusual and goes against the grain of what is considered fair under most conceptions of law to actually sentence somebody to jail for mere negligence, which is what is being explored in this case. anchor: and it would be a one-year sentence, which would be commuted. normally beuld extremely unusual, but the possibility to surface on the books. anchor: what kind of oddities are there the son and anglo court? -- visa v and anglo court?
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an anglo cour guest:t? reallyy, these aren't professional detached judges. this incorporates a political element normally you would want to separate out from the case. it is sort of like an impeachment proceeding with the possibility of at criminal outcome, because who are the judges? for the most part they are actually the judges that will be weighing in on the scene -- on this thing are members of parliament, the legislature. that we haveion members of the legislature sitting in judgment in what is supposed to be a criminal case, and where we don't meet traditional committal intent is very unusual. >> the big picture, what were -- what impact will this have? >> the imf has stated unless she is actually sentenced to jail
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they stand by her. they seem to understand that this is really a reevaluation of the decisions she made in the political context. and after proof that she acted with sums corrupt intent or she knew something was inherently wrong with these proceedings and went ahead anyway for political purposes, is going to be difficult -- it is going to be difficult for her to prove it would be something worthy of the imf actually removing her. if she is actually sentenced to dashed to jail, they will have to. -- to jail, they will have to. anchor: going now to luxembourg. whistleblowers are on trial, leaking thousands of doctors had exposed luxembourg's huge tax breaks from international companies. they are accused of violating professional secrets.
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reporter: the three frenchmen who exposed the scandal are back in court. used to work for an auditing firm, pricewaterhousecoopers. they leaked thousands of documents when they found out had negotiated a controversial tax breaks between luxembourg's tax authorities and hundreds of companies. the journalist who leaked the documents on french television years ago. acquitted and was a whistleblower was suspended for violating professional secrecy laws. the prosecutor and former employers hopes the appeal will bring heavier sentences. >> they want to make an example, they want to show their crimes, that there won't be a second leak, show that it is still safe
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to use their services. they want to protect their business, that is their strategy. thate scandal revealed multinationals like apple, ikea, heinz and pepsi were allowed to pay only one to 3% corporate taxes. a tax avoidance strategy meant to attract big corporations. leaked, luxembourg was pressured to pass the law that requires all european countries to share text you information with other member states. the eu has also taken a series of steps to stop tax avoidance. the defense at whistleblower supporters say all of these reforms -- are now facing up to 10 years in prison. u.s., where to the a top senate republican said congress will investigate a cia report that russia interfered in the november election on behalf of donald trump.
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the incoming commander-in-chief has called it ridiculous. the u.s. president-elect has sparked a threatening response from china after he hinted he might change the u.s. is one china policy. trump using to look at as a it as ang -- -- using bargaining chip. but the move could backfire and could push beijing to aid u.s. enemies, or even take back taiwan by force. >> a day after donald trump hinted the u.s. could review its relations with taiwan, china reacted with a warning. beijing urged trump to stick by the one china policy, which cyst china is part of its territory, or there will be consequences. >> we urge the new u.s. government to recognize the sensitivity of the taiwan issue, continuing to uphold the one broaderlicy to avoid ties being seriously damaged.
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>> since jimmy carter, u.s. president have not had any official contact with taiwan's leaders, although on it to schooley america is their biggest ally. trump has already changed that approach. america supporting the one china policy should be renegotiated. to beon't believe we need bound with the policy unless we make a deal with china having to do with other things. we have been burned by china with devaluation, taxing as heavy at the borders. we have to build a massive fortress in the middle of the south china sea. >> last week trump already angered china when he took a congratulatory call from taiwan's president. tois the first u.s. leader talk with a taiwanese leader in four decades. >> taking a look now at antarctica has great glaciers or
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rather lack of them. a new long-term satellite record is capturing the scale and he's a change, now taking place in west antarctica. they combine nearly a quarter of a century of observations to show how the region's great glaciers are losing height by about seven meters per year. dumping up to are 140 billion tons of ice per year into the rising oceans. time now for business news. kate, how are you? we are starting with the latest efforts on trying to save the world oldest bank. >> we are talking about the italian lender monti the behalf onteky -- mante paschi. after the european central bank denied a request for an extension.
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the political turmoil following matteo renzi's political resignation -- shares ended up over three percent on monday. >> the clock's running on as the told's oldest bank struggles keep its head overwater. after request for an extension was rejected by the european central bank, the lender said it would real than a debt for agree slot where investors can treat 2.4 billion euros of bonds per share. it is a last ditch effort to avoid a state bailout, which could have far-reaching repercussions across italy's already shaky financial landscape. >> you give the sense the bank has taken to say the time is over. even markets can put money if they wish to put money.
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or in some way a solution has be defied in some way. quick thinkers fear of state intervention could trigger a phenomenon in the it sector. officials assure the situation is under control. there will not and not be an italian banking crisis. if there will not be european financial crisis. i stand firmly on this point. we have every capacity to deal with the situation. both inill be handled italy and in europe. failing to raise funds could hurt italy's biggest bank, which is expected to announce it 30 billion euros recapitalization on tuesday. >> more oil producers have signed onto a deal to cut their output, led by countries that
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are not part of the opec cartel have agreed this week and to reduce their overall production by 558 thousand per day. the petroleum exporting countries committed to skilling back its output by one point 2 million n barrels daily, startig in january. the deal will boost global prices, which lost more than half their value since june 2014. the international benchmark brent and wti crew -- the bti crude rose to new highs on monday, trading on those highs. after hitting record highs last week, stock markets have been paring back their gains on monday. the ftse 100 has closed down 1%. lighter losses just under the flat line. the mixed trading session on wall street, investors are holding their breath ahead of wednesday's federal reserve meeting, when the central bank
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is expected to raise interest rates for the first time since last december. the dow jones trading in the green at this hour. the european union and cuba are forging closer ties. officials have signed an agreement aimed at supporting economic development. >> and political accord intended to bring economic change. for the european union and cuba clinched the biggest diplomatic economicugh since sections on the island in 2008. that deal will help develop commercial and other ties between havana and brussels. >> today we are here to sign a political dialogue and cooperation agreement, establishing the first congratulate tesh first contractual relationship at the european union and cuba. it is a historic day. >> with the economic embargo firmly in place, the eu has
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cuba second-biggest trading partner. it accounts for -- moore is likely to be done to end cuba's isolation then a diplomatic push by pro--- push by president barack obama. the u.s. president-elect has vowed to rollback travel and other restrictions eased by barack obama. >> thankfully relations between cuba and the european union do not go through washington. i'm convinced there is a promising opportunity to continue to develop the ties between europe and cuba, despite the fact that there is an obstacle that needs to be removed. the eu has raised concerns about the effectiveness of the u.s. sanctions. the economic embargo has caused -- $1066 billion rose
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billion. anchor: venezuelans have 10 days to exchange their notes. there were drawn that note from circulation. the bank will be replaced by coins and new higher denomination notes. the move will clamp down on illicit activity and inflation, although a similar step in india last month has created chaos and wait on the cash-based economy. currently worth about two american cents on the black market. turkey's economy is contracted for the first time since 2009. official data shows gdp slumped 1.8 percent in the third quarter, compared to 4.5% growth in the first half of the year. economists have warned the ongoing instability will lead to more weakness. hasright hailing firm confirmed they have grabbed
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financing. the partnership is based on motor bike sharing. grad is the biggest rival in southeast asia. the honda deal marks the mages investment by a carmaker in the growing ridesharing industry. donald trump has been tweeting again, and once again his social media activity has had a real world impact. the president-elect that president-elect described the cost of providing fighter jets to the u.s. military as out of control. if that phrase sounds familiar, it is also because he used it last week to target boeing, which filled the air force one plane. you can see monday's latest tweet there. askheed martin makes that the five. its shares plummet 5%, which means the market value lost $4 billion. that ahead of the f-35 program.
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>> i certainly welcome the opportunity to address any question that the president-elect would have about the program. since the beginning we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to reduce the price of the airplane. original,70% from its and we are projected to be at 2019-2020n in the year. it will be less extensive than any fourth generation fighter in the world. >> companies have to be on their guard because they never knoqéa]
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