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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  January 6, 2017 5:00am-5:31am PST

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here in japan, it's 7:00 p.m. on a friday, i'm james tengan, welcome to nhk "newsline," here are some stories we're following. taking action -- japan is recalling its ambassador to south korea after a civic group set up a controversial statue in front of the japanese diplomatic office. tough words, u.s.
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president-elect donald trump tells toyota to build a plant in the u.s. or pay a big border tax. and a message for washington -- china prepares for the trump era with a major military exercise. and calls for cooperation. japanese government is taking action after a statue of a girl was put up in front of its consulates in south korea. the statue symbolizes those referred to as comfort women and it was installed by a group that supports them. >> translator: the governments of japan and south korea decided to settle the comfort women finally and irreversibly. >> yoshihide suga said japan will temporarily recall some diplomats, including its ambassador and adds high-level
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economic talksks will b be suspended. tokyo has yet to decide how long that will go on for. suga says it is extremely regrettable japan is taking these measures against what he calls an important neighbor. a spokesperson with south korea's foreign ministry responded. >> japan's actions are extremely regrettable. >> he also stressed the importance of continuing to develop bilateral ties despite any difficult problems. the issue was taken up by japan's prime minister and the american vice president. the two spoke by phone on friday. joe biden said the u.s. government supports the 2015 agreement between japan and south korea. he expressed hope that both sides will carry it out. shinzo abe said it wouldn't be constructive to go back on the deal. the u.s. military in japan is resuming mid-air refueling
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exercises with its osprey transport aircraft. it told nhk the drills will happen off okinawa, but didn't provide details on when. friday morning, multiple aircraft and an air tanker were seen taking off from u.s. bases in okinawa. but it's unclear whether refueling training happened. drills were suspended after an osprey crash-landed last month off the coast of the prefecture. it was during an aerial refueling drill. the u.s. military resumed flights of the aircraft less than a week later. japan's defense ministry believes americans are taking proper safety measures. however, okinawa's governor onaga said he's disappointed the training is resuming. he said people have not been given sufficient information on the aircraft's safety. senior diplomats from japan, u.s. and south korea say their countries will keep working together to deal with threats from north korea. the meeting comes days after north korea's leader declared
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his country is in the final stages of preparing a test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. it's also at a time when the world is preparing for a donald trump inauguration as the next american president and as south korea's president is is suspend over a scandal. >> translator: it's imperative for japan, the u.s. and south korea to step up security cooperation as north korea's nuclear and missile threats have apparently reached a new level. >> i believe that any future administration, looking at the interests, looking at our commitments to our allies, commitments in our mutual interest, would continue this approach. >> translator: south korea, the united states and japan will strengthen our collaborative efforts to get the north to take the path of significant
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denuclearization. >> an attack on on a courthouse in turkey has left two people dead. the government said kurdish militants were responsible. a group of armed men drove up to the judicial building in turkey's third-largest city, izmir. they fired on police officers at the entrance, then blew up their vehicle. a police officer and a court employee were killed. nine others were injured. police engaged the attackers in a gunfight and shot two of them dead. the prime minister blamed kurdish militants and suggested that a much bigger attack had been planned. he said the vehicle was loaded with ammunition for rocket launchers, automatic rifles and hand grenades. kurdish insurgent groups have repeatedly staged attacks on security forces across the nation. leading to an intense crackdown by government forces. this past weekend in istanbul 39 people were killed in a nightclub attack during new year's celebrations. the islamic state militant group
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has claimed responsibility saying it was in retaliation for turkey's military operations in syria. donald trump has criticized a plan by japan's largest automaker to build a factory in mexico. all the major japanese car makers are processing the u.s. president-elect's latest bombshell tweet. gene otani from our business desk has details. >> toyota plans to manufacture corollas in mexico but on thursday, the u.s. president-elect donald trump said japan should drop the plans and said that japan will be slapped with heavy taxes if the factory is built. he tweeted of toyota's plans, no way, build plant in u.s. or pay big borderr tax. trump demands a review of the nafta. he said he wants to protect domestic jobs and will impose a 35% tariff on products made overseas by u.s. companies. following the tweets, officials
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at told toyota nhk that the plant in nextco is a new facility and is not a relocation from the united states. he said the plant will not cut toyota's u.s. workforce and that they are looking forward to cooperating with the trump administration. toyota's president, akio toyoda said he has no plans to review the project for the time being. >> translator: we have to take responsibility for employment and the local society. >> toyoda said he wants to contribute to mexican society. japanese automakers consider mexico an important base for reaching the u.s. market, because under the north american free trade agreement, tariffs are not imposed on automobiles exported from mexico to the u.s. in addition to toyota, five
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other japanese automakers are plants in the country, they are nissan, honda, mazda, and their combined production of automobiles, in mexico, excluding large buses and trucks exceeded 1.3 million units in 2015. that same figure was only 610,000 in 2010. mexico is now the sixth largeth production base after japan, the u.s., chosen, india and thailand. executives at japanese companies are reacting to trump's tweet. >> it's too early to comment because the trump administration has yet to start work. but going forward, we plan to closely monitor the u.s. administration's moves. >> azuo hirai says he intepdz to said it's important to take measures once trump's policies become clear and he said he intends to let world leaders
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know they should not place undue restrictions on their business activities. japanese cabinet minsters have reacted to trump's comments. they say the country's car industry has been contributing heavily to the american economy. industry minister hiroshi seko said that parts makers and other japanese firms in the car industry employ 1.5 million works in thehe u.s. >> it's important to seek u.s. understanding on the japanese industry past efforts and achievements and on future business developments. we will support the industry and explain its efforts to the administration of president-elect donald trump, if necessary. >> the finance minister taro aso said toyota has created many jobs in its plants in kentucky and other states, and aso said he doubts if trump knows how many vehicles toyota makes in
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america. turning to the markets, trump's tweet affected automakers and stronger yen weighed on sentiment. we have more from the tokyo stock exchange. >> the japanese currencies surged causing some automakers to skid. before giving you the overall picture. let's look at how toyota did on friday. the car maker lost as much as 3% following trump's tweet. but later trimmed losses and ended down 1.7%. closing levels for friday, january 6th, the nikkei lo lost .33%. down for a second day. the broader topix slid.15%. with a surge on the opening day, the nikkei ended the week up 1.8%. checking onn currency levels, te dollar took a break from its slide during tokyo trading, the dollar had slipped about 3% from
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the 118-yen level a few days ago. currency fluctuations drove stocks this weekend, exporters suffered a loss and donald trump's tweet put a s spotlightn the major automakers, mazda nissan and honda ended lower. tokyo markets will be up and running again on tuesday after an extended holiday weekend. reporting from the tokyo stock exchange. >> china's central bampg raised the yuan's reference rate against the dollar, the most since 2005. but the currency still lost some ground. analysts suggest the government is trying to prevent capital from flowing out of the country. the shanghai composite finished at 3154, but gained 1.6% on the week. seoul's kospi up by .33% today. samsung electronics surged 0en
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strong earnings, the previous quarter. hong kong added 0.2% to a four-week high. here's a look at some of the other business stories we're following. the first shipment of imported shale gas from the united states has arrived in japan. the gas will be used at a thermal power plant run by chubu electric power company. in a joint venture with tokyo electric power company. the expansion of the panama canal completed last june made shipments from the u.s. quicker and cheaper. one of the world's largest home electronics shows kicked off in las vegas on thursday. more than 3800 companies are displaying their latest products. cars, drones and virtual reality devices are this year's highlights. many products use artificial intelligence and technology that can connects appliances to the internet. toyota is introdudung a
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concept car that uses artificial intelligence to monitor the driver. the computer can take over if it detects a loss hof concentratio. we're hearing from distinguished figures in the world of business and economics on the outlook of the global economy in 2017. our senior economic correspondent rako sakuri asks adam posen, president of the peterson institute for his insights on the policies of donald trump's administration and possible risks they may pose. >> let me first ask you about the u.s. economy, how do you see the economic policies of the new trump administration? and what will be your concerns? >> the biggest one would be are they going to start trade wars with mexico, with china, with other trading partners. and it seems we're being told that the things that wereaid inin the campmpaign, either wert fully intended or were merely threats. i hope that's true.
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but my fear is they're going to have a big trade deficit in the u.s. no matter what they do. the second worry is the proposals they have for fiscal policy in the u.s. involve enormous tax cuts and some not very good spending. and these will be things that will run up the debt without doing much lasting good. they will probably increase growth in the short-term. but they will not be sustainable. i worry about a repeat of the 1980s, where we have a big boom and a run-up in the dollar and the trade deficit and then a crash. my third concern as i'm sure many people you talk to, is about climate change and energy. they're going to deregulate energy and environmental issues quite a bit. they have the power to do so, day one. and again, short-term, this might be nice boost for certain sectors of the u.s. economy, but it's bad for all of us. >> now donald trump did say that he will submit his intent to withdraw from the trans-pacific
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partnership free trade deal on the day he takes office, do you still think the deal has a chance in. >> i think it does. i think two things are going on. if you look around who he's appointed to the cabinet, almost everyone has publicly supported the tpp prior to the presidential campaign. so you have to hope that there is a majority of not just advisers, but officials in the trump administration who know that the true interests of the united states are to pass the tpp. i think the second thing is that mr. trump and some of the opposition to tpp on the hill will find that the absence of the u.s. having something positive to offer japan, canada, other countries in the asia-pacific will lead to tunism by china. i don't blame china by that. that's their right. i think that will push them to revive the tpp. it may come with another name, but i think we'll get it back.
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>> trump has announced a new ambassador for the country. he is also highlighting currency issues with china. what are your thoughts on this? >> it's kind of silly to be attacking china on currency right now. they were manipulatiting the currency in roughly 2005-2008 on a vast scale. and probably the u.s. government should have been harsher with them at that time. which we advocated. but for the last year and a half now, the chinese government has been intervening to prop up the currency to keep it from falling. more importantly, they have a reasonable self interest in preventing capital flight in excessive movement. so if you want to criticize china, you can choose different places. but the currency argument is not justified. >> how does u.s.-japan relationship change under the new administration and possibly affect japan's economy? >> i think the economic effects
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on japan of a relationship with the new u.s. administration will be small. earlrly in the campaign,n, mr. p was saying some things about japan so when he would criticize china or mexico, he would say similar things about japan. and most of the things he said about japan either were true in the 1980s and not true now, or were never true, or were exaggerated. somehow, some people managed to convince mr. trump that japan should no longer not be lumped in with china or mexico. so from about mid-way last, this year, mr. trump had toned down the talk about japan. it's more about japan will rise or fall in terms of how trump approaches the global economy. i am confident, i am glad i am confident that he's not going to attack japan directly. i worry he may attack mexico or china directly him. >> you can catch our report online, together with a full transcript, look for nhk world and business wrap.
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that's a look at business news, i'm going to leave you with the markets. the world will get its first taste of a trump presidency in two weeks, and no one inside or outside the country knows quite what to expect. but there are signs it won't be business as usual. especially when it comes to relations with china. earlier, nhk world's mitsuko nishikawa spoke to a reporter in beijing who has been looking at the situation from a chinese
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perspective. >> president xi jinping made it clear in his new year's speech he wouldn't be softening his stance over issues that put his country at odds with the u.s. >> translator: china has resolutely defended its position on its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights while upupholding peaceful developme. the chinese people will never accept any contrary view. >> reporter: china has been conducting military exercises in the south china sea using ground aircraft carrier for over a week. this has been seen as a message to trump, who is being critical over china's activities in the region. the chinese media are watching trump closely, the communist party affiliated newspaper "global times" warns that trump's threat of hostile policies will backfire and said he should cooperate with china.
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clearly, leaders here in beijing are concerned. but experts are divided over whether trump will soften his approach when he takes office. >> translator: his rhetoric and gestures were for campaigns. and we hope that once he, he's in office, he would adopt a more pragmatic and constructive approach. on china. impose import tax, the consumer goods in the u.s. would increase its price. the price would go up. and at the same time, jobs would not go back to the u.s. why? because it's too expensive to produce those things in the u.s. >> during the campaign trump threatened china of imposing and
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increase tariffs, as high as 40%. i don't believe he will. and make this promise a reality. but it's quite possible he will take some tariff against some chinese experts to the united states. >> and tell us about relations with taiwan. we've seen trump rattle china and break from diplomatic tradition. by taking phone call from the taiwanese leader. if he doesn't acknowledge beijing's one-china policy. how will that affect relations? >> well, the obama administration backed the one-china policy. china regards taiwan as part of its territory. the u.s. has acknowledged this china's policy. since 1979. so it is a very important issue for china's communist party. since it's relelated to the legitimacy of china's
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government. chinese leaders have been alarmed when the president-elect spoke directly to taiwanese president tsai ing-wen. she is scheduled to transit to the u.s. if she makes contact with trump or his team it won't sit well with beijing. >> i think taiwan is not a card to play. and well anyone who tries to play the taiwan card may get burned. it's very sensitive issue so i should be carefully m managed other than playing with it. >> china and foreign minister spoke with the u.s. secretary of state by phone on saturday. he stressed that the two sides
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needed to recognize the correct direction. the comments appear to be a warning to trump who has suggested he will decide whether to uphold the one-china policy. on the other hand, domestically, it's a big year for china. the communist party will hold a congress this fall, to discuss replacing senior members of the party. at times like that, china won't want to stop relations with other countries, especially the u.s. i think they will obviously prefer ways to deal with this most unpredictable president. >> and that was our correspondent in beijing, akito. you're watching nhk "newsline" live from tokyo. partly cloudy is the forecast for greater tokyo area. the current temperature is 5 degrees celsius or 41 degrees fahrenheit. jonathan oh brings us up to speed on the weather conditions around the world.
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>> earlier in the week at the beginning of ththe year we were talking about tornadoes and strong winds and now we're talking about a potential winter weather event that's going to take place throughout the day friday into saturday. depending on where you are located. we'r're continue toto monitor t moisture source originating out from the west, moving over the sosouthern plains and now movin into the deep south. and so there are winter weather watches that are in place for the moment. let's start from the source, going to the west coast, looking at video out of california. this area has been hit with very strong winter weather. it has moved through the area this week. it forced parts of interstate highways to shut down in the sierras on wednesday. parts of the i-10 turned into a massive parking lot. numerous accidents also took place in the area. now over into denver, this city was hit by heavy snow as well. putting the city's homeless population at risk.
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volunteers were seen handing out blankets and warm clothing to homeless residents living in roadside tents in the city. as you look at the map. this is what we're going to be watching forward in time. we did have a low pressure system that passed through the area. cold air is surging in behind it, that's going to have dropped the temperatures, back to the west we had the moisture developing already seeing the snow type event over into places like oklahoma city. we go forward in time, now we're going to see it spreading toward the east. and we also have extra moisture developing out of the south and interacting with the cold air. the combination leading to the possibility of winter weather for friday. throughout the daytime hours of the western areas of the deep south and the eastern side, into the carolinas by late friday intoto saturday, now we'e're tag about snow and sleet and possibly even freezing rain, dependingg on how cold the temperatures are. make sure you're preparing for it right now, because you're running out of time before the system arrives into the region. we go into the day friday, highs
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willing down to around 3 degrees in atlanta, with snow on the forecast. 6 degrees below zero in oklahoma city and rain in houst within a high of 5. we go into saturday morning. and the temperatures drop off here. 6 degrees below zero in d.c. 7 below in new york with snow. snow also into atlanta. some places may see lows dropping to around 10 degrees below zero.. so there's a concern with pipes and things like that. make sure you're taking the proper precautions through the next couple of evenings.. those cold temperatures are here to stay for at least saturday into sunday morning as well. speaking of cold weather, look at what's happening over in europe. we have high pressure dominating the weather, forcing the cold air to the north. because of that we he lolow pressure down to the south that will feed in a a lot of wet rai into the area and that cold air will hit it and bring in the possibility of some serious snowfall. look at these temperatures, 20 degrees below zero for the high in moscow with snow on friday. 16 degrees below zero in kiev. that's cold. so you definitely need to bundle
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up. >> that cold air impacted places furtheher back to the west as well. now, wrapping things up and a look at east asia, we have rain developing. rain into the southwestern portrtion of japan. as we go forward in time the system will route to the north and east and spread across japan. that will bring the chance for rain into places like tokyo into the latter part of the weekend. looking at snow into beijing and harbin as we go through the weekend. i hope you have a good day wherever you are. here's your extended outlook.
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you can f8úxúa >> the youngest cotrtry in the
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world is heading for disaster. >> welcome to the france 24 newsroom. this is look at headlines. spy chiefs insist on russia's interference in the u.s. election. why donald trump's refusal to accept their decision. girl freedom from boko haram.


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