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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 10, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: you are watching "france 24." minutes live from paris. i'm genie godula. these of the headlines. you estimate pets set to challenge donald trump's pick .or attorney general -- u. jeff sessions was already rejected for a post as a judge 30 years ago over racist concerns. no senate hearings needed for the president-elect's son-in-law, however. jerrod kershner is said to be --
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kushner is set to have a white house position for it snow and freezing temperatures from russia to the alps. this hour, france did not win last year's euro 2015 -- euro 2016 football championships, but what is the economic prize for the host? we will tell you in our business update. and donald trump calls meryl streep overrated. more on the feud between the woman known as the greatest actor of her generation and the president-elect in our press review, on the way. genie: we started washington,
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where this tuesday will be the beginning of the senate hearings to confirm donald trump's cabinet picks. his choice for u.s. attorney general, senator jeff sessions, will be in the hot seat today. secretaryand security john kelly, a retired marine general. democrats are already slamming trump for trying to rush them through without enough betting of the candidates beforehand. with more on that story, here is martin pollard. martin: his cabinet picks are set to get a grilling this week and senate hearings, but president-elect donald trump says he is confident that they will eventually be confirmed on capitol hill. he even claimed that the man he had been meeting with, the ,libaba ceo, jack ma approved of his choices. mr. trump: i think they will all pass. i think every nomination will pass. at the highest level, jack was
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even saying that they are all at the highest level. martin: among the first on tuesday will be jeff sessions, trump's pick for attorney general. he will be challenged on his hard-line stand on immigration and record on civil rights, which some democrats have called "concerning." then up to five hearings will be held on wednesday, including that of ally and -- of letting ally of vladimir putin's and former ceo of exxon mobil, rex tillerson. some democrats feel the hearings have not been allocated enough time. >> bear in mind, the nominees proposed conflict of interest and ethics challenges. they come from enormous wealth. haveave vast holdings and
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little experience in government. martin: the cabinet choices are not the only ones under scrutiny. donald trump is, too, and he has said he will reveal details on how he will distance himself from his business empire on wednesday. that will be his first major news conference since winning the election. genie: one nominee who is not required to have a senate confirmation is trump's kushner.w, jerod to son-in-law has been named a position in the white house. >> ordinarily, presidents from president-elects do not get jobs in their administrations. but this is a trump presidency where talking about. transition officials announced isday that jared kushner being chosen to be a senior white house adviser. kushner, who is married to the
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president-elect's daughter, ivanka, is seen to play a major role in the election campaign. he is also one of the main liaisons to foreign governments in the election. as a senior advisor, he will exert considerable influence over foreign and domestic policy, especially middle east issues and trade negotiations. his eligibility could be challenged by 1967 -- by a 1967 law that is designed to prevent government officials from hiring relatives. hillary clinton had worked on her husband's health care law when bill clinton was president in 1993. kushner will not be taking on a salary and will resign from 'sles as ceo of his family real estate company and publisher of the new york observer. he will also divest his substantial assets. genie: barack obama is set to give his final presidential
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dress this tuesday in his hometown of chicago. final presidential address this tuesday in his hometown of chicago. the ruling republican has tried dozens of times to repeal obama care, and they are now hoping to do so under their new president, trump. reports.spondent >> 20 million people across the united states have gained health coverage under obamacare. some like becky also now have their pre-existing conditions covered, helping those most in need to avoid racking up huge medical bills. but since the election, the health care legislation is in peril. were closeriptions to $5,000 a month. that hurts. you know, that hurts, but it is not something that you can say, ok, i will just not use it this month. that does not work that way.
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think about the millions of people that do not have any insurance. >> four years ago, becky was celebrating outside the supreme court when the individual mandate of the affordable care act was declared constitutional. to of the many challenges health care reform since barack obama signed it into law in 2010. pres. obama: the affordable care act is saving money for families and for businesses. this law is also saving lives. >> but after all the effort and obamacare will likely soon be repealed. so far, trump does not have a plan to replace coverage for the millions benefiting from the affordable care act. the president-elect has softened his stance, saying that some provisions like the one helping becky and those with pre-existing conditions could be saved.
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now fore leave the u.s. norway. that country is appealing a court ruling today that says it violated the human rights of a mass killer. the far right extremist massacred 77 people at a youth camp in 2011. last april, an oslo district court shocked survivors and relatives of the dead that fine thatby finding that -- ivik wasid that bre wrongly kept in what it called a locked world of isolation for over 22 hours a day, even though it can present the comfort of a three room cell, training room, television, and newspapers. that appeal is being heard inside a jail where he is serving his longest sentence, 21 years with the possibility of an extension. next, to iran, where tens of thousands of people are gathered at tehran university for the
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funeral service for the former president, akbar hashemi rafsanjani. declared a public holiday -- today was declared a public holiday so more people could turn out. age 82.sunday, alexander hearst reports. alexander: tens of thousands gathered at the university of tehran to honor akbar hashemi rafsanjani. monday, the current president paid to be to his political mentor, a religious moderate. he won election in 2013 with the help and support of rafsanjani. >> his bravery and bright thinking showed young people the right path. rafsanjani still had several wishes for the honor in this country, the glory of the ruling city, and the revolution that we are all hopeful we can continue.
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sheikh ofed the moderation, it is in a norm is lost political reformers. in his remarks, he bid farewell to a friend he had for 60 years. rafsanjani sought diplomatic rapprochement with the u.s. the state department offered its condolences to rafsanjani press family, calling him an eminent figure in history. the former president is now buried to another founding father of the islamic republic, the ayatollah khomeini. the parliament in turkey is debating a controversial draft constitution today that would give more power to the ruling president, recep tayyip erdogan. that could extend his leadership over turkey to 26 years in all. erdogan is pushing for that change, saying a strong leader
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would lead to a stronger turkey. here is simon harding. simon: it is a constitutional reform that could keep recep tayyip erdogan in power until 2029. the ruling party submitted the proposition in december and believed that a president with powerful means could make turkey a powerful country. it would change the largely ceremonial presidential role -- into anactive active political one. >> today we begin one of the most deliberations in the turkish republic. strengthening national will and to get rid of the >> vestiges of previous regimes. the added powers would include to a -- the at -- anthe opposition fears increase in presidential powers will lead to an authoritarian system which will move turkey away from western ideology and democracy. >> these changes to the
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constitution are not a struggle between parties. this is a struggle between those who want democracy and those against the microstate. we will do everything in our power, including voting. but here it is. we clearly do not want this presidential system. we do not want a system where only one man leads. simon: protests against the constitution have broken out all over the country. many are fearful they will lose her democratic rights. for the moment, the reforms are only being discussed. but things can escalate if the amendments are approved. genie: turkey was one of the many countries hit this week by a cold snap across europe. hundreds of people were evacuated as their towns were cut off by snow, and dozens of people died. our correspondent has the latest. of heavy snowfall,
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and the icy weather is keeping its grip on europe. the turkish capital has been almost brought to a standstill. >> i have been born and raised in incidental, and i do not remember seeing this ever. >> with roads blocked and fairies canceled, it has caused havoc. has been hit the hardest by the big freeze. tourists braved the cold to see waterfalls. it is a rare phenomenon. to see theusual water fells freezing like this. >> authorities have declared emergency measures after snow has cut off villages. temperatures have plunged below -20 degrees celsius overnight. migrants are camping out in the bearing the brunt of the
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cold snap. >> i believe the cold is too much. we were all around the fire. it was too cold. i think it was about 10 or 15 last night. are mobilizing support for the refugees. in greece, the government anticipated the subzero temperatures and started to move migrants to more suitable accommodations. islands like feet have seen significant snowfall, and the worst to be yet to come. have seen like crete significant snowfall, and the worst is yet to come. in recordw fell numbers, leaving some wondering if the drought there could be over. alexander hearst explains. alexander: the heavy rain is a double-edged sword. immediate damage, but precipitation. dense airborne moisture from tropical climates has dropped between 4 and 9 inches of rain
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in california and central nevada, where a state of emergency has been declared. >> it will take a few days to sort this out and see where we need to pool our resources, and make sure that those of us can have an effect can get the resources working. >> hundreds have already evacuated in most states due to flooding, and hundreds are waiting for options. >> the water came up higher and higher. my boots are almost going underwater now. i am a little bit concerned the streetming up now. >> the highest amount of raining years is helping to replenish depleted groundwater basins, california pot state climatologist -- but california state climatologist says he does not know when it will come to any indeed. genie: and ancient sequoia in california had a giant tunnel
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carved out of it, big enough that you could drive your car through. but that pioneer cabin tree come as it is known, was knocked down by strong wind and rain. the tree was hundreds of years old, and it's base was hollowed out in the 1880's as a tourist attraction. i drove through that tree myself once. it is sad. stephen carroll is here to talk to us. we will stay in the united states were more details have against a charges senior volkswagen employee there. stephen: court documents filed in the case allege that volkswagen's senior executive management was briefed on the cheating software in july of 2015, a week before american authorities were told about it. that could mean other figures from the company could face charges, this at a time when volkswagen is trying to finalize
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a criminal settlement with the united states over the emissions scandal. genie: let's look at what is happening on the markets. stephen: european shares are trading up at this lunchtime. we have seen the london ftse 100 hit another record high of trading today. there are good results from the market chain. morrison, volkswagen shares up 1% after the latest revelations from the united states. mexico, there have been more demonstrations over the increase in fuel prices. stephen: the country's president he decided to keep -- announced his plan after meeting with business leaders on monday. the price of petrol jumped 20% on january 1 after the government cut subsidies. roads were blocked and shops were looted in demonstration. no doubt that we
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will do everything necessary so that this adjustment in the price of gasoline impacts our family's budgets as little as possible. today mexico has a strong dynamic and competitive economy. genie: the numbers are in in france, on the economic benefits of hosting the euro 2016 football tournament. stephen: 1.2 million euros -- one 2 billion euros is being put into this. the tourism industry saw the greatest benefit from attending the games. brian quinn has the story. were: french football fans fired up to cheer on the national team during last summer's euro 2016 summer championship. today we are disappointed in the finals, but it looks like the competition planners saw their dreams realized.
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researchers at this university projected the championship would bring a 1.2 billion euro boost to the country's economy. a new report on the economic impact puts that estimate about right on the money. in the final account, over half a million foreign tourists visited france, spending 150 euros each per day over an average eight-day's day, adding --to over hud -- adding over adding up to over 600 million euros. personnelnd european made up the rest of the figure. public standing on the tournament was controversial in france, with 24 million euros spent on security amid an increased terror threat, and 160 million spent on building and renovating revenues -- on renovating venues. in this office they are feeling confident. >> sports networks were doing
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the more interesting part of the city. >> another winner is job growth. the increase in activity has said to have led to the creation of 900,000 jobs. big changes in yahoo! marissa mayer has said she will step down if the sale goes through to verizon. yahoo! japan will become its main business. some doubt has been cast over the completion of the verizon deal after yahoo! revealed a second massive security breach last month. genie: to wrap up, a tech company is appealing for help to find a prototype company -- a prototype that was stolen. it says that two of the
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prototypes were stolen on sunday after the show had closed to the public. laser is working with authorities on investigating -- offering $25,000 for anyone leading to a -- for anything leading to a conviction. genie: time now for the "press review." thank you, stephen. it is time to take a look at what is grabbing headlines across the world with florence villeminot. coast,tart in the ivory where the president fired the heads of the army and police after a two-day new new that's red unrest across the country. flo: we are covering it here at "france 24." you can see ane, interesting interview with the sociologist, who tries to
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explain the malaise that we are seeing in the ranks of the ivorian army. he says the majority of soldiers in the mutiny are actually a disgruntled -- are actually disgruntled about their living conditions. they feel they are not being rewarded enough for their support of the government. that is why they are asking for an increasing wages. genie: a political crisis is taking place behind the scenes in ivory coast. flo: what we are seeing behind the mutiny is a political arm wrestling match going on, essentially a struggle for influence among two key players. you have the president and then the former leader of the rebel the other comeed to power. he is also the president of the national assembly in ivory coast, and he was reelected with a moderate -- with a large majority yesterday. this nude me that we have seen was an attempt to weaken and show some muscle.
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there is a similar analysis in l'opinion." -- in that is what this mutiny was a reminder of. genie: now to the united states, where barack obama is in the spotlight, going to give his final presidential farewell address today in his hometown of begano, the city where he his political career. flo: french papers are paying a lot of attention. many papers elsewhere are fascinated with barack obama. you can see the front page, saying that eight years after he came to power, his farewell has a bitter taste. in the editorial, his track record will be looked at, saying, sure, sell things that -- he eliminated bin laden, got things back on track, but it is still a letdown compared to the
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promise he represented when he was elected in 2008. you can see the paper saying both represents duality -- magic but also a certain powerlessness. showing thisre slight sense of disappointment, that he could have and should have done more. twist his very famous campaign slogan. isis not, "yes, we can," it he he could have done more." there is a mixed feeling because he still represents a lot of hope, but we are still having a mixed picture when it comes to his track record. it does not help that donald trump was elected just right behind him. that genie: is seriously casting a shadow on his presidency. -- genie: speaking of the new president-elect, he has popped up in a few cartoons today. flo: "china daily," you can see
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barack obama possibly as a. he has been vocal in the fact obamacare,ts to undo with a wrecking ball trying to topple that statue. you can see obama taking a selfie here. the sun is setting on his legacy, represented by the sandcastle here. etc. n see obamacare, you can see donald trump getting ready to cannonball into his presidency. and here is a cartoon. you can see trump ready to bid to obama. prime minister benjamin on you -- there is a gift here. in that caption, as a funeral, he is saying, "where is the kenyan?" genie: perhaps the real reason
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trump is in the spotlight today theecause of his feud with woman known as the greatest actor of her generation, meryl streep. at the golden globe awards. she took advantage of the opportunity to lash out against donald trump without saying his name. apparently, he did not like it one bit. of course, he took to twitter, where he said that she is overrated as an actor. people have come to meryl streep 's defense, "the daily beast" saying that the backlash is ridiculous. and on social media as well as well. there has been a whole lot of support for meryl streep. i pulled out one example i saw on facebook. if 157 awards make her overrated, what does six bankruptcies make you as a businessman? and you can see this picture from "the devil wears pr ada." genie: flow, thank you for that.
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, thank you for that. ,ake a look at our website
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