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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 30, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: this is "france 24." i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. six people killed and ate hurt after a gunmen open -- and eight hurt after a gunman opened on a mosque in quebec. two suspects are under arrest. mass protests break out at an american airport -- at american airports around the world following donald trump's travel bans, meant to keep travelers from seven muslim majority
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countries out of the u.s. former french education minister benoit hamon becomes the socialist party's presidential nominee. that is after the man dubbed france's bernie sanders beats the former prime minister in the primary. also this hour, the tech industry in the united states hits back after the u.s. president's travel ban. more details coming up in business. there are a lot of happy handball fans in france this monday, following the french team's sixth world cup championship. first, our top story live from paris. genie: let's get straight to our top story first. in canada, a mosque in quebec city was attacked during evening
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prayers last night. six people were killed, eight more were hurt. the attack is now being investigated as an act of terror. as dheepthika laurent reports. shock and: a city in the community in mourning. worshipers had gathered for sunday evening prayers at the grand mosque of quebec when gunmen opened fire. at least 50 people were inside. several were killed or injured in what authorities are calling a terror attack. quebec's premier urged for unity. toi want to say a few words muslims.w citizens, we are all quebecers. we should strive for a community that is more open, peaceful. dheepthika: the attack took place in the quebec cultural
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center. two suspects were arrested. one was arrested here, and the other one was arrested. dheepthika: the mosque was already the target of vandals when a sheep head was left on the doorstep during ramadan. in the wake of the attack, police every enforced security for other mosques in the area. new york mayor bill de blasio said he, too, will step up security for mosques around the city. ag will fly at half mast. genie: for more on the attack, i am joined by candida specialist dr. steve hewitt. thank you for joining us. this is the worst terrorist attack on canadian soil in some
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25 years. walk us through the reaction there. >> clearly there is widespread shock and horror that such a thing could occur. has a somewhat justified reputation of being a tolerant cities.ith very diverse with toronto and vancouver. also because of its relationship with the united states, there is with thele kingdom higher violence in the united states. this is quite a shock to a lot of people that this could happen in canada. comes asis attack canada has vowed to open its arms wide to muslims and refugees after donald trump's controversial travel ban. canada is welcoming toward immigrants of all religions, but is it less so in the french-speaking province of quebec?
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>> there has been a backlash in quebec and other parts of canada. there was a mosque in the province of ontario that was destroyed by arson a couple of years ago. because youan issue have had concerns about whether secular society is misread from certain religious groups. quebec had a certain number of values preventing some from wearing religious garb. although it is not directed at muslims specifically, a lot of the rhetoric and imagery was directed at muslims. genie: what are your thoughts? is this a tragic isolated incident, or could this be a sign of things getting worse? >> well, one hopes that it is an isolated incident. there has to be concerned that islamophobia,wing
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backlash against minorities not just in canada but in europe and the united states, and that sadly, there may be more of these attacks. one hopes not, and there will be a reflection on the part of politicians and others that the redeker they use -- the rhetoric they use, the climate in many back ons, it is a step some of the consequences and the rhetoric with some of the actions. genie: thank you so much. also saw a dayay of protests in the u.s. and abroad over donald trump's controversial travel ban that we were mentioning a moment ago. friday, the u.s. president signed an executive order that would keep travelers from seven muslim countries out of the u.s. there is anger as strong is facing the biggest controversy
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of his 10 days in office. alexander heard has more. sudan, recently mired in conflict, is one of the seven targeted nations of donald on -- ban >> we hope to resolve the problems between our countries and move forward. canadian prime minister justin trudeau in place of the criticized the ban, saying canada would continue welcoming refugees, regardless of their faith. canada is also offering temporary permits and housing to those currently stranded at american airports. in the united kingdom, the mayor of london expressed his indignation. >> i was the president would understand that the rest of the world sees america as a beacon that is tolerant, welcoming, that is diverse.
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this is the wrong message to where there isme a global crisis, where refugees need safe haven. >> so far around 100 people with valid visas have not been allowed in the united states. saturday, a u.s. federal judge in new york issued an emergency access tonting lawyers. genie: donald trump issued a white house statement to try and calm the criticism surrounding the man. it says, "this is not a muslim man. it is not about religion, it is about terror and keeping our country safe. in europe, mn links to the attack at brussels airport last year has now been placed under formal investigation in france over the 2015 attacks in paris. mohamed abrini is the so-called man of the hat seeing in -- seen in footage.
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he left without that knitting his suitcase bomb after two a cop was set there's often killing themselves and 16 others less marked -- and 16 others last march. mohamed abrini was held over to french authorities for the day to day safe charges that led to the deaths of 30 people in paris in november of 2015. the man who has been called the french bernie sanders has won the socialist presidential primary. benoit hamon is campaigning on a hard left platform. as julia sieger reports. julia: with his hand on his heart, benoit hamon is celebrating the moment. he defeated former prime minister manuel valls. his supporters are ecstatic. we cannot believe it. it is a rebirth for the
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left-wing party in france and also for the socialist party as , which managed to bring in a progressive optimism in. >> he seems to be the most capable of leading us to victory. dark of the atmosphere is much more intense. the x prime minister has conceded defeat. supporters are disappointed but say the priority is now to unite the party. >> the socialist party needs to get together. manuel valls has said tonight that the goal is not to divide the party. that is not what primaries are for. >> i have not made up my mind yet. it is a bit early to say. if they willto say change this program. >> now that he has clinched his hasy's nomination, he
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enough battle. genie: on the other side of the political bent, conservative presidential candidate francois fillon is trying to come back from a week of damaging paidations his wife was for holding a fake job. our correspondent reports. >> thousands of supporters rallied on sunday for embattled conservative candidate francois fillon. along the front runner in france's upcoming presidential elections, his ratings have slumped in the wake of a number of allegations that he and his wife benefited from the misuse of public funds. last week, satirical weekly published a report alleging that his wife earned hundreds of thousands of euros for a job that did not exist here it -- that did not exist. three months from the election, surprise, asus scandal -- a
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scandal is being used. if someone wants to attack me, they should attack me head on but leave my wife out of this debate. police are investigating whether mrs. fillon's post as parliamentary assistant was a fictitious job and are examining partial -- possible allegations of fraud. 2012, she isand said to have earned more than 500,000 euros. but it is question whether or not she was ever at the post at all. penelope fillon has since been projected to the heart of a scandal now known as "pahlavi saturday, francois fillon's troubles seem to have gotten worse when an online newspaper reported he pocketed
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funds normally reserved for the salaries of parliamentary assistants. between 2005 and 2007 when he was a senator. genie: we have sports news for you now. france has confirmed its status as they handball champs of the world. people love that little-known sport in france. sunday the french team won the world cup for a sixth time, coming from behind to beat norway. here's more from the start player. >> im -- i am on a cloud. i cannot believe what we have done because it is so beautiful. there is a lot of relief with that final whistle. it makes you very emotional. a lot of pressure. there was a lot of pressure. it is hard to describe and to realize. we are world champions once again, at home with our fans. it is more than beautiful. genie: let's take a look at top stories this hour. six people have been killed and gunmen opened
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fire on a mosque in quebec. the canadian prime minister says it is a terrorist attack on muslims. two suspects are under arrest. out --otests bring breakout at american airports and around the world following donald trump's travel ban. that is meant to keep travelers from seven muslim majority countries out of the united states. former french education minister benoit hamon becomes a social party's presidential nominee. that is after bernie sanders beeped the former prime minister in the primary. time now for businesses with delano d'souza. you are starting out with tech companies hitting back at donald trump's travel ban. delano: exactly, jeannie. google, apple, facebook, and airbnb say the decision is both unfair and dangerous. while the travel ban only affect
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a small number of workers in silicon valley, thousands are likely to be impacted once the u.s. president goes off to the visa program known as h-1b. their response for trump's executive order was quick. asked for anyone not to jump outside the u.s. until the ban is lifted. the order could create barriers to bringing in great talent to the u.s. apple offered legal assistance to any staff members affected. in an internal memo, ceo tim cook says "apple would not exist without integration. startupsof america's were founded by immigrants. >> we are looking for a group during a weekend it in which it can slow down.
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>> "we stand for and with them always." mark zuckerberg said -- the tech industry relies on foreign labor. the u.s. president may soon revise that program, too. >> it is very much on the table. my guess is that it will be changed and that it is very up in the air. >> tech ceo's are on trump's advisory board. >> staying with the tech industry, ride sharing services after uber this drivers continued to jfk airport in new york during a taxi strike. either called to protest the trumpet and's -- to protest the
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president's travel ban. the ceo has announced a $3 million legal defense fund. he is also under pressure after accepting a position on the business advisory panel. effect ist kind of this having on the airline industry? they, to make him have started to pay attention to their own staff. andines have had to change for flooded 10 is bound for the united states. it is complying with the new regulation. industry experts say the travel combines -- genie: talk us through the market reaction to the travel bans. delano: markets are trading lower as investors either backlash from donald trump's travel ban.
5:48 am down the ftse and the cac also trading at this hour. the other stores we are tracking now -- volkswagen has taken on rival toyota as the biggest carmaker for 2016. the current char maker -- the current carmaker came out on top after an emissions cheating scandal. u.s. carmaker general motors is set to report his sale figures for 2016 next week. the chief executive of starbucks says he will hire 10,000 refugees around the world. howard schultz posts a message to the company website -- the movelans to comes as a trump administration has halted acceptance of all refugees on u.s. soil. the european commission has issued a warning to social networking site facebook or the e.u.'s digital chief warning the
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company needs to take a tougher facee on fake news or consequences in brussels. finally, japan's prime minister is set to meet the head of toyota motors this week regions away rambling to respond to -- --s week, shenzhen wayne shenzhen while they ran -- withdrawing the united states from the tpp trade agreement last week. japan's main business lobby will also be setting up a task force to submit correct information on the contribution of japanese firms to the u.s. economy. genie: thank you for that look at business news. time now for our "press review." we have florence villeminot with
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us on the set to take a look at what papers are saying. let's start in canada, where many papers are reacting to the deadly shooting in a mosque in quebec. flo: details are still coming in about exactly what happened during sunday night prayers. all the details in the canadian papers of course, lots of shock as well. they will put out an article which is in total shock with how in the world could this nightmare be happening in our home? it is incomprehensible, so incredibly sad. it is a brutal shock to see this happening in our peaceful nation. the canadian prime minister, justin trudeau, has called the incident a terrorist attack on muslims. you can see this tweet. "tonight canadians grieve over this cowardly attack on a mosque in quebec city." genie: this came just after trudeau had reacted to donald trump camusso orders to suspend
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refugee program in the united states and temporarily ban immigration from those immigrations. flo: this is a photo of him greeting a syrian child that toronto airport in late 2015. you can see the #, the same tweet in english as well. "welcome to canada." canadians will welcome you regardless of your faith. diversity is our strength. that tweet went viral. dide: a trump order europe ted into full scale protests. flo: you can see fox news talking about trump's side of things. he insists this is not a muslim ban and accused the media of false reporting, as has the breitbart website.
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rights an extreme website, and a mouthpiece for donald trump. they are talking about the silver and logical reasons for this band and how they are rising above the noise after an in these -- at -- you can see what are these seven inconvenient facts. there are quite a few of them, but essentially they are saying it is not a muslim ban. they are seeing barack obama's administration did similar things, and they are also saying it is completely legal, so they cannot understand why people are protesting. genie: credits are calling the van cowardly, cruel, and unconstitutional. flo: there is a very harshly worded editorial in "the new york times." it will be in a paper version today. you can see them talking about the cowardly and the dangerous band that is bigger and self-defeating. they pull out something tha
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a lot of people put up because it lacks logic. a lot the countries that were actually -- where the hijackers came from, they have been exempt from the ban, and the new york times points out that a lot of the countries that are exempt from the ban are also countries donald trump does business with. genie: many are expressing concern about the damage that this could inflict upon western society itself. flo: even some republicans are saying that this ban is a self-inflicted wound. you can see this article in "the washington post," focusing on how jihadist groups are reacting to this. they are hailing in a victory. blessing, ais is a policy that validates their claim that the u.s. is at war with islam. they say it is going to ignite anti-western fervor around the world. headline, which is a real article from a real publication,
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is very similar to an article being shared from a satirical conversation. the onion. this article has been shared a whole lot, even though it came out in 2014. you can see the fbi uncovered this al qaeda plot, to just sit back and enjoy the collapse of the united states. keep in mind, it is a fake news article, but a lot of people have been cheering it on social media, perhaps because it has the ring of truth. -- le code the final round of thenal rimary and france -- flo: you can see him on the front page, blowing a kiss to supporters. the final round of this primary was seen as being a battle between two ideas of what the left should be in france. he had military advisories in the center, kind of a social democrat, and you have benoit to thewhich is much more
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left of the socialist party. he applauds his victory. his see him there saying it. so revenge of the deep left. for five years we have had this kind of weird socialist presidency that has not been socialist enough to a lot of left-wing media. a lot of people said the socialist party was dead, but it is still alive and it is -- and its chances of survival are growing. genie: not all the french papers are that optimistic. many are wondering if hammond will be able to convince its party. who photo forple manuel valls said they might not vote for -- the calley paper is saying he might have won the primary, but the tough stuff is really to come. the hardest remains ahead, and there is a very similar analysis on the front page of the communist paper, saying nothing less than anything remains to be done.
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upsetof people were very manuel valls.and si frenchto wrap up -- handball champs in france? flo: french people are huge huge fans of handball, calling them the masters of time. talking about champions, we have reached unexplored summits. we earned the title of being the best handles team -- the best handball team of all time. also a tip of the had to roger federer, the swiss tennis man who won the australian open. his 18th grand slam title, page 35. genie: thank you for that. thanks to you for watching. do not forget, for a closer look at the press review, you can always check out our website.
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protests against donald trump's travel ban are spreading around the world. live coverage from london on the way. stay tuned. qéao#qñ
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