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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 6, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PST

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genie: welcome to france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. the former french prime minister alain juppe rules himself out as a presidential candidate. campaign hason's been thrown into chaos over allegations he gave his wife and children fake jobs. has askedf the fbi the u.s. justice department to publicly refute donald trump's exclusive claim barack obama tapped his phone.
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close to 50,000 people have run from the iraqi city of mosul as the fight to clear it from the islamic state group continues. in business we will take a look at the deal that makes french group psa the second-biggest carmaker in europe behind volkswagen. and thousands of women take to the streets of london ahead of this weeks women's day. more on the march led by singer annie lenin and human rights nox coming up. first our top story live from paris. ♪ we will start in france where the man who many had hoped would replace scandal plagued presidential candidate franaois fillon has ruled himself out of the race.
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alain juppe is a former prime minister who lost the conservative primary last year to fillon. since then fillon has gone from being the front runner to being dogged by allegations he gave his wife and grown children high-paying fake jobs. haver members of his party called for him to step aside and a number of agents have quit his campaign. the scandal began on january in the a small headline weekly newspaper. it alleged that francois fillon's wife penelope had been paid over half a million euros despite never doing any work. the prosecutor opened an inquiry into the misuse of public funds. the affair was soon dubbed penelope gate. she was also accused of being paid to work at a literary journal.
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she earned 100,000 euros over 18 months although there was no evidence that she ever worked there. the french media reported that the journals billionaire owner was awarded france's highest honor, in part payment for mrs. fillon's job. it emerged that francois fillon had also paid two of his adult children using state funds. >> from time to time when i was a senator it so happened that i had to move -- hired to my children first -- two of my children for specific products. >> there is a hole in his story. they were just lost oodles in their early 20's when they were thousands of dollars of taxpayers money. the politician faced allegations of conflict of interest involving his consulting business. hiring one of of
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his parliamentary staffers to be part of his presidential campaign, a clear violation of french electoral rules. early on he was the clear favorite to win the french presidency, presenting himself as a clean-cut family oriented politician who would slash public spending. many of his campaign have abandoned ship. magistrates are preparing a formal investigation and will be questioning fillon and his wife. candidate isn holding on in the presidential race and tens of thousands of people came to support him at a rally in paris over the weekend. he said no one could force him to quit and the attack on his reputation is wholly political. of congressembers say they are ready to honor donald trump's request to investigate his claim that barack obama had his phone
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tapped to the election campaign. trump made that startling and unsubstantiated claim in a series of tweets over the weekend. headficial source says the of the fbi has asked the justice department to refute that allegation the no such statement has been issued so far. >> questioning the president's truthfulness, fbi director james comey has asked the justice department to reject trumps unsubstantiated claim that his predecessor had him wiretapped. times,ng to the new york comey demanded the allegations be rejected. the justice department has yet to release any such statement. theident trump leveled allegations on twitter this saturday and the white house has shown no indication it would back down from the unsound claims. james clapper said there was no wiretapping directed against
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trump. >> for the part of the national security apparatus that i oversaw there was no such wiretap activity mounted against the timedent elect at as a candidate or against his campaign. >> critics are up using president trump of trying to distract the old from an investigation into his relationship with moscow. in the republican party lawmakers are divided. said the white house will have to show proof supporting their claims. >> i don't have any basis. i have never heard that allegation made before by anybody. i have never seen anything about that anywhere before. the president put that out there and now the white house will have to answer as to what he was referring to. >> the republican chair of the house gave credit to the claims saying the committee would take a serious look into president
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trump's accusations. genie: donald trump is due to sign a new executive order travel ban this monday. the new band would remove iraq from the list of seven muslim countries from the original controversial ban that was blocked in the courts. it would keep a 90 day ban on travel to the u.s. by citizens of six other countries. iraq was reportedly taken off the list because the iraqi government has imposed new vetting procedures. the fight to rid the iraqi civil of mosul from the i.s. group continues. from theople have run western part of the city or the fighting is taking place. iraqi army forces are hoping to take it back from the islamic
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state group. their path through the densely populated areas has been hampered by new attacks and car bombs. >> that was a car bomb that just blew up. the islamic state organization is pushing back hard. its fighters are using every weapon in their arsenal. to prevent iraqi troops from gaining ground in mosul. >> that was a drone. clear skies mean anti-isa coalition aircraft can fly and bomb any position. the soldiers have a hard time holding onto territory they have
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just conquered. they have been saying they captured this southernmost bridge. from this vantage point is obvious the reality is quite different as fighting continues just on the other side of this structure. this sergeant is eager to show us the spoils of the day. you can hear our forces firing shots on the other side. there are cleaning up. liberating that part of the city. >> he leads us to a courtyard which has become the final resting place for a few jihadists. >> our forces hit this location and kill them all. there are three over here and one over there. that's four dead in all. four of their fighters taken out. it's a small victory against
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the islamic state organization. these men know there is a lot of work left before it is fully rooted out of mosul. north korea has fired four more ballistic missiles. three of them landed 300 kilometers off the coast of japan. those launches bring a new level of threats. >> it's north korea's second missile test this year. the missiles launched monday 1000 kilometers. several of them landing in japanese waters just 300 kilometers from the coast. the launch was quickly met with condemnation from the u.s. and its asian allies. disregarded our and the international community's consistent warning and fired ballistic missiles again. it is a direct challenge to the world and a serious provocation. this launch has clearly
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indicated that north korea poses a new level of threat. >> the latest test comes after south korea and the united states began joint military exercises last week. pyongyang sees the annual drills as preparation for war and has in the past time dismissal tests to coincide with them. each launch were news concerned that north korea is getting closer to achieving its ambition to build intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear weapons capable of the americanu.s. military has said there is no reason to believe they were used in this test. the u.n. called to double down on efforts to enforce sanctions but international condemnation fornot proved effective stopping north korea's drive for weapons. genie: germany has slammed comments from turkey's president
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for comments accusing them of actions reminiscent of nazi times. a local authority banned a turkish minister from addressing a rally in germany. escalates.of words addressing his supporters in istanbul, erdogan lashed out at germany, accusing it of not respecting the right to free speech. >> germany, you have no notion of democracy. your practices are no different from those of the nazis in the past. the harsh remarks came after two german states withdrew permission for pro erdogan rallies. galvanizemeant to support among 1.5 million turkish citizens living in germany for a yes vote in next month's constitutional referendum.
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wouldoposed reform transform turkey from a parliamentary republic to a presidential republic and give sweeping new powers to erdogan. german authorities cited security concerns and a lack of space for the cancellations. two events did go ahead. turkey's economy minister son the president's praises. >> who helped turkey hold its head high after the economic crisis in 2001? erdogan. who helped turkey become europe's sixth-largest economy? the row comes amid mounting outrage in germany over ankara's arrest of a turkish german journalist. angela merkel has rejected calls to get rid of turkish campaigners. women's daynational
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is this wednesday. thousands of women took to the streets of london to speak out for gender equality and call for more support for female refugees. they also want to draw attention to the challenges being faced around the world by refugee women and girls. lennoxand activist annie participated along with human rights campaigner beyond the ianca jagger. in the u.s. wants to belittle women, reduce our right, diminish us and we should stand up. former french prime minister alain juppe ruled himself out as an alternative to francois fillon.
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has been thrown into chaos over allegations he gave his wife and adult children fake jobs. new reports say the head of the fbi has asked the u.s. justice department to publicly refute donald trump's explosive claim that barack obama tapped his phone. close to 50,000 people have run from the iraqi city of mosul as the fight to clear it from the islamic state group continues. time for our business news with charles pellegrino. the auto group psa has announced it is buying general motors's european business. >> it will be buying general motors's european arm for 2.2 billion euros. it should make psa the second-biggest carmaker in europe behind volkswagen with 17% of market share. deal's a 2.2 billion euro
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that psa thinks is key to achieving its larger global ambitions. >> totally unleash the potential of these brands. >> three years ago psa had to be bailed out by the french government and chinese investors. after a turnaround to profitability it is hoping to do with the lossmaking divisions of general motors which has not turned a profit in europe since 1999. psa now takes responsibility for 40,000 additional workers and will share existing pension liabilities with gm. expects tos psa realize 1.7 billion in savings by 2026 through combining
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research, development and purchasing. there are no plans to close factories as long as productivity remains high. isthe workers council optimistic but nothing is very clear just yet. nobody knows anything. the workers council hardly knows anything. of time before the sale is finalized and we are worried. hopefully everything will be fine in the end. up 4% in in psa were morning trading on news of the deal. genie: how are the european markets trading? indices areeuropean trading lower despite a hike for psa. the paris-based exchange is in negative territory at the moment. the dax in frankfurt is also lower .42%. anare also seeing interesting trend on currency
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markets, the euro dropping against the u.s. dollar on french election drama. alain juppe declared he would definitely not be running for president. let's focus on one stock that has performed very poorly this monday. deutsche bank. bethey announced they would raising 8 billion euros in shares and making 2 billion euros in asset sales. has been going through a year of turmoil when they had a settlement over an investigation over mortgage backed securities. authorities in beijing have announced slightly lower growth targets this year. >> the premier announced a growth target for 2017 would be 6.5%. gdp growther than for 2016 which marked the slowest expansion of the chinese
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economy in 26 years. he used the metaphor of a butterfly struggling to emerge from a chrysalis. china is the world's second-biggest economy after the united states. pwc recently released a report saying china would lead the world in terms of economic element in the next 30 years. ecause of the importance of education and investment in the country. >> all these people are graduating from university in fields like mathematics and science and technology. that's her good for building skills in the labor force. has a consistently high level of investment that has led to very impressive infrastructure. >> left take a look at other business stories making headlines. the greek economy took a hit in the last quarter of 2016. much worse than expected and
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three times worse than previous estimates. imf the country has lost over a quarter of its output since 2007. aberdeen asset management and standard life have agreed on terms for a merger that will create one of the u.k.'s largest fund managers. the companies employ about 9000 people. the deal is subject to a number of conditions including shareholder approval. box office news. logan starring hugh jackman as x-men character wolverine opened in u.s. and canada. the fact that you don't need to target teenagers to make movies about superheroes.
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genie: indeed. did you know hugh jackman has been playing wolverine for 17 years? thank you for that look at the business news. time for our press review. where taking a look at what the papers have been saying today. lots of focus on francois fillon today. of the morning. the french conservative presidential candidate addressed his supporters for about half an hour at a support rally in paris on sunday in which he said no one can stop me from becoming candidate or remaining candidate. these words are reprinted on the front page of the belgian newspaper. this british daily is very scathing saying he painted himself as a victim of a vicious and unjust witchhunt. politico says fillon has ratcheted up the rhetoric. they have a pretty sarcastic headline, fillon fights on and
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on and on. a sentiment some of us might be feeling. i want to show you the front page of the french papers. this is a reproduction of , starring franaois fillon as leonardo dicaprio and rose played by his wife penelope. he is standing at the helm shouting i'm king of the world. in the background, not so happy looking nicolas sarkozy and alain juppe who have floating devices. he does still have some support from some french papers. >> the catholic paper says francois fillon did not give in. really haley i guess what they called his courage on sunday. the right-leaning paper says sunday's demonstration was a success despite the fact that it was a risky for fillon and his
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-- bet for fillon and his team. that it's somewhat redrew the battle lines between those who have abandoned him and those who continue to stick by him. genie: james comey is asking for answers from the president after trump alleged that his predecessor tapped his phone. >> these comments from the u.s. president came addictively via a tweet on saturday. for the washington post it is wasof that trump steaming mad. his presidency has existed in a perpetual state of chaos and at the center of this turmoil is the fact that he can't seem to shake off the shadow of russia that loomed over his campaign and presidency. his comments have taken the presidency into uncharted territory.
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i rode with no center line or with no center line or guard rails. it also wiped out any goodwill he managed to muster with his speech to congress last week. the chicago tribune says his speech to congress is less a turning point than an aberration. this is quite a humorous take on trump's paranoia and maybe insanity. journalists,to the there's another wiretap. the journalists say, that is a press microphone. india questions from today after a third attack on an indian american in the state's. >> is the third shooting in two weeks. sikh man was shot in washington state and the man who
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shot him yelled go back to her country. this is a really interesting trump's ownays that polarizing presidential campaign has led to this current climate of intolerance. another indian newspaper says there is fear, hurt and khsbelief among the si community in the u.s. and that is now being investigated as a hate crime. indians have been told to stay vigilant but not to be paranoid. a russian lawmaker has come up with a bit of an outrageous idea ahead of next year's foot all world cup -- football world cup. >> a russian lawmaker who is on the board of the russian football union has suggested making hooliganism a spectator sport at next year's world cup. he says ideally fans could set a time and date to brawl publicly
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and it would serve as a good example to english fans who he describes as poor fighters. that might be debated. is advocating testosterone fueled football violence, and actresses being called out for her latest magazine cover. that actress is emma watson of harry potter fame. some are calling her a hypocrite for a cover that she did on vanity fair and critics say this goes contrary to her feminist believes. she said, what's the big deal? feminism is about empowerment. quite choice words just two days before international women's day. genie: thank you for that look at the press review. you can get a closer look at the press review on our website. coming up in the next half hour, would you carry your wife a mile on your back all for a keg of beer?
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that's what one guy did. the details coming up. ♪ x/ó@@dddwdñq ♪
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