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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  March 20, 2017 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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"newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. the south korean defense ministry says north korea increased it's rocket capabilities with it's latest engine test. north korean central news agency on sunday reported on the successful test of a powerful new engine for ballistic missiles. it says the test took place at the satellite launching station in the country's northwest on saturday.
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the south korean defense ministry believes the engine is a new type of main thruster and four boosters. >> translator: we see that the function of the engine has made meaningful progress. but further analysis is needed to assess its propulsion power. >> saturday's engine test was the first in six months and appears to be a response to ongoing u.s. south korean military drills. following the engine test, u.s. president donald trump had some harsh words for the north korean leader. he was on his way to washington from florida. >> had meetings on north korea. he is s actingery, verbadly. i ll telelyou, he acting ry badly >> whihite hse officia s ump disssedororth kea and otherssues over the wkend withfficia incdingng nanatial secury adviser. u.s. sretaryf state x
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tillerson sea new diction for amican poly on nor korea at news coerencen sel. declad the enof what e ama admiionalled stratic paence a didn't rul out the possibity of usi for againsthe rth. top offials fro japan and ruia haveenwoing to improve relions beten their tw untrie thapanese foreign minister spoke with his russian counterpart entokyo on monday. >> translator: i want to discuss a range of issues with an eye on our prime minister's visit to russia at an early date this year. >> sergey lavrov says he believes economic cooperation is a key condition for signing a peace treaty between the two countries. japanese prime minister s shinz abe and r russian president vladimir putin tououched on t t subjecect when they met i in decembmber. they agreed to start talking about joint economic activitiei
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onon four russian controlled islands that japan claims. tomomi inada and sergei have held first meeting of japanese and russian defense ministers in momore than three years. >> translator: i expect to frankly discuss defense policy as well as geographic discussion araround both countrtries, especially at a ti w when japap is in a sesevere security situation. >> said their countries should deal jointly with common threats. the two ministers expected to exchange views about north korea. they repeatedly carried out provocative acts such as missile development and nuclear tests. in a press conference said they
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would visit for talks. shinzo abe arrived in germany, the first leg of his four-day european tour. abe says he wants to hear the views of his european counter-parts on north korea, freeee trade, and other international issues. abe and angela merkel attended an information technology fairs welcome night in hanover. abe will hold official talks with merkel later on monday. abe plans to ask european leaders to cooperate on reaching an early deal for framework for kmek partnership agreement between japan and the eu. >> translator: i want to work closely with the european union on the challenges the international community faces such as issues related to north korea and free trade.
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>> it's part of the efforts to encourage free and fair trade amid the rise of nationalist and protectionist sentiment in europe. abe's tour includes visits to france, belgium and italy. japan and germany signed an agreement to start a joint project to stabilize renewable energy supplies. japan's new energy and industrial technology development organization has to deal with the state government in northern germany. three japanese firms and a german power company plan to take part in the three year project set to begin next month. project representatives say they work to stabilize green energy supplies by saving electricity in a large storage facility. the electricity would be used during power shortages. > translator: what we learne in germany will the firms that
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want to start businesses in other countries. >> germany is sharply increasing its output of wind, solar, and other forms of green energyy as the government tries to phase out nuclelear power by 2022. but fluctuating outward depends on weather conditions pose a major challenge. >> another survey at the proposed site of tokyo's new wholesale food market found higher than permitted levels of totoxic chemicals in groundwate. an expert panel received test results from metropolitan government officials on sunday. the location was built to
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replace the aging tsukiji market. the report says high levels of toxins exceeding government standards were detected at 19 of 25 locations at the site. the former home of a gas processing plant. four laboratories analyzed water samples. the levels of benzene were found to be 100 t tes higher thahan t permrmissible limit. in tests late last year, the amount of the chemical was nearly 80 times higher than allowed. another toxin was also found in 18 places. experts said even though methods used differed from past surveys the results still showed high levels of toxic chemicals but they deemed it to be safe enough for operations as it won't be using any underground water sources. tokyo governor has said it will be difficult to persuade her tokyo constituents to agree with the relocation plan. >> we must t take seriously the
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findings that showed higher toxic l levels than the standar allowed. >> she will make a decision on whether to relocate the tsukiji market after considering the views of concerned parties. a key figure in the relocation plan has explained his role during an inquiry of the tokyo metropolitan assembly. former tokyo governor said he was responsible for the decision but also criticized the governor for delaying the relocation. the tokyo metropolitan assembly's special committee wrapped up its inquiry into the relocation process on monday. >> at the time i was on top of the pyramid o of the organiniza, and i made the decision based on a consensus after i received the final report. i asked the officials if they were certain about the soill problem, and they said yes. it's fine with the modern technology. so i said, i understand, and i
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approved the plan. i admit my responsibility. >> ishiharara crititicized t th decision to postponone the plan saying an expert on soil decontntamination g gave assura that it wowould be safe. >> t translator: t the governor confused with concepts of safety and reassurance. the truth of science is overridden by false rumors. this is shameful as a civilized state. >> he said he should proceed with relocation without further delay. japan's assistance to individuals in south korea, referred to as comfort women, will cease by the end of march. it's part of a previously worked out plan that shifts responsibility to a foundation set up by the south korean government. in 2015 japan agreed to give south korea about $9 million to establish the foundation for the women. the head of a japanese
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nongovernmental agency stressed that the foundation supporters met various needs that the women have. >> translator: we've tried to help the women by thinking about various things than discussing the issues with them. >> since 2007, the japanese government has given the group about $90,000 annually. the money has enabled the women to receive medical care and welfare benefits. but there's still strong opposition to the agreement with japan among south koreans and set fear that the transfer will not goo smoothly. malaysia police chief said officers are searching for onother potential suspects in the killing of kim jong-nam. one is of particular interest and could be a north korean national. chief khalid abubakar spoke with local med on sunday. hehe said his police fce is vestigatin the whereabouts off
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severalthers besides those already identified.. malaysian police have pinpointed four north korean nationals suspected of masterminding the airport attack authorities believe that they have alreaeady returned d to no kokorea. the polilice are struguggling t proceed with their investigation becacausof t the lack of cooperation from pyongyayang. onon saturday, malalaysian poli announced d that they were lookg for two men who were seen in a video taken by a security camera at the airport. the footage shows the men apparently watching kim jong nam's movements. spring is just around the corner in pakistan, and farmers are rolling up their sleeves for work. another seasonal tradition involves racing bulls. nhk world reports. >> reporter: bull racing is extremely popular throughout the country. winning is considered a great honor by many people.
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one of those people operates a farm where he keeps bulls especially for racing, ejaz ahmed. >> translator: my grandfather was crazy about bull races. it's a family tradition. >> the family is pinning their hopes on the 31-year-oldson. he has taken on total responsibility for the bulls. he gives them feed that includes highly nutritious beans and plenty of rich milk to boost their stamina. he puts animals through final training before the big race. it requires two bulls and handler to make eight laps of the track. >> translator: great. they are running at a good pace. >> reporter: the family has a
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distinguished history in bull racing with many first prizes. he says the trophies drive his passion for the sport. the day of the big race has come. the weather is perfect. the first two bulls set off as he and his family look on proudly. but they can't keep it, their time is disappointing. must do better with the next two bulls. ejaz prays for them. a second round starts. the handler and his bulls dash together on the front. they keep up the pace all the way to the finish line. about 50 teams compete, and then they wait for the results. his team wins. his family is overjoyed.
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>> translator: i have no words to describe this feeling. i can hardly waiait for the rac next year. >> translator: since it was a tough race, i'm really glad my son and the team did great together. >> reporter: bull racers never cease to amaze pakistanis who await spring. nhk world, islamabad. a museum in kyoto recently held an exhibition devoted to the family. the current master of tea bowls. a british artist joined him at the museum to speak about the creative process.
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nhk world reports about art from the elements of nature. >> reporter: the japanese tea ceremony is a celebration of the senses. the host prepares green tea and presents it to the guests. it's not an ordinary tea party, but rather an experience. the participants ponder the essence of peace and purificati purification. this man's family has been creating bowls used in the ceremonies for more than four centuries. their name has become synonymous with the process and the product. distorted shapes and bold colors give his work a strong presence. >> translator: in the world of tea ceremony, people say they
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wish to drink tea in a calm spirit. howeve b befor the heart become calm, it has to liven a very distort societ i want to askeople how ty shld liveheir liv and what they should be thinking about in this totally chaotic world, and i want to ask how is it possible that they can still calmly drink tea. i secretly put a symbolic dagger, a blade in the pottery. >> reporter: in its early days, it was an stenograph gabt hobby for aristocrats and merchants. they changed that in the 16th century remolding it as an art form. the legacy began in the first generation. asked him to create tea bowls with the concept, japanese aesthetic of beauty,
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imperfection and impermanence. the result was thick and rough, deeply colored. >> translator: his works are as fierce as minene i believe thehey reflect the violent times in which he lived of that's why they are so fierce. there's one thing totally different from mine. his works are fierce, but they are also calm. they are calm. my works strongly show fierceness to make people think seriously. but recently, i've had the sense that my approach hasn't been working well, so i'm beginning to feel that i want to maintain that intensity and couple i it with calmness. >> the national museum of modern art in kyoto recently displayed tea bowls from the family. british landscape artist wasas invivited to speak.
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last year he met her and found great inspiration in her work. >> translator: i had forgotten that art is beautiful. her creations made me remember that. >> brook has operated in harsh natural landscapes around the world, including sites in scotland, libya and syria. she's made videos and taken photos documenting the creative process. this one involves building a fire in bone chilling weather on a deserted island in northern scotland. the fire endures until the waves put it out. her works focus on the four elements enshrined in ancient greek philosophy, fire, water, wind, and earth. moved by the video, girls from a
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tribe in namibia. they spread clay on their skin for protection. brook didn't show the whole picture but focused on the rhythmic music coming from the girls singing as r red dust swswirled up in the air. >> translator: the girls are praying, asking god if they can take just a little bit from god and go to the river bed, crush the rocks into powder, and wear the powder. what they are doing is quite pure. it feels like this moment contains the root of all art.
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♪ >> translator: i have never seen the clay in namibia, but i have had similar experiences in my own home. i'm thinking of a space behind the pottery workshop at the very back of the house where we store clay among the kilns. i crush stones left mimi ancestors, though not many of them are left now. this experience of crushing stones and accumulating white did you say on my shoulders led me to feel an unexpected kinship with those namibian girls. i empathize with them electronically. strongly. >> the next day she paid him a visit. strongly.
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>he next daday she paid him visit. a stroll in his tea room bears a zen teaching with a sincere heart whether in your home or out in nature, that is the place to purify your self. she drank some tea from a bowl he made. the bowl was one of his favorites, but a cat bumped into it and broke it. his wife glued it back together with silver lacquer. >> translator: it looks much better than it did originally. it now has a wonderful aspect born of coincidence. i'm really grateful to the cat. >> this is where the kiln is. >> yes. >> wow, thank you so much. >> brook and the camera were
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allowed into the kiln. >> it's fantastic. >> he stayed out. it's not a place he goes when he's not making pottery. the family loses clay left by their ancestors stretching back three generations. >> grandfather, wow. so part of the tradition is that you find the clay to pass many generations below you. >> yes, yes, yes. >> so you'll -- >> translator: some part of nature is always calm, even in the middle of a storm, tranquility is present.
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that's what i've been feeling recently. i want to walk toward the kind of strength that co-exists with the calm. nature is the obvious example. it's always calm. it always has a calmness within. that's the thing i want to pursue from now on. >> nhk world. >> people in tokyo had sunny and unseasonably warm weather today but things expected to change tomorrow. joining us now with the details, sayaka.
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>> today is the spring equinox. that means the beginning of spring, but tomorrow winter will return. it will be quite chilly. there's a front and low pressure system passing through japan. ththis will morore likely head the eastt and rain tomorrow morning. these systems will usher in cool air from the north. it's g going to be chilly i in tokyo. towards the north another low pressure system over northeastern china and the system will likely affect northern japan with snowfall. so sapporo will see snowfall with high of 7 degrees on tuesday. as for tokyo, 9 for the high. it's about 10 degrees cooler compared to what we saw monday but warming up once again as we go into wednesday. expect cherry blossoms will likely start to come out this thursday. fukuoka will see quite warm temperatures throughout the week. as for china, it's going to be mostly dry but inland areas will see rain falling in the south
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and snowfall to the north. there's a tropical depression moving over central portions of philippines at this moment and rain will likely spread over the country. temperatures are going to be 31 in manila. you'll be escaping from the rainy weather on your tuesday. bangkok is going to be sizzling hot. your high is 37 degrees and cooler. warmer weather across shanghai, 15 degrees for your tuesday. across peru, t the rainy system started in december. since then it's going to -- it has been quite wet. significant flooding is taking place. i want to take you through several spots of the country, so please take a look at these pictures. emergency crews were deployed to flood stricken areas of peru's amazon to rescue people after the rivers burst their banks. they have the worst flood in decades. about half the country is under state of emergency. at least 72 people have been killed and more than 70,000 have become homeless since thehe
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beginning the year. now, the sea surface temperatures off t the coaoast peru are warmerr than normal, nearly 3 degrees higher than normal.. that is causing umbrella stable weather across the country. at least for the next several weeks you'll see some more rainfall especially with northern arereas you'll see an additional 250 millimeters or more for the next three days. the rainy system likely continue through april. across north america, it's actually generally dry across the west but thingss are g goino be wetter on tuesday across the west coast. there is a front -- there are front and low pressure system moving over the country so we'll see more rainfall tuesday as well as wednesday. and it's going to be pretty wet across the eastern areas of the u.s. as well and temperatures are going to be washington, d.c., 30 degrees with sunny weather on your monday. 11 degrees in new york city with abundance of sunshine. it's pretty warm in the mid portions of the u.s. take a look. 27 in denver.
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that's 15 degrees higher than normal. due to ongoing dry weather and warm weather, a wildfire occurring near university of colorado forcing hundreds of people to evacuate. temperatures remain quite warm. 18 degrees on tuesday. rainy weather is expected but drier conditions and warmer conditions will come back on your wednesday. all right. here is the extended forecast. ♪ ♪ that wraps up this edition of nhk "newsline."
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i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thanks for joining us. qéa
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genie: you're watching france 24. time for 60 minutes live around the world. i'm genie godula. these are the headlines. the heads of the fbi and the nsa testified today in washington. they will break their silence on invevestigations into possible links between russia and donald trump's presidential campaign. five top presidential candidates go head-to-head tonight in a debate five weeks before the first round of the elecection. the man behi


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