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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 9, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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mahmoud abbas said he is willing benjamin netanyahu when present from visits later this month. we will have the latest reaction from jerusalem in just a few minutes. more major shifts in french politics ahead of next month's parliamentary vote. niece says she
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is quitting politics and will not seek reelection. a new president for south korea. moon declares victory. the son of north korean refugees wants to renew dialogue with pyongyang. ♪ ♪ mahmoud abbas said he is prepared to meet with israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu when donald trump visits the region, that visit due to take place later this month. the palestinian president is in germany, the last month, he was in washington holding talks with trump. he says reaching peace between the israelis and palestinians is not as hard as previously thought. here is abbas speaking earlier. >> when i met with president trump last week, he accepted our invitation to come to the palestinian territories, and we
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are awaiting his visit to bethlehem. i told him that we were ready to and to meet with minister underme u.s.-sponsored talks in order to establish peace. laura: let's go to jerusalem now. you're a smack let is standing by. minister under u.s.-sponsoredis there anythingt mahmoud abbas said today? >> there is new energy. that is for certain. we haven't heard him willing to meet with israel's prime minister for years. he did mention he is on the diplomatic campaign. the german president, next to the russian president. what he is saying is, we palestinians are in the game, and i, mahmoud abbas, and in the game. to speakn prepared with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu.
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it's perhaps a last-ditch effort, but it's also a sign, i , that he wants energy in this process and that he does have some faith in donald trump as the disruptor, the disruptor we know him to be, but perhaps some cars will fall the palestinians' way. that is what he is trying to do with the statements today. laura: what about the israelis? what has been their reaction to comments?bbas' >> we have heard various leaders in israel, this right-wing coalition that benjamin netanyahu leads, criticizing he is onying trustworthy. i think this level of attack on mahmoud abbas is a sign they are nervous, and the reason they are nervous is that the right-wing sort -- thought when donald trump was elected that he was going to be there man in washington.
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what they are seeing is that donald trump is unpredictable. he promised he would move the american embassy to jerusalem. that has not happened. he is starting to sound like a of theiendly version previous american president who called for a two state solution. that is not music to the ears of israeli right-wingers, particularly the settler parties . they do not believe in a two-state solution here they are looking at a new reality, and it's not a reality that they are particularly happy about now. i think you can see some doubts, some cracks in the certain see -- certainty of the israeli right-wing. laura:i think you can thank youm jerusalem. in france, politicians from the left and right are scrambling for a place in the new political order, but president elect men on the chronic has yet to name a president-elect has yet
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to name a single member to his government. despite his high profile, faust got a cool reaction from the mccrone -- macron camp. >> the race has started in france's parliamentary elections. emmanuel faust has picked what he things will be the winning force. >> i will be a candidate for the presidential majority. i want to sign up for a manual movement.el macron's said it would be impossible for him to keep his socialist party membership if goes under the macron campaign.
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>> we are friends of the socialist party. who help us to succeed are not those who opportunistically's -- opportunistically switch sides. friends are not afraid to sound the alarm bell when necessary. >> for him, the bet may not pay off. he hasn't exactly been welcomed with open arms by macron's movement. >> he has not been excepted by the national register. >> in the face of defections, the socialist party candidate has made overtures. he wants the left to unite in the hope of winning as many seats as possible in parliament. ,> whether we are socialists aggrieved citizens, communists, we must overcome the divisions between parties.
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>> it is a call that has fallen on deaf ears, buoyed by his 7 million voters in the first round. laura: the pressure is on macron .\if the new president can't get a majority in parliament he will struggle to push through reforms. he has until thursday to name the 577 candidates who will be running in the election. just a week ago, it wasn't even a political party. now the republic on the move has 14 candidates, a small step on the way to the 577 it needs before parliamentary elections next month. a high-ranking civil servant new to elected government in pit a mise is the shakeup -- epitomiz es the shake-up macron is looking for. the party was founded on gender
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equality and diversity, and half of the party's candidates must come from civil society rather than government. have been sent in so far. it is this man's job to go through the mall. >> the principle we have in practice is one of no tactical games, no backroom maneuvering, no special treatment. it's clear we want to have respect for citizens. the president of the republic has spearheaded a project, a program for change we are continuing. >> selected candidates will have to sign up to the republic on the move's parliamentary group. >> the aim is that our group wins an absolute majority in the national assembly so that macron and the government he names has the necessary means to put into place the project for which he was elected. >> the new party is also after access to public funds, which is
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determined by the number of mps it has.. candidates cannot run on two tickets. it's a token of thanks from macron after he dropped out of the presidential race to support him. the parties 577 candidates will be made public thursday. laura: the niece of the failed presidential candidate marine le pen says she is quitting politics. she won't be seeking reelection in the legislative elections. she is one of two national front lawmakers in the lower house of parliament and is one of the party most popular and well-known figures. immigration dominated this presidential campaign. police swooped on a migrant camp in the north of the city, moving thousands of homeless people from places like sudan and afghanistan to temporary shelters.
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this, as europe continues to grapple with the worst refugee crisis since the second world war. 1600 afghan and sudanese migrants have spent months camped out between the roads and overpasses of a busy northern paris intersection. for authorities, it was both a safety and sanitary risk. police, plus, 350 100 municipal and ngo workers, clear to the camp, moving the inhabitants to housing centers. >> it's the second time we have undertaken this kind of operation at the same location. we had to wait because the election meant we did not have .ny police forces >> in november 2016, the city of paris relocated 4000 people living outdoors in one of the
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city's eastern neighborhoods. that pronk to the creation of the migrant transit center whose purpose is to temporarily house asylum-seekers. it has 400 spaces but has processed 10,000 people since its opening. laura: the government in syria is strengthening its grip on the capital damascus, as hundreds of rebel fighters have a busted out of opposition districts to the idlib province. it is part of an agreement brokered by russia and turkey, and it's the first time parts of the capital have been even. sharon gaffney reports. hundreds of syrian rebels and their families have been arriving in the northern province of idlib. it's all part of an evacuation deal agreed with the syrian government. >> we don't regret what happened. we are still in our country but angry with those who betrayed us. we are living under siege, and we also ate grass for about
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three months. >> they struck us with scud missiles. they've used everything to shell us. they have humiliated us. we were under siege, and there was no food or water. we were starving to death, and that is why we came here. sharon: it's the first time in six years of conflict in syria that parts of damascus have been evacuated. >> we are here where the families are arriving from damascus. arel defense forces completely prepared to receive the family. sharon: last month, thousands of residents from the pro-government shiite villages were exchanged with sunni rebels and their families from the opposition-held towns of mattia near the lebanese border. the u.n. has criticized the
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relocations, saying they amount to forced displacement. laura: the united states could be about to send more troops to afghanistan. senior military leaders want to send at least 3000 troops as the 16-year war with the taliban rhines on with shockingly high casualties for the afghan army. >> afghan security forces are struggling to contain the taliban. insurgents killed more than 130 soldiers last month at an army base in northern afghanistan. the militant group had been ousted from power by the there hasnvasion, but been a recent upsurge in its activities. last month, america's top commander in afghanistan said nato forces were facing a stalemate and needed more resources to fight jihadists. the united states official combat role in the country ended in december of 2014.
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>> america's combat mission will be over by the end of this year. but nearly three years on, 8400 u.s. troops remain in the , conducting counterterrorism missions and providing support and training to afghan soldiers. last month, american soldiers took over command in helmand province as the u.s. defense secretary announced that the trump administration was reviewing its policy on afghanistan. >> 2017 is going to be another tough year for the valley and afghan security forces and the international troops who have stood and will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with afghanistan against terrorism. >> there are signs the trump administration may be stepping up its military campaign. the u.s. dropped its largest nonnuclear bomb on afghanistan in april, targeting jihadists from the islamic state militant group. american media reports say
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military officials are recommending that at least another 3000 troops are sent to afghanistan to try to break a deadlock in the fight against the taliban. south korea has elected a left-leaning liberal who wants better relations with the north. he is claiming victory after winning nearly double the votes over his closest rival. he will replace park geun-hye who was ousted in a recent corruption scandal. simon harding has the latest. a win but aust landslide victory for moon jae-in who will be south korea's new president. exit polls gave the left wing moon victory over his conservative and centrist opponents, both of whom have conceded. victory ofgreat great people who have gone through the election together in ader to make a just nation
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unified nation and a nation where principles and common sense prevailed. >> with youth unemployment at 10%, the economy overshadowed relations with north korea. moon has promised to tackle inequality, curb presidential power, and crack down on link's between politicians and businesses. frustration over growing inequality fueled anger over the corruption scandal that brought down former president park geun-hye, who is awaiting trial for offering government favors to powerful businessmen. morality in politics was on voters' minds. >> i am very satisfied with the results. the candidate i support won. >> i am happy that we have the privilege of voting, and i hope this allows koreans to pursue their dreams more fully. victory ends a decade
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of conservative rule as he vows to unify the korean people. thea: in indonesia, outgoing governor of jakarta was sentenced to two years in jail for blasphemy. accused ofstian insulting islam by referring to a verse in the koran during a campaign rally. it is being seen as a test of indonesian tolerance in indonesia. came as a shock to supporters of the governor. a two-year prison sentence is harsher than what prosecutors requested. >> in their recommendation, the prosecutors showed he wasn't proven guilty, but now the judge says he is, bowing to pressure from muslim groups. >> the outgoing jakarta governor is accused of insulting islam in comments he made during a pre-election speech last year. the minority christian politician implied that his opponents were using the koran to sway people against him.
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he later apologized for whatever offense he might have caused but denied wrongdoing. say thehard-liners verdict doesn't go far enough. two years is very lenient in my opinion compared to the pain he has caused muslims. >> analysts say the scandal cost him his bid for reelection. he lost to a muslim rival in april, following a religiously-charged campaign. for autors have called one-year jail term, and his lawyers say there is no evidence to bring him down. >> the court cannot be influenced by pressure from the people. also, evidence suggests there is nothing that can hold him accountable. this means that he should be free. callednesia's president on voters to respect the verdict and his right to appeal.
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the trial has been seen as a test of religious tolerance in the country. rights groups fear that islam extremism is on the rise in indonesia. now, police ina quebec are searching for a toddler swept away by floodwaters. the body of the child's stepfather was found following heavy flooding. almost 2000 have had to flee their homes in recent days, and the city of montreal has extended a state of emergency. our top stories, more major shifts in french politics ahead of next month's parliamentary elections. pen's niece says she is quitting politics and will not seek reelection. a new president for south korea, as liberal moon jae-in the clares victory following early elections. the son of north korean refugees
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wants to renew dialogue with pyongyang. mahmoud abbas says he is willing to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu when president trump visits of the region later this month. news, kate moody is back with us. we are looking at what investors call the fear index. kate: that's right. it has been reacting to a manual macron's victory. it is also known as the volatility or vix index. this index has tumbled to its lowest level in more than two decades, the lowest since december of 1993. you can see that measure here, and you can see fear peeking around the time of the brexit oferenda and around the time the u.s. elections later on that year.
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it does serve as a reminder that even though stocks it didn't soar as some might have expected after the french election result, investors were not worried about a possible marine le pen presidency and the risks she would have posed to the stability of the eurozone. stock markets have been rising this tuesday at volatility drop after a soft start to the week. -- as volatility dropped after a soft start to the week. markets have pared back slightly this hour. is beingthe nasdaq powered by apple, which broke through the $800 billion mark for the first time. the cac is up one third of 1% in europe. commerzbanking as reported an increase in net earnings for the first three month of the year -- months of
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the years. workers at a plant specter in france have ended a strike and returned to work. over the weekend, unions gave in and signed a deal outlining the terms for the factory to be closed. the future of the whirlpool site grabbed international headlines last month when both macron and marine le pen spoke to workers there on the same day, hoping to curry support and show their sympathy for the struggling working-class. allison sargent has the story. the media blaze has finally died down, and employees of whirlpool are returning to work, but their days back on the job are numbered. on friday, they signed a deal with employers, excepting the factory's relocation to poland next year. in exchange, unions negotiated compensation, including severance pay of up to 70,000 euros. >> we signed this deal, but we were not proud of it. >> everyone will be thrown out,
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like dirty tissues. >> whirlpool employees were thrust into the spotlight two weeks ago when france's presidential finalists and made competing visits to their picket line on the same day. greeted by workers with boos, the man who would become president did his best to reassure them. >> i won't make impossible promises. i will guarantee dignity. --ison: now that a manual elected, theen factory workers hope you will keep to his word. what are you hoping for? > that we will be given different jobs. >> we want him to meet with us and tell us if he will make our case a priority and put strong pressure on our employers, or if he is going to throw it in the trash and wait for the fire to die down. allison: the search for a buyer to take over the factory site is underway in the hopes it could
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bring back at least a portion of the 600 jobs being lost. laura: moving on to some of the other business headlines, a major shareholder in a dutch lawmaker is -- [no audio] the owner of the >> pain shot down nearly a $26 billion offer from ppg industries for the third time. u.k. retail sales have posted their biggest monthly increase in 11 years. sales were up 5.6% in april according to the british retail consortium kpmg. that outpace productions of 0.5% -- outpaced predictions of 0.5%. microsoft is launching a voice-controlled smart speaker to compete with amazon's ecco. the invoke is expected to debut in the fall of this year, powered by cortana.
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it will be powered by samsung. a luxury shopping mall has opened in cuba's capital. consumers can pick out high and products like luxury perfumes and watches, but the question is, can they pay for them? say they are offended that some items cost more than an ever just cuban will make during a lifetime. >> opened last month by the business arm of the cuban military, this luxury shopping mall in the heart of havana is looking to attract wealth. shoppers can indulge in items like professional cameras for a whopping $7,000, or luxury watches like these, with a price tag of around $10,000. with the average cuban salary around $30,000 a month, many cubans will have to stick with windowshopping. >> i didn't buy anything. the prices are too high.
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even still, it is worth it. it's a little bit expensive. these are high-end products, but it's nice. the mallsome welcome as a sign of development, as cuba opens itself up to foreign wealth, others, particularly older cubans, fear the attraction is to conflicting with cuba's socialist ideals, but with the cuban economy in recession, the country is increasingly relying on a tourism industry as a means to keep things running, even if that means compromising with a little bit of capitalism. >> finally, airlines around the world have had their fair taste of bad publicity recently, but perhaps none quite as in your ,the chiefntas speaking when that happened, a man coming up behind him and shoving a high in his face. the reason for that was not clear, although the man has been taken into custody for questioning.
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ceo alan joyce did return to the afterwith a smile, saying nine years in the business, it was one of the more unusual things to happen to him. chance tot have a taste. it was mostly on my glasses. my issue was, i need a dry cleaner. >> i like the way he kept joking. >> he was asked later, what kind of pie? couldn't get a taste because it was on his glasses. laura: thank you very much indeed, kate moody with your bu
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05/09/17 05/09/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york this is , democracy now! now banned centaurs cities in the united states. we are a nation of laws. texas is doing its part to keep it that way. amy: texas' republican governor greg abbott has signed one of the nation's harshest immigration laws -- banning sanctuary cities and giving authority to the police to check the immigration status of anyone they detain.


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