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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 17, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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france 24.watching these are the headlines. the new president is set to reveal his new cabinet, one day later than originally planned. his team wants more time to vet all candidates before they are announced. more trouble for the white house. james comey asked to drop an inquiry into michael flynn.
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the islamic state group says it is behind the attack in afghanistan today. gunmen have overrun a state cityision building in a not far from the regional governors compound. he has only been in power for a few days, but workers at a french factory threatened with closure want president macron to intervene. in france, the biggest film festival kicks off today. live coverage coming up. emmanuel macron is said to reveal his cabinet today, one day later than originally planned.
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his team wants more time to vet all of the candidates before they are announced. to chris moore, who is at the presidential palace. the cabinet was supposed to be announced yesterday. what is taking so long? the reason was to allow background checks to be carried out on potential cabinet ministers, checks into their finances and potential conflicts of interest. macron campaigned on a promise to clean up french politics. there was an affair under francois along -- brought in to clean up tax evasion.
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he was found to have a secret overseas bank account. it is one element of what mr. macron is trying to do. very strict conditions for his cabinet. he wants gender parity, representation from civil society. he wants to reach out across the divide, progresses from the mainstream left and right. there was a strong sign that is what he wants to do. aguilar philippe is from the center-right. it has gone up to 173 people, including candidates in
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forthcoming elections. so far ofave names who might be on the list of the cabinet? >> we have a long wait. we have given the french media time to speculate on that. a couple of names have been mentioned. , a young politician. another long-standing figure on the french right who backed a more moderate option for the presidency. a lot of people asking what would become of the historic in france,- here tried on a number of occasions to do what emmanuel macron has centristoming a president. will he be rewarded for backing macron question --?
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in terms of civil society, a former tv presenter and producer is one of the country's at most popular competition. >> thank you for that. we should be getting that announcement of his cabinet around 3:00 p.m. french time, about two hours from now. next, new clashes have broken out in athens today. thousands of greeks walked off the job's -- off their jobs -- againstadditional austerity measurements. the strike was called by the country's main public and private sector unions one day before greece's parliament is
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due to vote on reforms that would help unlocked funds from the bailout. james comey memos are coming back to haunt donald trump. media reports said comey wrote a memo where the president asked him to shut down an investigation into michael flynn. flynn resigned before the meeting, after reportedly his contacts with the russian ambassadors. trump reportedly shared classified security intelligence with russia's foreign minister and ambassador. the u.s. president accused of trying to suspend the fbi investigation into his campaign ties with russia.
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incident reportedly took place on february 14, the day after his national security adviser resigned for failing to disclose contacts with moscow. comey -- iedly told hope you can let this go. kept adia reports comey memo of that request to stop the probe. twist, the concern that trump was trying to influence on pd probe of his election campaign ties to moscow. hours after the memos were made oversighte house committee tweeted they will get the comey memo if it exists. i will get it sooner rather than later. i have my subpoena pen ready. we ought to ask the director to come in to testify. we ought to ask if there are around thes taken
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time of the conversation would be powerful evidence of what took place during those conversations. if the president was being truthful and the threat to director comey, that he has tapes or might have tapes, we will want to get a hold of those. >> trumps team has denied they called a stop to russian probes. >> chelsea manning has been released. she is the transgender soldier convicted of giving classified government materials to wikileaks. >> seven years ago, a young american intelligence analyst named bradley manning was arrested in a rock, he was to 35 years in jail for having leaked more than 700,000 classified documents to
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wikileaks. his time in prison has been widely documented. some view him as a heroic whistleblower while others see the 29-year-old is a traitor. >> if you are willing to risk things, your own personal well-being is on the line. that is whistleblowing. this was just a dumping of data. the case made headlines because of the soldier's personal trials in the prison, attempting suicide at least twice. an icon for the transgender community, her sentence was commuted. was hailed asthat compassionate treatment of a
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whistleblower first and a dangerous action for others. release fromng's prison is not the end of her legal battles. her conviction of 17 counts remain intact. it is a ruling she is appealing in court. on the story out of afghanistan and the islamic state group, it is behind t the attack on going in the eastern city of jalalabad. belol tells us more. >> units are trying to clear the building. at least two reporters are
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confirmed killed. one member of police and another member of the army are among those killed and at least 17 people wounded have been taken to hospital. facebook,ideo on showing a suspected attacker arrested by the afghan national army. the city of jalalabad is on lockdown. are paralyzed because of this ongoing attack. statecation of the broadcaster is less than 100 meters away from the provincial governor's office. on friday, irani and so will hold their first presidential election since the country signed its landmark nuclear deal. that list -- that lifted international sanctions.
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for many, a better life, including owning their own home is still a distant dream. >> election day is near in the islamic republic. of the incumbent president want him to serve four more years. rival sayof his main it is time for change. they support. irananians want the next presidt to improve the economy and help and become homeowners tenants, something difficult for a young population. is 30 two, engaged to be married, visiting real estate agents desperate to rent an apartment before his wedding.
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marriage is one of the requirements. it is the most difficult report -- difficult part. >> is 9000 euros in savings look tiny fifth floor flat in an elevator -- in a building without an elevator. >> he and millions of young theirns cannot move into own home. it is not because they are short on vacancies. an estimated 2 million apartments are for sale but sitting empty because of high prices. >> you have a huge rate of vacancies and a very big shortage of affordable housing for young families and people with lower incomes.
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are due to aancies struggling economy and a currency that has lost value. >> with uncertainty plaguing the iraniansconomy and lacking buying power, it the market has been at a set -- been at a standstill. outcome is a skyline full of unaffordable, empty apartments. millions of young voters who demand the next president deliver a better economy where they can afford to move in. >> let's look at the top stories. set to president gets reveal his cabinet today, one day later than planned. his team wants more time to that the candidates before they are announced.
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more trouble for the white house. u.s. media reports say donald james comey to drop an investigation into michael flynn. the islamic state group says it is behind the ongoing attack in afghanistan today. gunmen have overrun a state television building in the eastern city of jalalabad. it is time for business news with stephen carroll. thehad been looking at market reaction to the twist in this controversy. the dollar has fallen against the japanese yen and euro in trading. currencies,sket of the dollar has lost all of the gains it has made since donald trump was elected. those fears pet eight -- play into the stock market.
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thisare worried about how could derail trump's tax reform. >> staff are fighting to save plants from closing down. their sights on the president. it is one of the disputes the president is facing. they would rather blow their factory up then see it closed down. marched through the streets in central france. company is one of the primary employers. >> maybe we have not lost the battle. >> employers demand carmakers
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place an order big enough to save factories from blowing down . the man workers want to get the attention of is their new president. negotiations have gone up to the highest level. we worked with france while whole and, nothing -- france while whole law and -- francois hollande and nothing worked. -- nothing happened. the whirlpool factory made international headlines during the last weeks of the presidential campaign. macron visited the site and striking
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these cases may cause a headache for the new government. conditions have generally been improving for french companies. >> more of the business headlines are the british government has sold the last of its remaining stake in the lloyds banking group. altogether, the state made a profit from the sale of some 900 million pounds or over one billion euros for the taxpayer. struck a deal with universal to stream its music on it platform. it allows tencent to license its music in china. already has 600 million users of its streaming services. 's latest design has backfired. >> they are selling a boomerang
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for 1260 euros. representatives of the community and australia have called it cultural appropriation. chanel says it regrets any offense caused. >> that is still expensive for a boomerang. 70th cans film festival it -- 70th can film festival is taking off. stars will gather for the biggest film celebration in the world. for more from the famous cannes to our reporters. a big birthday for cannes this year. edition, we special
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will have prepared a hot lineup. there will be stars, like .anessa redgrave, emma stewart there will be tv shows for this anniversary. someone else celebrating, lisa. here is me, prognosticating. he had to save up to get this talks -- tuxedo made. tell us which ones are on your to see list. >> i love this time of year when everything is still on paper. i am looking forward to a new film by roman polanski. it is always a special occasion. he has one based on a true
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story, starring his wife green.e eva green -- ava it promises to be interesting. this has -- this is based on a true story, he was making a film and he started re-examining everything about his life and creative work. stilled to things we are dealing with today. at this.have a look [speaking french]
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>> i cannot put it back in. >> you are back on the air. >> here is the paving stone i have been saving. >> there are lots of stars at this year's cannes, but it is a nicole kidman film festival. >> she tends to make her mark on the festival. this year, she is an four different productions. lake."in "top of the
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jane campion is the only female person who has ever won the golden com. she is also in "the killing of the sacred deer." she is in "the beguiled." that stars clint eastwood many different coat -- many decades ago and she has made it from a more female point of view, starring colin farrell. she is in another and the two are friends in real life and they were thrilled to work with each other. >> the mistress of ceremonies is monica bellucci. i caught up with the italian bombshell.
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the rest of myh interview at 9:15 this evening. always a bit of scandal and this year, it started before the festival began.
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>> of the festival always has a strict policy about dividing television from cinema. being movies you see on tv, not by staying home and watching tv. great war chest to make good work. there are two films in the competition and french exhibitors who own theaters objected that because they will not be released in theaters. that way, netflix does not contribute to the virtuous circle where there is a little bit of money taken from every film to make additional films. they gotlained and what they were after, which is the festival has promised to never do that again. netflix is not agreed to give the movie a commercial release. and stars,lamour color on the red carpet.
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expect films that will be loved and hated in equal measure. you can expect the unexpected. >> thank you. checking in with you every day on "france 24" to get the latest from the cannes film festival.
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narrator: 2008, discontent turns into confrontation. around the world peoeople take o the streets. ♪ music momar: they use tear gas, electric batons, plastic bullets. it was a very, very hard day. narrator: protests like these in dakar and senegal spread to many other cities. there were similar riots in egypt and in india. in haiti the president was overthrown. the reason? high food prices. one of the major causes: climate change. villagers are leaving their homes simply to survive.


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