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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 30, 2017 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome back. the top stories is our. all message at the white house. donald trump communications departures, the thought to signal a wider shakeup in the u.s. administration. unafraid in manchester, ariana host a star-studded benefit for the victims families on sunday. coldplay, usher also on the bill. and a plea for yemen, country on the brink of complete collapse. said we mustchief
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help millions of people are living with more famine and now cholera outbreak. warning that time is running out. ♪ first, did he jump or was he pushed? -- if the many unset answer questions following the surprise resignation of donald trump communications director. michael dubbed key cited personal reasons for quitting the office after just three months. all of this right in the middle of a deepening inquiry into his campaign's alleged links to russia. earlier i spoke to gallagher fenwick in washington dc.
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>> he was, after all, the former director of q medications, so very much in charge of crafting messages coming out of this white house. some probably very careful in terms of what is being put out there on his behalf. he did say that it has been a privilege to work for the president, for donald trump. the administration very careful to insist on the fact that he tendered his resignation some time ago but agreed to stay on at least until the president returned from his overseas trip and will continue being instrumental in basically helping as a transition is made and a new person is brought in. staffers very keen also to state that this is absolutely not the sign of an impending wave of denying,ons, not however, that there could be more to come. e was a verydubk
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much behind the scenes man in charge of pretty much crafting the message operation of this administration, deciding who talks about what and to whom. but according to conservative , saying this is for personal reasons, basically they are shedding a different light on this decision, saying that being in charge of communications at this white house is a very complicated task because it times you have the president's surrogates who are saying one thing to media then beingd completely contradicted by the president himself, whether on his twitter account or in he gives to major networks. so obviously a volatile atmosphere right now in this white house. but the context behind all of this being the rush investigation. laura: meanwhile, donald trump has entered into another spat
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with one of america's allies, this time east germany. after chancellor angela merkel indicated that the u.s. is no longer reliable ally and that the eu must take it stayed into ofon hand, one accused trump destroying western values. trump hit back again by twitter. fallout: the diplomatic between the u.s. and the eu rumbles on, warning against what she called growing detection his tendencies worldwide while pushing a new eu trade you with india, the german chancellor has reiterated her believe that europe can no longer fully rely on the u.s. as an ally. isthe only thing i'm saying that the current situation provides more reason for all of us in europe to take our destiny into our own hands.
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moments after angela merkel made those comments, a not-so-subtle rebuke from u.s. president donald trump, who tweeted that america had a massive trade deficit with paysny and that germany far less than it should on nato. the tit-for-tat comments underline what many see as the shift in the relationship between the u.s. and europe following a nato meeting in brussels and a g-7 summit in sicily, both of which were during the trump last leg of his first trip abroad. he refused to reassert america's commitment to the plot -- to the paris climate of cards -- climate accords underrating the alliance members for not paying their fair share. the latest development in the deepening rift between germany the indian. comes as prime minister heaped praise on what he called angela merkel's vision, sign perhaps that no
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longer convinced that britain, america,nd trump era the eu is increasingly looking elsewhere for allies. yemen is on the verge of complete collapse with his people facing war, famine, and a deadly outbreak of cholera. an impassioned plea for aid, saying that more than 8000 people have been killed in the air world's poorest country since a saudi led coalition launched a military campaign in march 2015, trying to push back the iran backed rebels who control the capital of sanaa. now eight: outbreak has killed hundreds -- a cholera outbreak has killed hundreds. the special envoy for human speaking earlier today. quick setting today we are reaching a point where we are that the political
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arena in human is unable to make the necessary compromise. if they don't realize the time is coming now, [indiscernible] choleraoutbreak of which is increasing in an exponential manner. over 500 people have died and the health system is collapsing. laura: the chairperson of the human-based organization for human rights briefed the un security council earlier today on the situation in yemen. a key for joining us on "france " tonight. we've seen how impotent the united nations has been when it comes to the chaos, the war and bloodshed in syria. why do you believe the situation
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will be any different when it comes to yemen? the -- because of the geography in yemen and the saudi's have a lot of interest in the war. also because it seems that yemen is not important enough, unfortunately. but it's fun of this, trying to push for the world to take more care of yemen. heard, thee just situation is increasingly desperate. allison's killed and millions at risk of starvation. thet it would seem that first steps to be taken or to stop the violence, to stop the war. does the security council have any power to do that? >> it's not only the famine and lera, it's also be violations committed by all the lyrical parties to the conflict today in yemen.
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one of the things that the security council can do is establish an international, independent inquiry for investigation. it will make a difference for the sake of people, at least political parties will be more careful when it comes to civilians because now they target civilians in a very relaxed way and they are sure there is not any kind of accountability. there's only one thing that can transfer tostop the these countries i those who are committing these violations. there are many things in security council can do in yemen because there is weakness between the parties and they can be pushed to go to peace talks and do things that make people's lives less miserable in yemen. u.n. seems to have a strange relationship with saudi arabia, which is leaving the coalition, bombing yemen at the moment. was appointedaudi
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to a commission on women's rights, which a lot of people found what strange. do you think the u.n. institution is worried that upsetting the saudi's? you explain it to be strange, and it is strange because the u.n. counsel should be much stronger than salaries. participants are bad and they're all committing violations. it's just more when it comes to the international community. it is strange, it has to be changed. laura: how are the yemeni people that you deal with all the time, how are they coping with all the terrible things that are happening in their country? live, bute trying to
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they are also dying. it's a very difficult situation. yemen has never been like this before. even from people who just left since the 1960's, they set yemen has never been like this be or. it's a very hard situation at all levels. it's a crazy situation and something should be done to help people in yemen. you hopeful that following today's impassioned plea for help, something might now change? >> i feel positive that the opportunity is still there and the international community can push for something good in yemen and good for the sake of people, yes. the opportunity is there. laura: thank you very much indeed for talking to us. grande whoseariana concert was targeted by a suicide bomber last week will
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host a benefit concert in manchester on sunday. coldplay in justin bieber are also on the bill with proceeds going to the city's families. the victoria train station was arlie damaged in the blast and has now reopened for the first time. >> normal business resumes at victoria station in manchester eight days on from the suicide bombing which left 22 people dead inside the adjoining arena. the station was damaged in the blast and closed for forensic examination. there was a somber atmosphere as it reopened. >> it will take a long time to get back to normal because it's still a weird feeling. just coming back here today, i get goosebumps. time.going to take
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there's not a lot we can do, just start coming here. arenside the station, reads laid a temporary memorial to the victims. it was called a symbolic moment for the city. x perhaps more than anything, this is a sign that life goes on and the city is returning to a it isf normality, because still very much at the front of our minds. think of the families who lost loved ones. >> the investigation into the attack continues. it's been confirmed that the bomber had been known to them for what they call relatively minor matters but not for extreme views. it comes after reports that the british intelligence agency mi five had been warmed by the fbi that he had been planning an attack in the u.k. and had been
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placed on the u.s. terror list last year over his links with jihadist groups. laura: two young women accused of assassinating the half-brother of the north korean in court inred malaysia this tuesday. they claim they believed they were carrying out a prank for a kimhow when they smeared nerve agent. a ask their fate now in the hands of the high court. and 28-year-old both face the death penalty if convicted of the murder of kim jong nam. on february 13, the departure lamb -- lounge at: all alone for airport became an unlikely murder scene. this shows the moment they grabbed the north korean leaders estranged half rather, smearing his face with the deadly nerve agent, described by the u.n. as a weapon of war.
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the young women claimed they had been led to believe they were carrying out a harmless tv prank. their lawyers say the prosecution has still not handed evidence,ant including the tv footage repeatedly requested. this tuesday, the prosecutor promised the defense they would be given the documents before the trial begins. the lawyer said delay could undermine their case. >> we don't know what is going on. we do not know what is in the investigation, but went we are asking for now is please investigate the defense portion of this. >> the two young women come from rural parts of indonesia and vietnam and had been working in the malaysian capital. they are the only two people to have been arrested in this investigation and their lawyers fear they could be used as scapegoats. malaysian police say four north korean suspects led the country just after the attack. no date was given for their first appearance in the high court, though the prosecutor
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said this could be expected within a month. laura: a second member of the new french government has been hit by scandal. the minister for european affairs has found herself in hot water after it emerged she paid a european parliamentary assistant who also worked for her political party. she denies the allegation. christ before becoming the current french minister, the european affairs hired an assistant at the european parliament. , allegedlytuation never went to brussels. she is now under preliminary investigation from the paris public prosecutor's office for breach of trust following up a lesser offense in march by member of the far right national front party. >> we looked at all the files of our colleagues and realized a good number of french mps at the european parliament had assistants who also took part in
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the electoral campaign. while also working as parliamentary assistants. there's nothing illegal about this, but we thought to had to flag it. >> those double standards refer -- since these -- demanding him to -- her to paperwork done by her parting friends. meanwhile was posted on social media that she will be suing her or defamation. work wasat her accompanied by regular progress reports. despite this, the affair could frenchn a stain on new president emmanuel macron's squeaky clean image and his announcement of a political morality bill. it comes days after revelations that a partner of his current minister for regional development could've benefited
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from a real estate transaction from before he joined the french national assembly in 2011. laura: the former president of panama has died. manuel noriega was propelled to power with the backing of the u.s. intelligence agency the cia. he was later toppled by u.s. invasion over his ties to the drug trade. noriega spent many years behind bars in the u.s., france, and in panama. he was 83 years old. alexander looks back at his life. soldier, dictator, drug trafficker, and spy. manuel noriega lived a truly extraordinary life. inwas born into poverty panama city and after losing his mother at a young age and being abandoned his alcoholic father, he was awarded a scholarship at one of the top high schools in the country. it was at military school that he was first targeted by the
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cia. he received training in the u.s. and agree to spy for them. back in panama, he gained the confidence of a general who took power in a 1968 military coup. noriega was instrumental in defeating a later coup attempt and for his loyalty was named chief of military intelligence. position to intimidate us threaten opposition groups and by the considered the most feared man in panama. humane time -- maintain ties administration and helped fight against regimes in cuba and nicaragua. meanwhile there were persistent rumors that he was actively participating in the drug trade and was close to colombian kingpin pablo escobar. noriega tussled with others to leave the country, eventually succeeding in 1983.
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1989, attempting -- he was captured. the former dictator would spend the rest of his life behind bars. in the u.s. where he served 17 client --prison for crimes including trafficking. in france he was sentenced for money laundering, but served just over a year before being sent back to panama on to and to for crimes committed during his rule, including the murder of a political opponent. kate moody is back in the studio with an update on the business news. in germany, the new prime minister -- the countries looking to reboot is their business ties. kate: saying they're made to work together as they signed eight bilateral deals covering things like job training and environmental issues.
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they vowed to speed up work on a broader trade deal between india and the european union. the talks are an effort to counter a growing trend of protectionism that is then interpreted by some as a pivot away from the united states. just days after saying europe should take its destiny is on hands, angela merkel walked alongside india's prime minister, addressing of business for him in berlin, she stressed the need for free trade deal between the eu and new delhi, signaling a possible alternative to washington. >> all over the world we are witnessing protectionist trends. networks are deeply interconnected. we believe it's necessary to be open and create fair trade positions. this is why do so important for free make progress with a trade agreement between the european union and india. >> germany is india's largest trading partner and bilateral
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trade has doubled over the past decade to over 17 billion euros. encourage more german investment to tap into india's huge potential. >> it is still below its full potential. india, with open arms i welcome german companies. the arm of bill and pharmaceutical industries could be beneficial to modernizing indian infrastructure. she is due to meet the prime wednesday to ensure they remain reliable partners. businesses and consumers in the eurozone lost confidence about their prospects during the month of may. the economic sentiment indicator dropped slightly from april,
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there was a slight boost in emmanuel macron selection. analysts that should serve as a warning that the european economy remains at risk and makes the ecb likely to continue its massive program. the drop in consumer sentiment did add to pressure on markets, seeing losses in the banking sector holding back investors in the tradingshing session in the red. wall street also trending down as markets reopen after the long weekend. consumer spending and personal income in the u.s. each rising .4%, and line with expectations. amazon shares have topped $1000 for the first time ever. trading just under the flatline at this hour. moving on to other business headlines, british airways says is running a full flight
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schedule and that i.t. services are up and running after this affectedutage which 75,000 passengers. the airline is expected to have to pay more than 80 million euros in compensation, nearly 3% of its estimated yearly profit. shares of its parent company dropped as much as 4%, wiping off half a billion pounds from its market value. the recovered slightly by the end of tuesday tray. ryanair is focusing on new routes in continental europe. the irish airline reported a 6% rise in profits to 1.3 billion .uros the carrier says it's facing a lack of certainty or direction about britain's future with the european union. japan's unemployment rate remains at its lowest level in just 2.8% of the country's workforce were without a job in march. meanwhile the ratio of jobs for applicants rose as well, to its size level since 1974.
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john claude juncker has faced fierce questions over tax evasion with members of the european parliament. he said he may have overlooked elements of fiscal policy that led the small country to become an international tax haven, but defended his effort since then to crack down on tax evasion around the world, saying the panama paper scandal had thrust the issue into the spotlight. >> tax evasion is a worldwide phenomenon. i'm working to try to put together a list and by the end of the year we will have a common list in place that will ensure that those countries that are not keen on entering into dialogue with us and do not want to cooperate should also apply principles of good, fiscal governance. kate: the kenyan president has inaugurated the country's new well rate -- railway line that will connect them also to
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nairobi in less than half the current transport time. king's biggest structure project since independence and the latest in a growing number of f and railroads it have been financed by china. here is the story. a final dress rehearsal for the opening of their new railway. the chinese built line links nairobi to mombasa, covering 472 kilometers in about five hours. it replaces the network built when kenya was under british colonial rule, making it the country's first new railway in over 100 years. the line is part of the standard gauge railway, plan to link east african countries. this stage costs nearly 3 billion euros, 90% of which was financed by china's import-export bank. the kenyan government when ahead with the new railroad despite a warning from the world bank that
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it would be cheaper to refurbish the old one. king transport minister says that thanks to the revenue generated by the railway, being china backed their problem.
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05/30/17 05/30/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> two men lost their lives standing up to somebody spewing hateful words directed at muslim passengers on an afternoon commuter train. these two men died heroes as a result of a horrific act of racist violence. another man was injured. amy: retiar


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