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what about you watching live from paris on fronts for the full on your cell and the top stories this hour? korea's new presidents arrives in washington for talks with donald trump. us president goes to iron out differences on trade. and get moon j. in on the sites to help deal with north korea. biggest. is there one genocide three anti isis suing emp. but the money to an honesty that. vatican is third highest ranking official. are the historical the beast cardinal george pell. says he'll return to his native australia to fight the charges. wednesday .
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fast so korea's new press. men say in has arrived in washington talks with press. resolve trade. cause and still. i get so on so i. do we. korea the two. offering views when. presence of an self defense system on south korean territory with lauren that. all us correspondent phillip crown that joins us now and definite mainstay in is a lot less pro american than his predecessor. how is this relationship going to work given how much is at stake? israeli interest in relation to that will see. developer in front of our own eyes today because they will be joined state.
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from the two presidents in the white house rose garden ennahda time. steering train passing by. it gets very interest because there is a difference but. current south korean president. and the form on south korean president. the former south president want as much engagement with that south with north korea. president mood wants and what we're seeing from the white house is also not exactly a which. date with north korea and its leader kim jong good. points nothing's changed on u. s. side mad because remember during his presidency already donald trump said well he was ibm. john then. person that is a relative. long time ago now what's the u. s. wanted i know to do.
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but north korea under. possible china in terms. go she. the north korea directly. a long long way off and they're out there. on north korea it. south korea and the united states again we'll see that in person and just a few hours time you mentioned the missile system. that the united states once installed and south korea an anti missile system it once it installed as quickly as possible the south koreans want to get environmental tests for a stir done first. that is the reason that of differences between the two presidents that will have to wait and see how those things pan out that during their meeting in the oval office and fitted this visit is also putting a spotlight on. trump's and relationship with china which has been. somewhat ambiguous hasn't say the least. yeah and tell you what it looks like the. the honeymoon is a little bit over has all of today at because new sanctions have been imposed by the united states on chinese entities
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and of course it's not a coincidence that this happens. at the exact same moment or rather just a few minutes before that the president of south korea arrives in the oval office and is already. on us territory now what the treasury has done in the united states has imposed sanctions. on two chinese individuals and one chinese shipping affirm the treasury and the top administration accuse them of having contacts and helping. the missile and nuclear program all of north korea a chinese bank has also been sanctioned it is being accused by the united knighted states of laundering money for north korea now these are some pretty serious steps. out from the united states considering that the us president donald trump has in the past always wanted to talk about his relationship. with the chinese president she's in paying and that's a weekend trip they had together to his results in florida in mara lago since then there has been criticism from the us presidents. toward the ad chinese government and its
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president she's in paying so not all is well in that relationship and when the presidents of south korea and the united states come together. itself just north korea that in a sense is in that meeting with them at its china as well of course which has a significant influence upon those relations. philip thank you very much indeed for the crowd of that in the very noisy town of tobacco pencil he had takes from. now it's twenty years since the u. k. handed back control of hong kong to china will to mark the anniversary the chinese president xi ching paying. is making his first visit to the territory but not everyone in hong kong is in the mood to celebrate since saddam shutting them. it's a first kind clearly symbolic visit china's president xi jinping and his wife quick witted on thursday. lacey of waving red flags mountain marching band. the asian nations leader is in hong kong for three days to mark twenty years since. kate looked at the city bus china. a rival
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she underlined his commitment to one country two systems. our hidden over the past twenty years from beijing central government. has been a strong backer of hong kon. and will as always young young support its economic development. and improvement of people's lives. guys i mean some. i mean hong kong don't agree that this is a celebration ahead of xi's visit protest system discount she. gift from beijing to mark the cities returned to china. the ancient hebrews means. several prominent democracy activists including joshua wong and knowing the kidney from little. well rested. i'm all about. i think that that is not a great. but. protests simmons on thursday.
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home was placed under unprecedented security lockdown. thousands of police deploye. to maintain order. but to discuss that story i'm joined in the studio by jove hassan who say he's the vice president for research at the inn now because national institute of oriental languages and culture thank you for being with us on the. cross twenty four tonight and now and then. way back out when that hong kong was handed back to beijing it was supposed to be. out. one nation. two systems has china respected that in the past twenty years. yes we can say that until two thousand fourteen more or less the. situation was quite stable. there was some problem sometime but more or less the the one country two systems principle was. was morris respected. but in two thousand fourteen there was. an accumulation of problem social problem. most so price of real estate to middle class which
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was the satisfying to. the. young people also couldn't see are really the future of hong kong. and then old so. the most important problem that's the voice the decision of the central government. keep the constitution as it is and. to refuse the possibility to see the chief executive of hong kong being elected by the universal suffrage and so. the umbrella movement. comes out in two thousand fourteen days and and these and pro democracy activists in hong kong say that they will get that message to the chinese president but this is going to be a very finely choreographed. event is knee joint during at. do do you see and the managed to get through it all no not at all it would be extremely difficult as you have seen probably on the images that we have sitting in hong kong visar. there's a very high protection. and. i'm sure that the central government for do anything very they can tour to. avoided that dismissive
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will be actually will reach the. the. chinese president and. on generally speaking. beijing has been. i think recalling that. the central government will not actually. tolerate any descends in hong kong and and any. me laughing their willingness to change the. the constitution of hong kong. what about the future because at china promise to respect townhomes capitalist system until the year twenty forty seven what happens after that? well and nobody knows exactly what will happen if beijing will still wants to keep that of one country two systems principle. or. eyes it was said in. and. in nineteen ninety seven that hong kong will become a normal city it and. in china like oliver. city in china i would integrate definitively the. the. dig communist system. off. continental china that's
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what a lot of people are worried about that which is for that's why you see so many young people taking time exactly because the young generation. of been expecting something to change and we've been pressing also the old opposition parties to be more. to come from the. dissension government. on the on the issue of the constitution and. it is probably why into thousand fourteen they decided to take a street and to. to make a more violent approach to. to the central government. just because i say thank you very much indeed you're welcome. that's the reason i'm here in paris now a man has been arrested in the parisi in a suburb of chi tay off to at trying to drive his car. into a group of people outside a mosque no one has been injured and the man asked failed said at to drive into the crap because they will barry is. i placed at front of the mosque and according at sea local news reports the man said he was. at trying to
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avenge attacks linked to the islamic state group attacks that of. course have killed at dozens of people in paris and in france and in. recent years and this of course will. and bring back memories of. a similar attack or what looks like a similar tack o. north london mosque at an earlier this month the fins you park mosque when a man. at drove his car into a crowd of people that as they were breaking that that fost at for ramadan. at ten people were injured. at a mass attack and so man has been arrested no one injured in that attack will bring you more details. as and when we get them. now three human rights groups are suing the french bank bnp party band accusing it of complicity in the rwandan genocide. they claim the bank numbingly approved online from the rwandan government to an arms dealer in the nineteen nineties. this is one eight hundred thousand ethnic tutsis were murdered by hutu extremists like schrager story. did a french bank helper
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when they get around a un embargo in nineteen ninety four to purchase weaponry they've used in the genocide against the nation's tootsies. that's the basis of a new lawsuit from one of three french ngos including accusations of complicity in the genocide. war crimes and crimes against humanity cinemas in. according to what we know from the. thanks. solicited by. for these funds some do not risk breaking the embargo it full shows us the bnp must've known it with the money would be going and so must have known. it would be helping in the genocide by carrying out the transfer of the from the pope bless you know the parry merged with perry dar into thousand to become today's fringe banking entity. however the one point three million dollar transferred dates back to the summer of nineteen ninety four. the ngos elijah him to cuddle currently serving a thirty five year sentence for crimes against humanity agreed to purchase eighty tons of weaponry from south african arms dealer petrous
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filem ehlers that gm. bnp would then have acted as the middle man transferring the funding from the rwandan central bank to the arms dealers swiss account. the arms with and delivered to rwanda through a border city in the neighboring democratic republic of cong. elsewhere though that being claims the trail stretches even higher. a french journalist told france twenty four of classified documents showing that paris itself loaded the rearming of hutu fighters during the conflict. if you see others him shoot the idea was that definatly government fell with the other ones were also at risk which explains this loyalty to the rwandan authorities in the early nineteen. during the genocide when hutu extremists were in charge and even often. the alcohol it's not the french army that's involved if its government the very heart of the french nation stick it all goes. up until nineteen ninety four rwanda had strong ties with franz. it was only under its current president paul kagame that the african nation has turned towards
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both the u. s. and the uk. false. the third ranking official in the vatican has been charged with historical sex abuse cardinal george pell. missed face magistrates in australia later this month the former archbishop of melbourne denies the charges he says. he's the victim of a character assassination also weevil has more. he is the highest ranking clergyman ever to be charged with sexual assault in a case that's shaking the catholic church to its cool. cardinal george pell pope francis as chief financial adviser and australia's most senior catholic will face mobile magistrates. to answer allegations of sexual assault. speaking from rome he vigorously denied any wrongdoing. bath time kissinger these charges. they are. our whole idea of sexual abuse. is at the heart of the tune. in the court proceedings now offer me an opportunity.
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to play online i am. the cardinal was missing thursday's mass having taken a leave of absence to defend himself. the vatican expressed respect for the australian justice system. prepared to stand by their man. cardinal pell has openly and repeatedly condemned as immoral and intolerable the acts of abuse committed against minors. for years the seventy six year old has been accused of mishandling cases of clergy abuse back when he was an archbishop. victims groups see this court summons as a step in the right direction. george pal is a powerful symbol in australia. and he's made himself now powerful symbol internationally as well. and he wants bad attention he seeks that attention if. he is held accountable it gives hope to survive those around the world. that anybody can be held accountable no matter what position i hold. in twenty fourteen speaking before an australian commission cardinal pell had
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made an unsavory comparison. claiming the charge was no more responsible for priests abusing children. then a trucking company for its drivers molesting women. the prime minister of iraq says that the islamic state caliphate is finished hide out of it was speaking after the cap show of the unloading it must. most soul. now in ruins the mosque is where isis found that apple back out by dante declared waves of iraq and syria under his control. back in twenty four table for more on that we can go to embroiled in northern iraq had that murdoch is a journalist for voice of america. and she's been. in mosul and damn bed. just day given what's happened out a body said earlier in the day is he right is isis finished in iraq. well i wouldn't know for very long bb and there was so heavy fighting are popular appeal. personal partly because we were limited ebola. but it's more
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alice nobel and they fled. it is almost done i mean he would collect inflated and have one but it's not quite done in that area go fighting going on. expect that by tomorrow were committed next they will be able to actually walk being treated and carry of both most about how they've been through. a lot of years. and did they underinvestment say is very symbolic in all of this as i mentioned this is where our bike that he at loans if you got the caliphate back in that twenty forty nine dead the jihadists. tried their best to destroy aids and a couple of weeks ago did you manage to see the mosque could you see what happened that. i got in the mosque and minarets with you. actually talked about with his love. off with a bottle or a rock and a new mobile web and. and it my home to get called mop you know that you've been involved distribute. yeah had been chopped letting mp three. and i wanted the duggars believe. black when people on the
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ground could be deployed reason why does that strike that mop glow to get started journalism of the iraqi coalition victory. we are all expecting black soldiers would be like union there on victory day and you do not believe in that box then follow grating. applicable mock baby bottles eight. pm lobbying or rap or did you love your problem in a victory by destroying the marked a mosque before the game. i when i civilians in mosul have paid a very high price and those that have survived a tens of thousands of them had to leave the city and any idea of when these people might be able to come. i'm. we are now and destruction won't solve it almost unbelievable when people might come home. a good good through neighborhood create recall or what. but we get o
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meaning edible thousands of people are going to be completely homophile very long are. i'm. here all alone deregulatory blitz and the people who are still watch it all through the house liquid because plumb bob people now. but we're coming back al-assad's. so if you are a you had died what you meant what people dare i say. can recapture the very large local book of old mobile. there could be another humanitarian crisis. pitfal. have them i don't thank you very much indeed. thank you. but it's time to get an update so on the day's top business news now cape mediates with us in the studio had a kite that it was a big data text also tear from his name. that's right the world's biggest tech start up incubator. has opened up its doors based in a former railway depot here in paris. station f. as it's known is going to become a high for innovation and investment. it's the brainchild of billionaire is that you know that's the man behind the low cost mobile and internet
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service free. about a thousand different start ups and thinkers will be setting up shop there. alongside more established players like facebook a microsoft as well as potential investors in the form of venture capital firms. in ideas offered me a place to think collaborate and make contacts. no present emmanuel michael has been a strong proponent of this project in particular. and the french text seen more broadly. visited the campus in central paris this thursday evening to inaugurate the facility. as government as outlined a series of business friendly reforms as well as a ten billion euros fund. dedicated to the tech secto. a reporter julie seeger was also on the scene it to give us a sneak peek. it's in this historical building in the heart of paris the exit in that has decided to create. the world's biggest tech incubator is formerly called yeah and it's hissing and today it's called station f. there are more than three thousand collaborative offices that start ups will be able to rent. a a one desk is a hundred and ninety five euros a month other
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companies will also be able. to open an office here facebook will do it attack as shop as well and a vote peavey and the business school ashes see as well. all of them will be able to use a makers. a prototype you also have. startups. what's it. clear today. really putting pair. you're reporting from station f. in paris. meanwhile the tech world is marking the ten year anniversary of an innovation which revolutionized communication. the apple iphone made its debut on june twenty ninth two thousand seven. apple hasn't sold over a billion of them. it's no longer the market leader in smartphones however and is struggling to stay ahead of low cost competitors. especially in emerging markets brian quinn explains. and they are calling it. five phone. ten years after its unveiling the iphone is one
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of the most successful products in history with over a billion units sold. the device has one button interface with an app based operating system responding to intuitive gestures change the direction of mobile phone design. and of business our expectation that we should be able to find anything anywheree a ad order it no matter where we are. has changed the way that retell works has changed the way that delivery works has changed pretty much everything about everery industry. it also changed apples fortunes since the iphone's wants apple has grown to boast the largest market capitalization of any publicly traded company in the world. over three quarters of a trillion dollars by revenues it's the world's largest tech company ahead of rival samsung by a significant margin. in twenty sixteen apple brought in two hundred sixteen billion dollars in sales for forty five billion dollars in profit. much of that succecess is thanks to iphone sales would have represented as much as nearly seventy percent of apple's total yearly revenue at their peak in twenty
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fifteen. but the market is changing samsung now leads apple in smartphone market share and growth has slowed for both giants as low cost handset makers move in to fill demand in developing economies. google's android operating system has charged past apple's ios as the dominant mobile software with over eighty five percent of the market compared to apple's nearly fourteen percent. as apple looks ahead to the iphone eight this fall investors and analysts wonder if the company can continue to deliver. consumer confidence in both the eurozone and the european union has rebounded to pre crisis levels. highest level in nearly a decade. according to an economic sentiment indicator businesses and consumers were more optimistic this june and at any other point since august two thousand and seven. year boosted by pickup in economic growth and election results you deplete the victory of the manual macklowe here in france. actions which rejected anti you parties. a conference could also encourage the european
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central bank to think about dialing back its stimulus program. minor drug he had already hinted at earlier this week. and a strong data did nothing to boost european markets was a heavy losses across the board this thursday. acts and jack jones each dropping around one point eight percent. europe continued its gains hitting a thirteen month high against the dollar. i was waiting on a major exporters in the industrial and auto sectors in particular. his losses are spilling over onto wall street as well at the nasdaq with the heaviest losses there more than one and a half percent. snp five hundred point eight in the red dow jones not far behind either. the financial sector has rallied slightly after marcus thirty four biggest banks passed the federal reserve's stress tests. tech shares are tumbling again though this thursday apple is down one point five percent a unit marks that tenure iphone anniversary. france's new government will have to cut billions of euros in spending if it's to meet its deficit target. it's the dire warning from france's public audit office
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this thursday which plentiful swung around and his ministers for overspending in the last few months of their government. a new european union guidelines public sector deficits are supposed to amount to three percent or less of a country gdp. france has yet to meet that target posting a budget shortfall of three point four percent last year and on track. three point two this year. minister at roughly one the government would have to make. that could include delaying proposed measures like doing away with housing. moving on from the days of the business headlines now. bid by twenty first century fox to take full control of sky has had a further hurdl. britain's culture so terry is that she's leaning towards referring the deal to come. authorities for a full investigation. bradley said the merger of the two media giants could give too much influence to fox had recruit murdoch and his family. the mobile has two weeks to respond to the issues raised by the communications regulator. for final decision is made. teen billion dollar deal. the american drugstore giant
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walgreens's dropped its efforts takeover rival right aid. thosose merger h had been ie works for nearly two years and was valued at six point eight billion dollars. walgreens boots alliance that it had nothing to much resistance from us regulators. said by two thousand stores and inventory right and. but india's biggest airline indigo has expressed interest in buying a stake of the state owned air indi. today after the government approved plans to privatize that struggling carrier. fishel's news civil aviation ministry said that other unnamed airlines. last again international had also purchased them. nma fail out in twenty twelve. was largely state funds. struggles. and they're all the economics are with a closing word on wall street itself kate thanks very much indeed that's if the business was taking a short break stay with us this is a frustrating
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06/29/17 06/29/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy y now! we look at something as important to all of us as health care, we can see now the trump administration is during forth the koch internetworks agenda. it is a perfect microcosm of what i try to get that in the book because it shows us that the donor network is driving the republican party, rather than its own constituents. amy: as republicans attempt to


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