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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 7, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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live from berlin. at the g 20 summit, the first ever meeting between putin and trump. the two men saying the syrian troops will begin on sunday. world leaders at the g 20 summit agreed international terrorism is a threat to all and most of them agree on the need for free and fair trade.
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no agreement on the streets of hamburg, where they have been clashes between police and anti-g 20 demonstrators. thousands more have demonstrated peacefully. ♪ >> welcome. it happened with the spirit of a first meeting between --the first meeting between donald trump and vladimir putin has produced the promise of a cease-fire in southwest syria. that cease-fire will be monitored to make sure hostilities do in and to ensure -- do end. >> today in the capital of jordan, experts from russia, usa
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agreed on a de-escalation zone in southwestern syria. it applies to the following regions. this ceasefire will begin at 9:00 midday damascus time. >> back to that much anticipated trump-to 10 meeting -- trump putin meeting which stole the spotlight of the rest of the g 20 today. the meeting went on for two hours. trump is under intense pressure at home for allegations russia interfered in the u.s. election back in 2016. something president putin denied today. let's examine this much anticipated meeting with our team of correspondence standing
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by for us in hamburg. we have our chief correspondent in washington and moscow. the plan was to have a meeting for 30 minutes, it went on for two hours. what can we read into that? >> certainly that the media went beyond the kind of general pleasantries that we heard at the outset. there was a brief few minutes of public statements at the very beginning where the leaders said how glad they were to meet. many people expected that would be more or less the gyst of the meeting. up until today, people are not sure if this would even be a real bilateral. clearly they did speak about substantial matters and they went over time. the first lady went and after about an hour and said time was
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up but nevertheless mr. putin and trump continued talking for another hour. the issues they addressed, not only syria, which is an area where they had common interest but also north korea, ukraine and that russian interference in the u.s. election. something many people thought they would not touch on. a question was asked by the press who were there to take pictures and mr. trump brushed it aside and did not answer. but later they did speak on it. >> we are going to give the views from moscow and washington. the americans called it a robust meeting, presumably meeting an agreement on a cease-fire in syria would be a good development for both countries. >> would it ever materialize,
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would it ever be implemented? this question is justified as the people of syria have had lots of premises of lots of talk. the conflict in syria was predicted to be the only common the fact that putin talks about today. terrorism is the most important issue in the u.s.-russian relationship. today was a development that was not surprising because the united states and russia negotiated on creating a de-escalation zone in syria. to r reach a cease-f-fire is onf the logical, agreed results that putin expected after his meeting with the donald trump. >> that is the view from moscow,
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what about washington? what are people saying? would a successful cease-fire in, would that help improve relations between the u.s. and russia? >> it definitely could. understand that we do need to keep in mind that those countries are involved in syria and the situation has become very complicated in the last years. a few weeks ago, the united states is shut down a syrian jet after the jets allegedly dropped the bombs near the u.s. backsliders and the russians threatened that they will consider u.s. planes in syria as potential targets. the situation is very dangerous and the united states and russia
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needed communications channels and they need cooperation in areas where they can agree so this agreement today on limited cease-fire, it is seen here as a very encouraging step. >> staying with you, briefly, the americans are saying that trump pressed putin not to interfere in american affairs. is that a cap is -- is that a tacit admission that the white house believes russia interfered in the election? >> president trump started this meeting pressing putin on this issue. there has been praised by many commentators here and many republicans i can assume would be very pleased because this
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meeting today and with what president trump said today stands in stark contrast with how he was addressing this issue in the past. >> back to moscow, presidency 10 continues -- president putin continues to deny that russia meddled in the election. there were two versions to this meeting? >> we will never know what the right version is. every side claims it is right and tells the truth. when you ask the foreign minister about russian interference, he said there was no evidence and no allegations. they stick to their version and there is no change in sight. >> thank you from moscow and
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washington. millender crane in hamburg. we were coming back to you in just a second. let's look at the rest of the news emerging from the g 20 summit in hamburg. the world's top 20 economies negotiating on a range of issues. one of the key topics of this afternoon, a session has by german chancellor angela merkel. the topic, climate change. most leaders reaffirming their cooperation on the peers, to court. terrorism also a major issue. >> it was an intensive and fascinating discussion because it became clear from various perspectives from the different
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continents that international terrorism is a threat to us all and terrorism knows no bounds. that is why there was broad consensus that the g 20 has to tackle this issue because it is a topic that also affects free trade. in that respect, we have discussed it in a intensive manner. >> back now to our chief political correspondent standing by in hamburg. the german chancellor speaking about terrorism. she also touched on climate change, u.s. president trump pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate record. does that mean that climate change is going to be the toughest challenge as if the g 20 summit for the host angela merkel? >> it is shaping up that way. although she indicated that the final communication will be
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difficult to get together on trade issues and we are hearing some instances on free and fair trade. that there is a concession to president trump,p, that is something that the u.s. has referred to in the past same trade cannot only betrayed it need to be fair as well andnd the feeling many n nations have taken adadvantage of the u.s. in mr. trump's view. angela merkel today laid the ground for a final declaration. normally one wants to have one with a few teeth, in other words with a clear step for the various member states to take going for it. in this case, he laid the groundwork for a final communication that may not be a consensus document. which may confirm that 19 members of the g 20 a firm that' -- g20 affirm that
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accord. climate change is a high priority for her. she wants a reference to a robust fight against global warming and for that reason i think the guides and advisers who accompany the heads of states, they're are going to have their work cut out for them. i don't think they will be seeing their pillows at alll. >> thank you for that. with nighttime closing in, tensions remain high on the streets of hamburg. there have been violent clashes between police and anti-g 20 different traders across the -- anti-g 20 demonstrators across
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the city today. one incident, a warning shot fired by a police officer as he was being attacked by a group of people. several buildings have been damaged. cars set ablaze and police have been using water cannons on protesters to disperse them. with hamburg tense, let's get an eyewitness account from our mat hoffman, out on the streets would be protesters. have things calm to down -- have things calmed down? >> seems to be heading for a final showdown. this is where police make sure none of the protesters, the violent protests that are inside can move to a different place.
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there was a cat and mouse game. once violence erupted in one place and the police was able to crush whatever happened, the protesters moved on to a different place and violence erupted there. there was more concentrated in multiple spots. you saw there was pictures of fires burning and firefighterers trying to do something about it and those water cannons as well. >> are good police and protesters, what you are telling us is there may be more concentration, is that what people are bracing themselves for every moment? >> our experience is, the later it gets, the worse it gets. also taking into account the protesters have been doing this for quite some time. the question is, when will they run out of forces, i talked to
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them and they said we are out to get revenge on the police because they did not let us finish of the only authorized protest march we had on thursday. whether this made a difference, it is hard for us to tell but apparently they want to go for it. >> next hoffman in central hamburg. plenty to still come on this program.
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>> welcome back. our top story at the moment, the much anticipated meeting between presidents trump and putin at the g 20 summit in hamburg has produced a result. the prospect of a cease-fire. that these are expected to begin sunday. for the g 20 counting for three quarters of global trade, there are called to keep global trade
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free and open. >> the heads of the world's largest emerging economies are calling for g 20 leaders to guarantee the economy -- as the global economy remains open. and ththere was a call to contie a rules-based multilateral trading system. this in the face of statements made by u.s. president donald trump. the brics group is made up of india, russia, china and south africa. german chancellor angela merkel says she wants global trade to not only be free but also fair. here's what she said. >> on the topic of trade, most here agree that we need free and fair trade. he does eto and its importance
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was once again on the line here but i'm sure for the final declaration with regard to trade -- the wto and its importance was once again on the line here but i'm sure for the final declaration with regard to trade it will go well. >> the biggest emerging economies advocating free markets. with the rest of the g 20, there's our reporter. correspondent: the first day of the g 20 summit here in hamburg was full of messages, some very clear and some very loud. brics group of nations say they continue to be committed to free trade and multilateral agreements against what the united states has been imposing. this shows us how divided the country seem to be. -- countries seem to be.
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left behind is the flagship of the german presidency. this was supposed to spur investment in certain african countries, but it seems to be ea second priority and will have center stage tomorrow when discussions on the african project continue. >> broadly positive news from the u.s. economy. data from june showing a rebound in unemployment, the country adding 200,000 jobs. rates growth missed expectations, continuing a prolonged theory of slow gains. the spinning power of the average american is key to the federal reserve decision to hike interest rates, which their claim to be one more time before the end of the year. for more, let's cross over to our man on wall street. more jobs in the u.s.
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economy, but wages are stuck, what is wall street make of that? >> a little bit of a miracle to investors and economists because overall the job market report is fairly strong in june, around 40,000 jobs. were created than expected and pretty much in all sectors you see those industries created jobs. even after five weaker months, in the retail industry, job got created. when explanation why wages are not being raised is companies are hiring younger people and not offering as many midsized jobs, also their productivity levels are not that high, that might be another reason why wages are not that high. the job market rose solid and we saw a good day here on wall
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street. we also finished the week high. >> earnings season is kicking off next week, tell us what investors are expecting? >> overall, we are expecting we will seeee an average profit increase of about 6.5% revenue increase. 4.5% for the companies being traded in the s&p 500. we should not forget one of the main reasons why the stock market remains on fire is because of corporate america doing pretty well in the third quarter of last year, we ended the so-called earnings recession so now we're in the fourth consecutive quarter where revenue and profits are increasing and that has been a huge driver of the stock market overall. it depends on this earnings season if the stock market has more room to move to the upside, especially if the big banks will start with their earnings next
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week with wells fargo, citigroup and j.p. morgan come out with their earnings reports. >> thank you. >> german engineering conglomerate siemens says it has set up a task force to investigate why -- russia annexed crimea from ukraine in 2014 and the reason is subject to european union sections, preventing eu firms from providing crimea with energy technology. now for some pricey fruit, high integrates has set record prices -- high grapes have set record prices. ruby roman grapes, it took 14 years to develop this variety.
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producers plan to ship about 26,000 bunches of the great before the season ends -- grapes before the season ends in late september. >> to german politics, 11 more weeks to go before people here in germany go to the polls. it is time to catch up with the latest leg of our election vote trip. we are taking a look at the big election issues ahead of september's vote. they are on a road trip visiting cities and towns across the country. this week they have been to the western city of cologne to find out how islam is changing the country. cologne situated in the state of north wind risk failure --north rhine-westphalia which is home to germany 3 million muslim. > he says it is time to expa.
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the muslim community here is growing, in part because of the influx of muslim refugees and he wants his mosque to grow with a sysymbolic minaret. >> if you approve a church building, you would not say you cannot have a tower on top. with that in mind, you have to say, we have a mosque, it has already y been a proof -- been approved so a mere net has to be possible -- miranet has to be possible too. >> a mosque without a minaret is like a modern home with no doorbell or name o outside. how can i find it? a doorbell -- >> a doorbell and a name, something like thihis small wita
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minaret. the muslim community here dates back to the 19th, when turkish guestworkers -- 1960's when turkish guestworkers came to work in the mines. they worked side-by-side with the locals but when the word came to a halt, the community grew apart. >> i don't have anyththing agait of their religion, but a a hugea ststructe backck therere, it jut doesn't fit. >> ever since erdogan came to power, there has been a split among turks, whether they are living here or living in turkey. you cannot ignore what has been happening in recent years. also in turkey. journalists are still behind bars, that cannot b be and now erdogan wants to hold rallies here.
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it is click -- >> it isis clear polititical tensioions between tururkeand germany are adding fuel to the fire and both sides are suspicious. she has s watched this i increag popolarization with concernened. > i think both sides are overwhelmed. this comommunity has been living in a parallel society for 40 years. they meet t with cityy representatives 3-4 titis a y yr baby onn that there is in a discourse -- but beyond that there is no discourse. >> he says his mosque has no link to the turkish p presidentr his politics.. he's expected to put in the paperwork for building the mosque and expanding the marinette as soon as possible -- miranet. he says it is open to muslims and all non-muslim whether they
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support the marinette or not. >> we leave you with the song "go t -- ode to joy." you're watching dw news. stay with us if you can't. -- if you can. ♪ ♪ nding to the u. s..
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world leaders convene for the g. twenty some. and the gemini high on the agenda terrorism climatate change in trade. the night the two day talks. but at least two hours you s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin. engaged in the first face to face talk that's against the backdrop of a hosted enquiries into troms alleged links with russia. and his roundup rhetoric against russia's so called destabilizing activities in recent days


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