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tv   DW News  LINKTV  July 10, 2017 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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from berlin. the violence at the g-20 summit. hundreds of police injured. the interior minister of germany comparing the rioters to neo-nazis and terrorists. there were clashes in which over 500 police officers were hurt. the government is defending the zero-tolerance policy of police. also, china's most famous local prisoner is critically ill, but the government will not let him
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go abroad for treatment. tonight, the renowned artist ai weiwewei is urging them to not forget human rights. iraq's second-largest city is free tonight. the prime minister officially declares victory in mosul. tonight we will ask how much life is left in i.s. in iraq. ♪ brent: i am brent goff. it is good to have you with us. tonight, the german government is defending the security operation at the g-20 summit in hamburg. there were violent clashes between police and protesters with arson and looting. it ended with nearly 500 police officers injured and more than
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400 protesters arrested. ministers want to crack down on west wing -- left-wing extremists and call for better data sharing to track them. reporter: even as he seems of violence in hamburg looked chaotic, the writers were well prepared. -- rioters were well prepared. there was call for a crackdown. >> justice for right was -- right wing extremists much's -- reporter: one such safe haven is said to be -- it's accused of supporting left-wing extremists. rioters from outside of germany also took part. several hundred to part from
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europe. >> we absolutely need better cooperation across the spectrum. of public safety in europe. . this is riot tourism and we see it all across europe. we also haveve to ththink aboutt wewe can do together.r. reporter:: j just how violent te extrtremists were e can be seeen this footage. momolotov cocktailss and stones were thrown to officers from a roof. neararly high -- 500 police officers were injured. the german chancellor thanked security forces for their work. >> here we would have to provide better equipment in the future and increasing number of people who work in the security services. all this has made of the core of our policycy in recent years and months but it must be continued. reporter: the german government
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now wants to quickly provide financial aid to the victims. as soon as he anarchists were gone and local residents began clearing out the aftermath. brent: here in the studio is our correspondent. let's look at where we are today. we have hamburg cleaning up from the violence and you have politicians in berlin almost blaming each other for how the violence was handled. is this going to be a political issue? because we have an election around the corner. guest: domestic security issues have already been an issue in germany. last year we saw the first terrorist attack in germany, we have the refugee crisis going on , and the failure of g german security authorities. these incidents in hamburg of course at up to this sentiment of domestic security has to be
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tackled in some way, especially some conservative politicians are trying to get leverage in this as they know the mayor of hamburg is a social democrat. he is the deputy leader of the party and he has a reputation to lose. he has built himself a reputation for being a law and order man. all that have called for the mayor to step down are coming from this. on the other side, angela merkel knows what is at stake. the g-20 summit was closely connected to her name. we have seen this already today, when very close politicians to her already backed the hamburg mayor. brent: that is one part of the discussion. the other part is, where did the writers come from? -- rioters come from?
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that brings up the subject of border controls. is that going to be a discussion that will l be rekindled?? rupert: someone trying this already. there has been some border controls in front of the g-20 summit. there has to be free travel within europe at the european borders with the inside borders of europe. that's what the agreement says. before the summit they were border controls, more than 600,000 people were controlled. several hundred were even stopped. on the other side you have to see this is a country where there still is the rule of law. when of the core values of the european union is free travel. you cannot just stop anyone from going anywhere as long as they are a european citizen. in the end, the problem here was
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the e ones were stopped, there s clear evidence they were going to do something or clear evidence that they were planning something in hamburg. several hundreds of thousands of others had to go freely because there was no clear evidence of them. brent: all right. rupert, figuring much. rupert: -- thank you very much. brent: chinese doctors are working urgently to save the nation's most prominent dissident. there have been international calls for him to be allowed to go abroad for treatment of the chinese government has rejected it. there was also a leaking of a video made in german specialists visited his hospital bed. reporter: a nobel peace prize laureate critically ill and a chinese hospital. german and american specialists are at his bedside. german visitors agreed these
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images would not be made public but someone leaked them. the german embassy in beijing has been critical of chinese authorities. they were meant to prove that he is being treated well but cannot be transported. but for experts say he can leave. the hospital is ready to receive them. he and his wife want to leave china. and the german government wants them to come here. >> i can assure you this tragic case is a great concern of the chancellor and he would like the -- reporter: but beijing says this is a matter for it to decide. we hope that other countries will respect chinese judicial independence and not take advantage of a single case and middle in china's internal affairs. he was awarded the nobel peace prize for his nonviolelent strugglele for human rights. he was already in jail,
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sentenced to 11 years in prison in 2009. his seat in oslo remained empty. brent: a long-standing friend and supporter is the renowned artist i huawei -- we visited him to find out what he thinks about his friend's predicament. >> thank you for joining us. you have been friends for decades. have you had a chance to talk to him or his family since he is out of prison? >> he is not exactly out of prison. he's still under heavy official surveillance with security in a very restricted hospital. so, i have no contact with them. >> the spokesman with the german
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chancellor said mrs. merkel would like to see a signal of humanity for him and his family feared in your opinion -- and his family. in your opinion, will the chinese government send the signal? >> i really think this is a hope everyone would like to have, but very unlikely it is going to happen. i hope it is going to happen. it really depends on international pressure. let's see. >> do you think the german government is actually doing enough to shine a light on the situation of dissidents in china? >> i think the german government did a lot but not enough. i hohope they can -- as much as
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they love the panda. the government is so pleased about this panda, but this human, his value, it's noit just for chinese, but human beings all over the world. i hope the german government understands this, or makes really strong, demanding, protects human rights. >> what kind of signal should mrs. merkel send? which are the -- what should the german government do right now? >> i think the german government should understand human rights as the foundation for any kind of relationship.
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if they won't make deals with china, they better take care of their human rights principle. any government sacrifices principles also will be remembered. without people like him, there is no future. they make great deals with china business. demanding those principles. there's no future. no future for china. no future for the world. >> thank you for being with us. brent: in other news, nato has reiterated its accord for ukraine. the secretary-general promised material support for the country as well as the prospect of starting talks on joining nato. he offered aid in the form of equipment for combating cyber
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attacks. he also called on russia to withdraw his report for separatists eastern ukraine. russia has thousands of troops in the east of the country, a claim moscow denies. a london court has given the parents of a terminally ill alloy a chance -- ill boy a chance to present fresh evidence their son should get experimental treatment. they say their son should be allowed to travel to the u.s. for medical care. the boys known as baby charlie suffers from a genetic disease that makes it possible to breathe without a ventilator. the hospital treating charlie says experimental treatment is unjustified and might cause him more suffering. here are more stories making headlines. inrush of the kremlin says it was unaware of a meeting last year between donald trump junior
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and a lawyer with weeks -- links to the russian government. the new york times reported that trump junior took the meeting after he was promised damaging information about hillary clinton. the north korean president kim jong-un has taken part in celebrations to mark his nation's recent successful missile launch. in pyongyang tens of thousands attended a concert in his honor. last week's test launched a dangerous new milestone for the nuclear-armed regime. a fresh round of u.n.-sponsored peace talks between the syrian government and operational leaders are underway. the united nations syrian envoy said a cease-fire brokered by russia, the u.s. and jordan appears to be broadly holding. the civil war in syria has entered its seventh. -- 70 year. -- seventh year.,
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still to come, the latest additions from the -- the samples of bauhaus architecture. daniel will be here with business headlines. we are back in 60 seconds. ♪
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♪ brent: welcome back here with "dw news." the german government has defended the policice operation against protesters at the g-20 summit in hamburg last week. the interior minister wants to crack down on what he calls left wing extremists. iraq's prime minister is formally declared victory over so-called islamic state in the strategic northern city of mosul. , earlier --
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clashes had been reported where a few dozen jihadist holding out. mosul was the last stronghold of the islamic state in iraq. reporter: iraqi prime minister greeted by jubilant crowds in mosul. he has come to the city to declare victory over the so-called islamic state after almost nine months of fierce fighting. celebrations broke out all over the one-time stronghold of the extremist group. >> from here in the heart of a free and liberated mosul, we announce absolute victory for iraq and all iraqis. all the sacrifices of the iraqis -- today's victory is a crowning achievement for all iraqis to a far for years. reporter: mosul has paid a heavy price by the three-year occupation by i.s.
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in some areas practically every building lies in ruins. thousands have been killed and millions displaced. many survivors had to leave their dead relatives behind. this boy shown in footage from kurdish broadcasters was among the lucky ones. after waiting for death in a basement for 20 days, he is now free, the wounded and undernourished. -- though wounded and undernourished. civilians are desperate need of water,, shelter, and medical care. the united nations says -- thousands of homes need to be repealed before they can return home. these residents are happy to be back in their favorite cafe. i.s. had closed it during its
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occupation. although glad to be liberated, the government now has a long to do list. >> now we want reconstruction. we want contractors to come. they have to bring services and employ people. everyone is jobless. we want to rebuild the city. reporterer: the victory has beea major blow to jihadists, but not a fatal one. in other parts of iraq, i.s. still holds large swaths of territory. brent: daniel is here with the latest business news. you say the german economy is way too strong? daniel: but it's a criticism that has been around for years. germany's trade surplus is here to stay and trading partners are not happy. exports have been rising for five months in a row.. the data has beat expectations joint exports rising by about 1.5% over the previous month.
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the value of german goods sold in other countries past 110 billion euros, up more than 14%. imports also grew, but not by enough to balance germany's highly resized trade surplus. inmate it bounced back up to 20 billion euros. these are not just empty figures. , for decades -- for decades, germany has pushed for free and open commerce. it is now selling a lot for not buying a lot in return. that bothers donald trump who says germany's free trade is not fair trade. german firms say it is hardly their fault for making good products that sell well. reporter: the united states is the world's top customer or medical equipment from southern germany. rudolph medical makes surgical instruments for american
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hospitals and is just one of the many foreign suppliers to the u.s. health care my market --health care market. this is a high-tech device that can be used for knee surgery and most are sold in the u.s. people here do not feel threatened by the protectionist threats coming out of washington. >> we have about 400 companies in the area of manufacturing high-t-tech productcts and they won't just disappear if mr. trump p doesn't want their business. there are plenty of other countries waiting to get their hands on our technology. reporter: among the many highly specialized firms is faber instruments. along with its surgical tools, they have developed a breakthrough silicon handles. once again, the u.s. is the biggest market. the company is counting on other markets like brazil and india to take up the slack should trump close a door to the u.s. they also have another plan. >> if trump closes the borders,
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we can no longer survive united states are finished products. butt we could deliver c compones to ourur partners in the u.s. le the auto in history does. -- auto industry does. it could then be assembled in the u.s. reporter: brown is another firm that has long been active in the u.s. it has factories around the world including the u.s. >> we think we are well-positioned in the u.s. we already produce 80% of the goods we sell fair in country and we''re still i investing. even before trump was elected we had already decided to put 200,000 new euros into business. reporter: manufacturers of high quality medical technology products in germany also have a long track record of innovation. a major advantage, as questions
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loom over the future of free trade. daniel: this was a terrible fight that greeted is this owners on saturday morning. city officials say violent protests against the teacher -- g-20 summit for most -- cost local businesses 18 million euros. thousands helped clean up. the clashes escalated friday when rioters broke window, set cars on fire and looted shops. many businesses closed her doors for the rest of the weekend. there has been some damage done elsewhere, namely to america's reputation. jens, 20 countries all signed up in favor of free trade but president trump showed himself to be reluctant. should the u.s. fear getting left behind? jens: so far at least people on wall street and overall the country seem to be pretty relaxed.
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yes, trade is important, but it is more important to have trade relations. if you look at exports, they only account for 13% overall u.s. gdp, so exports are not as important to the u.s. as they are for other nations. we have to wait to see what the u.s. administration is really doing. will there be terrorists? --tariffs? a trade war? no one seems to be nervous. one thing is for sure -- trade is usually good for everyone. daniel: teslas model three has rolled off the production line. did investors rejoice? jens: yes, the stock increased a little bit after losing a good 13% in the past week. overall the numbers look pretty amazing. if the plans will be achieved,
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then tesla will build more battery-powered vehicles next we're than all other automakers have built in the past year. the big question on wall street is can they deliver? will it be possible to have mass production of those vehicles? that remains the big question when it comes to tesla. daniel: thank you very much. that is all your business. brent: thank you very much. ancient caves in west germany back to the ice age are the latest world heritage sites hosted by the united nations cultural agency. archaeologists see the carvings include the oldest known image of doing the. reporter: some 40,000 years ago, ice age huhunter gatherers soft refufuge in thesee caves. -- saught refuge in these caves.
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archaeologists have been looking for what the early people might have left behind. these sites contain the earliest examples of art. things made from bone and mammoth ivory. >> this represents the very start ofof the devevelopment inr of the homo s sapiens. here before that for a few hundred thousand years we had nothing. then today's people arrived and what a control -- cultural entrance and w was. -- it was. these caves are without doubt the mostst outstanding cultural achievements in the history of humankind. reporter: the most famous of the more than 50 figurines found -- ththe curvaceous of venus, the oldest known depiction of a human, carved third -- carved 40,000 years ago from ivory. another piece -- the lion man,
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found during excavations. this half man half lion hybrid creature was reassembled from more than 300 fragments. the lion man provides a glimpse into the spiritual world of the last ice age. brent: after a short break i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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. back to france twenty four you watching life compariso. on a disk. it's nine pm in the fan but in the headlines our. the islamic state group has been defeated in mosul the official declaration of victory made by iraq's prime minister haidar al abadi. donald trumps of the junior defends his decision to meet with a russian lawyer during the election campaign. the president's eldest son the brushing off the significance of the meeting in a tweet. saying it went nowhere but he had to liste. wned china's best known political prisoner is in critical condition. beijing or booting out allowing sixty one year old do each show both to leave the country. to seek treatment for late


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