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tv   France 24  LINKTV  July 28, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome to france 24, you're watching live from paris. it is 1:00 p.m. in the french capital. tensions run high in jerusalem as worshipers make their way back to the mosque compound for friday prayers. bar mensecurity forces under the age of 50 from entering the sites. pakistan's prime minister steps ,own from office, nawaz sharif this after family's wealth and
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not match earnings reports. down close toshot mecca. -- saudi arabia accuses iran. ♪ >> tensions are running high in jerusalem as worshipers make their way to the mosque compound for friday prayers, following plans for palestinians to protest this friday. under pressure and removed metal detectors and barricades from the compound which were directed following the killing of two israeli policemen. the move sparked some of the worst clashes in years. for more on the story we go
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across to our correspondent, in jerusalem, -- what more can you tell us? >> i can tell you that tensions remain high, friday prayers are longer than usual today. end.are now, coming to an men under 50 who were not able to enter the mosque, once again praying in the streets near israel he checkpoints. the city is in lockdown. east jerusalem at any rate. the palestinian side of the city is in lockdown. it is difficult to move around. they came to the nearest checkpoint to the old city and that was where they prayed. when that happened last week, immediately as soon as the prayers were over, rioting began. the prayers in the streets have not taken as long as the prayers inside the mosque. some of those prayers in the street are over and there is not the kind of writing that we saw last week. that does not mean that it won't develop because it did develop later in the afternoon but i recall watching what happened in
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one area where people were praying in the street last week and it was immediate. perhaps that is a sign if you can redesign in this tense city, that it will be at a slightly -- that it won't be at such a high level. the flames won't be as high today because of the palestinian victory in returning the situation to the way it was on july 14. it an you really call victory now that men under 50 have not been allowed into the site? >> i think overall it is a victory for the palestinians and that is how they regarded. men under 50 not allowed into the site at various times for various reasons, for security reasons, because israel site, theyontrol the are responsible for security, and they make those decisions. the demands of the mosque officials were met and they, the
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officials have said, that israel allow all meant to pray and not interfere with worshipers. of the pastdemands those go weeks were met yesterday and the last obstacles will remove and that is why prayers have resumed. the police presence is huge and it is still tense but we will have to see what develops this afternoon. more likely in the suburbs, they areas -- the areas in the palestinian suburbs more than in the city itself. >> in a separate story, a diplomatic spat is brewing between jordan and israel. wants the shooting of two jordanians to be properly investigated. the immunity granted by israel be lifted? >> that is a complicated story because it is understood that it
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was a deal with the king of jordan over this incident in embassy guardli shot to jordanians, one of whom attacked him and one who did not. two jordanians, one of whom attacked them and one who did not. israel was able to remove security paraphernalia that had been demanded by palestinian worshipers. it is very much tied to the story but because of the way it has been handled, which has been criticized inside israel as well, it claims that jordan is not happy. greetednister netanyahu the returning security guard and there was film of this and the jordanian king has called this populism. the king went to the mou rning tent of the jordanians that were killed. jordan is demanding a proper
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investigation and a proper inquiry and a trial since they released this man into israeli custody but it is not clear whether that is going to happen and also, what will repair relations between the two countries right now? this is a diplomatic crisis. >> thank you very much for the update. reporting from jerusalem. hasther news, nawaz sharif stepped down as prime minister of accident. he was disqualified from office. the ruling comes after an investigative panel alleged the wealth of the prime minister's family did not match their earnings. papers leak showed that the family used offshore companies to buy high-end london apartments. we have the story. pakistan'sfor opposition. after the supreme court pronounced its unanimous verdict. the prime minister stands disqualified. >> evidence against nawaz sharif
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has put the last nail in the coffin. it is a victory for justice. >> the ruling delivered by a five-member investigative panel forced nawaz sharif to resign. in a statement's office announced that he had stepped down despite having serious reservations about the judicial process. we may have lost one decision today but we have one on two issues elsewhere. if we look at pakistan's democratic and political situation now we are not surprised by this but saddened. hase minister nawaz sharif always been successful in politics, history, and among the people. >> the verdict punctuates a year of political controversy unleashed by the panama papers leaked which revealed the 'svolvement of nawaz sharif children in the purchasing of
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high-end offshore property. they denied wrongdoing and say they are victims of a conspiracy. investigators say the wealth of the family had far exceeded earnings and they have called for criminal investigations. party must now choose a interim prime minister to rule until the general election next year. --nawaz sharif that this will destabilize the country. >> a ballistic mr. filed by yemeni rebels was shot down close to mecca on thursday. -- saudis a month officials say this was a deborah -- a desperate attempt to disrupt pilgrimage to mecca. we will on this story bring in the chief editor of
5:39 am clearly fingers have been pointed here to iran. we need to go back a to the system -- it becomes clear that the missile was affected with the who effective withas the htouthi rebels. the military camp was under control of militants.
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also soldiers who controlled the guard. throughitical camp grew -- [inaudible] means, taking over this military camp, is a new development by the resistance and also for the coalition by saudi arabia. this comes as a reaction. arabiaderstand why saudi would have shot down this missile because it affects the security. >> it is not the first time. >> you and investigators have accused the saudi led military coalition in yemen of carrying out a deadly boat attack in
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march on somali migrants. migrant pose a threat to saudi arabia's security? war, there is a lot of confusion happening. >> there is confusion. >> we wrote about this. they had to care and be more , when they strike, if it is military or innocent people. , [inaudible] mistake, it is a big -- we advised and
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wrote against this. [inaudible] smugglingattack and people, especially the area around the red sea, like somalia , and other areas to go out of yemen, also this area is used by the militants to smuggle weapons and missiles. missile, long-range, 2000 -- two saudi arabia, -- >> we will have to leave it there. thank you very much for joining us. has responded to fresh sanctions from the united states. the number ofd diplomats cut in russia and they have 60's -- they of seize control of a recreational
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retreat. forcing the president to take a hard stance on moscow. president trump can veto legislation but not without frustrating members of his own party. the eu is worried that it will affect the energy supply. efforts to repeal parts of obama care have died. senate republicans have failed to pass a skinny repeal. the amendment was seen as a last resort to passing anything to trigger negotiations with the house. two republicans including john mccain joined democrats in voting no. >> we will not give up. we will not give up. >> for the supporters of obamacare protesting outside capitol hill the war may not be over but the latest battle is won. senate,majority in the toublicans have failed overturn president obama's signature affordable care act.
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three republicans crossed party lines to defeat the bill. >> this is clearly a disappointing moment. from skyrocketing costs to plummeting choices and collapsing markets, our constituents have suffered through an awful lot under obamacare. i regret that our efforts were simply not enough. this time. removedill would have fines for those who chose not to buy health insurance and would no longer have required large businesses to provide health care for their employees but unlike previous bills, it would have kept intact key elements of obamacare, among them the planned expansion of medicaid, the government's health insurance program for the country's poorest. rejection of this skinny repeal deals a serious blow to president trump. deep divisionsre
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within the republican party with hardliners demanding more severe thatand moderates afraid they're more vulnerable constituents could lose health care. getn years after vowing to rid of obamacare, the gop is in disarray. response via's twitter, "just sit and wait for obamacare to implode." time to get the top stories live from paris. tensions run high in jerusalem as worshipers are back in the mosque compound for mott -- for friday prayers. men under the age of 50 barred from entering the site. aftersharif resigning pakistan's supreme court called for his dismissal. this after his family's wealth did not match their earnings in an investigation link to revelations to the panama papers. fired byic missile
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yemeni rebels shot down close to my cap on thursday. saudi arabia and authorities accusese iran of trying to disrt pilgrimage. a busy week in the united states with corporate earnings. one of the companies making a buzz, amazon. >> that is right. jeff bezos became the richest man and the world for a fleeting moment. investors got overexcited ahead of the earnings reports. the online retailer underperformed. investors have been intrigued by the low profit high investment business model but can it last? >> sales remain strong. the costs of massive expansion have hit profits at amazon. the second quarter of 2017 plummeted by nearly 80%
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compared to the same. last year. shares fell by nearly 3% after the news was announced. investors are not abandoning the world's a guest online retailer yet. is not making a lot of money. the market is saying, at some point in time, they will generate so much market share that they can set their own prices. long-term growth at the cost of short-term profit is nothing new for amazon. at the moment, outlays are high in areas such as io for its streaming service and recruitment. amazon's global workforce has swelled to nearly 400,000 and nearly tens of thousands more will be hired on the spot at job fairs that take place across the u.s. next wednesday. elsewhere amazon is set to spend around $14 billion to purchase american grocery giant, whole foods. this aggressive expansion is
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being partly funded by strong sales from web services. this subsidiary which offers storage in the cloud will soon expand in france, sweden, and china. >> moving on now to a big shakeup in transatlantic air travel. air france announced thursday it is buying 31% of virgin atlantic. that means that for the first time ever richard branson will give up his majority stake in the airline he founded. this makes them the second -- largest shareholder in the business. in transatlantic travel. the deal comes as air france announced positive earnings for the second quarter thanks to solid demand for air travel. we are seeing a lot of reaction on the markets to the earnings reports that we have seen throughout the week. tech stocks on wall street. down -- barclays
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reported a loss of 1.4 billion pounds. it shares were down around 1% as well. the euro is rising against the dollar again today. figures show that eurozone economic confidence is at a 10 year high. a short while ago the euro was up three tens of a percent against the dollar. let's look at other business news that we are following. starbucks has closed its biggest deal ever. the coffee giant has bought out chinese partners for $1.3 billion to take full ownership of all china outlets. 2000 storesown across china which is the fastest-growing market outside of the u.s.. betterss bank perform than expected in the second quarter. as assetsged 78% under management hit a record high. this was the result of a three-year restructuring program aimed at becoming more
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resistant. adidas is up as well. the german athletics company says its strong sportswear sales and a more streamlined brand are to thank for the 28% net income growth they are expecting this year. finally, nissan led global vehicle sales. the alliance which includes mitsubishi, sold more than 5 million cars around the world from january to june. they beat out volkswagen which was followed by toyota. finally, what looks like a bad omen for the future of petrol. it comes from an unexpected source. he is probably the last person you would expect. but this is a man of surprises. come september he says he will trade is diesel car for an electric car. he told bloomberg this week that
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the electric auto industry is one of the only ways to keep global temperatures down. shell is bracing itself for a lower oil forever price environment by the end of the decade and will be shifting to natural gas and renewable energy. it could be spelling out the end of oil. can take public transport like you and me. thank you very much for that. time now for the press review. ♪ onset, good to see you. we are starting out here in france where the president has moved to nationalize france's biggest shipyard in the west of the country. >> that story is on the front page in several newspapers. thatewspaper reminds us this is temporary and comes after a long standoff between the french government and
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italy's state own company. under a previous agreement the company was to take 65% and france had a former korean owner of the shipyard but soon after taking office emmanuel macron changed his mind and threatened to nationalize the company unless italians agreed to a 50-50 ownership split. >> how will the press react? >> reactions in the french press are mixed. some hold it as a bold move that makes sense politically and economically. argue the temporary nationalization which is expected to cost 80 million euros will help her checked jobs -- will help protect jobs and strengthen the country. some others disagree and say that this says a -- this sends a bad idea to the business community. that nationalization could do
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more harm than good and could undermine european cooperation at a time when france needs a strong europe. >> what could be the impact of this nationalization on franco italian relations? >> it says it could harm relations between paris and rome. italians are critical. that this is the old french face. venezuela, where the vote is pressing ahead for sunday? this is after months of opposition to an -- to him. >> the washington post called it a coup of the people. they are voting a new constituents assembly which would have the power to vote over all other bodies. the washington post is very critical saying the government is trying to dismantle what
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remains of the country's demo at a concert to establish a regime resembling cuba. >> how are others reacting? >> the press is divided. some say the vote is illegal and goes against the interest of venezuelans. no matter what the outcome is, on sunday the opposition will not give up. you can see the the headline here, we will continue. argues aisagrees and very pro-government piece. this will pave the way for a better and more democratic venezuela. one that takes its fate into its own hands and breaks free from american imperialism. >> switching gears to senegal. wrapping up a heated campaign ahead of sunday's elections. >> tensions are running high in the country.
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the election has turned into a referendum on the president. there have been by clashes between supporters of the president and supporters of the former president. >> the campaign has been marred by allegations of fraud? in thee's been a delay production of biometric identity cards which are meant to function as voting cards. anyone with a valid id will be able to vote but members of the opposition fear that this will lead to fraud and confusion at the polls. >> on a lighter note, south korea has a new president and a new first lady and first dog. , one of the campaign promises was to adopt a dog from an animal shelter. the dog was rescued by an animal rights group campaigning against the consumption of dog meat in
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asia. the dog is seen as sending a strong message against the trade and one more fun fact, last week the minority justice to -- the minority justice party of the president says the gift should not be seen as a bribe -- the gift was for the dog. >> thank you very much. you can check out previous editions of the press review on our website, at we're taking a short break. live from paris continues. stay with us.
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