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you're seeing a. live from paris of frustrated full i've never sell at the top stories this hour. racism is evil and the kkk off thugs us president donald trump condemns far right extremists over saturday's violence in virginia. making his second statement softest first was criticized for being too vague. french and sicken nadine nationals among the eighteen victims of a jihadist attack in the king of france i a restaurant was targeted by government. in the capital would be digging. and the death toll continues to rise following a huge mud slides outside the capital city of sierra leone. by rescue teams are battling to reach survivors trapped off the top of the mountain.
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collapsed . the us president donald trump. condemned a far right group sima saturday's violence in charlottesville virginia. you called me a nazis members of the kkk and white so assists criminals and thugs. one pessimist killed and twenty injured when a man drove his car into a group of anti racism protest is here with that. to denounce a march organized by under the bonnet unite the right this was trumps second statement sums his festers condemned for failing. to single out far right groups you fed instead to violence on all sides. carl brown has the story. idly criticized over the weekend for is equivocal response to saturday's violence in charlottesville.
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us president donald trump came out on monday with a stronger condemnation of the far right activists. racism is evil. and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. including the kkk. we are nazis white supremacists. and other hate groups. that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. trump's response was aimed at putting an end to the mounting backlash against the president you. as reluctant criticize far right extremists. many of whom supported him in his presidential campaign last year. and this cabinet includes members of the far right such as white house chief strategist steve bonham. the latest wave of racial tensions erupted when activists protested against the removal of confederate statues. many of which are associated with slavery and the segregation itself. some of the people protesting were wearing the
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garb of the ku klux klan. others don trump's campaign baseball caps. donald trumps response makes clear one thing that he is exactly the same person who ran for president. openly courting the support of white supremacists be only appropriate reaction from the president of the united states after an event like yesterday been to say this. i think other people yesterday wearing hats with my presidential slogan i saw them chanting my name. not only do i denounce that i don't want their support and i don't want their boat. trump's reticence as protests turned violent on the week. triggered a wave of condoms. both political parties. his attorney general jeff sessions said earlier on monday that the attack in which a car plowed into a group of counter protesters. killing one person and injuring many more. does meet the definition of domestic terrorism. meanwhile the have been nabbed phrase for peace on
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the pacific islands off of guam which has been caught in the middle of a fiery exchange between us presidents at donald trump and the regime. in north korea pyongyang warned it had plans to attack and the islands which is home to thousands of american troops but us generals have been. playing down the threat of rule. war in recent days because of it has more. an island paradise in the middle of the pacific ocean. guam now finds itself in the cross hairs of north korea. in recent days pyongyang has threatened to launch missiles at the u. s. territory. seeking to reassure island residents and tourists the guy. one it's been no change to the islands threat map. add account also welcome to president trump's tough talk on north korea. willie has to be countered very strong. very strongly. and up and sometimes a bully can only speak stuffed. with a punch in the nose.
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but many residents say they're worried. they held that peace rally to read in the world. more than. kim military bases. it's a big threat. and we're trying to show. the world that the here he. people and we don't want wire here we go on. one in north korea. or anywhere else in the world and. our leaders. this is a call for peace. a definite must view it as a systemic reason to look. if we want to get involved in the sense that people want should have a say. and we do not currently have. a third of the island is owned by the u. s. military. houses the naval and air force bases. six thousand servicemen are stationed there permanently. along with the fleet of nuclear submarines and combat aircraft. well let me let you on the knees and a french presidents emmanuel macro
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has promised to help west african states fights terrorism auction attack on the night in the confess i'. at least eighteen people including at least one french citizen were killed when gunmen attacked a restaurant in the capital would be digging. both assailants were then killed by security forces. i came across a face is sporadic attacks by jihadists including last year when thirty people were shot dead on the same stree. in another attack on restaurants today city residents are in shock. look into my eyes in the low so that we just finished eating we left the restaurant and we are waiting outside for the driver. and then we had the shooting. i would have you know grown without first we saw it was a robbery. but it's not obvious dates something entirely different. and i. we saw was happening. is just so much worse because they're still clients stuck inside. with his band is from god knows where the key. to solving it only to understate. yesterday's attack in the king afonso highlights the
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ongoing danger posed by jihadist groups in the sahel region. which straddles several states francaise sent thousands of troops to try and defeat jihadist groups but as lynn sherr gonna report such groups off arriving. in a region that is marked by poverty and lawlessness. it's the beginning of twenty thirteen her and french president francois alone has just launched operations of al. the target how carteret north africa and its local allies which it taken over northern mali. the difference beats the extremists into submission on the ground in just a few months. but political perseverance doesn't follow the military victory. take that operations the ground. ground forces though to give an. operation several becomes operation baclaran in july two. teen. the combined military presence designed to track the extremists and prevent attacks across five states. mauritania mali ninja chat and burkina folsom. there's just one problem.
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troop numbers have fallen from five to three and a half thousand across the theater of operations larger than india. leaving france to try and coordinates not just with un peacekeepers. but local military forces as well. three years later the militants are anything but beacon. or are you still got a problem. are able to set up a huge it's meeting in northern mali. spike the presence of france's back and forces me to smile and other armed groups. they hold meetings and officially tie themselves into this idea of a global jihad. goodbye to. july second this year in the subsaharan g. five launches in bamako with french president emmanuel mccrone in attendance. it's a shame building a five thousand strong force of troops from all the nations covered by operation by karen. the work certainly not for the faint of heart. each of these countries are among the poorest in the world ravaged by arms trafficking
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drugs and people smuggling. all areas that fund international tara. we're staying in the region to members of the un peacekeeping mission in mali have been killed after gunmen attacked that base in the city of timbuktu. helicopters were deployed to the scene and both gunmen were killed the peacekeeping mission in mali is the deadliest of the un's sixteen global. operations. well in two hundred people have been confirmed killed following i'm huge mud slides in sierra leone and according to charity work is that number is expected to rise. heavy rains overnight caused part of the sugar life mountain to collapse onto a town. on the outskirts of the capital freetown. nnova river of mud gushes through the outskirts of freetown. amid heavy rain sierra leone's capital is ill equipped to handle the deadly torrance which have left hundreds dead. with roads washed out people did what they could to remove bodies and search for
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survivors. after him be stabilized and buried ramshackle homes that once sprinted. much of the coastal city laziness c. level drainage systems a pool. it leaves overcrowded makeshift settlements far more at risk during the nation's annual rainey's. other infrastructure in the city has been overwhelms to. particularly local morgues which have been left overflowing. as the spectre of water borne disease raises its head. local authorities are calling for more ambulances to help. rescue workers have already been reinforced by the military in an attempt to cope with the devastation. several ngos including save the children and doctors without borders say they're suspending rescue operations in the mediterranean sea because of clashes with the libyan coast guard. and yeah ships have rescued thousands of shipwrecked migrants and taken into european shores in the last few years. but libya says that they have been disrespecting the north
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african state sovereignty. nmhg growing standoff with the libyan coast guard has for several ngos to suspend their rescue operations in the mediterranean. doctors without borders is pulling out its largest ship known as prudence. on sunday two more ngos save the children and germany's. they too would rescuing migrants coast of via. tripoli has ordered firing ships to stay out of its coastal search and d rescue zone. coast guard his clashed with several rescue ships firing warning shots across their bows. i'm shoulder libia respect we find libya's announcements about its search and rescue operations area concerning about. we're worried about safety conditions and more generally. about the conditions for efficient search and rescue operation. and how that might jeopardize our own operations.
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i hope that soon. thousands of migrants die each year trying to make the crossing to europe. most are packed in flimsy barely see where the vessel. so far this year and geo operated ships have rescued more than twelve thousand pepeople. that's more than a third of the total number saved. but libyan authorities say the charities are facilitating people smuggling. i charge deems ridiculous by the ngos. remembering now one of the bloodiest upheavals in modern history this year marks the seventieth anniversary of the partition of the indian subcontinent. into two independent states muslim majority pakistan and hindu majority india. the british plan took effect at the start at midnight on the eve of august fourteenth nineteen forty seven. and it triggered one of the greatest migrations of modern history and devastating violence alison sergeant takes into.
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i. thought that it. when in doubt take their place. a little breezy and then august fifteenth nineteen forty seven. india is formally declared independence from the british empire. crowds gathered to hear the announcement in the capital new delhi and greet their first prime minister jawaharlal nehru. a man chosen by his mentor mahatma gandhi. hello. while across the new border in karachi mohammed ali jinnah was sworn in as the governor general of another new state and muhammad ali jinnah. laws hommage to the bus stop pakistan. the partition of hindu majority india and muslim majority pakistan sparked a mass migration. as over ten million muslims hindus and sikhs rush to get on the right side of the dividing line. among them was a twelve year old boy named so hinder nas chopra. now eighty one chopra still thinks of the pakistani village is hindu family left behind laveen and average
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was very good. and you start to miss holiday. you start to think about. but does it like over there. that and we started dream about it. i still dream unload at and then i'm gonna give you pick your own religious you're mowing in my head. chopra's family was one of the lucky ones. around one million people died in the sectarian violence triggered by ththe partition. as violence rape and murder became commonplace between the two communities. sean sony so was ten when she saw her muslim father grandfather and uncles killed by hindu mobs. i might have made it again eight to nine of my family members were killed looking at many families who brings everybody. does name placed live punk any longer yeah yeah. fellow muslim atari begum was spared similar memories of violence she survived partition thanks to hindu neighbors who kept her safe.
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like canada you got my relations between india and pakistan should be good. they shouldn't be violence no fighting should come to an end. pakistan and india should live together peacefully. india and pakistan have fought three major wars since their independence primarily over the sovereignty of kashmir. the disputed region in the himalayas. a permanent end to tensions remain something to wish for as the nation celebrate their joint seventieth birthday. a way to relieve the stress of years of conflict now an increasing number of syrians have been taking parts in a bodybuilding contest isn't the first time the competition has taken place. but organizers say numbers solve finally beginning to pretend return to pre war levels secular. if the damascus summer heat isn't enough then the glistening arabs and brown skin or to be sufficient to get anyone hot under the collar. against a backdrop of years of syrian conflict.
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the nation's annual bodybuilding contest is for many a means of escape. but i thought she was a lot of. them on. that we consider the sport as a channel to relieve the stress. through working out and lifting weights. we release the stress caused by the crisis. check it o out. economic hardship in particular is a major problem. prices have skyrocketed long salaries of stagnated. meaning it's hard for people training so intensively to get enough nutrition. ballots while there was still enough people left to take talks not of metal with that. many people have left the countr. others have joined the army as volunteers or in ruled because of mandatory military service. the level of participation in the championship drops to forty or fifty percent in two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen. and two thousand fourteen but the numbers this year are bette. it's almost like the old times it's reached eighty
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percent of money. like old times that's the hope for many here particularly after the regime's forces all but crushed the rebel opposition in an offensive last year. with not stress that are in a syrian now a beautiful display all their noon so over the skies of bristol. in southwest into now this week marks the city's. that unites billing festival it's europe's largest and it attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators each and every year. after a weekend of wind and rain the sun finally broke through providing path is condition. while flying bristol is considered. to be the spiritual home all vermont and hot and ballooning and is home to cameron balloons the largest balloon maker i. the world's. thank you pretty display. event the skies of bristol in ended on a shoestring you could write off our top international headlines they sow and racism. is evil and
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k. k. k. off thugs us president donald trump has condemned. far right extremists on the subsidies violence in virginia. in his second statements after his first was criticized for being too vague. french and canadian nationalists are among the eighteen victims all of a jihadist attacking the king of prussia so a restaurant was targeted by government. in the capital would do do. and the death toll continues to rise following a huge mud slide outside the capital city of sierra leone. presley seems that ousted to reach survivors who trapped after amounts in posting. storm himes. but this is a business use ween out came a day is a back with us in the studio and dedicate a don't trust me taking to his touch which has. once again has need to talk about increasing tensions with china this is all about trade will trump. is planning to do about it yeah exactly he's goes a bit hard on cotton called on beijing really asking for their help one minute. on north korea and now accusing china of unfair trade practices after all
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the threats he issued on the campaign trail. president has now signed an executive order to take action. is ordered his trade office to begin an investigation into china's alleged theft of american technology and intellectual property. remove that could open the door to economic sanctions. beijing has warned that the move could spark a trade war but the american president insisted that it was only the beginning of his effort. to quote rebalance the trade relationship between each world's two largest economies. we will safeguard the copyrights patents trademarks trade secrets and other. intellectual property that is so vital to our security and to our. prosperity. we will uphold our values we will defend our workers and we will protect the innovations creations and inventions that power. our magnificent country. counter speaking just a few moments earlier. now the european union is also
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increasingly concerned about china's expanding economic footprint. is reportedly preparing to tighten its oversight of foreign takeover deals. financial times says the european commission president juncker euchre will announce new measures in september. and increasing the vetting process and protecting europe's technological know how especially in st. actors. only thirteen of the eu's twenty eight nations currently have formal systems. screening international bids or major investments. also this monday beijing has announced it will stop importing north korean coal iron sea food and other goods in order to comply with the united nations latest sanctions against pyongyang. the band will take effect on shoes dial the customs officials will clear goods that have already reached chinese ports. through the fifth of september. china's north korea's closest ally and top trading partner. move will impact about a third of pyongyang's total exports as uncool explains. tightening the noose around north korea's economy. that's the goal of the latest un sanctions against
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kim jong-un's regime. and with china onboard the north should feel the squeaks. china which shares a border with north korea accounts for roughly ninety percent of the country's total trad. back in february beijing all eddie agree. aquel imports from koreaa. a huge blow for the country. core makes up about half of the dprk its total exports accounting for one point two billion dollars of revenue last year. chinese customs data showed coal imports from north korea fell by seventy five percent in the first six months of this year. with total imports from north korea down by thirteen percent. as for the latest band products china imported seventy four billion dollars worth of north korean iron ore in the first five months of the year. nearly equaling the figure for all of twenty sixteen. fish and seafood imports were up as well to forty seven billion dollars in june compared to thirteen billion the month before. despite china's attempts to distance itself from its neighbor. its total trade with north korea actually grew ten percent.
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that's due to a twenty nine percent spike in chinese exports to north korea. including oil consumer good. a tenuous link that remains between the isolated country on the outside world china argues cutting off trade completely with the north could cause widespread hunger. taking on the day's trading action now we've seen something of a rally around the world the cat gowns and frankfurt dax each closing up about one and a quarter percent. europe's banking sector drove trade wealthy tying carmaker fiat soit shares rise eight percent. after reports of a potential chinese takeover offer. wallstreet also following in that positive trend but the dow jones up about a hundred and fifty points. tech heavy nasdaq outperforming up just under one in the third there this hour the snp five hundred up about one percen. vic's ear index which had last week jumped the most since twenty fifteen on growing rhetoric between the us and north korea. pays back down now about twenty
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percent this monday. moving on some of the day's other business headlines chief executive of merck pharmaceuticals has resigned from donald trump's manufacturing advisory council. kenneth frazier indicated he was disappointed by the president's response to this weekend's violence in charlottesville. saying he felt a personal responsibility to quote to take a stand against intolerance and stream ism. president trump blasted the decision on twitter calling on him to focus on lowering drug prices. meanwhile two website domain provider's have blocked a neo* website over its coverage of the charlottesville violence. google said it would not host the daily stormer just twenty four hours after godaddy cancelled its domai. registration. both firms said the blog had violated their terms of service. by publishing hateful criticism of the woman was killed. but whoever is trying to improve working conditions for its drivers in the uk. for a government report last month said the workers in the so called gig economy deserve more rights. right churning out this it to introduce a tipping function produced the free cancellation period. and
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introduce a paid waiting time. the recent record breaking transfer of the soccer player name march at poly sound jamal is focusing attention on the sporting world. and the hundreds of millions of euros tied up in it. summer worried that the industry is creating a bubble which is waiting to burst can only has the stor. i. matter how nmrs two hundred twenty two million year chance that deal break the world record. but i have to stop others from trying to follow suit. psg is reportedly willing to pay one hundred nineteen million erase the eighteen year old katie and and that's a. barcelona could pay ninety million for don't masseuse land and then a. club president worried about these. a compulsive whom. not applauding. it's right around the top come bubble she discussed so the damage it did. no it's hopeless humping right now. isn't a speculative bubble
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paul tibbitt is it would by definition burst at some point speak could seize key about the finnish or. that may expose on the molded. the price tag of european football stock has soared in the past thirty years. from nineteen million year is for the legendary diego maradona. to nemeth two hundred twenty two. as chance that these rise set fees the television rights. a rising european broadcast fees is expected to hit four point five percent in two seasons time the champions league matches ad in the uk. a critical source of income for clubs but a risky strategy according to some analysts. yeah but a person with good the broadcasting fees could very well drop sponsors could one day poll and money out. then clubs would be able to out compete teach in the. well if we have a transfer market that can function solely on terms for things the whole system could totally collapsed with a new system. to limit the risks club the day that's the buying the
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sources of income. looking towards new markets in asia and picking stuff like nay ma. who does not any sporting talents but a huge commercial potential? only supermarket chain in switzerland just begin selling food made of insect. cup expects to have burger patties and meatballs made out of beetle larva on the shelves of select stores next week. this is government began allowing insect based products to be sold commercially dismay. at the firm had to delay the launch because of difficulty getting hold of the approved bugs it is still only certain types of insects that can be approved for sale. u. n. has said that insects can provide a good source of protein an edible insects are already routed in the culinary traditions. of some asian and african cultures. up laurel have to see if these this one takes off apparently these burgers also contain rice carrots and spices. and have a mild nutty flavor when roasted as if you're feeling a bit adventurous in switzerland next time i could check it out wildly sending that
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pretty tasty then they do not. until you think too much about them yes that's the way you have a limited palette aesthetic. thanks very much it's nkvd that we tha
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