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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 11, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome. live from paris -- u.n. speaks of a complete denial of reality by bruma pro-government. irma a category 1 storm as it blasts up the coast of the u.s.. experts one that it can still
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cause extensive damage. and thousands of cattle ends demonstrate ahead of -- downs of catalansnds of demonstrate ahead of a forroversial rally independence. ♪ now to our top stories. the united nations has called "a plight of the rohingyas textbook example of ethnic cleansing." the u.n. refugee agency estimates hundreds of thousands fled bangladesh following a crackdown by the army.
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situation cannot yet -- sorry, cannot yet be fully assessed, but the situation remains or seems a textbook example of ethnic cleansing. the government should stop pretending that they are setting fire to their own homes and laying waste to their own villages. this complete denial of reality is doing great damage to the international standing of the government which, until recently benefited from immense goodwill. cruel for it to end its fulltions with accountability and to reverse the systemic and widespread violence against the rohingya population. for more, we have this
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report from rangoon. the burmese rejected a call for a cease-fire made by rohingya fighters. the burmese government says it does not negotiate with terrorists. humanitarian aid is expected to resume soon. i spoke to a spokesman for the united nations, who said that there are negotiations as well as with the burmese government. take a listen. are from mostly northern italian states. with a very volatile environment. security is not very good. in other parts of the state we have ongoing humanitarian activity. negotiations are restarting under current agreements with the
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administration and we are hoping that that will start very, very soon. thousands of rohingya are fleeing -- mostly women and children, and the humanitarian situation on the other side of day after is worse day. bangladesh felt foreign minister has now said this is a genocide committed by the burmese army, a signnd that tensions are rising between the two countries. hurricane irma has been downgraded to a category 1 storm as it moves through florida. it will likely go down as one of the worst storms in recent history. irma slammed into florida as a category 4 storm. at least 30 have died d and 2 million homes are e now without
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power. residents riding out hurricane irma in shelters across the city after the previous storm changed course over the weekend and battered the west coast of florida. as a irma hits florida, it downgraded to a category 1 storm, but many were unprepared. >> there is nowhere else to go. through, and this thing is going straight for us. reporter: animals at a local zoo they geared upas for the first major hurricane since 1991. of the southwestern city naples, water levels rose by two meters in just 90 minutes.
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florida felt biggest city and biggest florida felt construction cranes have crashed. animals were evacuated by a local zoo decimated by the storm. homes and businesses across florida have lost power. it will be weeks before electricity is restored. rochelle: staying with irma. winds and rain have left cities inundated. rescue workers has been evacuating residents. we have this report. havana for all famous seaside boardwalk now completely underwater.
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only a few dozen braved the high tide and violent waves. the sea has turned avenues into rivers. >> in 49 years living here, this is the first time it has reached this level. workers: emergency struggled to answer calls across the hearing, -- across the city, continuing on foot where trucks could not go. these water levels, [indiscernible] hurricane irma swept through saturday night. to ad been downgraded serious hit. in the u.s. embassy, opened just
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teed of years ago, it was damaged. >> it scared me. , you heard the trees falling, because i never heard anything like that. even thatin havana, will not keep holiday goers away from the beach. hurricane irma has caused devastation on a number of caribbean islands. humanitarian aid has arrived in british virgin islands of st. maarten. reporter: really finally for residents of st. maarten. the naval vessels finally docked on the hurricane stricken island. guadahat a loop -- in
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plane carrying electricity genders arrive -- generators arrived. >> nothing is reliable. i mean, this is what you get. sorry to say this, but they were worried only about white people. french authorities defended the decision. >> the island was completely cut off. , of course, it took time for us to organize things. reporter: stranded survivors tried to reach their families.
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we are safe. , they are working on finding a boat to get out of here. irma rippedrricane through st. maarten last week, leaving tens of thousands homeless and knocking out power lines. to arrive in the caribbean nation of amid criticism that the disaster has been bungled. a rally during catalonia's national day. these commemorations come just three weeks before the government tries to hold a referendum on independence which is legally binding. more -- is standing
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by at today's rally. reporter: there has been a rally from 4 different corners, and you can certainly hear the music is picking up. makeshift flag of the independence movement. and there are things like the bankers. many of these were left in the independentn
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republic [indiscernible] referendum will be a bit of a sham, they say. rochelle: the referendum has been scheduled for the first of october. there are, however, questions. >> [indiscernible] and any ballot papers, anything referendum, and charges forers face this referendum against
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the constitution. they do not know if they will be able to go after them in catalonia. >> for now, back to you. the un security council is set to vote on a fresh resolution to impose new sanctions on north korea for their nuclear program. the resolution calls for a halt textile exports and a travel ban on korea leader kim yong-un. north korea has said that the united states will pay a high price for leading the call for new sanctions. >> we have the statement from foreignh korean embassies saying that this is revealing the true nature of the united states as "a bloodthirsty
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beast they are used to a high level of suffering and pain. they are a country under a siege mentality and they are ready -- it's almost a bring it on mentality. we can take it. you look at sanctions across the world and the record is catchy. -- the record is patchy. you could look at a rent. helped there.ably get the look of south africa. but look at cuba. sanctions have not done anything. of sanctions, sometimes tough sanctions, the u.s. embargo. russia, sanctions have not really done anything as of yes to prod russia to turn back with its ukraine incursion. thatould almost multiply resistance by a thousand in the sense that when you need the sanctions to work -- north korea
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has become very savvy at evading sanctions and one of the reasons which it conducts about 90% of its trade -- 90% -- is a reluctant partner and leasing shows. yes, china has for in recent rounds of financially targeted sanctions, sanctions imposed against exports of coal and iron ore, but the question is, would china be willing to step aboard on all sanctions? there's no evidence of that just yet. it will take a lot of tough enforcement and a very, very onboard china. i do not see the sanctions working. that's for psychological reasons, the north korea's but also theity, need for china and other countries to be on board. rochelle: talking about
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hurricane irma and florida. >> we actually saw good news overirma weakening florida. early estimates were 65 billion dollars in damage, being revised downward to the $20 billion to $40 billion range. florida's citrus crop could be destroyed and the insurance industry is still the cost ofllying hurricane harvey. this could possibly be the most expensive year ever for insurers. and there is the increased cost produce.nd it could cost $290 billion, one point -- 1.5% of u.s. felt total economic output. china,e: and to
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[indiscernible] step, but not in -- the u.k. in france have both said that they would abandon petroleum powered vehicles. we have this report. hello to the next car. the chinese auto industry -- beijing is getting the green car train. they are beginning a search on a timetable to phase out these all and gasoline cars. they have not set a target date yet, but beijing says the switch is necessary and it may create "turbulent times." the timetable to stop conventional vehicle production. we have to work out china for all scheduled.
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this is due to changes in the environment and the power of the auto industry. china fell decision to phase out traditional automobiles could have a major andct on the environment its economy. after the u.s., china is the second largest consumer of gasoline. there is a growing appetite for automobiles. a new system would require 12% of cars sold in china to be electric or hybrid by 2020. not, theyijing has may pay out subsidies. other companies have said that they are willing to develop electric cars in china. to thee: now back
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markets. >> carmakers are having a pretty good day, as you might imagine. insurance stocks are actually doing quite well as those damage estimates from hurricane irma get revised downward. paris is up around 1.15% there. let's look at today's top business headlines. and new version of apple's mobile operating system has been leaked. more on the product launch on tuesday. it could include a reference to and new facial recognition technology. there has been a european crackdown on tax strategy used by internet giants according to finance ministers. many european countries
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[indiscernible] throughok the profits low tax subsidiaries. withhere is an agreement germany fell cabin crew union to end a three-year fight over pension sharing that led to a strike last fall and canceled hundreds of flights. the agreement must now be approved by european leaders and senior management. to escapeand helping hurricane irma. >> tesla owners suddenly found their cars with an extra 30 driving range range. the company locally upgraded the battery, allowing them to use the full battery. some were not so thrilled as it
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whichthe battery upgrade, normally costs several thousand dollars involved no change .hatsoever on the hardware it is an artificial limit on the car's natural performance. rochelle: ok. all right, thank you very much for those updates. it is time now for a press review. now looking at international headlines. we start with hurricane irma that is currently blasting up the coast of florida. >> that's right. the tampa bay times is that sunday was the day of dread for resident who woke up to the news that irma had shifted west yet again. that hundreds went out to dine in restaurants to
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enjoy their last hotmail before the storm. had canceled mass. many were in government shelters watching tv and worrying about their loved ones. says all they could do is wait to walk outside in the morning and see what remains. in st. maarten, residents are still reeling from damage left behind by hurricane irma. reporter: that's right. this headline reads -- -- after the is open. the city many residents are still in shock. the are considering leaving island for good, fearing for their lives. it was not the hurricane itself that terrorize them, but the violence, the chaos.
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rochelle: and they are not doing enough to prevent violent? >> that's right. dangerous criminals are escaping from prison and there are attacks, causing panic and fear on the island. police have been accused of thing slow to respond. many residents are denouncing , leavingresources behind a state of complete chaos, they say. ishelle: emmanuel macron facing growing criticism here in mainland france. againste mass protests the government's reforms? the headline in the
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business daily, macron faces his ultimate test. since macronest came to power last may. they stoppeds that short of calling for strikes. and ring and -- left wing right-wing parties are in tatters. an they have failed to offer alternative to proposed reforms. and results may be too close to call? reporter: that's right. norwegian authorities say that this is "an early thriller." ins is the closest election
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recent history. the outgoing conservative government is eyeing a victory. there is skepticism. immigration exact popular protest party in her coalition. they are using divisive and polarizing rhetoric during the threatening the values of norwegian society. be election day is argued to an opportunity for all norwegians to come together after a heated campaign field by hate and suspicion. rochelle: and in spain, hundreds celebrating catalonia from national day. reporter: indeed. it is the national day. it comes with the context of great tension as the parliament voted to approve a referendum on
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independence on october the first which was described as illegal by madrid. 700 have declared support -- 700 mayors have declared support for the referendum. catalan's largest city has warned against the sanctions of the government. they are accused of monopolizing the day of celebration which is --mally for all cattle and catalans, regardless of legal opinions. rochelle: thanks for that. for more headlines of the day, log onto our website. we will take a short break. we will come back with more live from paris and, of course, international headlines. ♪
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