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truck traffic on the friendship bridge shows business isn't slowing down the u. s. and its allies me china to vote their measure. otherwise they won't be enforced and will have little if any effects. now what's happening here hang a missives in burma seems to be a textbook case of ethnic cleansing according to the u. n.'s head of human rights. nearly three hundred thousand burmese listens affects about today since violence erupted in a rocking set last month. jordanian prince's either out on hussein has accuse the burmese government of lying about the situation. because you know i'm on has refused axis deer human rights investigators. the current situation cannot. be cannot yet zora cannot yet recruited. a ss but the situation remains or seems a textbook urtext work example of ethnic cleansing.
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the myanmar government should stop pretending that the rangers are setting fire to their own homes in a race to their home villages. this complete denial of reality is doing great damage to the international standing over government which until recently benefited from. immense good well. and that the white house just issued a statement on the situation in burma. saying that's as president is deeply troubled set up on the roof hang at crisis ammo details. as yet now thousands of people have a marching in barcelona today demanding independence of those original catalonia. rallies take place on because lands national day or the other. this jay comes three weeks ahead of. a friend. and it's last week catalan will make his first to press ahead despite. madrid they say regardless of turn out is the answer is yes to spit in spain. region will declare independence within forty eight hours catherine it takes a president now but why this
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wealthy northern province. is seeking it. it's a region roughly the size of belgium and has its own language and customs. since the fifteenth century catalonian has been part of spain. when the kingdoms of castile and aragon united. but many catalans feel they have less in common with others spaniards. we've always been catalans if we have a very different way of thinking we have very different traditions. the real push for independence started at the turn of the twentieth century. it gains strength until the spanish civil war when general francisco franco ruthlessly repressed the catalan language and customs. under his dictatorship. since the country's return to democracy in nineteen seventy five catalonia has achieved a certain level of autonomy. the region has its own police force education and public healthcare syste. but new life was breathed
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into the independence movement in two thousand and ten. after the spanish constitutional court struck down key parts of the groundbreaking charter. among them recognizing catalonia as a nation within spain. that decision coupled with spain's economic woes played to a feeling of betrayal which only grew after the spanish government we bought the catalan presidents requests. for greater fiscal powers in two thousand and twelve. since then calls for a referendum on the issue of independence have been growing louder. in two thousand and fourteen catalan nationalists held an informal votes for its value eighty percent were in favor of independence. as one of the richest regions in spain many feel their taxes go to prop up poorer areas. at the expense of investments in catalonia. should the region secede it would cost spain nearly twenty percent of its economic output.
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now the catalan regional governments is on a collision course with madri. as it moves forward with plans to hold an independence vote on october first. even though spain's constitutional court has banned the move. a poll by the regional governments opinion study center held in july. so that forty one point one percent back independence while forty nine point nine percent rejected. however seventy percent wanna hold a referendum to settle the question once and for all. alright let's get an update now on the day's top business news ana is back with us in the studio and uncle whistling all up with a look at the. financial cost of the to be heartened hitting says in the past few weeks that's right the kitchen is actually bigger than either harvey or irma. but it's it's very rare for two massive storm systems to hit the us mainland within two weeks each other. so the combined impact of those two storms.
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could lead the most expensive here ever for insurance providers early estimates for urban economic toll revise down to between twenty and forty billion dollars. while harvey which it texas and louisiana could because insurers anywhere from twenty five to thirty five million dollars. meteorology meteorological side accu weather dot com estimates that with business disruption and increased costs of fuel and produce. party irma together could cost two hundred ninety billion dollars as one point five percent of the country's total annual economic output. but it's it's important to remember that it's not just the united states that scrambling to pay for the trail of destruction from those powerful storms. margaret up the french carribean islands of st martin and st barts causing about one point two billion years in damage. the question remains who will pay for all of this damage nearly half of the islands residents are uninsured. arrogant he has this report. hello hurricane armagh has gone. now the two hardest hit islands st martin and st barts needs to be completely
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rebuilt. and st martin ninety percent of buildings have been destroyed or significantly damaged so who's going to foot the bill. insurance companies reimburse cars houses and buildings with comprehensive coverage. who will look weak on a is one of the lucky ones have comprehensive insurance he owns a boat rental business in saint martin? simple songs soon we've lost at least fifty percent of all boats which announces a tens of millions of dollars. noone appellant it'll. but owners of buildings or cars that are not covered under comprehensive insurance policy will not be compensated. this is particularly problematic in saint martin for experts estimate that fifty percent of homeowners do not have insurance. yes and it's true that many people on these islands are not insured and of course that's when the government steps in a multi don't goodwill. each to cover the costs of the french government will dip into funds that are put
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aside for natural disasters in the overseas territories. these funds will also be used to rebuild infrastructure. in total it will cost at least one point two billion euros. by comparison the nineteen eighty nine storm that hit metropolitan france cost six point seven billion euros and last year's floods in paris cost one point four billion. now here in france for a minister a bus seat announce new plans to support small and medium enterprises. a dame for unions are set to march against the government's labor reforms. among the measures he plans to slash income taxes drop taxes for income on capital and transform the tax credit for employment and competitiveness for businesses. the reforms aimed to cut the total taxes that businesses pay by more than three billion euros in twenty eighteen. the government hopes that this will encourage companies to invest and hire more employees. this is a decision that tax credit for employment in competitiveness is a system that works well in the sense
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that it provided margins. businesses budgets which probably did help create jobs does good tools and so complicated to learn a sort of tax loopholes and also so we want to make sure that the money we use to finance the tax credit for employment. and competitiveness be dispersed in a way that reduces social security taxes. employer taxes and payroll taxes for everyone is silent portable. moving on to apple which is set to unveil its latest gadgets on tuesday. much of a surprise a swell this weekend when journalists were leaked an unreleased veversion. ios eleven software the leak revealed three new iphones the i thought eights iphone eight plus and the high end iphone acts. all featuring you facial recognition technology. dachshund axle had a display that wraps around the entire front of the phone much like samsung's galaxy notes. but we also confirmed the four k. apple tv and the series three apple watch with four g. lte connectivity. so users can use it even away from our phones.
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could look at the markets now for you. wallstreet heaved a sigh of relief as irma was downgraded to a tropical storm to start the week. trip travel companies and insurers both rallied while hundreds of companies like lowes and home depot which rallied last week started falling. in afternoon trading armies are indexes gained more than one percent with the s. and p. five hundred back on its way to record highs. here in europe paris's cac alums and frank fritz dax both closed up about one and a quarter percent. as fear subsided over extreme weather around the world as tensions in the korean peninsula. london's footsie also closed up about half a percent. time to take a look at some other business news from around the world. google has launched an appeal against a two point four billion euro fine it was ordered to pay. you back in june. say respectfully disagrees with the ruling. was the biggest regulatory finance ever handed out by the eu commission. what's that it cools activity violates you antitrust rules.
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citigroup's chief financial officer said the bank expects a fifteen percent drop in trading revenues in the third quarter. compared with a stellar performance in the same period last yea. about a vote silly at the end of twenty sixteen prove to be a major boost for the liberty of bond currencies and commodities trading. for the lack of that same. this year could slow down. and in a country with the media and entertainment are heavily censored and ensure. and entertaining content for chinese youth may have been lacking in past investors are now turning to animate and user generated online content to appeal to teens and twenty somethings. so long as usual has more on the enemy craze that's taking china. four years ago just eight hundred people attended this video animation convention in shanghai. this past july a hundred thousand fans either came out. uploaded the event bomani. posted by the chinese website billy billy the event's success is a sign of the growing popularity in
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china. of japanese style animation anime. young chinese fans can't get enough of the anime look. stances. posted in user generated videos
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09/11/17 09/11/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> millions of floridians are being impacted by this storm. there is aerious -- serious threat of significant storm surge flooding across the entire west coast of florida and increasing to 15 feet of impact above e ground level in southwet florida. becomes aicaneirma
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second category 4 wreckage hit the united states and less than a month. we wil


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