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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 18, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> france 24 you're watching. for 60 minutes live around the world. these are the headlines. the un'sump heads to general assembly for his first ever speech, that the u.s. president is already in new york today, trying to drum up support for his plan to reform the u.n. iraq's supreme court orders the suspension of the upcoming referendum on the independence of iraqi kurdistan to examine
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whether such a poor would be constitutional. and the ongoing persecution against rushing out -- writing a muslims inrohingya myanmar, also known as burma. and 100,000 battery-operated auto rickshaws and buses will roll out onto indian streets in a few weeks. it is the first step in the country meeting its obligations under the paris climate agreement. and loss of goods and glamour at the highlight of the tv --the emmys. it also took lots of aim at donald trump. our top story, live from paris. ♪
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>> donald trump is in new york for the any will u.n. general assembly. the u.s. president will make his first ever address to the general assembmbly tomorrow. today, he is hosting a meeting to try to get support for his plan to reform the u.n. by cutting costs and reducing overlap. he will give a speech on that reform later today. we will broadcast that live for you on france 24. push comes as his administration would drastically cut u.s. support to the u.n. in his budget. for more, let's bring in just 1108 -- >> consider this. in the past, donald trump has referred to this organization as a club where people get together, talk, and have a good time. that has not gone down well here.
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but he is the one -- the united states called for this meeting on reform. but it ought to be the secretary-general who ought to the the decisions to make organization more cost effective. but the real concern is the budget. the trump administration has repeatedly complained about how large its conjugations are and called for them to be slashed. the u.n. already cut its peacekeeping budget under pressure from the trump administration. that is at almost $8 billion a year. there will certainly be more talk today on how to cut costs. what people will be watching for in his speech in front of 100 heads of state and the secretary-general is what the secretary-general and donald trump will say about what has been decided, if anything. diplomats will be listening to hear whether or not trump might
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strike a more conciliatory tone. in the past, his "america first" mantra has been the strongest sound. what people are hoping for him here is a tone that sounds more like he is moving towards at least some form of multilateralism. >> you said trump will speak tomorrow for the first time to the u.n. general assembly, an organization he has often criticized. what else can we expect him that speech? >> it seems topping the agenda will be north korea. this year, by some stroke of eight, the north korea delegation has a front row seat, so they will be staring trump in the eyes. outre expecting him to come strong on north korea. he willl probably also talk abot the crisis in venezuela, about terrorism.
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he may also talk about climate change. it will be interesting to hear what he has to say on that. but again, it is more the tone of his speech people will be listening for. will he push "america first" or will he strike a slightly more sympathetic tone for those listening in the hall and talk about countries working together. that is whwhat people will listn for. it will be interesting to contrast his speech with president macron, who will speak a few hours after trump. , covering thethat u.n. general assembly for us in new york. isther hot topic at the g.a. climate change, after both hurricanes and tropical rain devastated parts of north america, the caribbean, and south asia. donald trump again in the spotlight there, especially this as there are signals
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that trump might change his stance on the paris accord. >> could trump make another slip up on climate change? administration may consider changing course and stay in the paris agreement. >> under the right agreements, the president says he is open to remain in gauged with others on what we all agree is a challenging issue. >> the secretary of state said this was the position trump took in june when he announced the withdrawal from the landmark agreement. , does seem to signal a softening of the tone and be more open to negotiating to stay in the deal, rather than leave first and negotiate later. earlier, the white house denied reports that the u.s. suggested a policy reversal at a climate
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meeting in canada. the press secretary tweeted our position in the paris agreement has not changed. the u.s. is drawing unless we get tell america deals -- pro-america terms. we continue to engage them, and we continue to make the case that, like the united states, we want to create jobs, economic growth. there is a 30 trillion dollar opportunity when it comes to clean roads and climate action. >> though trump announced the u.s. will pull out of the deal, that cannot technically happen until 2020. >> this up in court in iraq ordered the suspension of the referendum in kurdistan. it says it has suspended the referendum, to be held next week, to examine whether such a poll would be constitutional. the court took the decision after a reviewed requests to
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stop the referendum. turkey, the u.s., and other western powers urge to authority amid worries vote it could detract from the war on the islamic state group. for more, let's go to simona foltyn. what can you tell us? ruling by the supreme court to postpone the referendum until it has made a final decision on its legality is interesting. in fact, the issue of constitutionality has been subject to big debate. thought god has been claiming baghdad has been claiming and independence referendum is illegal. if you look at the iraqi constitution, it does not list as an independence referendum as one of the instances where you could hold a referendum. it does not mention the right succccession. -- secession.
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there is a right to secede is unclear. it is the supreme court that is supposed to make a ruling. today's statement by the supreme court really carries a lot of weight. it is a lot more important than last week's vote in the iraqi parliament that this is a legal, because the iraqi parliament does not really have a mandate to do that to you a remains to be seen whether the kurdish regional government will decide to go ahead with a referendum anyway. they have so far to find any resistance from baghdad to postpone or cancel the referendum. certainly, this decision by the supreme court carries quite a bit of weight. >> what about reaction from the kurds themselves? has there been anything? kurds have nothe
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really taken this opposition from baghdad seriously. , theyer baghdad says point to a lot of instances where the federal government has not respected the constitution. they basically say we will go ahead with our referendum anyway, because it is our inherent right to be an independent country, independent nation. so far, they have been unfazed by the statements coming out of baghdad. this one is unlikely to be any different. >> thank you for that. now, after a decade of bitter fighting, rival palestinian fashions -- factions are moving towards the conciliation. hamas says it has agreed to a condition of dialogue. hamas agreed to dismantle the administration that runs gaza.
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>> what we have heard today is a hamas spokesperson saying to fatah, now we have stretetched t our hand in open reconciliation to you. we would like you to lift economic sanctions against us. it makes you realize this was a huge motivation behind this dramatic development. just back story -- six months hamas said wep in are not only going to have de facto control, we will set up our own government. that infuriated fatah. you'rent abbas said if going to be on your own, you will really be on your own. ,hey stopped funding salaries power, water. it has been a hot summer in gaza, exacerbated by the fact that international money is also being held back to you all of
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that has brought hamas to the table with egyptian mediation. that is where we have seen this dramatic development. >> irris makler reporting for us from jerusalem. muslims more rohingya are fleeing from what has turned humanitarian disastster. that t they are out of the viololence in myanmar, refugees are desperate for food and water. inare at a refugee camp bangladesh. she sent us this report. >> we are in front of one of these age stalls that provide food and water to rohingya refugees. each time a truck pulls up, refugees make a beeline for it.
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but food is not the only thing the rohingya refugees need. there is also a basic lack of medical aid. earlier, we spoke to a bangladeshi dr.. -- doctor. he told us while they are concerned about the spread of disease like colorado, the more imminent concern -- like ch olera, the more imminent concern is higher rio -- diarrhea. aid organizations are trying their best to help out. but everyone here is overwhelmed pourre and more refugees in daily, everyone is wondering when the influx will stop. >> a new hurricane is barely down on the hurricane -- caribbean after hurricane irma. this one is called maria. frenchare hearing the island of martinique has also been put on red alert for a
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cyclone. we will bring you more on that as we get it here on france 24. the family of a world war ii hero, rival wallenberg -- row wallenberg -- raul wallenberg, is going to court. swedishes years after tens of thousands of jews. gatedrst hearing in the -- is set to take place in moscow, marking a major milestone in historians' quest to unlock the mystery. the tv world celebrated its best and brightest with the annual emmy awards. hulu made emmy history by
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becoming the first digital platform to win a top series award. that was with its dystopian saga tale," which won best drama and best actress. julie we try this -- julia for "veep."ss won >> the big winners were "the handmaid's tale" and "veep." besthandmaid's tale" won trauma series, making history because for the first time, a streaming service took that top honor. its main actress also took the prize for best actress in a top drama. "veep" was happy -- it took, "best comedy series," and julia louis-dreyfus, for the sixth time, took home "best actress in a comedy."
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alec baldwin went up for his best actor in a supporting for his portrayal of donald trump. speaking of trump, he was not there physically, but he was there in spirit. a lot of actors accepting or presenting mentioned him, psalm indirectly, some directly. stephen colbert, the host of the emmys, also mentioned him. he also brought up sean spicer, ite house press secretary. time for business news with another tv fan. i am sure you are a bit more "game of thrones" than "veep." >> not really. "game of thrones" confuses me. european markets have had a positive start to the week he at all the major industries trading
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in the green. inflation take up 0.3% in the month of august. and it is 1.5% for the year. will.s. federal reserve meet later this week. investors will be looking for for the central bank to unwind its balance sheet. shares in ryanair are under pressure after the airline announced it would cut 40 to 50 flights per day until the 20th of september. friday, the airline said it messed up the planning of pilot holidays. cancellations could affect up to 400,000 passengers. ryanair released a full list of canceled flights up until this wednesday. >> there is a report that shows omissions from rigged diesel cars may be responsible for some 5000 deaths a year in europe. shocking study,
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published in the environmental research letters journal. it found 10,000 deaths per year could be educated to small particle emissions. the authors say half these deaths could have been avoided if emissions from diesel cars on roads matched levels in the lab. the countries most affected are italy, france, and germany, due to the large populations and high volume of diesel cars. folks login admitted to u.s. defeatities that it fit devices in its diesel cars. release is set out to 100,000 battery-operated buses and rickshaws. >> it is part of the country's -- ng to make electric it is the first step in india meeting its climate change target. >> they are almost everywhere in india's major cities.
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rickshaws are the back of urban transit. replacing fuel powered ones with electric models is a huge leap in the fight against pollution. carmaker mahindra release its first electric rickshaw a week ago. in the coming weeks, anyone will be able to ride them and that her powered buses as india rolls out 100,000 of those across major cities. india is one of the world's most polluted nations, causing major health headaches to authorities, who aim to reverse the trend. whichcomes with an app tells you the more you drive, how much carbon emission you save. so there is nothing like going back home every day, knowing you did something good. >> by 2030, india wants all new vehicles sold to be electric. that goes further than france and their u.k., which want to and fossil fuel car sales by
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2040. electric carse of is lower than 3%. the government hopes private energy companies will invest in battery charging stations or in swapping, where drivers could give empty batteries and get charged ones. to make the plan work, vehicles need to be financially acceptable -- accessible. rickshaws are sold for over 1600 euros. >> let's take a look at some of the other stories we are tracking. new articles and review from al jazeera have been blocked on snapchat in saudi arabia. the app has been asked to restrict access because al laws.a breaks local snap's decision is the latest example of technology firms buckling under government pressure. 24 fighter on buying
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jets from britain. the deal is a boost to b.a.e. systems. qatar agreed to buy f-15 jets from the u.s. the typhoon has an estimated of 79 million pounds. over two and half million vehicles are set to be your called in china. general motors and its chinese joint venture say the recall is due to faulty air dog -- airbags. the cars are equipped with air bags made by takata. that is it for the business news. >> thank you. the press trivia.
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we are looking at what the papers have been saying. let's start with the un's general assembly getting underway in new york. >> north korea will be one of the major hot topics between world leaders. on its front page, the south korean paper, "the korean times," they have an article speculating what they will talk about. they say the leaders of south korea, japan, and the u.s. may start to talk about military options. they go into the specifics about what military moves for the three countries could make right now and what moves with lead to immediate war. i have also selected an "atlanti c" article from this weekend. is pertinent, because it has an interesting perspective. how can the world break the counterproductive cycle of escalation? "hail mary" could be
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north korea's foreign minister. he will be at the general assembly. the article says he is well connected and respected in pyongyang, and he should meet with his u.s. counterpart, rex tillerson. direct dialogue between the foreign ministers could diffuse "no harm and there's in trying." certainly true. u.s. papers are talking about the delegation trump is bringing with him. >> there is an interesting article about nikki haley, the u.s. envoy to the united nations. it basically means the u.n. is her home turf. she is generally considered a skilled politician. the french ambassador says she has strong political instincts. it is a profile, but the article goes on to say this week will be a test of her influence on donald trump, and it wonders how
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much she can sway the u.s. president's opinion in regards to different policies. the article also describes how haley has used her political talent to soften some of donald trump's comments. >> donald trump's tweets have made him famous -- or infamous. one of the tweets made headlines because of its catchiness. >> sunday, donald trump sent out a number of tweets. he created a new nickname for kim jong-un. he treated -- he tweeted "i spoke with president moon of south korea last night, and asked him how rocket man is doing." the nickname in italy caught traction on social media. even some of trump's critics say it is snappy, with the reference to elton john's song. in the article, the "post" goes through the nicknames donald trump has created. they are often mean, such as
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"crooked hillary" and it includes a list of names he used for himself. "t," likee letter "vote t for trump." but the problem of nicknames is they are like little nuclear weapons -- they encourage others to retaliate. >> we will see if anything comes from that. the french papers are looking at the week to calm, particularly when it comes to french labor unions and the government. >> get ready for a busy week. that is the message. an article details the schedule of different labor unions, the things they have laid out for the next two weeks. starting today with truckers going on strike, then moving on to two protest, one thursday and one saturday. the article says all of the pieces are falling into place for what could be a major opposition movement. it says we are not there yet,
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but it could happen. >> labor unions not too happy about emmanuel macron's labor reforms. and the french people do not seem too happy about them either. an"liberation" went with opinion poll. a big 60% of french people think macron's labor reforms will hurt workers. only one third of french workers think macron is on the right track. it explains in the editorial that this is not currently translating to major protests in the streets, because the french are "fatal lists -- "fatalists." that many feel like the dice have been rolled, and there is k -- no going back.
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but sometimes all it takes is a wrong step or a wrong people matter, to get people back in the streets. >> to wrap up, you have a feel-good story for us about a koala that had a close call. >> it made headlines.
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gar alperovitz: a place to begin. why in the world does anyone wonder about, is there an america beyond capitalism? the person who creatated davos, the gathering of the most powerful corporate capitalist structures in the entire world, this year opened the conference saying, "he thought capitalism may well be over." same message as occupy.


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