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restrictions to enable fueul and other supppplies to reah storm hit by the recall. trouble visit the island
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himself which is still lostt that electricity on tuesday. best i thousands students have been marching in a bar alaina to demand the rights of votes in an into. catalonia. the vote will go ahead. they just major opposite. a treat. skated millions of power papers and has ordered police to take control of polling stations catalan leaders. are also calling on the eu to step in and press madrid's to allow the vote to go ahead franklin has the story. yeah. catalonia's students on the move. thousands took to the streets in barcelona thursday to protest what they call a crackdown by spain's central government. ahead of a referendum on catalan independence planned
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for sunday. while many carried pro independence flags and banners for some the protest was more about the principl. but alexis school bags we have to vote on october first so people can say what they want likes to get up a little he could shut people up by force in a democracy. the right to vote is fundamental. i think that the. firefighters came out thursday to show their support for the vote as wel. spain's constitutional court has ruled that the referendum is illegal and authorities have taken action to stop it. seizing printed ballots shutting down websites and detaining referendum organizers. at a security meeting between spanish andnd cataln officials. the central government held to it's mind that the vote would nonot be allowed to go off. units hurt media this is a line in the sand and we are going to act glad we are absolutely determined to fill the subjective. make sure little is respected make sure that border is maintained. and protect the peaceful integration of
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society buffy. opinion polls show catalans fairly evenly divided on whether or not to seed from spain. a considerable majority want the democratic process to decide. let's over about the e. u.'s position in all of this i'm joined by it's just i guess she's the executive director of the u. c. l. european institutes thank you for being with us tonight. now add given them leaders say that by being silent the eu is turning its back on repressive practices by the spanish state. should be you step in and be more vocal about this because we did. officials comment on practices said the u. dislikes in hungary for example all poland why the silence. on catalonia. we didn't carry very difficult moment for the european union can affect. they have tried to to beyonce courses on the fifth at possibly khan. edited a huge concern to them you have to remember the eu is technically a union of member states current that
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full its governments and its minusca. okay spain minute groups and i'm government obviously hot a at a huge weight in decision making. i'm it with barrett difficult then for for the european union to. actively take a is that go. any hurt a solution to tha. now you've off the bike should that steppin. wrapping colds i am for the european commission to mediate and a half from the car been. some instances in which opposed the commission hot mediate between. member states who were.
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a different kind of the conflict however we are not at the moment looking at that customary. come spain italy central government has not had been. requested such mediation. and judging from current action that are likely going to do that is his bid make. this arab to is is part of the the concern for the eu and. that the prospects of catalonia e correct and. the boat would go against independent. the question here is that for a very long time though the conflict has been not only about independence but about the right to vote if or if not people want independenc.
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the longstanding conflict going back a long time. behalf that full at this point i think in the european union primarily concerned not about losing. but about how to deal with a conflict that they still call it domestic issue but that's it threatening to spill lebanon at the bigger questions about the role. of the european institute who could say. this this different to the ab scottish independence referendum of a few years ago does the e. you have a similar r or of a different stylyle. well y yes and no. on the oe hand of course the scottish referendum with a c complety different story why because it was effectively agreed between dukakis parliament. and. the. uk government that whatat procedures in place n agreement about how one might proceed should cultish vote for independence. we've also at that time hide clearly spam. all that was needed in. court had independent go to take life
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you could hop on the tape if you could have places to go you have a hunter. clear that for. the. did the did addressing couldn't be more different. where? to consent then but similar to those today. is that of course. should i part of member state we feed. quite a lot of challenges on being m. botox how did we a process that would view the new state if it's they wished we entered the european union content. or how defended the process such that it would not have huge consequences for the. economic and political stability of the union how to contain the political fallout. from other member states the milan eaten arm. yeah it's just i'm i'm sorry we have run out of time surge in ship shape thank you very much indeed. you're welcome. they just i get that. now here in france the mother of a jihadists h here is sort of died in syria last year has been sentenced to two years in prison. nestle had daddy was found guilty of financing terrorism but wasn't sent to prison straight away a
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younger son and a friend to put you how do some. rules taken. story for us. not that he had died he had the mother of the suspected terrorists who died in syria last year. and was sentenced to two years in prison today now the judge did not issue an order of detention. so this means that she's avoiding firm jail time that but it also probably means that she would be kept under house arrest for those two years. with an electronic bracelets a young her younger son tarik was also on trial today he's also accusedd. of having finance his brother's terrorist activities syria. twelve my. spend as. best friends i was sentence. it is at this time firm. i know the it's quite an unusual a. which time members.
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and have accused of financing is terrorist activity. and not that he had daddy always always denied all. the charges against her as she admitted that she did send money i'm paid for plane tickets first song to trouble two egeria. and malaysia but she always also claim that you never knew that he intended to go to syria and joining the ranks of the islamic state group. that we also met her lawyer after had the verdict and i was given and was. outraged he said to at that. innocent family members that have the terrorists could not be has responsible. jennifer morse they're putting out and now while iraqi kurds have been celebrating the outcome of monday's independence referendum. and incensed back dad has been taking action will farm flights to and from the iraqi kurdish capital of and a bit it will be suspended as of friday. meanwhile the governments of turkey and iran are coordinating their efforts to make sure the region panels victim iran testimony
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proclaim. reports now from air built without. put it will be very to. for the cats to me full it's with the plans. iraq. now if several airlines have so the day will abide by because decision to cancel all commercial flights starting friday at six pm. it looks. right now that the airport will indeed shut down except for. some humanitarian flights as mentioned earlier. the kurdish government has a draft a letter. in response to this measure day have said that. they accepts of the iraqi federal government to send a few observers. which is basically their. willingness to meet the demand to hand over control of the airport but the senate they're not quite willing to to do any radical changes. citing their rights in the constitution to to govern themselves. so it remains to be seen with a bug that will accept that whether they will accept that sending a few. observers. to the airport is
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sufficient. is sufficient enough to to keep the airport running but as of now i many airlines are planning to cancel their flights and it's like many consulates based here. in appeal have advised foreign nationals to leave kurdistan the before that date because i just to remind you of course you can enter kurdistan about actually having an iraqi visa. and now of course that could change if iraqi authorities were to take over. border crossings than the people who are infected without having an iraqi visa might face restrictions. on being able to leave so conflicts are advising foreigners to leave and a many have started to do that and for now. it remains to be seen in the next twenty four hours weather are beyond but god will reach a decision. on this matter. a boat carrying reading the refugees from burma to find its ashes capsized causing at least fifteen people all women and children to drown. survivors say the but i've attended the the coastal city of coaxes buzz always dozens o of. on board nearly home and million people. effectivive. state in the last month.
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and he's authorities have just canceled a visit to the region. by un officiaials because our vet has the story. nmap accident several hanga muslims from rakhine state shows no signs of slowing. according to the. half a million row him direct. fled into neighboring bangladesh the august twenty fifth. that's when insurgents attack security posts along the border prompting a crcrackdownn and by the army. access to the area has been heavily controlled by the government. but those who fled describe a program of terror including murder and arson. i don't hahave an of who's article iv. our village is surrounded by buddhist pepeople when we try to go t of the village they want to kill us. automatically.. but w wouldn't that's why we came at night time. we can go hidden from forest to forest and avoid the military but they do not find out if that's. the un has called what's happening
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in rakhine state textbook ethnic cleansing. a scheduduled visit on thursdy by un officials to the epicenter of the violence was abruptly cancelled. burmese officials blamed bad weather and said it would be rescheduled for next week. meanwhile aid agencies are warning of dire conditions in rakhine a an urgent immediate humanitarian assistance. they fear those who remain are in urgent need of food medicine and shelter. china has a with its north korean owned businesses on it's hard to to close this part un sanctions on the regime over its nuclear program. no screen business season ventures with chinese partners was close by early january t that's withinin a hundred and twenty days off the sanctions being cost. no screen companies operate restaurants and other businesses in china along north korean labour's working chinese factories. china is that north korea's main trading partner and beijing's cooperation is essential to making the
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sanctions work. the us president donald trump has lifted shipping restrictions to allow supplies to reach storm hit puerto rico harken maria slammed into the islands a week ago knocking. tricity feel a a fresh drinking water are in short supply the jones acts limits shipping to us ports t two. americanan ownwned vessels e white house said on twiwittr that thosese restrictitions wewebbing lifted attendedee. president trump has been criticized for neglectcting the disaster in question rico but will visit. next week for more that we can go to washington all correspondent phillip crowther is that. fit tennis a bit more about these restrictions and how they hampered emergency sponsored places. yeah jones act a of federal a restriction in other words a restriction from the u. s. government said essentially. doesn't allow foreign ships who come from another u. s. ports to dock in a different u. s. ports. and unload cargo in this case that
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could be eight it could also be a diesel fuel or petrol. which might be very necessary and that it has now been waived because there had been a request from the pleasure we can govern a condo to say your that came in. last night says the white house hence why the jones act has now been wait. other a ships from other countries other than the united states can now again doc in puerto rico now what the white house today is saying and is saying right now in the press briefing. at is in fact that their work enough u. s. ships in the area to do what they needed to do. that there was no necessity for foreign ships to dock in puerto rico and bring fuel for example that necessity might come up in the next few days. says the administration more than anything for diesel fuel to be delivered to the island what the white house is saying. is that the problem is not does not live that with ships still not enough ships getting to p push a r. the e problem the white houe says is on the ground on the
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inteterior beingng able t te at that congo throughout the island of put your rico with so many roads still. closed off so many communities and villages s still at pretty much out of touch withh sosomeone t the capital of r examample a which iss where most of their supplieses wod be coming from. the white house is generally puttingna positive view on how it's has dealt with this problem it also says that forty fou. out of sixty nine hospitals on the island on this u. s. territory on now operational that is better than had been said before and indeed is better. than what most people on the ground would say so long it might just bn
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impression but in fact the white house has not really at beenn all over. at this problem and put eric coming this crisis that could turn into a monetary crisis because we can't compare it to the white house reaction. after hurricanes harvey and irma in in texas and in florida respectively at the time the u. s. president was very engaged the white house was trying to show how engaged. it laws he was tweeting about this pretty much during for days. best didn't happen at this time around the white house there now is trying to show that it is very much in control that is bringing enough aids to put a rico. anand of coue the most important symbol that is a trip by the us president to put a rico though two that went happened until tuesday of next week the. senate thanks very much indeed for a crowd of that. now the playboy founder hugh hefner has died at the age of ninety one the multi millionaire died peacefully at the playboy mansion in los angeles. where he was
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surrounded by family and friends of a corrupt man takes a look back at his life? it's a farewell to the man on the silk pajamas. playboy founder hugh hefner very much lived the lavish lifestyle brand he created. as including elegant suarez filled a sought after gas. but a trademark of. money's. beyond hefner's jaffe like persona honey remember for his role in taking time to talk about sex into the mainstream. have no was twenty seven when he founded playboy in chicago in nineteen fifty three. branded as entertainment for men the magazine's first issue became a hit after it featured nude photos of marilyn monroe started playboy and with an editorial promise of humor sophistication and spice. a playboy also featured outstanding writers including margaret atwood and norman mailer. and interviews with controversial figures like fidel castro and month max. one of the things that i have always felt about
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playboy. whether included the centre polls are not is that the magazine it you know it did not of sex magazine. if it had been it would not be as continually as popular is that i. have not always saw himself as a liberal activist. advocating for free speech civil rights and legal abortions. but to his critics. he was seen as a pornographer who objectified and degraded women. claims he always denied. despite the magazines controversy or maybe because of it playboy subscriptions peep to more than seven million in the nineteen seventies. while reership has slowed in recent years have there's mark on popular culture is permanent. will be buried in a mausoleum next marilyn monroe. we never met credits with launching his success more than half a century ag. but it's a resistance when i came eighty is here with us in the studio i and that mall up problems for ryan and the budget and on a is in a lot of but will treason about that max consolations.
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of flights nuts right nuts now being eyed by uk regulators at its launch enforcement action and threatened penalties. accusing the firm of persistently misleading its passengers more than seven hundred thousand people have now been impacted by a wave of cancelled flights. service will continue peter be disrupted through march of next year. civil aviation authority says the carrier is not informing customers of their rights to compensation. and has until five pm on friday to begin providing complete details. thousand olcott has more. brian as flight cancellations of caused huge disruption for thousands of customers olivia europe. this winter thirty four routes have been suspended including gatwick to belfast newcastle to faro. and stunned studs flights to. plus go. william who frequently flies from scottish capital to football matches in london. has already had five flights canceled since the problems began earlier this month. share it makes things difficult. had six know what you neeeed just for the big things and have them in and
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placing goal njih two eras in the shed drilling of pilots holidays. brian as crap to further eighteen thousand flights this week in a second round of cancellations that would increase the number of customers affected. to more than seven hundred thousand. the head of the uk's civil aviation authority has said he is furious to the dublin based carrier has misled customers. about their rights to compensation and is now threatening sanction. under european aviation or. aviation consumer some fairly strong protection things like a compensation certain circumstances away this a cancellation of a plane. if there is no reasonable alternative with the airlin. had then that airline has an obligation to provide. an alternative airline. and if there any ancillary costs associated with that. to fund those costs not. ryan essays it will fully comply with whatever a clemens to see a us because of it. the company transports more people than any other european carrier. unless than one percent of its
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customers will be affected by the cancellations. the company initially said the mix separate cost it around twenty five million euros. over that amount could soar as compensation claims come flooding in. a second on the day's trading action now the major european indices closed higher this thursday with the exception of the madrid stock exchange stance slightly ahead of sunday's referendum in catalonia. at reiner shares dropped about four percent wallstreet struggling of for gains despite new government figures showing that the american economy expanded faster than initially thought. in the second quarter the commerce department's in gdp had expanded by three point one rather than three percent. at the details of donald trump's tax reform plan not giving markets the extended boost that he might have hoped. that plan which was announced on wednesday had been much anticipated by both businesses and individual taxpayers. with of the president's speech on the nine page document which was also released. featured a fewer concrete details
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than some had expected. overall the plants he outlined would cut around four five point eight trillion dollars in tax revenue. and critics are convinced that the numbers add up kevin clifford has the details. is prescribing u. s. tax code as outdated and burdensome. president trump's said his new tax plan will make the u. s. more competitive. the current tax system is a colossal barrier standing in the way. of america's economic comeback but we're going to remove that barrier to create a tax system that our people finally finally finally and want and deserv. us businesses would see the biggest changes the president has promised a cup the headline corporate tax rate from thirty five percent to twenty. not as low as is campaign promise of fifteen percent but it still represents a major cause. the plan also proposes a one off tax on profits earned abroad to encourage companies to bring money home. individual taxpayers a cent to see big changes to
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you. from wants to take the current system from seven tax bands ranging from ten to thirty nine percent. down to just three the highest being thirty five percent. the deduction most taxpayers are eligible for would double to twelve thousand dollars for an individual or twenty four thousand for family. and federal inheritance tax would be scraps today this applies to states with over five million dollars republicans i hailing it as a miracle for the middle class. but analysts say the nine page plunge wasn't detailed enough. asking how all of this will be paid for. one think tank says the plan will cost about two point two trillion dollars over the next decades. the white house says closing tax loopholes will free up the cash. and that the tax cuts will boost growth providing more revenues bus economists say this won't be enough. unplanned will only add to america's national debts already sitting at over twenty trillion dollars. here in france the president emmanuel michael has faced another round of protests
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against his efforts to reform the labor code. thousands of pensioners took to the streets angry to measure which will see many of them pay higher social security contributions. the government insists it's only the wealthiest will be impacted by the changes. the other the protesters said that their pensions were already tight and none of them had money to spare. meanwhile unions representing truck drivers met with the country's transport minister discuss their o own concerns. last week they blocked roads and fuel depots and show of anger over the reforms which they worry will bring cheaper competition. and put their livelihood sacris. well many women's rights activists have hailed saudi arabia's decision to allow women to drive. businesses are already thinking about how to benefit. car manufacturers have been issuing adds specifically targeting female drivers owned by volkswagen says it's my turn to take the wheel. that will cadillac says show them what it means to drive the world forward. lot of possible economic repercussions from this move car sales could of course rise in the long term. but
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right hailing apps like hoover and its local rival karim could see their own businesses decline. corey meanwhile is trying to stay a step ahead announcing plans to hire a hundred thousand female drivers in saudi arabia. providing i suppose that they can get their driver's licenses quickly enough a to get make it to the job interview yeah suggesting is that our absolutely think about how things are much of the cape region with the business we. thank you so face a with us when using headlines in just a moment
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09/28/17 09/28/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from the unesco headquarters in paris, this is democracy now! told that been democracy doesn't happen in the streets. mr. presidentnt, you will need o take a look at frerench historyo see that it was the street that brought on a king, that brought down the nazis. amy: french protesters take to the streets to oppose the government's move to rewrite france's labor law. it comes as france is about to


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