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tv   France 24  LINKTV  October 13, 2017 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> welcome to the france 24 newsroom. molly: the u.s. president will support for the iran nuclear deal. donald trump will outline a more aggressive strategy. the tension are high in the region following the independence referendum. buyers in california kill at least 31 people, hundreds are
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missing. donald trump is likely to take a major step against the iran nuclear deal today. the president will pulll or for the agreement and outline a more rest of strategy. let's ring in our washington course on it. what are you hearing from the white house? >> what we are asked taking to hear from m donald trump is he will decertify the iran nuclear deal. dayaysat means is every 90 he h has to tell congress whethr iran is living up to the deal they signed with not just united states but other negotiators ass well.
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iss time, he will say iran -- it is doing what it's supposed to do as part of f the deal, but it's not doingng thins in the national interest of the united states. it's a convoluluted way of doing things, but it gives them the opportunity to not withdraw from the deal but distance from it. what he e will say today is not the end of the deal. it won't be the end of the dissipation in the d deal. it won't mean united states. renegotiating. is it gives mean congress the possibility to include -- impose new sanctions. if they were to be imposed, the u.s. iran part of the nuclear deal risks falling apart. what the u.s. resident is
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suspected to sing test is to come up with a strategy and triggers that would make for new sanctions. ballistic missile used by iran, f further misdemeanors by the iranian revolutionary guard, further logistical help for terrorist organizations abroad it. all of those are supposed to be triggers for further sanctions. that is the writer strategy he wants to see. all of those sanctions would lead to an end of the iran new year deal from the american respect of. it would still exist because others signed that deal. we are expect in a very confrontational speech from donald trump, one that would criticize iran with that one
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exception, they are doing what the nuclear deal wanted them to do. they are not developing a new your weapon. much: blockbuster how support he has within his own frustration as well as with congress. they wililbe handldling the matter. >> congress is very interesting. all republicans in congress were against the iran nuclear deal. a that is why the oversight exist for congress to that is why he has to seserve either del evevery 90 dayays. he needsds to tellll congrgress whether iran is doing what it is supposed to be doing. we will have to wait and see. what was once an opposition to the deal from republicans can lead to actual lawmaking.
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congressional support for the new strategy from donald trump isn't all that they are right now. when it comes to work in his administration, there is less. some of the leaders in his cabinet in looting the secretary of state believe the n nuclear deal is worthh it because they are not getting its hands on nuclear weapons. iran right now is in compliance. it is difficult for them to distance themselves from it. donald trump will still do that. he will distance himself from it or it he won't withdraw the united date from the deal, but he will be a restive toward iran molly: thank you that you we take a look at reactions from
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tehran. itself or aacing possiblele standoff as the administration holds its options. clinched between iran and world patterns -- powers, decertify the deal does not immediately kill it. all parties have vouched for compliance. a second route -- term, he championed it from the outset. governments are defending. said said they will suffer t te
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most. > would have e different opos that a are appropriate for our adadministtion andountry.. we won'haveve any problemems. of we will push ahead with our goals. moderate.s are on the >> a any effort toto underminene deal is s going to undermine the main proroters of the deal. those arare the iraranian moder. it wililbe a set a act for them. the system needs s the moderates to shift t the blame to the u.s. and try to pin it on the u.s. and allies. this will be posturing on behalf of the u.s. negotiating was strictly off the table.
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iraqi troops have launched a position. molly: tensions are high there after last month's independence referendum. let's ross two: who joins us from baghdad. what can you tell us about the situation on the ground. >> the division has moved up from there and there are some response divisions i in the are. the governmement says it is a rededeployment off forces into certain disputed arereas. this is to the south and west of the oil fields. backhave move some forces north and reinforced areas around there. thisraqi government says is in no way reflecting anan attack o on her coat --.
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theirs under constitutional r rights. wiwith the indepenendence r refm you alluded to, this has caused significant tensions. it was carried out at ararea or it. molly: with t that said, we have seen tensions mount since kurdish voters overwhelmingly back independence. of its a n nonbinding refererenm thee government has called illegal. where do things stand with trying to set through the tension. popular motivations, there are a lot of tensions. there was always conflict in the kurdish region. of him problems before
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the referendum. this has escalated the tension. they have mamasses of oil. it's a really hohot and disputed area. said, one of f the party haspeoplple in thehe tried to alleviate tensions.s. they are looking for a negotiated settlement. the two parties hope to come to some negotiation settlement with the region. molly: thank you for that. next, we crossed to syria. this is where kurdish and militias are driving the islamic state out. they were confident they would recapture the city in a matter of weeks. aw, in way throughout over in
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mission to drive them out of the capital, it has intensified during. isthe islamic state group under heavy apartment. the syrian democratic forces have been writing to take the city back from the terrorist organization. if they have been unable to take control of the area. a hundreds of civilians are fleeing. >> we have liberated 1000 people with the help of vessel forces did we are opening fire on those fleeing the city. >> according to the u.n., eight thousand civilians are still trapped in rocket. hostage in ag held nearby stadium. they suffer from a lack of food, water, medical aid. early under bombs.
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they said if we wanted to l lea, they would have shot us. we would be dead eitither way. we made it. past three weeks, 15 fighters have surrendered. coalition horses said they would only accept unconditional surrender. coalition said it hopes to conquer the city and the next two days. california,s to emergency teams are battling the deadliest wildfire in history. at least 31 people have died and hundreds are missing after chaotic evacuations. >> another day of handling claims and enduring a smoke as wild wires continue to rage.
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8000 of the wind gave the firefighters a welcome opportunity to contain the fire, which burns out of control and him areas. with the wins forecasting for friday, auauthorities arare not taking chahances. >> we still have fired rove in different directions. we have a threat that is andinuing in multiple areas structures. those areas, we had some more mandatory evacuation arereas yestererday in sonoma county and structures. area. they are still causing us problems. >> 20,000 people have been a back waited so far. this family rushed to a race coursese. >> it's not my choice. you have to leave. you have to leave with nothing. you just have to save your life.
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>> with homes in instances destroyed, they are left to await word of what is left of their homes or it. >> they don't know if your home is even owing to be there. >> entire neighborhoods of an reduced to rubble in the most a struct week of wild liars in california history -- wildfires in california history. molly: that was alex jennings reporting on the wildfires in california. it's time for a is this up date. we are going to start off in the united states. this is where donald trump is taking this step toward dismantling obamacare. >> the president is cutting up subsidies to help insurance companies. the department of health has announced the payments to insurers will stop immediately. it's the most romantic action
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trump has taken to weaken the signature health care law which extended insurance to 20 million americans. signature by signature, is trying to do what congress couldn't, repeal the e affordabe care act. >> people are going to the very happy. this will be a great help to them. >> this latest executive order will make it easier or american to buy cheaper health care plans with fewer benefits. missing things like maternity care and prescription drugs. those were required under obama care. it was hours after sent order that the real blow was delivered. the government will stop giving money to help insurance companies for low incomome patients. the administration says the government cannot lawfully give
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the subsidies which are worth billions of dollars. the cbo estimate this will american health care premiums to rise by 20% exterior. congressional leaders were quick to issue a response. it is a spiteful act of sabotage level the working families and the middle class in every corner of america. aca, will try to blame the but this will fall on his back and he will pay the right word. >> a group of state attorney general's say they are working on a legal challenge. health-care stocks have edged lower. analysts worry the latest announcements will cause more chaos in the unstable insurance market. molly: let's take a look at the global financial markets. dayt's been a wyatt rating -- trading date.
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they are waiting for inflation data. paris and frankfurt are trading in the green at this hour. asian markets are most leaps of whereexexcept in tokyo there was another record high. let's take a look at some other is this headlines at this hour. noanese metal makers have new cases of also fighting data of costs and a range of other relics. the cheating scandal has affect customers, more than double the original estimate. they will share again on writing on friday. the head of samsung s cap down, sayingng the compapany is facina crisis. this is as the tech giant is
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operating profits in the last quarter that tripled over a year earlier. he has been the public face of samsung since the sheep was jailed in august from corruption charges.. says it's a stratetegic move to look at othr markets. toy came related losses up $2 million. company did not close the sales price. they are saying the order 9% stake falls to just one dollar. molly: what about norway's government targeting electric cars. >> the norwegian government has propososed cutting a tax advante granted to large electric cars. norway is a world leader.
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one in five registrations is an electric harp. they want to move an extension. the finance minister said the heavy cars damaged roads as much as hassling or diesel cars and proposal has been dubbed attacks because it affects luxury models did molly: thank you very much with a look at his distaste it's time for the press review. >> i am joined by lawrence. we're going to start with the latest from the united states. this is where donald trump is expected to withdraw his backing from the nuclear deal with iran and. >> let's take a look at the front page of the iran times. reacted to those rumors
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wednesday. he said any party that walks away from a multilateral nuclear agreement would be damaging its own reputation. he mentions the united states is angry because the irgc humiliated the islamic state group. upsetanian president is by these rumors that cop is going to act track. other regional papers are thrilled. this is a saudi paper. it is a regional ally of iran. they are representing the nuclear deal and it is walking down this tunnel. to an unknown . molly: let's turn to the french
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capital. she has outlined a plan on how to track down on pollution. it is saying bye-bye to petrol cars by 2030. >> it might be time to think about selling your porsche. this is the plan for paris. post car paris realistic? the picture shows with the future of harris could be. the eiffel tower with no cars around. it's a big that. the the term used for greater region. this isn't coming out of the blue area they announced a plan to ban diesel cars by 2024. that is the year paris will host the olympics. people are applauding her efforts. it's a very important issue.
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it is a long road before paris becomes a car free city. is it a dream or nightmare? angeredhe has already drivers with her efforts to make her a greener city. walk us through some of her plans. >> let's take a look. they have a clever infographics waning the measures. some of them will be new. they want to convert taxis and buses into electric vehicles and increase the number of terminals where people can charge their electric cars. schemes thatboost offer short-term bike and electric car rental. you might be familiar with that. if she wants to boost those measures and in race the number of parking lots out wide paris to have them be a transit area for people getting into the capital. she wants to increase parking
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tickets. they will be 50% more next year. this is to dissuade people from using cars. molly: there will be a focus on making public transportation better. >> it is relatively cheap and relatively reliable. let's take a look. this post on at the situation area. there will not be a single ethical car in paris area. >> let's hope there is not a a transfer or strike that day. the momolly: there could be a problem. not everyone is on board. >> the socialist mayor has a lot of critics on the right. they are focusing on this. is paris going to blow a fuse? she already put in place a series of controversy over highway like making the
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and now it's a pedestrian area. it's great if you want to go for a walk. it'ss not rate if you want to gt through the capital. half a million car trips happen every day in paris area -- paris. the people who will suffer are people who work in paris. they are not coming into smell the fresh aiair. these are some of the credit is him. molly: let's cross now to new zealand. there are general elections three weeks ago. we don't know how things are panning out. >> we rarely talk about new zealand and the selection happened on september 23. withational party was left 56 needs. both harleysville short of a majority. they are the kingmaker in all this. you can see the leader of new
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zealand, he is the man of the day in new zealand. he is happy to keep people waiting. the said an anonymous board will decide whether they will suck or to labor or national. a lot of people are cynical of this. they say he is taken the election hostage. the new zealand herald says why bother voting? molly: how about those sonic attack on diplomats in human. >> it's a story we've been following for some time. this is what neurologist are saying. mass hysteria matrix lane them. it's a popular term work out rates among groups of people who are psychosomatic. americansse, 22 reported a range of systems including headaches and dizziness.
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these experts say there was no proof there was a sonic weapon used in all of this. it might just be linked to a high stress environment in havana. the meteorologist that talk to the guardian did not have access to the victims. they need more information and act tests to have a real night lasted -- diagnostic point. area: thank you for that you can add to our website. break.going to take a stay tuned. you are watching france 24.
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