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but i'm doing it for a reason. today's the first day of spring break, and to ensure we make the most of it, clyde and i came up with this. ew. note to self: don't ever borrow lynn's tracksuit again. i meant we came up with this: clincoln mcloud's totally awesome and rad spring break bucket list, patent pending. it's a totally awesome and rad list of all the rad
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here about what would happen if trump goes ahead and recognizes jerusalem as the capital. of israel and the city that has a node is a claim by the palestinians and what is not just for the palestinians girls are from egypt from s sankey from countries that israel does have. ties with one with the israeli government won't that. no. it's. myrie laden noises. he's. it. moving his. hello all in unison. we was is has since the
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syrian border. and. wawarrior and thihings even easier thahat. so zanu greeeen a. yeah. marines demands. probably. not.. eades losing a unionon as is was habitable zones. decide words here. in las. more so you came emissions since everybody problems in the seattle moving in space. well here leasing where his forces is useless where since he is he's has. been since he doesn't know any. and movement towards he's so perhaps a thing isn't.
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this incident is government. if if ii may and it is not israel as it is not israel's right to decide where is captured is if another entity has a claim on that city every. you know. israel should really bad isn't it. did jerusalalem a season the jerusalem must remain unifified an e entity divid. this is the. mind you it's i israeli gogovernments had suggested even plans that he lied. he wasn't and doeses hlisten. well he was officee. it it s a good idea. sources in new.
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florida how does happen so this n news l listings w whr of fools who roam m also ony of the and. fluery syrian bomb also anda recognition of jerusalem is the same thing as an n.. hi. resisigned. and we have. and suggested. that movie as in during these. someone who's right. is h he consistentltly suggesesting very reasonable plans whoho reason massive
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yachts one. is it dodoes he is he n landing the right of return. she needs a destructive is. he opens. i was say a basin they did not need. right there. we need know iss is the desf israel. then he. lewis jerusalem with. capitalism groundhdhogs in hair more demanding schools yeah thank you very much. and apologies at for the sound good it seems are not
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as he heard people i sit now syria is claiming that it's. and offenses have so don't three israeli missiles at a target in a minute she paused. near the capital damascus n no casualties hae beenen reporteted its andndo confirmation from the israeli government in attack comes just three days off israelel reportetedly hit a minute she posed. with surface to surface missiles well thought we got has the story. mmhm. it's the second similn friday that also targeted an arms cache near the capital. that was material damage but so far no casualties syrian at defense systems intercepted several of the rockets. israel has neither confirmed nor denied these attacks. but in recent weeks they voiced concern that that ought rival iran may be gaining opponent foothold at that cool stuff as
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revolutionary guards and tehran that hezbollah fight alongside assad's forces. we're facing big challenges both inside the country and outside. those of us who headed by the need to fend off iran's attempt to create a military base in syria. unaware operating constantly to defend our borders and if needed. beyond our borders. the alleged israeli strikes send a clear message to iran that they must keep their distance. meetings united on our web protestant saad hariri has city withdrawn his resignation. it ends a month on crisis that began when hariri announced from saudi arabia that he was quitting in a statement scene is targeting the iranian backed militia hezbollah hariri said today that he's now satisfied. other members of his government will stop meddling in the affairs of other countries you can royal has the story. saad hariri sits down with president mission alone and
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the is of rival political factions. announcing that he's saying in his job lebanese prime minister said his cabinet reset on census agreement. protects lebanon's relationship with his peers. if examined her former look let here the lebanese government. and when it's have the school components and maybe has committed to distance itsel. all conflicts always nervou. and internal affairs of arab states. the key cabinet me. two weeks after his return to lebanon and just over a month off his visa resisignation announcemement made in saudi arabia. . and the. the statement said shockwaves through lebanon and beyond speaeaking from ree as havig failed against eons hezbollah movements on its back that iran the meddling in lebanese a fast. he said he was very for his life. the next day has with a
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leader has a nasralla denied harry restrain accusing saudi arabia of schools in that he's crenulated collects. lebanon'n's domestic politil crisis stick regional dimensions. then france e and that the frei. president himalayan microfluidic saudi arabia and extended an invitation to the lebanese primee minister. paul harry resisted he was free to leave reeta lebanon's president hardened his phone refusing to accept his resignation. rockwell our prime minister has been detained and arrested in saudi arabia. until now he is not able to express what he actually wants to see. this constitutes a hostile act against lebanon. after a flurry of diplomacy hariri finally left saudi arabia. visited france for a few days before returning to lebanon on the eve of is independence day. upon his return he suspended his resignation. now hahaving formally rescinded his decision to step down. of prime minister coalition g government thata includes ministers from hezbollah. violence has around top once again in yemen it one day
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after the former strongman only about a sunday's kills by his the rebels at least twenty five advisor carried at rates were carried out by the noise. my saudi led forces not cause significant damage in the capital sanaa weston colonna has the stor. tensns butut quiet in the streets of san on tuesday following a night of rates believe to have been carried out by the saudi led coalition. the kingdom is engaged in a brutal w war with who the rebels were backed by iran. in the afternoon who the militants held a gathering to celebrate control over the capitol and to protest against saudi arabia. the celebration here day after the killing of former president ali abdullah sale. who had been a who's? in a statement. sun. we there he vowed to quote confronting. meanwhile in new york the united nations denounced the humanitarian situation in the country renewing their calls for an end to the saudi blockade which is been
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in place for a month. and we want. security council. for the unit and pulls the reason urgent need for food few and medical supplies. and so the port of a data must be fully functional non operational. years of fighting have let's yemen facing the world's biggest current humanitarian crisis. the un estimates that thirteen thousand people have been killed since the conflict began. the organization also says up to ven million people are at risk of a devastating famine if the situation doesn't improve soon. heavy. international olympic committee has banned it russia from competing in next year's win seventy games if i is evidence that on she ran an orchestrated doping program at the sochi games back in twenty four states. russian axes may come paid spent is mutual athletes without a national flag or anthem is the ioc presidency canada. the russia lived bicker call
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me t.. is suspended with immediate effect. in a real world billion russia athletes will be able to participate. under strict conditions at the olympic winter games bureau charles two thousand eighteen. these in right it absolutely sir when participates beads in individual or team competitions. under the name olympic athletes from a russia. with the acronym all a our. they would compete with the uniform bearing this name. and on the of the olympic flag. the olympic and some will be braids in any several. already massive extraordinary scenes in the ukrainian capital kiev this tuesday was supporters of the former georgian president mikhail saakashvili. my ship free him from a police van being to take. submission of. organize.
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he had as she supports is to my. here. agent of the president it's reporter schenker. city was maybe ukrainian citizens twenty dane and since then he's become ps opponents of abortion come accusing him of failing for groups house corruption. they have an agreement with vladimir putin to put me in a georgian president under his supervision and to get rid of me here in ukraine. they accused me of having connections with people settled in russia. in a whole post soviet well there is no bigger and you put in the meat caliphate have. i commanded an army against and i both of our independence saipov georgia office. or sacrificing the lives in ukraine against russia. how could they can think of it in is such a thing? spain's supreme court has withdrawn international. warrant for catalonia's
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ousted leader because puigdemont it comes on the first official day of campaigning ahead of the regions snap elections the court says puigdemont has shown a willingness to return to spain. and participates in the votes later this month sitting the sides of the story. another action campaign life no of a european arrest warrants for carles puigdemont i'm for members of his former catalon it's have been withdrawn. but for now ousted catalan leaders won't be returning homes of fights the region's upcoming elections. the five who are currently in brussels could still be arrested on charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds if they go back to spain. the spanish supreme court said it had withdrawn only european arrest warrants because it could not have a situation where a belgian governments could potentially change the charges made against them. particularly the most serious rebellion. which does not exist on the belgian legislation. the supreme court said the
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removal off the arrest warrants was and how spain full control over the investigation. virgina's lawyers said the independence leaeader will remain in belgium for the moments. theory thing weekl. there would be no influence. of this step indeed proceeding no influence and spain no. but in belgium it means that the judge should not make a judgment of exhibition. meanwhile for former members of the catalan governments released from prison in madrid on monday said the independence movements has not been swayed. and hopes the principles return. shooting i'm telling you this lououd and clearar we e left prison with our dignit. our ideals and our principles stronger than ever. and i gave anything else we want our friends free. and we want president puigdemont back to catalonia once again as the legitimate president.
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to catalan ex ministers including the former vice president's remain in custody in spain. right to the united states out of trump's controversial travel ban has been a given a green light by the country's supreme court. decision overrules restrictions put in place by lower courts and allows the panels six risen majority countries to its full effects azerbaijan has the story. when donald trump touchdown atat the white house monday night he just received news of what his administration is calling a substantial victory. the u. s. supreme court has ordered the president's travel ban to go into full affects. eliminating restrictions put in place by lower courts. but the supreme court has are necessarily given its final say on the issue. it an unsigned brief the justices simply said lower courts needed aside the lawfulness of the ban. until then in a seven to two ruling the highest court in the u. s. of the executive
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order stands. often refererred to a as the muslim man this is thehe thd version of trump's travel restrictions. back in january in its first incarnation he created confusion at airports and nationwide protests. as the u. s. closed its borders to refugees and nationals from certain predominantly muslim countries. struck down by the courts the ban was modified in march and then again in september. the current version los nationals from six predominantly muslim countries national sure north korea and venezuela are also barred from entry. the white house says the measure is necessary for national security. her critics in human rights activists say it's against the constitution. has it targets muslims. the u. s. supreme court is likely to debate the merits of the band ones laura courts a flush out the issu. but until then they've decided that the trump trouble baiana stands as the law of the land.
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without adequate murder of our headlines this hour and the u. s. presidents donald trump has told the palestinians he i intends to move t the us embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem. that israel and the palestinians consider the holy city three day capitol palestinian president mahmoud abbas is calalling on world leades to intervene and stop him. lebanese prime minister has officialally withdrawn his resignation saad hariri says he's now satisfied that woman isn't supposed government will refrain from meddling in the affairs of other countries. the international olympic committee has borrowed russia from competing in next year's winter olympic games. face. on evidence of state sponsored doping campaign russia russian athletes blake competes. independent eighty i of state has called the decision. on that. well let's get an update on the day's top is usually not a media sarah this holiday
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hey how are you start with that he you taking concrete steps to. trying crackdown on taxation something they have really mostly for loans on at home that's right of course following the paradise papers scandals the panama papers before that. but now finance ministers have formally adopted a so called blacklist the seventeen countries which identifies tax havens. that list is far from complete it does include european states like luxembourg or british overseas territories like mccain islands and bermuda. but innocent has been hailed as an unprecedented step as sure about sharia explains. naming and shaming alleged tax havens. european union finance ministers adopted a black lists discourage the use of shall structures abroad. you institutions can no longer use the seventeen blacklisted jurisdictions for five. operations enforcement however is the biggest problem and so far no sanctions have been agreed to for those countries that ignore the ban. critics say the list is political and that doesn't include any european
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jurisdictions claims the eu rejects. there are no tax havens in the u. tax havens are defined by a number of criteria starting withh respected international standards in terms of exchange of information. which european countries respect. but anti poverty and fair tax groups say countries like luxembourg malta the netherlands and ireland should be on the list instead the list contains a number of developing countries. that's also worrying what you will apprenticing them every countries but not sharing the right example we've as triclinic partners. wilson believe the u. sue for. he needs some house is a house in order before getting to the world what they have to do. so called g grey list of foy seven jurisdictions was also published this tuesday they include switzerland in the cayman islands and have committed to changing their tax rules to abide by you standards on transparency in the near future.
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the governor of lebanon central bank says the country's economy will be stabilized but really prime minister's decision troszyn his resignation. the central bank had to shore up lebanese pound after saad hariri announced plans to step down last month. that we had some actual francine fourteen refine that he was confident lebanese economy was prepared to deal with a degree of political instability. we expect the bond. to be stable. under markets have experienced us and they said of scene that. we have it is situation. that you can control anyways you have large. i'm preserves in foreign currencies and we have decreased the supply of labor in his pond in the mark. uncertainty over aung going brexit negotiations has prompted a sharp selloff in the value of pounds sterlin. british currency slightly recovered from earlier sharp losses to shoot his six day low it's still not about president xi a point two
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nine percent there against the top of the u. s. dollar not. not reverse at about a third of one percent down against the us dollar has risen very slightly against the euro this hour. and uncertainty also way down major european indices this tuesday got altern parish about a quarter of one percent on the clothes other basic resources sector held back trade across the board. investors widely shrugging off fairly positive economic data which showed a surge in business activity across the euros on. the highest monthly kim i reading in six and a half years. on wallstreet the nasdaq is rising as tech stocks renowned a u. s. investors keeping a very close eye on capitol hill. lawmakers are working to merge the senate and house of representatives
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versions of the long awaited tax reform bill. president are from saying he's optimistic its dealings by t all trump and members of his family. both mortars and bloomberg reported the subpoenas being issued by your special counsel robert muller. is looking into possible ties between the trump campaign and the russian government. germany's largest lender said it was cooperating with authorities that would strive to protect its clients privacy. deutsche bank is worth millions of dollars to the trump organization for its real estate business. almost probe is requesting information about specific financial and credit transactions. moving on from the days of the business headlines now. it quite has had yet another record high surpassing eleven thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars. this is analyst at jp morgan fact away from their ceo's dismissal of the. brought reports u. s. banks and it
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going could. safe haven. old. conversation in just a thousand dollars beginning from seseventeen. we just catalan china signed deals to deepen cooooperatin on energy food out education thirteen speculation that justin trudeau would announce meeting of new trade talks on his hesitation. all the full negotiations did not materialize canada's trade minister has stayed behind. resigned workers need. canada second largest trading partner behind the u. s.. starbucks is opening the doors to its biggest ever cast say this one in shanghai. three thirty thousand. thirty thousand square foot location pages gourmet bakers and priestess who roast coffee beans in front of the customers. china's you can sort of second biggest market. home base need less in the coming years.
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plans over ten open ten thousand locations across the. london's traditional black pads are getting an electric twist. the first green fleet hit the streets this tuesday replace all diesel taxis and try to cut down pollution in the british capital. look castle meet the strict new emissions regulations with required for all new l londn taxis f fm the yearar twenty eighteen. laxey costs that ten thousand pounds more than the current diesel models acoustic drivers around a hundred pounds we can fuel costs. some writers have was concerns that charging their cars the transport for london is trying to set more charging points to each with the growing demands. besides if out of our a focus on i'll have that saugerties through asia have three hundred dedicated charges. wave charging voiceover working with. the private industry also. appear this harry's. we don't have the anxiety. that i if if you're getting low
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electric field
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12/05/17 12/05/17 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> the supreme court yesterday allowed to travel ban to go into effect what we believe is a muslim ban. it is unfortunate, but we will continue fighting in the courts and hopefully prevail in the end. inin go t the suprereme court tw the trtravel ban to go into e et wednesday administraration can fully enforce its new restririctions on travel from eight countries, six of them predominantly muslim. we will get response from aclu lawyer lee gelernt


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