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tv   DW News  LINKTV  January 4, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> this is a dw news of live from berlin yard battling annan, -- bannon. in a controversial book, steve bannon implies the president's cacaaign colluluded with russia. the president firing back saying "he lost his mind." also coming up, the chips are down. major security flaws that could
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allow hackers to steal the entire in memory of computers undetected. in commenting down to -- and counting down to russian elections, there are several candidates in the field. her chances of snatching victory. ♪ i'm right golf. it is good to have you with us. we begin with the very public feud in the u.s., trump versus b annon. trump is threatening action against former -- steve bannon. a cease and desist letter has also been sent to the author and the publisher trying to halt the release. the president launched a scathing attack on bannon saying
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"steve annan has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. it is alleged that bannon attacked trump junior for a meeting with russians. he is quoted as saying "even if you don't think this is treasonous or bad, you should have called the fbi immediately." trump has also sent a letter to bannon saying he violated a nondisclosure agreement by speaking to wolff. first, a look at how the bannon -trump rift unfolded. >> with friends like these, who needs enemies.
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it hasn't been that long since president donald trump and his strategist steve bannon were thick as these. for the end of the presidential campaign, bannon [art news it to join the trump campaign. he was the embodiment of all the issues of the campaign. despite accusations of racism and xenophobia, bannon buildld e wave of -- he took over as senior strategist and counselor to the president. he was a primary architect of trump's nationalist agenda and -- >> he's a friend of mine and very committed to getting things past. steve has been a friend for a long time. i like steve a lot. >> he is also known for populism
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and attacks on news organizations. media, adamantly opposed to the economic agenda donald trump has. >> trump brought bannon's stand to an end after eight months. now in a book, bannon and trump have become sworn enemies training bars over the media. given how fervently readers that breitbart have supported trump, the crocks in the relationship could spell trouble. >> a short while a ago trump spe about bannon and the new book. >> did steve bannon betray you? any words?
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president trump: he called me a great man last night, so he obviously changed his tune pretty quick here and i don't talk to thehem. i don't talk to them. that's just a misnomer. >> let's try to make some sense out of this. our correspondent is on the story in washington here it beyond this being an obvious broken political bromance, why does this falling out, why does it matter? >> it matters because even though a lot of conservatives are now trying to distance themselves from steve bannon, siding with the president, steve end still -- steve bannon still represents the ideology of at least parts of trump's days. as long as he is head of breitbart, he can still do some harm with the things he knows, with the all awards that he
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still has. and donald trump has survived were scandals than this, but ultimately this will not help trump nor bannon. >> according to this new book, donald trump was shocked when he won and he didn't want to win. what does this mean, if trump once to maintain his base support as we move toward midterm elections? >> to be honest i'm not quite sure about this particular statement of the book, but seeing donald trump seems to me part of him always wants to win out of principle, but what seems possible or likely is he didn't really expect to win. this is not only in the book,
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but also what we have heard from reports about the final phase of his campaign up to the day of the election he didn't really think that he could do it. basically most people didn't think it was possible and still it happened. the problem for donald trump for all of this is for the past year he has been playing to his face most of the time. he hasn't tried to woo democrats, independents, or moderates. in all of opinion polls, his approval rating are pretty low, and historic low compared to other presidents in office here at this could mean travel -- trouble for him because if democrats win one or both chambers of congress, his presidency might be effectively over. >> there is speculation there could be a bloodbath for republicans in those elections. how realistic is that at this
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point? >> there is no guarantee for that. obviously there are still 11 months to go. 11 months is an paternity in politics, especially in the age of trump where there is a new sensation every day or every hour. if this trend continues, approval ratings so low, democratic base energized, moderates and independents staying away from trump, then yes, this could happen. you may say this is wishful thinking by the democrats, but also a number of conservative analysts think this could be a son, really. -- this could be a synonym tsun, really. >> a suicide attack in kabul left 11 dead and many more
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injured. he blew himself up in a crowd of protesters. at least six policeman were among those killed. the death toll due to a train crash has reached 18. fire engulfed several of the carriages after its smashed into a truck south of johannesburg. the transport minister says more than 250 people were injured. tonight, the races on to find a fix for computer chips around the world, big defects could affect billions of computers and other devices fitted with chips made by the manufacturers amd and arm. researchers discovered the problem sometime time ago, but the news has only been made about -- made public. here is what we know so far.
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>> i it c cldldllow hackekers as to sensitive datata. ththe vulnerability could affect every processor s since 1995. of t momentt there is no way for users to detect a breach, which is no trace in traditional log files. analysts are calling it the worst flaw ever found in the computer industry. >> the problem is the processor is the core of the computer, what the operating system runs on. when the processor is affected, they have access to everything. >> desktops, notebooks, smartphones, they all run on intel chips, and they are all affected. the problem may be bigger than reported here it in a statement "recent reports are caused by a bug or flaw unique to intel products are in core act -- incorrect.
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many devices with many operating systems are susceptible to these exploits." those who found the defects have also found that a rm and amd are affected. this could cause computers to run more slowly, with estimates of a dip up to 30%. but ordinary users are likely to see a performance hit of no more than 2% year. >> let's try to make sense of this. it is good to see you. happy new year. how big of a threat is this? is it affecting all of us? >> it is affecting all of us. we are talking about a bug that allows two different types of attack. one is the meltdown, which can
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enable hackers to read out your memory on your computer. the other is more serious and harder to catch them the first one. it is called specter. perfectly fine applications are being used to exchange data. >> no one knows it's happening, right? >> exactly. the particular attack is known to be exploitive. >> so we could be attacked and not know it here it if that's the case, what can we do to protect our i.d. systems and computers. >> the first patches are already out. for the second one it will take a lot of time to patch this.
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>> you say the patches out, for consumers -- >> sometimes you don't notice. for android and i own this -- ios, they have already installed without knowing. >> why has intel been so quiet? >> intel has a disclosure agreement with other companies. since reports came out, security researchers from google made a premature exposure. it's a business model and stocks plunged, but in the end, the chips that enabled the specter attacks will eventually have to be replaced, because it's a major design flaw. patches can be released, but not every type of attack can be invented. >> we have sat here many times
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talking about stories related to this. it is a new year. the risks for 2018 include cyber attacks as being in the top five and it's only january 4 and were talking about this. if this -- is this the beginning of what's going to be a turbulent year? >> it is, yeah. i think it's important not to scare consumers we too much and being scared of computers would be a wrong idea, but what analysts say, don't be afraid of breaking anything, do install an update and please don't click links in emails that look suspicious. first of all, a person has to have access to your computer, and this happens by something like an outgoing link you don't trust. >> this can make our devices that run more slowly? >> just a little bit.
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>> think you very much. ♪ >> let's take a look at the timeline of events in this case. the two laws were discovered in june 2017. intel ceo sold off as many shares as he could in november 2017, a move which saw him gain some $25 million in profits. of course, the majority of the shareholders did not find out about the flaws until yesterday. it certainly raises some questions there. let's put this question to our financial correspondent who is following this story for us. could they ceo of intel face charges of trading on insider knowledge here? >> it certainly is an interesting timing when he sold his shares, because that was obviously after thehe company gt
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aware of the flaws, but before the news broke to the public. i cannot imagine it's a case of insider trading, because that would be the most obvious case we have seen in wall street history, but that doesn't mean that the sbc won't have a closer look at it. on top of that, the ceo of intel sold all but 250,000 of his shares, not a lot of confidence of the ceo into his own firm. that's pretetty much the minimum that a ceo is supposed to hold of his own company's stoxx. -- stocks. >> what is this mean for intel? we are talking about chips that are everywhere. >> when we talk about the flaws in general, it's certainly not helpful. one of the big concerns is intel might lose market share to some competitors. for the second consecutive day,
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intel is the worst performer in the dow by far. it's not that easy for customers to replace one semiconductor for another. 15 years ago it wasn't such a big deal. we are talking about chips or semiconductors that are pretty specialized, customized, and not that easy to be replaced. but it is certainly not helpful and that's why intel is the biggest loser in the dow jones. we reached a new milestone, across the 25 point -- 70,000 point mark that we have crossed. >> thanks for that. the u.s. doesn't take
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circumventing sanctions lightly as a turkish bank has discovered. the former deputy ceo of turkish -- laundering billions of dollars. >> the former ceo of turkish bank faces several years in prison. he was found guilty of helping iranian's circumvent sanctions in oils deals worth billions. the ruling wass based on the testimony of a witness. allegedly turkish president signed off on the illegal businessss. no subprime, the turkish government has criticized the ruling saying in no uncertain terms it is clinically motivated. it is a scandalous process.
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there is no other way of seeing it. it is clear that the case was only there to get mixed up in turkey's internal affairs. it could have far-reaching consequences. other banks are suspected of doing business with iran's oil sector fighting cells cut off from the u.s. financial markets, something that would hurt any major bank. >> oil prices are trading at a three-year high. oil supplplcould be limited by unrest in the e countr it's not currently under threat, but there is added uncertainty to the market. opec suspends production caps in an effort to lighten the market. let's take a look at what will be occupying the russian electrorate.
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>> let's go to russia where presidential elections will take place in march. vladimir putin is expected to easily win despite growing opposition. our correspondent is now on the stakes for the pressure in the new year. >> 2018 will be a special year for vladimir putin. first is his predictable victory in the presidential election than the football world cup in russia. but it also involves risks especially in foreignn affairs. the middle east and syria in particular is the most prominent example of russia's attempt to reposition itself on the world stage. putin announced russia's withdrawal syria, but even if the military mission was successful achieving a political
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solution, compromising with a group whose -- a radically different may prove a difficult task. some groups have canceled their participation because they called russia in aggressor committed to war crimes in syria. here, how do people in russia the -- >> it was a great victory for russia. >> the war lasted too long. it was time to pull out. >> now we don't have to pay some much and tax. >> they called the withdrawal the most important foreign-policy event of the past year. they say pumping grandeur are well and good, but it won't be bad for the government to turn down -- western sanctions will remain largely unresolved even in 2018. nevertheless, vladimir putin is
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and will remain the country's most popular politician in 2018 and he expects victory in march to the kremlin promises stability and muscles anyone who -- and muzzles anyone who questions it. one candidate has already announced plans to appeal a decision not to allow him to run. it probably won't cool down after the election. the kreremlin can only hope that the situation in the country will rememain able until june so russia can score some positive press as the host of the world cup. ♪ >> as we just heard, putin's main challenger has been barred from running in the election, but several other candidates are
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still standing including a well-known tv host. her candidacy is expected to increase voter turnout. her advisor joins me tonight from moscow. welcome to the show. thank you for taking the time to talk with us this evening. i want to start with the big picture about elections and politics in russia. is it possible to even expect a fair and free presidential election in russia in march? >> i don't think it's possisibl. quite frankly, nobody can -- the selectionnd i belieieve this electition is a a big farce. i wouldldn't be having a lot of excitetement or change in political future in russia. >> if it's a political farce, exchange -- explain to us the role of -- why has she chohoseno
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run knknowing basically she's going to lose? >> i belieieve in the situauatie are here in russia, you don't have much choice. what would be the point? just skip the election and the state as it is. i think every attempt to push the agenda, plug the kremlin, and every attempt to talk to the voters and explain why this government is failing, why president putin cannot stay in power for 18 years s and not dedeveloping the countnt.. i think we s should take any opportitity seriously and take thisis opportunityty and try too the best here it doeoesn't meane are going to win, it doesn't mean, though, we have to stay home and do nothing. >> that is an admirable position
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to have. what happens after the election when mr. putin -- if he has been reelected it, what would you say -- what will you save the impact of zinnia's candidacy would have been on russian politics? >> i i think n no matter what happenss, if they reaeach out to peopople in ssiaia, it i isreat. if we sendnd one mor c candidate challenging g couldn't, it's grgreat. if wee see a woman, the youngest candidatate, it is grereat. at t t end of ththe day if we he a platform for a new candidatete to run, itit is algreat.t. i believe democracy is n n borne out of onene election. i i see this election and jones
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link -- challenging patent as a long-term game here a. >> if people have heard about her they have heard about her being a socialite turned tv host. what would you tell the rest voter ththat she is qualified to be thehe next presidenent? >> i d don't think the questions who is t mosost qualifieied. we have seseen so many apparenty qualified candndidates andnd lok where t t country is righght no. i don't think the questition isf all application. i believeve i it's more i imporo create a a situation or environment t where everybybodyn run,n, whehere all five people n be heaeard andnd people e can te part i in elections and we are o far away from m it. i believeve theremlin is tryingg to make a situation wherere noby can run for office.
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and i thinink were able to talk out qualificacation when eveverything is a fafarce. where e trying to do the best.. it would b be great if other candidates could run for office, but we have to work with what we have. >> we are deftly going to follow this and please come back on the show as we get closer to the election and l let's see what happppens. thank you, the camampaign advisr for then he is soo check -- you're watching
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paris owner from certified our. headlines this hour. she's better than bad as if alll his dreams of taking te white house a tell all book about the early days of the top administration. as president donalddrump threatening legal action against his formerr adviser friend stephen bonnet. change in iran must come from the iranian people and not from the outside i know michael states his position after a week of deadly unrest in the islamic republic he's out. throughout. his presidency. and iran for a government rallies and its own national tv again this one day off the minute you need this


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