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tv   France 24  LINKTV  January 12, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PST

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>> welcome to the france 24 newsroom. it is 1 p.m. at the french capital. a breakthrough of coalition talks. an agreement to move forward with a formal -- donald trump moving g forward wh a nuclear deal. to contain scrambless
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unrest. austerity measurures led to in a countryger already battered by high unemployment. ♪ >> we begin in germany. this is where chancellor angela merkel and her party are one step closer to a coalition government. spdconservatives and the have made an agreement after marathon talks. >> as a party, we have unanimously decided to support this agreement and to recommend to our spd party to give a mandate to the spd
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representatives to form a coalition. the world is waiting for us. start forfresh europe. we need to work with the party fresh start find a for germany and europe, too. let's speak with our guest from the german council of foreign relations. thank you for being on the program. outline, thishis blueprint. all sisides have built this is a compromise. from your take, who has given the greatest concessions so far. d is making thesp biggest concession by entering parliament. they ended it election night last year saying that they would
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stay on the opposition. they are taking a very step back -- they are taking a very big step by saying we will form a government. in scoring points, but it is important for the social democrats to give a justification, why they need to be in government. >> that being said, what we have still aploratory talks, long way to go, and there are certainly a lot of potential pitfalls that remain. there is: yes, certainly some way to go. these were exploratory talks. there'll be coalition arrangements if the spd and the rank-and-file agree. that is the first pitfall. at the end of the coalition negotiations, it is the spd membership that can say yes or .o
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there are stumbling blocks on the side of the spd. many members are unhappy with forming another government coalition with the conservatives . so there is an obstacle. with regard to what has been paper ishis 28-page already quite detailed. we should not expect any surprises in terms of policies during those negotiations. seehat are we likely to from uggla merkel in the coming weeks to make sure that she -- angela merkel in the coming weeks to make sure she stays on as chancellor? greeley is she has been very much in the background. talks, as well as the previous failed talks between the conservatives and the greens, she did not appear as the leader. she was working in the background. stitch trying to
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compromises where there needs to be compromises. there is no doubt she is the leader of the party. would be toority get the social democrats on board and to do so through cumbersome negotiations. chance she could not be reelected, re-chosen? if the party base of the social democrats refuses to endorse the coalition, then we are back to square one. she would either have to lead a minority government or call for new elections. woods is not out of the yet. certainly not. but getting this kind of compromise on paper with these social democrats, which is supposed to give an outline of what a new coalition would be doing in substance, that has already been an achievement, and
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the party leaders, as you can theyfter this long night, want to get this going now and new realtors chancellor. peoplple froming brbrussels and p paris saying tt iss deal going forward beneficial for europe. of course, they would like to see this wrapped up as soon as possible. cornelius going yes, everyone in berlin is aware of the --- cornelius: yes, everyone in berlin is aware of the importance of the german government. they talk about being in a position to respond to the pro proposalsust to the of president macron is important. and this would be a continuation of the previous government, so -- for everyone else in europe, it would be a good
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sign if this coalition could continue to work and support the reforms underway in the european union. >> thank you very much for joining us. cornelius: thank you, my pleasure. >> this friday marks the deadline for president donald trump to decide whether he will inend sanctions against iran a nuclear deal. he has called the deal "one of the worst of all time." is expected to grudgingly signed the waivers, but he is also likely to impose new sanctions over nonnuclear issues. reporter: the nuclear deal brokered requires the signatories to sign off on the deal every 90 days.
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president refused to callingy in october, negotiators from the obama administration too lenient on iran. president from: we got weak inspections and exchange for no more than a purely short-term delay in iran's path to nuclear weapons. -- president trump: we got weak inspections i in exchange for no more than a purely short-term and temporary delay in iran's path to nuclear weapons. sanctions against iran were never fully lifted in the first place. trump is under pressure from his advisers to continue extending sanctions relief under the accord. they worry the u.s. might be isolating itself from key allies. however, the u.s. administration levy newed to
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sanctions outside of the deal in to human rights activities. >> whether it is ballistic missiles or other issues, we will continue to sanction that -- humande the jcp 08 rights violations. we could notot be more focused. reporter: europe and france on a front. the eu says it is not up to a thele country to decide deal. and they said that they would remain committed as long as iran did, too low. these images are from the capital of tunis where a peaceful protest h has been hel. since monday, more than 600 have been arrested in violent demonstrations, this over
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austerity measures. the rogue african country is struggling with a weak e economy and high unemployment. following violence from the p preceding night. >> young people are joining protest movements like ours. reporter: this is a movement of yog people w who became demomotrating foror more social justice and agagast corruptptio. ey still h hope to change the country. up oneyouth is holding thin torch.. we are notot just here for a slogan. it's our responsibility. reporter: bloggers are supporting the movement because, to them, this is a new generation taking the baton and fighting for their rights. >> have you feel about these images seven years after the revolution? >> a t twinge of regegret.
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i would like to have seen young culturalrive, doing activities. unfortunately, they are chanting the same slogans we used in december 2010. jajaary 2011.. almost nothing has changed for them. reporter: they are taking the economicc of the crisis. even engineers are jamming of a better life elsewhere. >> engineers are valued more abroad. i'm looking for that recognition. long timework for a before gets better. it's not fair compared to how much i would elsewhere. this is why i am looking for a better future a broad. reporter: according to recent studies, almost half of young tunisians want to leave the country, often due to economic reasons. reasons that have sparked recent demonstrations.
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syria, there was a counterattack against government idlib province. this is the last province that is beyond the government fell contntrol. fighters have seized several villages since launching -- government's control. fighters have seized several villages since launching their offensive. leicester, france received just over 100,000 official asylum requests. that is the highest number in at least four decades. was tont emmanuel macron reform and speed of the asylum process. one controversial measure established by the interior minister, id checks at shelters. this an effort to separate economic migrants. members of the president's own party has called this inhumane, saying it hits nationalities against each other.
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these 24 went to one of housing centers in paris. here is the report. reporter: facing stiff opposition -- the french -- the salvation army sees this as a way to filter out undocumented immigrants. we want to see this suspended. all of the associations have made that position clear. we have a relationship of trust. it will make our job much harder. we have welcomed them unconditionally, and now they want us to get information on these people. since 2015, this shelter has been home to 120 people. man arrived to your ago.
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maybe they catch me from here . give me respect and give me freedom to move. came here from afghanistan, were yet to flee the taliban. a 20-month journey to paris but took them through seven different countries. today, his dream is to learn french and find a job. going afraid of this bill through because of only been here for three months and i still do not have my papers. my next appointment is on april 6. i'm stillunder the -- registered under the dublin accords, so if the text gets approved, they could come and get mean. 2017, the plight of applications and france continued to increase.
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over 100,000 apply for refugee status. just one in three a tainted. >> let's get a reminder of the headlines. there has been a breakthrough in german coalition talks. movepd has agreed to forward with formal negotiations. donald trump looms over the iran nuclear sasanctions. scrambles to contain unrest. austerity measures have led to widespread anger in an economy already battered by high unemployment. now for our business update, and for that, i am joined by yuka. we have a food scare underway? yuka: that is right. baby milk, potentially
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contaminated, remained on supermarket shelves for weeks after massive recall. the manager has been called for a meeting. the company ordered a recall in 30 countries after 80 babies were hospitalized after drinking tainted milk. onwe will have a check financial markets. what have we seen in global shares in the final day of the week. --a: globalstar seems to global stock seem to have recovered. the euro also jumped to a three-year high on news of a radical breakthrough in germany. will switch toe .sia yuka: trade with pyongyang plunged in december. since sanctions were issued, it pressure on its
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smaller neighbor. it does not want to take drastic measures. for 2015, the sanctions fell 2.5% compared to the previous year. risenen 8.3%t has imports impacts were -- fell. more let's take a look at his news headlines. saying it -- staying in china, various local websites have been shut down. mary is apologized saying that anyever supported separatist organizations -- and
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dozens of iphone users have filed a lawsuit against apple for deliberately slowing down all of its models. apple has recently admitted to the slowing to save battery life. a criminal investigation has been launched here in france. and shares of french luxury brand -- have been announced. they own high-fashion labels like gucci and also focus purely on luxury. 70%.ompany distributed turn our attention to the middle east. saudi arabia is holding its first ever motor show specifically targeting women. yuka: that is right. that is after they decided to lift the long-standing ban on female drivers.
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much-neededvide a boost to the car market. reporter: in the shopping market in the port city of jeddah, dozens of women are seararching for their dream car, and even if they will not be allowed to months,r another five many have motivation to hit the road. >> i've always been interested in cars. now i'm really thinking about buying the car. a decree issued in september ordersrs and end to te country fell ban on women an and to the -- country's ban on women drivers.. it's an economic c opportunity r carmrmakers looking to tap into this new market.
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says but the objective of the exhibition is to facililitate women's choice by showcasing all brands in one place. car sales grew by 53% between 2005 and 2015 before abruptly dropping by 21% in 2016, even as global sales continue to rise. a trend that could soon be reversed. studies have shown with the potential 9 million female drivers entering the market, the auto industry could double in size in the near future. molly: finally, i understand the crypto currency boom has crept into the music industry? people cannot get enough of them. a new crypto currency banned in japan has formed. called crypto currency
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girls. they are a mission to educate the world about crypto currency. [laughter] molly: i will just leave it there. yuka, thank you for that. for more from her, you can always go to her website. it is time now for our press review. by alisonoined sargent for a look at what is having headlines. hi. hi, molly. molly: we will begin with the u.s. president's foulmouthed tirade against countries. whether they can repeat it? was couldst question
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we use the word? the first answer was no. now it is yes. we are going to use it. councils have opted to use asterisks. cnn decided to broadcast the word in full, as it "the washington post" by sending out an alert. newspamuch all of the but are printing the word, not putting it in the headline. the president's remarks have sparked a lot of anger across the political spectrum. president's own party, the republican party,
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speaking out, including congressman from florida. florida has a huge haitian population. toe miami herald" was quick post an op ed. it points out that it is ironic that president trump made these comments win today, jenny were 12, is the anniversary of the devastating 2010 earthquake in haiti. donald trump wanted to know why people from these countries wanted to come to the u.s. herald" had an answer for them. molly: this is not the first time the president has had aboutive comments nonwhite immigrants. >> yes, you're a member he launched his campaign by calling maximus -- by calling mexicans "rapists."
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root, a black website, remarksif these latest will be enough to call him a racist. answer is no,ng not in a country where kkk is as common as the common cold. molly: there's also the question whether people care. we have more on the meeting with the austrian chancellor. paper seesht-wing austria as the first country seem to be really aligning with the eastern bloc. they are worried that the rising anti-e.u. sentiment is going to throw a wrench into emmanuel macron's plans.
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in government's priority 2018 is security, he says, and to that end, he calls for stronger controls as well as changes to europe trolled migrant policies. molly: we have left-wing papers coming down hard on plans to tighten immigration laws. >> the government says that their role is to process asylum requests more quickly. that means sending back people people who do not qualify for asylum. that sarkozy dreamed about it while macron did it. a groups are uniformly up in arms against it. molly: and we end with a bit of a revelation about the british crown jewels that survived the end of world war ii. >> right. these were put in a biscuit tin and buburied at the entrance to
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windsor castle. traps accessible through a door. this was so secret, the queen herself just found out. it was revealed to the queen by a bbc jojournalist who was workg on a documentary about the role of coronation. confidentialt from letters. if i were the queen i would go find that trapdoor. molly: for more, you can always go to our website. -- france2 right. we are going to take a quick break. stay was. the news continues right here on france 24. humble, a hard-working, feet on the ground. we tatake a return ticket to
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revisit key y people and places over the last 50 years of news. [speaking foreign language]
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>> in thisis episode, mexicali borderr artist at the provididing educatation, mediaid programmining to the community f mexicali. abo w medium we cared


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