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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 21, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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he. why? national. politics is gaining ground in poland will bring you the latest. polls rules . first i a monstrous campaign all the annihilation that sound the u. and she writes she has described a situation in syria's eastern ghouta. government will planes have been bombing this rebel held the streets damascus killing almost three hundred people in the last three days. of the worst death tolls yet since seventy completely french president emmanuel lack are is among those calling for civilians to be evacuated.
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local has rules. this is far as the eye can see in this part of eastern ghouta. woman as a say a combination of syrian government forces and russian aircraft maintained an intense. sunday night. and then has denied any involvement. this is the rule everywhere of easton considers the last major rebel stronghold it lies just east of the capital and is being controlled by islamist and jihadist groups since twenty twelve. the trees is trying to libeberate the area from terrorists. you and seize the forces loyal to us are the side of his at least six hospitals. dozens of civilians including young children have been killed. in the end they. said as simply waiting for that tend to die among the hail of strikes rocket fire. bombs.
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the russians. ministries previously books together in a strange sixteen to object rebels from serbia's largest city and oppose. the indiscriminate shelling in the of moves that leads to hundreds of civilians being killed. tens of thousands more. the russian foreign minister at it is weak. campaign could serve as a model for future intervention in eastern ghouta. the united nations is called for a ceasefire in the region to allow humanitarian aid and to. on the wound its to be evacuated. well me will take he has vowed to press on with its offensive in northern syria with a spokesman for president erdogan pledging to crush any group. attempting to protect the kurdish people's protection unit or ypg syrian program that forces try to ends in the region yesterday but were repelled by to the shelling. this is a school girls
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missing and i jerry often attack why the israeli group boko haram this according to the local government in the town of your baby girls and all we'd seen this is the attack on monday night. comes four years of the vocal harm kidnapped within two hundred and seventy tales was school in the town of chibok. two french soldiers have been killed in mali off to their own advantage was hit by an improvised explosive device the soldiers were part of operation blockade. which is designed to fight extremist groups in the african region of the site has president macron paid tribute to the soldiers courage and is today. government has been defending and you integration bill of rights groups called it repressive the needle would tighten up the rules was silent speed up devil's haitians and allows orgies. to detain markets for up to ninety days the bozell's oppose arrest rates in michael's i'm policy is not a disease
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a rules. the. highly anticipated but still a divisive the government of a man who are not call on bail its immigration bill. it's aimed at tightening practices in france and streamlining them with the rest of europe. the government says it wants to make the system firm but fair and would use the asylum application process to six months from the current one year. well lou. why do we want to reduce it six months is to because those people who design and especially goes off and in the process? was even in so why fight. scenes also maple suit. i was expelled in six months also well they would have lost a family ties contacted the country of origin. interior mininister jacques coral offered a defense one of the most contentious measures proposed increasing the number of days migrants can be detained from forty five to ninety. asset animal usual a certain number of
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people said it was shocking. did it develop then you should know the european directive allows detention paris to be fixed between six to eighteen months also. the government's proposals have not gone down well with whites organized asians who say they are anything. but fair. let's see what. this is a laws. american saying conde goal for humanity and pharmacy. the interior minister was the heart of hearing as he is heard. your miss. yeah that whole family days from the date. last year a hundred thousand people applied for asylum in france and only around thirty six percent were granted approval. the immigration bill is set to be debated in parliament in april and the government is confident it will pasta spike resistance from members of the president's own party. african countries including apples or not rotunda and new media and happens is we
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less corrupt and easily greece and hungary transparency internationals races annual corruption perceptions index which rex one hundred and eighty countries and territories. by the deceive levels of public sector corruption owners surprises that denmark new zealand and finland remain top of the list the african a middle eastern countries often doubling the ball students and to see some of those repeat offenders overtake oecd and even states. is w s a fatal to scuttle that i'm joined by samuel can into from a transparency is essential thank you being with us on france24 tonight. it's not a secret is it a corruption is a big problem for africa it is the worst performing region on your index quite a surprise and see some countries. within africa now it's taking even ect that the states how do you explain that. indeed. the countries that are mentioned in the case of what's on our. media and rhonda if consistently over the past.
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four to five yeaears i hava school that is about the average. of about of course it's encouraging context of a continent where. most of the countries you would say out of. the countrieses in e region which are. in the excess of fourteen with only six that are scoring above are free so these are encouraging signs and we've also show that. in countries where these political leadership and sustained commitment. visible commitments to change design basements at a of overtime and thahat. the reaching out because i'd have to be break. that's was going right well that is going wrong for a city greece and hungary. well w wt is goingg wrong there you remember the fence in the agrees that they've go ahead some serious. challenges in terms of the government economy. he goes countries and we would see that the same applies to.
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you tell you where it is being a enamel for the vance it out too also show why the decline will take place in closer for. the the during the ecc takes are would say on the political front on the economic side and also how. the trust labels. beats on the side of citizens are more importantly or these governance organizations our country contributes to the cp i. of feeling about. to compete as it is in the states to deal with corruption but a also. even prevented so this would explain it but on this side of the effffort couountries. would see that efforts have been made. leaders have spoken about what's the wants t to do to fight corruptioion. in these countries that ththey've ben singled out is the one that they've made. considerable strides youu would s see tht dayy and he went beyond statements we actions we that in the case of will china. andd a corruption being mainstream by sitting up and
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aggression units in many of the. miministries if not all of them but also making sure that cases of corruption are dealt with in terms of course prosecution. are most needed and. it would be in any other african country and and as you say and it does pay off doesn't fighting corruption because when corruption old the perceived corruption is love up mall companies want to. invest there's more foreign direct investment. the economy gets better the gdp goes up it is a win win business as countries. yeyeah so that's that's reay the case. and. you would see that in. investors want to go where they know that investment will not to be subject to any aramark practice so any on unethical. behavior on the side of the public sector uniforms imposing he legal fees old taxes so where are countries are reputed. will proceed is less corrupt days a benefit in the sense that. investors will b be fricking he and in
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the end after. results i in wealalth creation improvemes we chopped them which is greatly needed in many of the countries that are faring. very negatively onn the cpipi so that correlatin can be made that the cleaner the governance in the country he's. the more investment the country to have but also. uld sayay more brighteter prospects for the citizens of the country to be able to have better access to basic services. and be able to even engaging introverted aerial. activities without having to. struggle with corruption that actually discourages any sort of activity. into from sensors international thank you very much. thank you. leading out to the united states right teenage. of last week's school shooting in florida have been marching on the state capitol to meet little l lie is and dimondd a ban on assault rifles seventeen people were killed when
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gunmen armeded with a all fifteen missile rifle marched into high school in the town of popular and. since then students have been driving a renewed debatete on over holding us connell's. reducing the great for the nra has on congress. if don't control has enormous nemesis it's the national rifle association. for the members guns or expression of american freedom. right given to them by the second amendment of the american constitution. when it came to who to support in the us presidential election. donald trump was them on. so let me make a simple problems everyone of the freedom loving americans. in the audience today. as your president i will never ever infringe on the rights of the people to keep and bear arms never. rules from a can twenty sixteen upon thirty million
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dollars into his campaign. in advertising alone they spent over eleven million. it comes to gun control the nra are powerful of a. off to the sunday hook school shooting in twenty twelve when twenty children and six adults will come down. benefits to expand backgrground chehecks fafain congngss. the nra refused to endorse the bill. in twenty seventeen fifty eight people killed a country music festival in las vegas. disputed used so cool bomb stocks which c concerned sei automatic rifles interrupted via. and democrats cool for the congress acts and on the. well. the wake up this congress. but. is there. is no. yeah. close friend. in the aftermath of last vegas an array again said it would support additional
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regulations the north of. the now trump has signed a memorandum on old devices which time legal weapons in some she downs. marking the first timime his straight fm the nra line. students on the from line of school shootings. final staying quiet until happens again and again. now what do microbiologist. inventor decision worker will have in common well label just experienced full days of life on mars six israeli scientists put together a realistic simulation of life on the red planet. and these lucky contestants go to try out. something mass excesses rules. the first step stools and life on mars. in thehe israi does it and jeff the sun says someone also merkell. we're going to mars. before any move to the red planet you have to trial living that. the israeli science is taking part in the simulation because often
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the outside world for four days living in a fifty square meter policy. they will say cease to explore some sort of panenels and gather s seoul samplples. israeli space center founded a mock mission the team foundd power failure and communication delays will be the biggest challenges. everything that happened here first of all this jen normal issues first stepp ad everything that we learn the last four days. or not it take for to document what worked what didn't work how can we improve it israeli simulation hopes to keep up with the space exploration giants china russia and the united states. face to settle for twenty ninety. it's time now for the latest in a series of reports from potency tonight's the creeping rise of nationalist and far right politics on the ruling party which has more than once will be found of the european union all around three and cyril pile. of the meeting was calls you may be at opposite ends of the political spectrum that he was still united in a skeptical view of brussels.
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in the halls of war seoul business meets nationalism. in this popular shopping mall one shops stands out sarge bologna it means of rise up potent. patriotic slogans splashed all over its t. shirts. but that came out this is this person is very popular business on national emblem. this is a. the. the strategy and. hoda. and thought that the. demand is so high that stores are mushrooming across the country. his pride is also palpable in this restaurant. the portraits of a fall right revolutionary hands on the wall. annan. gala customers for them poland isn't sitting dangerously internationalis. on the country as. in the u. s. nationalism is accepted. in israel is the bedrock of
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the country. i then nationalism is a positive thing but in europe it's criticized. select little. and union not sure. that forbids us along for all national community ocean and we should say no you should say it loud and clear the laws of motion. the conservative government has been loud and clear with he over several issues immigration women's rights control of the constitutional court. for this parish journalist democracy is at risk imposed and. this it we sang about seven in the streets of mosul a couple months ago. that was how independence much she sixteen thousand nationalists shouted fashion logo on it and not much was cool the great patriotic march. the something very wrong here. isn't reacting adequate plaza and we. schools the. christophe took part in that
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march back in november. he's a phd student in philosophy and he's written a book explaining why he believes nationalism is spreading. my enemy is a revolution marxism has. internationalism leftism and other metaphysical an ideological inventions. local funds it pulls his shirt and pulled has become a bastion of the right wing. was not something that was acquired a few years ago. the younger generation has now risen in the system power and politicians i was a little bit of politicacal. his vision isn't shed by majority of poles was an increasing number of people accusing e. you of interfering with arafat as. widening the rift between warsaw and brussels. and then another report from potency at the same time right as is business we know cabey's is. in the sudan an. laura even taking a look at just how afraid we should be
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of rubble sick that we and the short answer is usually quite afraid of them unfortunately. a new report by a group of international experts has warned that artificial intelligence is right for exploitation. there are a myriad opportunities as well hundred pages of research focus on dangers from technology that is or will be available over the next five years. also sergeant explains. imagine that is cleaning robot gets fitted with a bomb and infiltrates the german finance ministry where eases facial recognition at trident of five the finance minister. and set off his explosives. it may sound like the plot of a sci fi movie but this specific scecenario is included in a report outlining potential dangers of artificial intelligence. written by over t two dozen technology and policy researchers the report outlines a number of physical threats. such as the potential to hack electronic devices like drones and self driving cars and use facial recognition to identify targets.
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the report also highlights cyber security and political threats warning that armies of bots can be used to manipulate voters and so division on social media. wall speech replication it can be used to create fake video and audio of public figures. the report includes some recommendations like encouraging developers to keep new technology under wraps into over cautions can be taken. but researchersrs admitted that their report alternately proposes more questions about artificial intelligence then answers. south africa's new government unveiled its budget for twenty eighteen king of his efforts to stabilize and boost the economy. some the headlines include raising the sales tax by one percentage point for the first time since nineteen ninety three. more funding for higher education overall reduction of government spending amounts just under six billion euros over three years. and read the budget deficit down from four point three to three point six percent of gross national product. that last
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one is a measure that many hope could lift the country's credit rating from junk status. around and south african government bonds gained after that speech. most analysts welcoming proposals. he wants a stability in our economy i think is the first and foremost said we haven't had that stability we haven't known which way he walks going from one day to the next up one day down the next. all currency week one a strong that excel bond markets we will notice on the next week levy happens a any sort of stability and it's very difficult to plan. as a business model as an individual or even as a government. the european union has fined seven companies over five hundred and sixty million euros. for anti competitive behavior former accused of colluding to control prices of the salale of varies carparts. four in shipping vehiclcles. and. sixteen had almost ten million vehicles was transported between europe and other confidence on
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specialized large. ships known as it will go wrong rudolph ships five of the companies involved in this transport business of his faces and a cocktail. is unrelated to a separate ongoing investigation into some german car many factors which might also berkeley edu competition rules. you can only israeli action now wall street paring back earlier sharp gains that is after the federal reserve released its latest minutes from its last meeting. as saying it remains committed to gradually raising interest rates throughout the year and forecasting that the tax overhaul will boost america's economy more than expected. was makes clothes in europe this is the one hundred leading with gains of nearly half a percentage point. minor glencore outperforms its shares up five percent is it recorded as it reported its best ever financial results. nearly fifteen billion dollars adjusted profits for twenty seventeen. moving on some days of the business headlines now. has extended its office
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reason london for another ten years site could keep its european headquarters there even after brexit. financial services firms have been drawing up contingency plans as a way for further clarity on the u. k.'s future relationship you. job losses sector are so far lower than previously expected. thank of latvia deputy governor's the policy meeting of the europeann central bank on wednesday is headed alarms set it she's being investigated on charges of bribery. is a multi faceted banking crisis could raise concerns about corruption in the baltic nations. easy declined comment on saturday he's denied the allegations against him and so far refuse to step down. and indian police arrested six more people. destination in for one point eight billion dollar fraud scheme. state run. national bank the rest include employees a billion or two or hear of marty is accused of playing a key role in a long running sam and who left the country in january.
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protesters called him he found more oversight. air france is canceled half of its long haul services from paris as well as some short and medium haul flights on thursday. mrs pilot's cabin crew and ground staff walk off the job in a dispute over pay. not the only ones were seeking a pay rises from his economic position has improved. thirty robertson has the details.. it's an issue at the heart of many industrial disputes item on for a wage increase. restaurants for six percent based. theyey don't learn the frenh industrial group nicole has seen workouts to. there are other rumblingngs that bouncy p psa and ran i. the economyy seems to o be picking u up many in t the french work full scale it is high time they were rewarde. and on about the crisis now they have said the results are good prospects are good so now we want our piece of the pie. get to at the end of two thousand seventeen french unemployment fell
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below nine percent. its lowest level since two thousand nine. some analysts an increase would boost economic growth. others according to questio. let us companies is. increase their profit margins and attraction. it will be i indicate is at the moment that amounts mobile they can produce any tricks on you. taking weight rises of two percent on average in two thousand nineteen it's more than last year but also employees will see the same benefits is predicted that rises will be great insecticide health. banks and insurance. it also seems unlikely that pays it will show up and i get increased. a recent survey showed seventy percent of boss's perfect street cases individually and use bonuses to reward only some employees while the unions fight for the workforce as a whole. the series issues to be discussed their and of course in france at least more strikes not city kay thank you very much indeed had me do that with a business is taking so right. away much more for you rouse
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