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that's been holding less than one percent of. in. for in all week. reports from lebanon governor has just carry out its first survey. you g. today descended to everybody living in camps across the country the worlg part in rallies strikes and protests. international women's day from bondage to belarus from it is a city that have been sending up to launch it will pay and ends to sexual harassment and discrimination utara story.
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it came to a standstill professes okay by the streets and. there is. the international women's day was an opportunity for them to make that loses has. we have ways to make a situation now you. society in the workplace in a hurry. today we will. sure that if women so. well so. straight some protesters say the cost spain as moving beyond it intends to the wage gap and gender discrimination. mr eugene india and in the day. is now sexual violence. i. i. will process allies of the monitor the trials of crimes against women be completed within six months. the death penalty be handed
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rate is. protests will meet is in russia the parliament lost it possible that the criminalized satin forms of domestic violence. many men marks the national holiday by offering flowers women. opposition presidential candidate said yes so that it is outside parliament. long in the resignation of a lawmaker accused by several journalists of sexual harassment. i would like to remind everyone that today even in the twenty first century lawmakers get away with their dirty harassments and attacks on journalists. and are authorities are justifying this. he accused lawmaker they'll need slutsky apologised on his facebook page to the people he could free the o. involuntarily cool sufferin. the scene a politician had previously dismissed the accusations. in iran the women he publicly removed have failed to protest against the compulsory low on wearing a headscarf has been jailed for the two years. tehran's prosecutor abbas to various. body said the woman who has not be named was found
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guilty of encouraging moral corruption. on a more positive note this international women's day a museum in the iranian capital has and out ninety five real motive fallen from my end said softer twenty year exile in the united states. is that it has been to take a look. behind the shaded alleys of the historical neck arrest and garden. hides the first museum of its kind in iran. here all the pieces on display are the work of a woman. muneer farman for my and. whose meticulous use of mirrors and mistakes was directly inspired by traditional iranian architecture. it's. a female artist has a museum in iran. intricate works in complex geometric patterns that seem to change shape depending on the lights. and that have captured the imagination of the scissors. and that this work is different it's made by a woman it's a mixture of two thousand feminine touch
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and arts. it's a good thing that women's work is getting more visibility. it mht help change our very masculine culture. familiar fireman for million these mirrors are the work of a lifetime. the ninety five year old spent most of her career in self imposed exile in the u. s. after fleeing the islamic revolution. and only returned to iran in two thousand four. then he said he did a lot of the ego i gave everything to iran. before the revolution i created art i displayed on the walls. that everything was confiscated. i haven't had anyf my old walk b i want to continue to make arts. and give it to iran. it is my country and my people. all the flood up. foreman for millions arts combines traditional iranian culture with western expressionism. adjustments to her past friendships with
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the likes of andy warhol and jackson pollock. know when they'll pull the bush about a year. i want to be an example of a woman. to that more of them know that they can do anything they set their minds to. and that they should be confidence. cell fortune what they emotion. foreman for minds work has been acquired by a prestigious museums like the mets the guggenheim or the tate modern. but she says her first love will always be a wrong. turkish forces have sees the sound of and there are signals in syria a major milestone in the campaign against kurdish forces in. the province i heard almost operation only if brought chickens the kdish people's ptection units of the white bg in january was president erdogan. bad to finish the operation in a very short time convicts has feel tensions between said he and the west. kurdish fighte did play aajor role in defeating isis syri. we will syrian government forces and their allies have now retaken halls of the cherry tree that was on the rebel control in eastern
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ghouta. actually say it will the nine hundred civilians were killed in the air offensive that began last month united nations accuses the regime of committing war crimes. the relentless shelling continues as the syrian regime pummels resistance in the damascus suburb of eastern ghouta. ah here quickly bring out and put them in the ambulance come andrea quickly and put her in the ambulance they will come ready to help but unable to do s an aid convoy was visible in on thursday the lost and so was ideahis week forhe red cross report that the syrian regime stripped as a medical supplies. unforeseen of the forty six strokes on able to off load supplies. let's hope you an aid officials composer pointing to the ferocious lost days of the
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bustle of a lot of. i've seen hope possibly the worst fighting. however in eastern ghouta in these last twenty four hours and that kind of a situation you hand out there live or anything it is impossible to cross in. at a different time and go in. at desperate a civilians women children that we know are on the starvation. recapturing eastern ghouta would mark a major victory for president bashar al assad. from would be the was sent back the rebels since the opposition was ousted from houston that relates twenty sixteen. on wednesday the un security council calls for a ceasefire to be implemented across syria. and expressed concern about the country humanitarian situation. but the syrian unanimous that defended this old rejected it we would like to remind everyone that the military operations in eastern ghouta a targeting terrorist organizations. in accordance with international humanitarian law. saudi. aid workers who went on monday set some civilians and all seen some light for weeks as it being
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sheltering underground. it is estimated now more than nine hundred civilians being killed in the three weeks old. but it is now time for the full thing now series reports from lebanon this week the government that has just carried out its first senses of palestinian refugees. despite being second or even third generation refugees tens of thousands of palestinians still live in camps weather prevented from working. over may integrated into japanese society government is hoping that this census will change that was pretty full student of wills. informal settlements room higher and higher in the outskirts of favorite. is deborah and account house in estimated six thousand palestinian refugees out of the one hundred and seventy four thousand accounted for in a recent government census. the vote for georgia palestinians in lebanon arrived after the state of israel was founded in nineteen forty eight. eighteen year old the handed is a third generation refugee that. more people of
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poland's count. for example when clients comes this alone and ask how much is a hackers. essays three dollars bhutto try to negotiate down to. is difficult in the camps we palestinians of loss of rights so a lot of good people left out of indianapolis of a lot of. youth unemployment stands at thirty five percent. the decades there've been legal restrictions barring palestinians from such as jokes. eating many depends on local charities and international aid with the plan against boston and people they won't be able to plan how to. make them in a good eight i'll make them to excell them this is the thing not because they want to make some solution culminated in one or policy that people. the rival palestinian have often been victims of discrimination. and that presence he's just take it animosity. government said
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that hate sea fishing sense more break these. we've been saying that there are only one hundred and seventy four thousand palestinians in lebanon. is not that much being that you have been witnesses and is in the interests of our country to work with them up it's not good for lebanon that these camps stay in such a bad state. of up would you say that a we know that there is a lot of poverty and hardship web such difficult circumstances we could thames some people what extremism. of the free and. it's not the first time lebanese officials try to find solutions for the palestinian crisis. in twenty ten the. very to to get more rights to members of the community. bought refugees are still waiting for these rules to be present for action. hey can now at the trial of the danish invensys at peace about sin has opened he's charged with murdering and dismembering the body of swedish journalist kim world
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on forty submarine. in oldest of last year it will he insists he's innocent's he says that will died in an accident and he has already changed his story several times. run quinn has the story. a real life scandinavian murder mystery that shocked the world. swedish freelance reporter came wall thirty years old disappeared while interviewing eccentric danish inventor peter matson aboard his personal submarine. her body later recovered in pieces believes the victim of sexual tortur. on august tenth wall working on a story about meds and sent out with him on his saw but the nautilus from its stock outside copenhagen. one wall didn't come home her boyfriend reported her and this up missing. by noon of august eleventh the models had sunk. mad sent rescue alone told authorities he had dropped wall off at the harbor the previous night. accusers believe he sank this up on purpose after killing her on board.
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i always twenty first pieces of walls body he began to wash up on the danish shoreline. divers later found the rest of her remains at the bottom of the sea. mats in denied walls killing first saying she died when i had the hatch fell on her head. leader changing his story to blame accidental carbon monoxide poisoning he admits however to dismembering her body and throwing it overboard. investigators later found a hard drive in his workshop with that is films of women being tortured and decapitated charges against him now include premeditated murder and aggravated sexual assault. prosecutors have said they will call for a life sentence which in denmark averages just sixteen years in prison. colombia's full agreed agreed fox's its candidate is withdrawing from the presidential race because of ill health retreat on the idea is recovering in. off the heart surgery in both sides will rebel that is too much in kay did hold support of just one percent versus
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you could wear as the story. he pulled suggesting he. was in the throes of best he wouldn't have stood a chance anyway. the day after undergoing heart surgery it's official. three that on thursday eighty eighty much anger will not from the columbia's president on the twenty seventh of may. and i was in the form of your that he is a fool and his father now a political party still colder people to vote for them in legislative elections this coming sunda. money the problem with i. the express a willingness to have dialogue with all political sex. in order to build bridges towards realizing a great national convergence. yeah that's you're not. the group said it without the presidential candidates from another party as long as that passes the twenty sixteen peace deal. seventy four fox candidates are running for office under the terms of the agreement the parties guaranteed ten seats in congress through twenty
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twenty six. the campaign has been rocky many columbia are unhappy with that the scale which and the five decades of bloody conflict seeing it is too lenient on a marxist rebels. it allowed them to stop the political party in exchange for disarming and confessing to crimes. last month emerging his motorcade. losses eight. his health problems including chronic lung disease. cerebral artery a serious fox at the protests were further reason for pulling out of the presidential race. now should we give on sentencing us president donald trump could be about to sign off on import tariffs on steel and aluminium in the last few hours he has hinted. that canada mexico possibly australia may be exempt from this harassed a this week the european union and out so this american made products that it would target in retaliation for movies that officials say threaten. european jobs or even that is trump's own
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policy have been warning him against triggering a global trade war his trump a short while ago dropping more hints. about what he might do next. we have a very close relationship with australia we have a trade surplus with us right yeah. great country long term partner. will be doing something with them will be doing something with some other countries we're. going to be very flexible at the same time we have some friends and some enemies. where we have been tremendously taken advantage of over the years? one trade and on religion if you look at. a nato. where germany pays one percent and we're paying four point two percent? of a much bigger gdp. not fair. of more that we can get as you washington our correspondent david smith is there and at david it should be in the next hour. or so the trauma she signs off on the set hefty new import tariffs that we
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still don't know exactly what is gonna happen it doesn't look as though he may be softening though is that right. yes because at one point that he talks about. just sweeping tax across the board and some of his advisers said look if you make an. exemption for one country that it's a slippery slope and other countries want exemptions to. now have a in the last. technical four days i was with sonny had about. canada and mexico perhaps being left out because. trump says a we can renegotiate matthew and get a better deal last. today he's also. talks about australia basically calls a. australia has a trade deficit with america which is unusual in this situation and. he's he's. you know crazy some wiggle room for himself by saying you know where. he can choose on a case by case basis. which countries are in a which rounds and and also whether it's it's a twenty five percent and and ten percent figure out ole ole
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can can slide that dependin. which is concerned sites it's been a very and unpredictable. twenty four i was. about whether this. signing will even happened it was like now it is happening but. we still. i left guessing the details and i'm not suitable trump time is chairmanship he's been hit in buildings a sense. as if on a reality tv show as he's often does yes as we now he and is on her loss of pressure and. now he's from members of his own party and his own economic adviser quit early this week because of the plan. and that the u. s. house speaker paul ryan is sitting to ramp up the pressure on him now as well. i think that explains why we have seen at least some concessions and on some fresh. flexibility with these times because the that is has being such a backlash
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maybe even. donald trump has been. taken by surprise. he would expected the the european union that to threaten retaliation and call the sporting for a fight that he would expect criticism from. financial analysts but. you know unlike all the messages of the past year which was woolly praise soul europe neutral other republican policy have also. been unusually out so you can all mess. as you say the house speaker paul ryan has been critical of all the hundred members of the house of representatives. signed a joint nasa yesterday urging trump to. to not go this is senior economic adviser has resigned carrico inside. you know who whoever the president is this would surely gave him a pulls the pulls and. i think i'll still go through with it because it was a campaign pledge but.
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it is. how shops are leading to some of this? facts and as he said to give him some room for maneuver. dated thank very much indeed david smith it y half of the world's one point seven billion metric tons of steel each year at the european union comes next producing about ten percent. japan and india each produce about six percent of the us rounds out the top five producing five percent of global supply. but america is the top importer of steel imports and twenty nine billion dollars worth last year top canada is its top supplier of followed by south korea and mexico. that could help
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explain why the neighboring countries reportedly going to be exempt from these terrorists because they would really impact what's available for american manufacturers. and that impacts on american businesses and consumers is one of the reasons that even members of trump's own republican party and urging him to take a more targeted approach take a listen. prices go up we lose jobs in the auto industry. it's about that idea i would also ask him to consider the impact over all find consumer pric. i'm sympathetic to the president's believe. that there have been trade negotiations in the past. that did not adequately protected american workers. but i'm very concerned that these terrorists could backfire. the car and ninety and airplane manufacturers are especially worried about their future other construction firms use steel and aluminum in their
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everyday work. if they're terials are more expensive that means they would have to increase prices. american shoppers could see everything from ten cans to farming tools medical equipment at become more expensive. retaliatory tariffs by trading partners like the european union would also impact prices in america and it could also impact job security. for industries that do international trade. meanwhile global trade is pushing ahead with or without the united states eleven countries have now signed the new version of the trans pacific partnership. donald trump abandoned a year ago the remaining members have less clout on the global stage but they are determined to form a strong ocean walk without trade barriers spanning the pacific. house in oakland has more. well donald trump pulled out of the trans pacific partnership trade pact it had looked dead in the wate. eleven remaining countries of push ahead with out the u. s.. remains the comprehensive and progressive agreement for trans pacific partnership. it is studies lives down from the original deal signed up to by president
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obama. in particular the strong commitments on intellectual property protections that have been demanded by the u. s. have now been suspended. the remaining countries represented thirteen point five percent of global domestic product down from close to forty percent had the u. s. remained on board. ninety eight percent of tariffs will be cuts between these eleven members they will also be able to negotiate as a block. and a. we are giving a very powerful signal this group of countries which are more than five hundred million people. and represent about ten trillion dollars in some of their economies. are in favor of reopening are in favor of trade. and the international trade is very much alive despite what some ninety. five etcetera say. will come into force sixty days after. i six of the eleven members in most cases needing parliamentary approval.
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japan says it has. twenty nineteen. soliciting that they've been for others to potentially join as several asian countries have expressed an interest in signing up. as well as the uk after it quits the european union. of the members of said on several occasions that the deal will be left open should us change its mind. the european central bank has taken a subtle shift towards scaling back its monetary stimulus while. interest rates steady hand pledging to extended support beyond september if needed. bank backed away from a previous stance which was seen it increase pays a bond purchases take a listen. regarding non standard monetary policy measures. we confirm that are made asa purchases at the current monthly fees. of thirty million euro. are intended to run to the end of september two thousand eighteen. or beyond if necessary so what we did was to remove the explicit references to the likelihood of a crease in the eighties
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of purchases. in the near future. he also weighed in on those pending trade tariffs and the rise of protectionist policies around the globe is one of the risks threatening the ease coverage. as you can on the day's trading after now wall street has rebounded slightly as investors seas on the possibility of a slightly softer approach from the white house. i just over half an hour to go before the closing bell so we'll see how investors react whatever announcements maybe coming from washington. unemployment claims rose more than expected in the united states last week and drop to a forty eight year low. earlier. here in europe the calculus outperformed up one and a quarter percent at the euro rose against the dollar earlier asset hawkish ecb meeting scaling back slightly to trade at one twenty three. this need a motor show continues this week against the backdrop of trade tensions which could affect the auto industry at large. me to movement has also made an impact there carmakers have been under growing pressure to back away from
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the glamorous and often scantily clad models. traditionally up here at these industry events there are a few fewer of them on the floor this year that some women appear to have a more conservative dress cod. while many executives said that they were making a conscious effort focus on the technical know how and competence. people displaying their wares rather on on their appearance. is years and also features an initiative called girls on track. james to bring more women and girls is the motor sport world take a listen. i. don't think they were going to be able to change the situation from one the things i'm also. not greatly over movie to see the women as normal. leaflets and son in a car is being objectified. but i think we are making change it was that we. some efforts perhaps a change that idea boys and their toys of all those who so they're not all entirely successful in her. hey thank you very much indeed and you stay with us so we all have been hit from president
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trump in the united states as he is expected to sign off on this hefty. steel trade tariffs or the next
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