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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 28, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> hello and welcome back to the france 24 newsroom. i'm claire pryde and this is our main story. a national memorial service for the french police officer who died after offering himself in exchange for a hostage in friday's jihadist attack. president emmanuel macron describing arnaud beleltrame asa hero and saying his memory will live on. we will have live coverage from the ceremony in just a moment.
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♪ claire: we start with a national immortal service here in transfer arnaud beltrame. the 44-year-old police officer died after offering himself in exchange for a hostage in a jihadi attack in the southwest of the country on friday. he was honored with a state funeral with full military honors and the president awarded him france's highest accolade after his coffin passed for the pantheon where france's great and good arere very. nokia was -- buried. nadia was there. >> it has been a very somber mood here.
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1000 members of the police force have been here to pay respect and the others who lost their lives last week. we saw his coffin arrive here draped in the french flag. members of the political class from all parties were here from the republican party as well as from emmanuel macron's party. the interiorister, minister. marine le pen all here to pay their respspects. him posthumously honored with the highest honor in france and his rank was promoted from lieutenant colonel to colonel. his beret was placed ceremonially on top of his coffin. a very somber and sad mood as
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his life is commemorated. claire: tell us more about the president's speech. he said the name of arnaud beltrame has become synonymous with french heroism. >> yes that's right. a was really quite nationalistic speech from the french president. tobegan by paying tribute his life. he praised his exceptional career, his sacrifice for france. he talked about his work in iraq where he served for two years and received a medal of honor. emmanuel macron went on to talk about the threat france faces. he described something he called underground extremism and says france faces a threat not just from the islamic state group but also from networks that radicalize people. he mentioned social networks as well as the role that imams can play and he says france must
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fight this radicalization. he ended by saying france will prevail. it was quite a nationalistic speech that focused on paying tribute to his life. claire: here with me in the studio is french politics editor marc perelman. tell me about the speech and what he had to say about islamists. >> emmanuel macron has spoken a lot since he was elected on a number of issues. he has given lengthy speeches on europe, the economy and so on. he was supposed to deliver a french secularism. he has always postponed it and he has not delivered it. speech today.he this was a eulogy.
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the word that was used to name the enemy were important and he used very strong word. islamists evil. he talked about barbarity. he talked about the imams of death. attacker, hishe death would put his family to shame. it would shame his family and other muslims. clearly he went two steps before than he had done in designating the enemy. we may remember that there was such a controversy in the united states, people accused then president barack obama of not naming islamist terrorism as the enemy. suspiciona bit of against emmanuel macron especially from the right and even more from the far right that he was willing to preserve byty and national cohesion
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not putting the muslim community as a scapegoat. today he didn't obviously attack the muslim community or islam. ism, butked islam i those were very important words for his detractors. tribute itviously a was also a message to the french people. claire: this ceremony paying tribute to arnaud beltrame was attended by other political leaders. how has the attack played out in political circles? >> the facade of national unity which we saw today because you had from the far left to the far leaders of thehe major political parties, former prime minister, former presidents. the facade didn't last very long. we have seen since the attacks accusations from the far right that emmanuel macron was not decisive enough.
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that the state of emergency should be reinstated. that there was a lack of willingness to act. and so one thing that he said at the very beginning, he basically ,old the events of last friday he said one thing that will go unnoticed. he said within 15 minutes the unit was there. this was a subtle way of responding to those who say the security services were not up to speed and more should be done. saying weis way of have done everything we could. today you had a show of national unity. in termss very telling of what france has been going through for the past six years. we had a predecessors of emmanuel macron, francois hollande whose mandate was regularly -- there were regular
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attacks, terrorist attacks from bataclan,ebdo, the he said that death was really hanging over his mandate. back to 2012, nicolas sarkozy was president. we were smack in the middle of the presidential campaign. it was suspended. basically now you have three presidents facing the same issue and it's not going away sadly andgh, as the very somber solemn ceremony told us today. claire: thank you, marc perelman, french politics editor. there's going to be another tribute here in france later on this wednesday. 85-year-old jewish woman was killed on friday at her apartment in paris's 11th district. she was stabbed multiple times
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and her home set on fire. two men in their 20's have been placed under formal investigation and are in police custody. prosecutors are treating the murder as an anti-semitic attack . marches will be held in her memory in paris and other french cities. her son has called for everyone to take part. it's official. the leader of north korea did visit beijing this week. both states confirming this wednesday what was reported by japanese media. according to chinese media, kim jong-un assured xi jinping he was committed to giving up his nuclear weapons. he is due to meet south korea's later next month. washington singh beijing briefed the white house on the meeting on tuesday. a symbol of the reliance, the sino korean friendship bridge is the main crossing point
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connecting china and north korea. beijing is pyongyang's main ally as well as its principal trading partner. china alone accounts for 90% of north korean exports. namely coal, i iron, lead and seafood. beijing provides petrol to the hermit state. 50 toang has between 100,000 workers posted abroad and the vast majority are in china. the countries are also connected from a military position. north korea is the only country china has signed a defense treaty with back in 1961. recently some of kim jong-un's actions have frustrated beijiji. although china was initially reluctant to punish its ally, it ended up giving in to you and pressures. since september the chinese government has supported international sanctions against north korea's nuclear program and has reduced the amount of petrol exports it sends to pyongyang. a surprise visit was likely
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chance for north korea to secure ahead ofally's support upcoming meetings. after months of frosty diplomatic relations pyongyang has agreed to talks in washington. kim jong-un is due to meet the south korean president in the dmz separating the koreas s befe the end of april. he will meet the u.s. president by the end of may. as for beijing the purpose of itselfsit is to put firmly at the center of thehe diplomatic tussle and make sure it isn't excluded from any future talks. it's the third and final day of egypt's presidential election. it is almost certain to result in victory for president abdel fattah el-sisi. his only opponent is a little-known centrist who has said he is not challenging the president. the other opponents withdrew. one was even detained.
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the government is hoping for a credible turnout and the results are expected next week. flying at half mast across russia this wednesday as victims, 41mourns of them children, at sunday's shopping mall fire in siberia. the disaster was in kemerovo. investigators the fire alarm was switched off and shopping mall exits blocked. been five arrests. thousands of people voicing their anger at the authorities on tuesday. >> just two weeks after vladimir putin was reelected president some are already calling for him to resign. thousands of russians held vigilsls across the country to mourn the victims of the kemerovo mall fire and to express anger at local officials whose negligence and corruption they say are to blame.
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i think the government made a mistake by not telling people what happened during this tragedy. i think they didn''t provide enough support to the people in kemerovo.. that's why i came here. corruptnn has resulted in numerous violations of fire prevenention systemsms a and construcuction norms in n kemer. so w what happened, happened. the government has acted really in a cowardly way and not an acceptable way. >> the mall burned down on sunday following what investors suspect -- investigators suspect was an electrical fault. the fire left more than 60 dead, 41 of them children on the first weekend of local school holidays. they large multiplex cinema on site residents have raised questions over the death toll and demanded a transparent investigation. president vladimir putin has said criminal negligence and sloppiness caused the fire and blamed the corruption of local
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officials. problem is you can't get any paper without a bribe. once you pay, they would find anything. and they don't care about people's safety. that's why this is happening. alreadytigators have revealed that fire exits have been blocked. children have been locked inside the cinema. fled before warning people inside and the fire suppression and safety measures weren't operational. criminal investigation is underway with five people under arrest. 90ire: the families of argentine soldiers killed in the falklands war has visited their graves for the first time. i feel at peace because i know where he is, said the e mother f one soldier. 36 years after the falklands war ended, emotions run high. ,or the first time since 1982
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relatives of fallen argentine soldiers were able to visit the graves of their loved ones. up until now all of these crosses read the same thing. argentine soldier known only to god. it's a momentous day for their families. i come away from the islands with a heart full of joy, emotion and a lot of pain, but also a lot of pride. we are very happy and grateful to all. it's beautiful that we found my son's name here. i know where he is now. i know the place where he is on the island. >> under an agreement between britain and argentina, a forensic study led by the international committee of the red cross identified 90 out of the 121 soldiers that lie in this cemetery. many have been waiting a long time for this.'t able to mourn to give him a last kiss. we were left waiting and hoping that maybe he could come back
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somehow. this has given us closure and it's the beginning of a new chapter. >> argentina has always laid claim to the falkland islands which they call the malvinas. britain refuses to negotiate their status, are doing that the nearly 3000 people that live there voted overwhelmingly in a referendum in 2013 to remain part of britain. marked aast month century since the death of austrian painter gustav klimt. kiss" has become one of the most recognized artworks. he was a master of symbolism and women were his favorite subject. rebecca rossman reports. >> he is known for his unique and even esoteric style. the son of a gold engraver, gustav clint was famous for adding thick layers of the shiny element to his most famous works. as was the case with ancient egyptian and byzantine art,
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using gold was his way of creeping sacred masterpieces. -- creating sacred masterpieces. >> artists that use gold have the ability to be both sensible and cerebral. they create works far out of this world. >> his art is known for being both magical and haunting. take this pregnant woman. resting on her belly is a human skull. the conflicting emotions have created a negative that still keeps onlookers -- an enigma that still keeps onlookers guessing. there something confusing about it. you have to stare at it fofor a while to b be able to understand it. or maybe you just want. -- won't. >> the artist spent hours working in solitude, often going
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days without seeing a single soul. curators have managed to re-create his secret space. >> with the help of these photos we could reconstruct the working room of gustav klimt. >> he died in february 1918 after suffering a stroke at the of 55. leaving us with plenty to ponder when it comes to the symbolism behind his work. claire: let me introduce you to of 55. leaving us with plenty to ponder when it comes to theprequel, a . he has worked on all sorts of projects including fashion shows and recently released his first album. >> an artist who dwelled in pure sound, letting his music speak for him. a very shy person.
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i usually put on a smile but inside there is a lot going on. music is how i express myself. >> in this cathedral in the heart of paris, prequel is presenting his first album. a musical ufo that lands somewhere between cinematic symphony and electro anthems. he has created music for prestigious brands such as kenzo and mugler. as well as for fashion houses like dior and chanel. >> i have never been completely free in my artistic visionn up until now. with prequel i really wanted to showcase the type of music i enjoy doing. >> his influences range from classical composers like debussy
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to modern artists like daft punk or massive attack. theasically i was at conservatory during the week and went clubbing on the weekends. i have always tried to play the best of both musical universes. a mix of powerful base, repetitive electro. and what i consider to be the best of orchestral music, which is the melody, the harmony and sensitivity. >> he shares his musical sensitivity wiwith young interpreters, inviting voices such as a young belgian artist to sing one of his tracks. >> i finind his music very cicinematographic. it inspired me to write a song about the ongoing war in syria. i imagine myself as a woman who had lost her lover in the war
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and decided to fight and avenge his death. >> conducting a 60 piece orchestra or a comforting on the pm, prequel offers a first glimpse of his mesmerizing musical universe. claire: you're watching live from paris. time for a look at today's business news with stephen carroll. we are starting on the markets where technology shares are having a rough time. >> they have been the source of the global selloff of shares we have seen over the last couple of days. investors have been spooked by fears that this key industry that was a driving force in the stock market boom could now face greater regulation after the facebook data scandal. the latest tailspin started on wall street yesterday, hitting companies often referred to as
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fang. facebook, amazon, netflix and google. after ataking a hit prominent investors expressed concern over how the company would cope with increased scrutiny on privacy issues. thebook really has been at center of this firestorm with reports saying mark zuckerberg is willing to testify before the u.s. congress over the data harvesting scandal. it is been a brutal 10 days for the company's shares. they have fallen by almost 18%. around $100 billion from the company's value. spread muchhas further than wall street. we saw asian markets selling earlier. technology shares falling across the board. london's ftse 100 getting a bit of a boost from the drugmaker shire.
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claire: turning to facebook. the social network has announced new privacy measures in the wake of that data scandal. to behas said is going giving users more control over privacy and data. the social network says it will outline e updates to its terms f service and data policy to better spell out what information it collects and how it uses it. it will also beginning users the option to review and the leak the information they have shared on facebook as well as download everything that they have posted on the social network. claire: news of a massive investment in solar power. >> softbank is investing $1 billion to create the world biggest solar project in saudi arabia. the goal is to produce 200 gigawatts of power in the country by 2030. saudi arabia is the world's biggest oil exporter.
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the crowown prince has p promiso transform the country's economy. the final investment in the project will total around $200 billion. claire: business leaders gathered in ivory coast to set their sights on expanding the airline sector. >> it's one of the topics of discussion at this year's africa ceo forum. development has lagged behind in african countries where air travel is still too expensive for many. helping the aviation sector take off in africa. that's one of the aims of these business leaders, investors and heads of state gathered in the ivory coast for the annual africa ceo forum. africa is expecting an 8% growth in air traffic t this year. it has the potential to increase even more. of thes represent 15% global population. but make up only 3% of airline passengers. according toto the international civil aviation organization. >> aviation is an amazing source
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of jobs especially for the young gegeneration. south africaca is one example. 26% of the youth is unemployed. if airlines are able to develop and hire more people that's good for the economy of the country. >> certain obstacles still need to be overcome to allow the sector to really take off. such as airport taxes which are particularly high in africa. in cameroon the government decided to raise theirs by 250% last year providing a boost in funds to the government. but it's a high price to pay for customers and one that is largely putting them off. in certain countries on a certrtain path price of royaltis and taxes is over 50% of the total cost of the ticket. that's too expensive. we want more affordable plane tickets.
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we have to reduce the figures to more normal proportions. it's the latest challenge for investors in a market that is continuing to grow. by 2050 africans will make up a quarter of the world's population. one company having a very good day in hong kong. it's the digital media firm. they have seen their shares surge by 880% on their first day of trading. the company owns a popular satirical magazine. they have a website called tv most. visit toim jong-un's beijing has caused some ripples on the stock market. a bit more caught up in crazes that can happen when it comes to investing. when reports of the north korean
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leaders visit first began circulating a couple of companies were attracting a lot of interest on the market. shares in mountain tourism dumped by 10% in shanghai. the mountains are the ones that separate china from no
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