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tv   France 24  LINKTV  March 30, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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morning when the of the program in the out and out of the middle middle causing the dollar dollar they get . the gargoyles originally this hard hard to link together with seven seven years. robert out of. that they believe the result that means. that the public funding in catastrophe a non life begins. with the
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british placement of qualified i couldn't believm the literature has on all of us use it could clean water were a. database really love them homeowner artillery of the overall problem who did did. some of them gone gone all soft and and and some of them in the formal and. now you see of all the other co.
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days weeks along with him off rocket very very very nearly little as well with the isle known since the. feeding all broken these we are going to go. abroad although the u. s. is over under move going going gone gaza strip improvements are probably. because was some m center march. moving on also some of the mother was the second president has has a flat rejection on the life of identrus resident mediation
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i mean i'm credits how much fun to. from from the united states. closely why why did you have a suggestion. like islamic state in this area but to tell you know i fighters. border with syria president manuel night that yesterday they president erdogan won today danish nation will never have a. terrorists. and and i. right. test. president rejection. he's frontrunners doesn't. limited it but. eighty eight we time kind of and cuddling one eighty five points to. in new. yeah. we. funding to completely
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incorrectly rachael to a trial run ice ice to president in my class. so i want to tell them and even if it was it was a hell of a lot of the whole tone. of to take this is don don. about about. any. station anything after. those who are living our out well when i. haven't not.
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which. would also says that it has signed on. it is is a bbc president. she. area. sweeping up. nine tell isbn man manage. if. i'm not on the right right. troops. why why gigi in the region t
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list of? we will not be access to th. daily to what to our guys i sex access is doing to us forcing everyone to what. i'm trying to rush off we will be was to. destroy the truth seriously at the leaders emmerson schools. you cease to. i was on the run from foreign minister the things that. there is a fresh surge of violence today initial as wa solicitor american assets to the european union let's let's distribution he won the one line like as the system of union not
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idolizing having any any link links because total rush rush. rush rush. a day and interrogated by by the isle of skye private his interrogation as as being intimidating. over moral joins users by. national socialists this on a on a cult classic assistance rescue. i guess it wasn't really going to see us just. again i guess he's he's not a. found out about today. will lose rather. insignificant with. for several is important for understanding and that is. very very well known for
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being a. exaggerating z.. information about himself. he's a. . use use. in which is why only we have we have a very good record all of our socials because because the first first. used to and now now. within four hours. the that has a. lot. . actually. that is that the deal deal that was a much
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more sources with a show actually. academics misrepresentation action as long. as you had me make a. state which is extremely rare air from search engines city to explain why what what yet they fade into. in his. larger. this is a very very long list. of a from his research in british asians is his autobiography. no doubt clearly that chars also boosting. the change has as a. as somebody.
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as he he is not not. you might you might. the what one of the of the i. ask has a disease working wasn't in. the frontrunner. legislation and that that is also. a lo. the information. was that was being short these reasod use a little by. little world a and a little off of always less is. the test has a. vision that you should you should.
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there are no end and liberal and and he. it's the absolute. and do you. the use of having cell helper from russia. was this a little. what is your heart is as many manyy ground round up o that whatsoever there is it is for sports? dangerous uranium rush rus. warning is the the u. so. the west west is plainly. this is not not. policy and the. . content and.
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. of a. media. the so yes yes russia rush rush rush and his all the dangers. the voice rises in europe at a at a time when when. that that would not necessarily. sure because it it it could call out loud as the in the are older this is a piece of that that that should you'll be also told told to. agencies. actors in juvenile hall is not only in russia heard ane
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special counsel is is a suggestion made me think of self. where we're on to something? close to amend the agenda still. just twenty three have you have you anything to let the tracks right awa. amazing discovery of real. there are. sections we we. and his. and and the current looks like there's there's. don't tell me there are a large collection of his china. because china. american accessibility help help from congressman final.
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visitors are sort. libya. i wish i wish i kutupalong and got thank you so much i. think you're very much and. the chinese sources is a that is used for for. you to come to come. along like. it's expected to give me any of the other business i'm trying to transcend and on day. eight take tonton the shandong all want one which which was election. at eleven. still still operational issues yeses ag.
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to the deliver. this is one of only to give you. some. to defend and forty three three three. since it. just about about anyone from africa to the. north. yeyeah. contenders long long way. gone. plus chinese. place until.
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eleven serving as it is a government plan for twenty six sixty. two itself selling contests i from. space age rage agents online with it with a fine he's. sometimes it from service on this is the real reason i'm joined by brian quickly that i read right. friday of david horrible. and the only can catch. might read read over dtt alg with improved o'neill and land use.
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our our has excellent can can be years years and they nature reserve there. that that really high. was it was only made eight hundred the indian restaurant last night yeah one point. zero fifty percent sunset. right. the tiny tiny. friends and. the cat one one of one of tt profitable the is easier here french french restore doors more than more than two percent seven of will easily the hardcore social. change are sexy. right righ.
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on friday. and. minute minute let or. were they by blacks essential shopping carts a symbolic. saturday. right right. there was a restriction and. intention this dark corridof france france has taken action by starting a hardcore show translating access as hardcocore where r house. they refuse to sex abuse all lower level. received three hundred ninety million. david
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evidence despite my job job cuts. to does our hundred odd job hardcore higher headquarters will be eliminated. archers in two hundred and seventy seven strong here'se both bullet it hand as as by five hundred and record record territory as as you off twenty seven. percent margin. losses twenty twenty fifteen attending and accepted among the monologue. trained as he's here only.
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it's one of the highlights. twenty sixteen setting. sentiments concerns over over greece regulation as faithful supported by private. one hundred dollars. five time for just two week. the government. is a fine fine if the the fine line. d finally. andde could havave been prevenented it is nott a. the fine finals. because rajoy do foror.
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because they were they were from. well you know. so it's not a legal more most not tom that my mind. stodgy mark marks to complee eighteen billion dollar. has has yet again. and china china. looking for a way out. but. it is still in place. if you. in. because guys. the.
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just a day for you anyway. his concerns are in the entertainment of the. ex ree our from runway y away or. report because. in a head. on a plate latate show with a wire. while easing cd. these how our after exercise let half. she had been released. backpack and a dingy more. created by online engines. not not ray ray hamdan have
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having access. she has she has an the because missiles launch it
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03/30/18 03/30/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> this is not a privatizazation of the va. this is not diluting the impact of the va. every day i'm or more convinced that veterans and america need a strong va. it is essential for national security and to honor our commitment. amy: months after veterans affairs secretary david shulkin comes out against privatizing the va, he is fired by president trump.


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