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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 5, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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russia actually. tell me. there is a little. existing.
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it's an. publications. and is when you and your. vacation. it was wrecked it is. we can win with. says without. he came.
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we would like it is was. made a news agency this this is a day units also we we od where x. experts for the tenth time when we don't know where the. exclude one on. and we want one in its natural president is this is a school desegregation. and so. forth but the light is gone charges over the weekend has of previously to see the sea of hometown town
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continues using one hand. remy. exactly with the hey hey lately. test. plastic surgeons at. down down the chemical. which initially. the chef of look what i love lands on. the had a helluva lot and tt have.
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twenty feet she she into. yeah. well i. maintain and. this is the age right. is on during their attention. invasion of life. for this meeting the nj today have to have a look for and then nig world. cc. you and. as you.
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russia. the request was to use you for this. justice john vene veins any changes was was over overwhelmingly as expected as. trying to use you. the police. will cast doubt on on this as an investigation won one race race as i said at that is that is that only revealed the can can. speciation of. according to the. condition. what would be we can legallt
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know the lead in and the mechanism is instead of. the use of chemical weapons in in. and we recently usually the secretary general. and. you. hold war between russia and then. sends of the. not even the union and then when i left and then they're never down down a leading ly
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money because the president daniel. like section. over principles. tail lula could not. listed. as it is when one of the players at the end of the night socialism simple. ginger three by five over the residents in the details of a ten cents. votes losers and the twelve is losing his job we know there are many y
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of the house. okay. image in this season as it is across the country trimming them intend tense wawas initially and ifif i . it's also about the relationship impossible if you. the cold because he's going to be upset. sections not an organized live a race but also those of. was was with possibility over who who played sites and. to his senses.
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president sure. gingerly. really. i mean reporting. there are many manany jean. standing in the center center.. it's likike the courtt. as u know. extraditioion is not nothing. going going consider. bebecause under the constitution o of the eurorn arrest. warrant the country. with a. minunute and then n.
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that is that mr. to detail on. now. . the saudi five. but so you do yield gels. lawywyers will be. in that. regard to. case. the next leading thinking.
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about about is as a matter. of appeal. you still station international. and they didn't consider that you face. fusion many. things right. he still faces extradition. may say so a my my less less possible finding and use use different reasons can do.
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twenty. half a million from tree to quickly. the us justice league pleas. come to interpretations of. this. this. house out from the many many a restaurant. by finding. see these management. when schools got together and it's intensity. in that as they were lies lies total strangngers. please click on it a and i'd like to respond and then and now that at the end of january twenty thirteen to develop social charlie and and and.
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one of one of the men. itit's easy to mainly w wchn twenenty thousand has hirin. and one one four. nine the trial which is what he takes. is decent and the in and out of the world. it is. may mains in many many. to. this day senate let anybody. he made got off to a country
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increases. let lesson. but it's not. easy demo done across all talking this etcetera. outing role role despite by. south australia. generation instead. thinking staysail stop every time something my little fah is kind of an ongoing was five tiny on it's on tv once ninety. percent of the late
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not. gotten on a night mainly. before i thought all nominated and won the will be. and anything hostilities. and i also sent. it to me to have to has this done done e but which which will totally cleared. the president. a dying nine about nine. three weeks and the and the restaurant final behind wee. the army has a new presiden. it jiangkai to do nine nine today.
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the fifty one. projected results. additional our. he's the. and and then residents supporters. after a long send men the obvious why.
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please leave. has had orders after. president ford order and it was a big waste right rival. it's a. fear of iowa and and which would have been in the right rising obtained the new president now now sees a challenge every writing writing i'm. sorry.
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reason to. in a nice night as the new president of the border. right t right. if you live in the ease. six months. once once. what is coming home thth civil according to into alreadad level is designed o be using? just. sewage to returning to see. with it is to lose on the only one on the beach is has an athletic taking sides at the for ththe phillipines. and. the station without.
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roununding up c content i dt know closer to between sixth april. ways when he is discharged into the sea president has had described. as a stepping he the socialx of tourists. leading infrastructure and gloves it will just does not missed time. she was. okay kate. i'm not. telling. you the
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sounds our residential you. most but by. his business we hate. and it was a has the latest face right into. china and and and you know day yeah. she's she's is actually on our. the world trade orgrganizatn
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over. fifty bilillion dollarsrs dollllars worthth of goods washington he'e's case changing. ususet's let's drop right right on wednesday judge when. us and workforce complete plates office xp. sighs i settled in. for the duration of the wto early earlier doing child but if u twenty five five percent tax so they they don't have we. they don't. take it better now so good. but it's. and we have our.
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a primary and a lot of ligh. it doesn't matter i have just and i know what you want to stay on concept of being being taken advantage and we can't get a taken. read quite a lot a lot of them volatility in the local market this mistake. is spend. dale in range. dr. bank bank. this now. is. and the judge
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judges that. last twenty fifteen jesus that instance was. he's he's used to return to the country trade. information really really dark also so full list weekly candle indicating hitting today to see sees ad has learning any justice. the house. of my ex. if you. want. to come in the uk. some seventy eight days until you can come coming.
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fifty mg weeklies and more now rich rich women men. meanwhile fourteen say women women will. take says it isy including to final imagination industries loss loss how health confrontation substances reports lower like outcasts. i mayan anna it was it was to admit a mistake i got. this wasas most most.sends. and then meanwhile. including.
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stocks report tonight referred what question. wouu heard her program google allows. access to stored. the technology. service hel. these workers. evolution cheating input the business of war spokesperson said in her usual abilities to attract i suggestion genn
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the other public places in the conservative nation first from congress green in reality i believe. there are more of a. cluster. world. on on eighteen eigççzñvpx]a
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04/05/18 04/05/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> the threat israel. the president has directed the department of defense and the department of homeland security work together with our governors to deploy the national guard to our southwest border. amy: a new wave of troops could soon be deployed to the u.s.-mexico border even as border crossings by undocumented immigrants are at their lowest levels since 1971.


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