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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 11, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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♪ stuart: hello --anchor: hello, this is "france 24." friends and its allies are weighing options on how to respond to the suspected chemical weapons attack in syria, as the u.s. and russia block michael resolutions on sera -- syria at the u.n. mark zuckerberg tells the u.s. senate he takes full responsibility for the data breach of faith but says he is not going to resign.
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he is set for another grilling in washington today. and the court refuses to dismiss a case against two reuters journalists who were arrested in myanmar while reporting on the rohingya crisis. sparking global outreach and fears of shrinking press freedom. france'sng up, could economic rival we hampered by a skills shortage? recruitingoyers are at record levels the one they can't find staff with the right qualifications. and a stunning upset in the champions league as roma makes a miracle comeback against barcelona, 3-0. romanow and the final four for the first time since 1984. more on that miracle win, coming up. but now, our top story. ♪
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an algerian tv station reporting 257 people have been killed in a military plane crash in algeria today. the stations that it was citing emergency service figures. the plane went down in a field outside the capital algiers not long after takeoff. the cause of the crash of that military plane i is still uncler but offense mystery -- a defense ministry statement says an investigation is underway. russell lawmakers are warning the u.s. that moscow could view an airstrike on syria as a war crime, saying it could trigger a direct military clash between the two former adversaries from the cold war. ambassador to lebanon went even further saying any missiles fired at area would be shot down in the launching sites targeted, that's a start warning of a potential major confrontation in syria. u.s. president donald trump
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threatened military action after last weekend suspected chemical attack on a rebel held town your damascus, which activists and rescuers they killed at least 40 people. the syrian government and its ally, russia, deny such an attack. they blocked rival resolutions on syria tuesday at the u.n. the delegation of the united states is once again trying to mislead the international community and is making yet another step towards confrontation. by putting to a vote a draft resolution which does not have unanimous support of security council members. >> russia has trashed the credibility of the council. they are not adjusted in unity or compromise. whenever we proposed anything meaningful in russia, russia vetoes it. it's a travesty. they are now officially veto resolutions that would hold
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these barbaric uses of chemical weapons attacks by assad six times. londonlet's go live to with jonathan parish. tit-for-tatng this between russia and the u.s. at the u.n. nikki haley saying the u.s. is ready just right without the security council. and what point has the u.n. lost its usefulness in this crisis? jonathan: i think the veto from russia has been pretty consistent on syria and crimes relalated events since i don't know, 2012i think, 2013 i can remember the first couple vetoes. on this particular conflict, the u.n. has been pretty useless. donald trump has been the most forthright, nikki haley saying the u.s. could strike even without the un's backing. he has been talking to the french president, emmanuel macron.
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could macron at as a voice of reason -- act as a voice of reason? jonathan: i'm not sure. i'm not inside the french decision-making, but i think what we're seeing is more coordination between france and the united states than the previous incident a year ago, if you remember a similar chemical attacks by assad and t the u.s. responded alone after russian veto at the u.n. is the time, , there prospect at least a greater coordination between the u.s. and its allies, and mainly france, but others as well. to give a coordinated response that will ensure more follow-up and just a one-off tomahawk missile attack on an airbase in syria. genie: what were your thoughts on russia's proposal for its probe into this attack? suspected a chemical attack that , was that justx
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a threat to get the u.s. to back off of its spread of a strike -- threat of a strike? jonathan: i think it was an attempt to delay. russia and iran have dirty hands, they have been facilitating assad and there are no doubt these chemicals were used in this attack. it appears that it was more than just a chlorine gas attack, chlorine i is considered a less egregious form of chemical warfare. there were nerve agents, according to the intelligence sources. this is clearly a violation of a norm that has been established since world war i. it has to be challenged. i think russia is in denial, but i think in the end, the united states is not goininto wait t ad the e western world is not going to wait for a kind of sanitized investigation as has been done previously, where syria andd russssia impose certain
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prohibitions on the investigation. what: if we are looking at seems to be heading towards an eventual military strike from the u.s., we have russia vowing to shoot down any missiles fired at syria. how likely is russia to go through on that threat, do you think? jonathan: very unlikely. we realize if russia challenges the united states dirirectly by attetempting to shoot down any u.s. aircraft, etc., they are rushing up this and escalating this. looking at the politics of this, has aw that the -- putin vested interest, we know where he is out. but we don't know where washington is that. from that -- trump has been everywhere on syria, but there was nothing that would galvanize the united states more than to see russia directly attacking
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the u.s. in what they consider it legitimate act against the syrian regegime for whwhat it d. will not do this. they would be utterly irrational and against his interests. genie: jonathan parish speaking to us from london. thank you for your time. in the meantime, hundreds of syrian rebels who agree to surrender duma in the wake of a suspected attack has been bust out the western syria. and familiesnts are being relocated to the rebel held areas there. at another major story we have been covering today out of washington, where the facebook founder, mark zuckerberg is gearing up for day two of his testimony on capitotl hill. front offive hours in the u.s. senate tuesday admitting he made mistakes over the massive privacy scandal, but also saying he is not going to resign. aaron ok reports.
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welcome awaited mark zuckerberg for his first formal congressional appearance. for the most part, he avoided taking the defensive, striking a conciliatory tone, admitting the company is facing a philosophical shift regarding his role in society, he apologized for the harm it has caused. now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools for ming used for harm as well. and that goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake. and it was my mistake, and i'm sorry. erin: they'll be committed to making changes and said he was open to government regulation, he added that facebook cannot always prevent actors from in the diluting the platform. >> there are people in russia is job it is to try to exploit our systems and other internet systems and other systems as well.
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this is an arms race. they're going to keep getting better at this and we need to invest in getting better in this too. erin: the facebook founder says the company has deployed new artificial intelligence tools to identitify fake accounts and better prevent interference in upcoming elections across the globe. the gamers analytical privacy scandal, zuckerberg again a knowledge - -- egg knowledge to mistakes and said that facebook had been deceived. also reveal they are cooperating interesting interference in the election. zuckerberg is said to face further questioning. on wednesday, he will testify before a house of representatives committee, focus on the company's protection of privacy and user data. the privacy scandal broke last month when it came out that the political data mining from cambridge analytica linked to donald trump winning campaign
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improperly used to data on some 87 million facebook users and here's what some of the others had to say. >> this is not what i made facebook four. i made it to connect of people from school and to connect with friends and family, not for my data to get out. did, i wouldt it probably sue them. >> with all that information gets laid down to everybody, it's a concern. >> what you put on facebook isn't private. that's just the reality of the world we live in, wewe need to realize that if you upload a status and pictures, we just have to think through the fact that there's a good chance this isn't private. genie: a court myanmar has refused to dismiss the case against two reuters journalists who were arrested while reporting on the running a crisis. those hearings are to global outrage and fears of shanking -- shrinking press freedoms.
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the local journalists were arrested while the recovery the crisis as running a muslims were fleeing into neighboring bangladesh. are accused of violating myanmar's officials in contact, a law dating from british colonial times. clovis casali told us more. clovis: these respected reuters journalists will be facing trial for r violating the country's officialal secrets act, the jude in the rangoon court decided that t there was enough evidence to prosecute them. very disappointing news for the two journalists who will be spending more time behind bars. these two journalists were arrested back in december after meeting secretly with police officers, they were handed over by these police officers, sesect documents and were shortly after arrested. people around their supporters say they were set up by the police.
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and now they risisk 14 yearsrs behind bars. outside the rangoon court, emotions were running high, families of these journalists were in tears. one of the reuters journalists questioning the reality of democracy and myanmar, also known as burma. worth pointing out that this decision, this court decision sevenonly 12 hours after soldiers from the burmese army were found guilty of committing a massacre and they were handed 10 years behind bars. in this massacre was precisely what the reuters journalists were investigating. this is worrying news for the myanmar democracy in and alalso the freedom of the press. there has s been international condemnation a at the u.s.s. emy in burma, swiftly reacting to this latest decision by thee court saying it was concerned
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and the european union did the same. genie: that's clovis casali. we have sports news for you, there was a near miracle in the champions league last night, a miracle that set lionel messi and barcelona out of the competition. italy's roma pulled off an upset by beating spain's barcelona to go through to the semifinals. >> one italian newspaper said this was mission impossible, yet roma pulled off an incredible comeback, overhauling the three-goal deficit in the third leg against barcelona. early as the as sixth to lift roman spirits. and then they converted a penalty in the second half to add romance second. it wasn't until eight minutes before the end when a defender headed home. sparking wild celebrations among players and fans alike. now, roma's manager has his eyes on the big prize.
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>> since we reach the semifinals, now we have a goal. is that t of saying whatever happens, happens, this team should aim for the champions league final in kiev. it's right to do it. while barcelona's coach will have to focus on domestic league and cup competitions. we are going to face tough days now, that's for sure. we have to concentrate on the competitions that await us and try to win more than anything. >> leading the league by 11 points, lionel messi's side must be wondering how they through this tire way. genie: you are watching "france 24." plane crash in algeria left at least 257 people dead. a plane went down outside algiers just minutes after takeoff. france and its allies are weighing options on just how to respond to the suspected chemical weapons attack in syria.
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this is the u.s. and russia block rival revolution -- resolutions on syria at the u.n. mark zuckerberg tells the u.s. senate he takes full responsibility for the data breach of facebook but says he is not going to resign. the social media giant set for another grilling in washington today. we begin with the business update was stephen carroll. tell us about mark zuckerberg and what's up for him today. stephen: he is hoping to review tuesday's performance, where he added almost $20 billion back to the market value on facebook in the process. spike in facebook shares during the time the mark zuckerberg was speaking, investors clearly pleased by his performance in that senate committee. facebook shares closing up 4.5% yesterday and we will keep a close eye on those when wall street opens. good news for zuckerberg himself, his facebook shares are worth $3 billion more than they were yesterday when he started speaking. a toughses come after
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month on the markets. since this can go broke in mid-march, shares plunged from $150 apiece. bring them back up to $165, but far below where they were before the scandal broke. genie: officials from the european commission have rated the e londonon offices of the u. broadcasteter fox. anphen: it's part of investigation into sports events, they may have broken competition rules. they seized documents and computer records of the fox network group offices. they carried out surprise searches in a number of european countries but didn't identify the firms involved. fox says it is cooperating with the inquiry. let's take a look at the business headlines for you, that could soon be someone new with the driving seat at volkswagen. reports of the german carmaker is looking to replace its current ceo with the head of the
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vw brand. jobad been installed in the in 2015 after the mission scandal and his contract was due to run until 2020. retailer tesco returned to profit center of limiting a massive cost-cutting program. no profits of the retailer for the year to february jumped to the equivalent of 1.4 billion euros after a loss in the previous year. closed dozens of uk's stores as part of the organization in recent years. in britain's biggest business lobby says u.k. firms will have minute scope to diverge from eu rules after brexit. a search found the majority of industries want to stay aligned with the regulations after the u.k. leaves the european union and agriculture tourism and shipping were among those the cbi identified as potentially benefiting from these rules after brexit. back here in france,
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unemployment is finally coming down, but employers still seem to be having a hard time. stephen: more than 2 million jobs will be created in france this year and that should help to bring down the employment rate, which is so hovering around 9%. employers now say they are having trouble finding qualified candidates. emerald maxwell has the story. >> was some 2.3 million new jobs up for grabs in 2018, employers in france are recruiting at record levels. the need for new workers has risen by almost 90%. after a year of looking for work and two months of training at this company, the 23-year-old now is a permanent job aching boilers. >> i originally saw myself working as an air on a mechanic. but there wasn't any work. so i decided to retrain.
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emerald: the metal manufacturer is struggling the highest. they receive a lot of cvs, but the candidates don't have the right training. more than 44% of recruiters anticipate difficulties in finding suitably skilled workers. particularly in sectors which have grown the most, construction, manufacturing, and business. last year, much of the job market was made up of temporary or agency work, but 64 for data -- 64% of jobs created will be for permanent positions or long-term fixed contracts. >> we can see the economic recovery is transmitting more permanent jobs because there isn't such a large pool of suitable candidates which means companies will have more permanent and temporary positions to offer. emerald: an encouraging sign for france, even if the implement rate still hovers around 9%. stephen: european shares in the red this lunchtime, repeat -- retreating a little from the games we saw yesterday.
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christine lagarde waiting into the u.s. china trade spat, warning protectionist trade policies would undermine global growth, airlines among the followers on the european market this afternoon, they are suffering as result of a hike in oil prices in the past 24 hours, brent crude is over $70 a barrel. genie: stephen carroll, thank you for that look at the business news today. now it's time for the press preview. let's take a look at what the papers are saying today. >> let's focus on syria, especially after the u.n. meeting tuesday. the meeting ended in a deadlock with resolutions presented by both u.s. and russia being vetoed. that impasse could open the path to unilateral strikes now and a lebanese french language paper says on its front page. from this pan arab paper, in a way, the city and the syrian suburb of duma that was the
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sight of this alleged poison gas attack on the weekend has become the poisonous symbol of syria, figuratively and literally as you see in this cartoon, the cartoonist betrays the toxic feature of duma as a tree that has been wanted by poison, that being a person revisiting the syrian regime in. it's wrapping itself around the syrian regime, so that's the question, could this be the undoing of the syrian government? aree: russian papers giving a very different spin. >> a political scientist for the daily paper calls the u.n. meeting by the u.s. and its allies and accuse rush of using syrian -- chemical weapons. they color provocation despite the absence of proof, now the west, for this writer, created the situation in syria and he laments what he calls all caps shortsightedness. -- donald trump's
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shortsightedness. genie: a selfie making the rounds on social media, the lebanese prime minister, the moroccan king, the saudi prince reunited in paris. bromancehummy photo, a reunion in a restaurant in paris. this was accompanied by the statement no comments. the reason being -- the three men closed like buddies that have a far more complicated relationship, according to the middle east ally. morocco and saudi arabia have tensions over the bid for the 2019 world cup. hishe will announce resignation as lebanese prime minister from saudi arabia but hasn't gotten the warm welcome he thought he would get. from the arab press, it's a different point of view. the pan arab paper says this shows just how strong the political relationship is between the three countries and
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hails what it says is a picture that tells a thousand words. genie: sports news now, you have something on that incredible match the between roma and barcelona tuesday and that has gotten all the sports papers buzzing. indeed.s that matched on the italian team against roma, a stunning comeback in the second leg of the quarterfinal match against barcelona in the champions league on tuesday. for the second year in a row, barcelona has been eliminated in the quarterfinals and roma came back from a 1-4 loss in the away game to win 3-0 at home on tuesday and they are now into the semifinals. there's no excuse for this failure is with the spanish paper says. a very somber black front page, probably representing just how they are feeling right now. paper is muchorts more colorful on its front page, emphatically saying roma has become a legend now. while i quite like the french
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sports papers from page, they romantada, and play on comeback. genie: i think degree scandal involving to politicians. to politicians from the ruling popular party. they are accused of obtaining masters degrees without ever having gone to class or writing a dissertation. the story broke in spain last month, but she has now produced her masters degree. the problem is the people allegedly signed it say they never actually signed that degree in that their signatures were forged. public asado says he was never expected to attend class or sit for exams during his degree and the prime minister for the moment is standing by them. genie: you have an article from the first-ever technology investor report to the silicon valley.
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>> think of it as of little experiment. ambassador to's indonesia until last year when he was named the country's technology ambassador in silicon valley. has become aology part of politics so it makes sense and secondly, it's important to have political representation to counterbalance scandals like the one that's taking place now with facebook's data hijacking. critics say is nothing more than politicians rubbing shoulders with tech giants to lobby for the natitional governments, but for mashable at least, this is an all countries should be trying out. they employ a new word, techplomacy. genie: you have a piece from the japan times about the key to the longevity of life. >> i would love to have a peter pan like existence. this article says it could be possible. crucial life advice from the world oldest man. what the japan times calls is to present an area.
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he was certified on tuesday is the oldest man ever hundred 12 years of age and he grew up in a large family and his parents ran a hot springs. the key to his long life is relaxing with regular ]qç]
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