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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 16, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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some seventy. nine ninety seven this is wrong. intel'. make it is the right. this is what. they say they prevented kids accessing the site. time to maximize. also also abide by. sunday they hated his should. many many men because.
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rules. prime time frame size on an. searching signed online. this is like has had been me saying these ten can. i i you know i state i have no doubt. i was i don't fault you for your presence outside unless they. can wait wait that was really no united states he'. and evidence on route around it was always of the terrai. which i know this is detective and bright bright high home now how we saw house are looking little
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known as had. illegally should. story. yeah over the weekend a show of military force have have you ever bring. security of all l right. as long as you have and what what was going on honest. since the us led uk and ronald ready. drop wrong when read resolution calls for the lives. of many many in eight and things most movie unless you act ceasefire and what you end level pool and and a sense of in your own conflict. meeting in
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luxembourg. just remember them for a fight on a on a crucial issue whether one of our. let's solution the is more marvellous she she willingly known as much as he transferred to bring lisa ll attack russia. and there really is a little cecil w.'s rose benson told you to circular designs justified by mum frontal of them into the neighborhood organize and the publicity by the regime. but i'm not as nervous as to in georgia as well known as health wise how how was. i don't know. strategy area. there is a long long time
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land on him him and less as a on a on a. three previous commitment on chemicals on will we wanna at that time to hang on to the point when seventeen u. s. right right in reliable into at him catholic right to have this is the deterrent. thanked his latest around right as a writer i. was downtown close ally and friend french and. ministers and and. del. he's a man that. his his. that was a. the celtics the gas gas in cities. offaly's exactly and so i let them kt was town has. i was was a year ago i'd kia
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yellen as the price. in legislation that name risk and when land land contains asian russia closely with iran as well w. tell tell jokes who in a diverse range of themselves as the from international. it will happen in the long. run and then damage with limits its interests the same. and a as i said yeah yeah what is what is it. and then the users of a chemical weapons. for the united states. russia of tampering bring this site that that is a doy to. structure.
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and today. american demonstration in calcutta. right right. read read read read down. right right. agent. hundred. tonight i. all nineteen six three recommend i started. out in the in economic assistant help how he well done done.e work. that reflects lectures about how you can have a different brand and in your. values attack canyon marmot. of of ensuring some other
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opportunities. support for women minoritie. protecting government right right. to protect citizens these resume thing or that are. important for all of. and i and i know that as we for. a. trade rail will be an easy now lawless liar liar to countries. like minded countries like canada so your european union. is this something celebrate and to center support. well as i thought it may fighting. has has i say may discussing president runs high might be intentions to raise rates.
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it in bye bye bye is is thes a reason and that's like ourselves. fine human you might write little it being neil guilty of something. the tax life like those. like my clinton on all sides items because as long as long as they. that's not in toronto illegal in twenty one twelve well and on the flown on. like myself often the syste. might michael is now not legally. conditions. it may may only are done to preserve households in sydney. or physical well being and the handles of have you done done tell sel. withoutt withoutut read wre. comes the station. enough to know what a combination.
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food must be all the all three charge. while it is. legal because with us on him to interrupt press facilitating and control socialization in the middle of the room. the light. for example if my my the rising is a it's a road wrote it is illegal to offer held held transplantation. but then they were translating station to facilitate grace racial disn line with other other. sites around japanese we sweeping some example. i mean it is in my mind mentioned today that is a. include your chechen as i would imagine that israel will be true. again then it's always on and i'm like
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my god. basically what it would do anything in changes using a number attack. this is in the end. features. has has made macron came from from. same thing trying to increase when she sees. some of my says that they are. reaching the time honored for asylum he. and i'm us make make much money. i take it going to take a chance on the same things has happened can you. trying to use you to the time he didn't say that when it when it i said as a server or
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read every day. offshore. to. but he. he. signed on immigration. from from the on. where the people not not easily be more in line clients come from across a now nothing? is on a stretcher as to to to do do do do the numbers on the president she's at now the numbers regulation he says e money to combat but not yea. and. the french are about social norms bringing back. controlling graduate wears has had you can count on the false on i think we see something friend friends what when i'm not leasing future national mobilization
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tentative just in time trying to take take a condom intensity. i'm i'm. really trying trying to disagree. with. greece and being this is usf invention. it should. in the night. these regulations. letting people who want one in on on your on your own territory treat. research teaching and in the.
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because it is is. as i have to. just outside of my my my family to date. now. where? go on trial it is easy to uf them being hard on the. face will take taking to wisconsin from troubled. yeah ready ready to mrs line one little. confessed thahat highlighted since he. trouble. his. tomorrow. he had to press leslie what
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fire in an in an exclusive interview witith the av uses drugstore saddam novelist in battle battle e armor abouts willing like this is a new lives. and this is. not not fit fit to be different. on the researcrch and education coming from is has made may have a struck just justice when he added an invasion medication and warmer now national securit. adviser michael and then.
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he has always also that has the right hotel to mama. demanded a like on digital t twenty. nine. but there relationship between her the worst when quinn will make her forget the idea i was isolating any link between russia and the. campaign. just two more money to return to president. xi and i got director a decision that he said that it was based on the command line like the clinton into pro. such as a little sign of lying out. this is known and that is. same thing to. well the transplanting expense on
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ss i click of hate hate never never never to see that's necessary local zaghari stuff as has the story they are the ones onet are closer to earth right writers follow signs rations with a with a hope that some day and the next decades. will be a bill benefit i find and transfer live life to exist outside of the solar system sources catalase. on his good d loos loans to ten t thousand nine isis is concerned every from ththousands of rohingya letters exexcellence includg all the fifty the contention usually for life. when the russian mission is clearly seen. it's a firefox and sensibility. by some signs of money on its. of measures restaurant on
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that are are excellent this is a nice on to the. same whether there is or isn't tell halls to tilt towards actually to examine on this this is less liquid. future measures as there. was. an n attempt to. another that the animals. and. in june twowo the world when wewe get together.. it works. media gives such such as.
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sometimes. nations. five hours spent and how count is just not. found out what i want to do what you want to be. withth. a sense i. i've dat. young young are at a casual pace is totally on the hono. it'll traits lately. like it's in sort. of a model of.
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john has had access to. which is also because so the fact that i have actually. spending between o on the. a little memorable. because there's so and the very. act of them and sensational and managege the city name of. we have been sexual always is ann advdvocate. retataill socialal lives and as an ar. to. since try try to tap into. these around. and discuss the cursor i drs not is not a summarization is and that's.
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which came out. over the weekend and less like i. dont on now so of new year old also not months or. and i started to personal conduct sort of. being lazy she's exactly wb digital i don't i don't according. to easily. we had at agency found around it judges. was him roots. trouble is also wb p. without allegations us has. done that levy that he gets also sells self. allegation remain rather than industry becoming ww bbc was forcefur those and then talk about outlook.
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the only i nine out as a shift toward which to live such ass it is a ver facebook papantla a lame. but many many ground rounds estimates especially i like last on that on that icing. some of the most early comes comes on the topic of iran. fantastic she she says adding to the board voted like microphones what's what's what's and ham into excessive gentleman w. wbz's i drive a four hundred mrs is and speculation about about a lot of has. started. on leaving the wwe. his eyes i one five million euros of that i live life alone and is as high tide to learn. woods potentially over one and a highly inefficient says.
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about. iran's racing's ourselves fresh tracks like like. a day the and i. so the overall operation mre red red before this which was around nine nine tails off one wonders herself. i kind as a session down down six six percent inventive as a united states. political sense on. again can for the nominees histories rating. dow dow jones. at one point is is that action on on one one percent the warlords between the us west has and russia and china china. once once a day down donald floating out. unacceptable and a daily occurrence county dot
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valuation game justices us west to raise raising interest rates nor your reaction since in from from changing or or osco. it wasn't as a janitor the founder the dell desktop once again. today this is probably the best to to outline. each week were lose you of accusers or the restaurants are saying one c social. jim jones. it is. not. everything. sex and now in our. weather is changing his
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policy in the process additional management training including training around contact. us and we will address presses. i sizes on the internet. the video. these are. wrong wrong. stopped when i. right. situations. ministers because that have. the minimum level two
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thousand. students. have. now now china. according to lifeline disease liability is a ticket to. the united amand. is what you want when you want one one one around ronald. the disclosure out grow grow other about america and when one. conscience they say such a dream world
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grammars. have to have. will they can. i tried twenty one. reception for more in. line progressive. but if the process and.. video o courte you. from. easysync. gegenerally only influencer. sixty six.
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yeah but the center. and is running on an less less back that change china hahas noticed leftfty disas. lines putting. i'll tell you many many. on tom his existence exists. greeceçç
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04/16/18 04/16/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacififica, this is democracy now! >> my fellow americans, a short time ago i ordered the united states armed forces to launch precision strikes on targets associated with the chemical weapons capabilities of syrian .ictator bashar al-assad amy: president trump to clear his mission accomplished as the pentagon says u.s. led


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