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tv   France 24  LINKTV  April 30, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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five people killed on. i'm sorry. israel's right says it a day late hate his it. twenty dating. from from. agreement even iran dismissed .
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contact among. and i know. justice down no has visitedt is it is dedicated to hurry hurry. i will not. no way winds and nationality almost a crucial showing signs yeah. ron on the u. s. u. s. a visitor from from ten ten ten and i change i my name he without agreement today. that you. you're all wrong generally and the gay was
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found around and realizes. the wrong line of blood without having nuclear weapons program. one hundred thousand for the files proved. a lot. second i can. even though not much of the deal iran long to. preserve and bad attitude what what normal for future use use. why why there is usually? hide. and with. was how to handle it sixteen would of laws if not not to use them a later date. third third. iran lorelai again two thousand and fifteen wanted wanted needed on clearly the i a as reservoir larded with the nuclear deal. and finally. and that iran has will theyy turn around on nuclear. dea. follow that's right there is
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a british retirement. chancellor a little edie. deal with that spelling way to prevent of an iran develop nuclear weapons but they also the return. address. but when you as a donald trump. as the president emmanuel. and that. clearly a grand grand twenty twenty five extend daniel deline timeframe have a valid. belittling missile programme graham and tale involvement in a little. like licks. a run run president sons on honey ready ready i said ron only known as any changes the limits beyond. and so in a man of action at the nuclear deal known know.
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the force to so say they're they're interested it's an r region. and with all of our allies and that got shot she was with respect to take your away. genre pets and. design. sanctions on iran. and so he unusual since i'm trying. i was going to do. the nuclear agreement in just just an extra time. that is just not acceptable situation i'm not saying half happening. the not exact back i lightly there's anybody who essentials which we say. this i don't i don't see a so so that. when i would go
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to crch. see what had happened. bye bye. i think even if anyone's halftime today have settled a little as while learned. has have. shown that i've been one hundred percent right. moving on now so the in the lobby of the is single. and i. say hey ten ten replaced as sort nine nine his arms are going to when i finally feel elated like titanium yangon after after all holding company. to start signing looming like t district attorney. as. hundreds a sizeable was that was an isolated. sensitive from. most including a. teacher
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told reporters from raleigh he steps of. in the nationa. one nine nine six six. com on in a city states a is global used iraq's race is. bring coverage for in generosity and so that has left as it was at the cemetery. police said as attacks was a muslim will return. i deliberately recall conservative been of is a press press stay date the sg asylum in. was would not go at that crossing sitting in the solicitor's doesn't happen i space kamadeva date them
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president. trump tries to see austin from intamin you anyway. leading hotels which now now people with my signs on the day they on the changing light labels chrysler said that dot com taking. is. and here here here i'm sexy every everything they have. different. it doesn't it. so also when i migrants and refugees fourteen hundred. nonstop even need to tell compound as many anya among those on the. times i'd lies a station. judges a vague way.
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i mean it missiles on. the same seems it will be nice and isis say say died since twenty twenty trying trying from across. across o the. place the most. is is a help helps those regions which citizens. came came from the character. when. make sure that they will be treated dccc and and and this. is. the way in response that you can take us of secretary. act like noise already he. says he has signed. on jumping men's
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themselves on your. attentive to to to use you can go off. generations. well well few cane you behave hague illegally had we have friends of. takes tension. job job is on the phone. was on strike life of pain. six sixties said. like they did also minute ms of xml month and it on his own profession. a man in the coming going sex education should on how the head a collections that say. i'm joined now when i try t.
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come down to all the company of the tell tale following fighting with us on the phone from. night night. they say that i don't know. as as a reason that you should. how do you make about that? well there's no doubt this is. a hugely. we can. also. the time a great racial civil. it was a whole explains on about one cold and snow snow should. also you will be seeing sins do that very very says.
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sections and call. the wind rush rush is on th. run. government gets. money he's. having remains all talking. when. paul. was arguably dark donald will be illegal. late night on the country. the key. was always. we will. during jury mainly. things went well. home called love trees trees walls. in nine nine seven seven one one that that will treat of removing was removed.
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it's a. the same thing immigrants sometimes comes country don' tell was not. sufficient to the right quick lister took the reviews used to calling on was officially and she's jud have known all she she sometimes we worry about. that's kind of funny money changed. toss all. the letters as an example i. should be. going to be able to get a grip on all of these days he's going to. be able to tie the whole story sounds campbell. well. joel joined and. makes my success has not in the room when a man is this.
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this is a. of office but it definitel. because it is a shame again. she should reckless it feeding. as well as well. just. terry crews is very easy in my. company he's gonna go unity in. will a delicate is that rigd sand. canyon was. we we we. government protests looming link is a little bit of light marrero action as this is a.
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but it will tonight three unfair there's engines on our. yeah. i don't. yeah we have with. willow is it is it. only. because his. one it's about as well as mf the thirty day to take a late late so they. could watch out so thankful for. he it stopped on. he says that you know you
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don't i don't know yet yet some. he says that a way well. which. it cuts out so it's not a good. think i'd change my mind on that day. thing thing such. using is. that right. about it's. with returning president. we. but he says.
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this movement some of them. yeah others on the. the. the thing there is there is mass massive suprt. which is. movement like it again. recy people they know they. have they have really had. mentioned since nine. so. in if in a month month and i will will be free. and what was a the this is so. been on the we have we o
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treat treat in. you can get restrictions restrictions. reader region authority or has have gone looking. getting alexander graham by the the other. hand i'm sorry he's used today saying rape sedition. russian. here of has refused she says that it's a nice night. sense. coming running. on the. nigr motivation. eighty eight. one hundred forty one complexion action with well known to take over
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is amazing what. you can read. in the background dramatically change i bet that was in nineteen ninety three eighty eight. nine nine nine nine twenty two. point nine six eight sound on his used election. we have. some of the. same name under the weather western pacific giving me. we just got charge up to fifty also so it's a littles not. technically have just
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just one one associated wit. so this is this is the. cas. mama disincentive to. x. given decision. if. what's insisted critical to. but that doesn't is usually in iran prise what is in the studio the courts. you don't know what. you mean. along the only leader juror that could find finally coming coming through attrition today right now announcing team will.
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if it didn't. come come together. news strong wrong our company the movies lately to reposition current current headed as a truck driver. u. s.. mark markets for right rise in the number one run by writer countries with a hundred sixty millio. marr's following. nine nine three nine millio. t. multimodal freight trains while have around fifty nine nine forty four million. clearly the proposed merger with combine money number o. murders putting putting on a musician pressure pressurized rivals arising in eight eighteen call cost in any of the others been about watch out because because we are coming. yet dilemmas like likely face a year services then then from you anyway regulators. the federal communications commission is all relevant documents and it's a merger german t. mobile in a.
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two thousand fourteen on ground round and having for no natural light writer was necessary to ensure trump competition and rain rain right prices. yet yes the malevolent renderings are there not gesture and continuing other otherwise writers but also with a we become companies had turned meaning they're already. the major you tell your you. mark market. spring brinson own also side side to address that's a forty four million dollars first first. of all the merger. at attendees at restaurants into rivers and his friend o that you know this is deal deal now i'm not so it's all jobs outlaws war source closures he says greg groceries right with walls or doors. on the deal deal we and we not just. for their customers as well.
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the. things are different. because have a huge amount of natural choice. this is a guy that we can learn a lot. right right. come is live as well as like. we do a great job a creation of to change from scrolling engine. is missing so days in speciali. after a one point lead come companies the with the laws on. can can they may have to contact. explained technicalities allows us right right.
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i don't be mean to her allen allen. the one that we can count at least an unmanaged. well i would love. this is we will do a little. activity is also stand down his chest. because. referring. you have some some. close to review we.
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we have we have some. words with quite quite high we just organize. that. given given their downtown. take some time off. so. from ten percent rank frank texags him square whatever sent wall street journal. blockbuster is always on the phone on on all those those gains he race. ever helicopters using ground. stressed out at. the dow down off off by. as has imply five hundred million house there's. more than one and a half stack. on monday. i don't think they at least temporarily gentian donald donald harrison the on the aluminum
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and our internetn a state during. white house house it is both. and. there's been a conventional trumpet is endemic the exemption little little ale. trump trump. decide whether whether. here's our cross crossing the free reward war terminology monday monday call wider wider try total you address even even if. you take a. good goods sounds on tom. finally this is. the right to own friends friend on com that's the question. in the. private rather by the french three three or more air there's sort of like now. nearly twenty five
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years of my quite for a friend along. french fundamentally your your. digital. francophile files on twenty seven. world. read more are law lawyer lawyers for his demand man's hand over over the former owner is. doing right friends like you as you as literal court he's he's paid to get it back country republic hard hard actually tory party. for injured junior. of ago. isn't on
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04/30/18 04/30/18 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from pacifica, this is democracy now! >> leader kim said if north korea meets the united states more often, builds trust and promises to end war and nonaggression, what should we have nuclear weapons which make our life difficult? >> we will run a test in his first meeting for evidence that they had made that strategic decision. amy: kim jong-un tells south korean officials he would consider giving up nuclear weapons if washington promises not to attack and commits to


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