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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 8, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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rochelle: good to have you with us. election --on to the armenian parliament has given the parliament to opposition leader nikol pashinyan to become the country's new prime minister, turning a page on its political crisis after weeks of unrest. we will have more details with our correspondent in europe and evan in a few minutes.
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donald trump is set to announce whether the u.s. will stay in or pull out of the e iran nuclearar deal. heavyweights from the world of cinema have flocked to the south of france for the 71st cannes film festival, which awards the palme d'or. this is the first iteration of the festival in the time of "me too" and "times up." strikes taking a toll on sister airline klm. plus, we continue a series of explosive reports that cover president macron's first year in power. there is a lot more, so do stay with us.
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first up this hour, will they stay or will they go? we will find out in a matter of hours. donald trump will announce whether the u.s. will stick with or scrapped the iran nuclear deal. the decision is set for 2:00 p.m. washington time later this tuesday. the u.s. leader has been a staunch critic of the agreement, but france, germany, and the u.k. have appealed to trump not to walk away. for more on this story, let's bring in our tehran correspondent. the u.s.iran r react iff pulls out of this dedeal? whwhat is iran prepared toto do? reza: we willll find out once te decision is made. they have e not revealed anythtg yet. iran, like much of the world, is eageger to see what u.s. presidt donald trump decides, and few
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peopople will be w watching clor than the people of iran. iranian some gone thrhrough a rollerer coaster of emotioions r since the world powowers started negotiating this deal backck in 2012. of course, there was a lot of jojoy, a lot of f celebration, t between the world powers in 2013.3. many iranians were hopeful this agreement would open the economy toto the west, improve relations with europe and the west, but u.s.year, in came presesent donaldld trump and a w policy of confrontatioion againt iran, repeatededhreats by y mr. trump that he was goining to ter up the deaeal, have the u.s.s. l out in a matter of hours. is s theind out if that case. we have talked to numerous pepeople thrhroughout the day. we are gettiting a mix of sentiments from people. many iranians are puttining the falling this deal
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apart, as it has beeeen, squarey on the shoulders of ththe u.s. d the trump adadministration. is divided on the spirit o of the deal and the trp administraration is bent on the in menstruation. many blame the rouhani administration. read on the agenda that he was going to deliver a better economy. that obviously has not happened. heaeard they, we have arare tired of decades of political and econonomic isolation, tired of wawaiting fr improve.myy to some say mr. trump is either going to pull out of the deal or make it more difficult for iran to benefit. the decision from
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president trump expected in around seven hours time, at 2:00 p.m. washington time. thank you for that update from to run. -- tehran. the national rifle association has a new top gun, oliver north, a former aide to president ronald reagan. he is widely known for his role in the so-called iran contra scandal, also dubbed irangate. it was a major controversy of the reagan administration. peter o'brien has more on the retired u.s. marine colonel seen as a hero by many republicans. peter: a vietnam veteran, a best-selling author, decorated for his presidential service as well as his pistol and rifle expertise, gives an almost evangelical address to the u.s.'s influential gun lobby. oliver: give us the perseverance to guard all of our god-given liberties enshrined in our bill of rights, or protect those who serve the cause of freedom.
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peter: after retiring from the u.s. marines, oliver north worked for the national security council. he was a key figure in the iran contra affair of the 1980's, in which senior u.s. officials illegally facilitated arms sales to iran. north was allegedly responsible for the second part of the plan, where proceeds from the scales were sent to find the sociaialit government in nicaragua. you admitted you lied d to gegeneral secord with respect conversations you supposedly had with the president. is that correct? oliver: to encourage him to stay with the project, yes. >> can you admit you have lied to the congress. oliver: i have. peter: 10% for been funding of the rebel contras in nicaragua. north was dismissed by president ronald reagan, and convicted in 1989, but successfully appealed a year later. this did not discourage him from public office. in 1994, he raised over $20 mimillion in a failed bid to be
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u.s. senator. since then, he has told war stories in books, and given views on fox news. the nra vice president is excited to welcome a man he calls a legendary warrior for american freedom. other news now. he has got the job. arminius opposition leader nikol has been elected for a minister by the country's parliament, going foforward aftr a political crisis that paralyzed the country for weeks. hascapital yerevan corrupted in celebration as pashinyan-- wrapped in celebrations. our reporter has more on the streets of the capital. the main not just square. this whole city is going completely wild. i do not know if you can hear it behind me, but it is a chorus of
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car horns and music and cheers. it seems to be waves of cheers. i do not know if the information is getting repeated or new aspects are getting announced. we keep hearing chairs from the square, which is a few hundred yards behind me here in central yerevan. everybody is partying. they already partied when search the prior -- when president resigned. they called that the small victory. they also partied when the parliament said they would back pashinyan. now, thehe vote has finally happened.. the amount of peopople i have spokenen to in armenia who say they cannot believe this is happening -- this was beyond their wildest dreams a few months ago. gulliver cragg reporting. in france, commemorations have taken place for v-day, marking the end of world war ii in
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europe. may 8, 1945, the day when nazi germany surrendered to the allies. from a military parade to wreath-laying ceremony's, the events on the champs elysees were led by emmanuel macron. more on their simple look -- symbolic significance. reporter: these commemorations are highly symbolic for macron in many ways. they are quite political. it has been almost exactly a year since macron's election. the victory against marine le macron became the youngest french president, who of course wants to shake up france, but also europe. in a speech at the european parliament in strasbourg last month, he warned against the rise of populism and nationalism sayingthe continent, that he does not want to belong to the generation of sleepwalkers, a generation who has forgotten about its own
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past. europe hasus that not always been a constant of peace -- quite the opposite. in fact, europe has been ravaged by war's over the centuries, and this is an opportunity for him to deliver this key message that a war can resurface if we do not work together towards maintaining peace. richelle: clement reporting from the champs elysees. 14, emmanuel macron will sell great one year in power. as part of our series dedicated to his first anniversary in office, our reporters traveled to the southern french city of lyons, where the interior minister was mayor for 16 years. on the outskirts, his ally bruno won for thel "moving republic on the move" party. this bolstered macron's presence
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in the region. andrter: the representative parliament is following up on the controversial immigration law recently unveiled by macron's government. this immigration center, situated northeast from lyons, receives about 80 migrants per month. they are uneasy with the new legislation that imposes tougher immigration laws. members of the center organized the meeting between the region's elected officials and asylum-seekers. they have prepared counterproposals, hoping to influence the local parliamentary debate on immigration. >> i cannot believe it. i can say i have not seen them. andrter: the entrepreneur politician who made a fortune in put his business on standby to engage in politics. in the city where he grew up and created his business -- candidate for
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mayor, just as i was not a candidate for parliament. reporter: to prepare the groundwork, together supporters. he was scouted by macron's party to beat the former socialist minister. rival is ae politician with time to spare. just like him, l all ofyon -- all of lyons welcome the current minister, who ran the city for 16 years. he is here to inaugurate his latest project. the former hospital turned into a five star luxury hotel and shopping center. to build by drawing on the roots of the past. the firsthe was
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heavyweight supporter of then-candidate emmanuel macron. >> it is a place or macron came for the first time, and i supported him. it has been exactly two years. i was ahead of the others of my support. i think the result is not too bad. reporter: together with his troops and proteges, gerard collomb has made this a mainstay of the movement and france, having elected macrina against marine le pen. richelle: staying in france, the curtain has gone up on the 71st cannes film festival. with 21 films jostling for the d'or, thes palme gathering of cinema movers and shakers is the first of the me too times up movement. with the movie industry still reeling from the harvey weinstein scandal. this year the female-dominated
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jury is led by australian actress cate blanchett. only three of the 18 directors and competition may be women, but after months of the me too movement dominating aadlines, there is at least female dominated jersey. setting up a nine person panel is australian actress cate blanchett, supported by kristen stewart and legacy do -- leah sedou. they will be joined by a composer.r.nger and at least four of the alleged sexual assaults on actresses by disgraced film producer ari weinstein are claimed to have taken place during cannes. the artistic director is keen to show that things have changed. >> certain initiatives have been taken. , on saturday, may
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the redwill be walking carpet together. nearly 100 women will be taking part with a simple message that they are here. reporter: opening the fesestiva, and iranian director's latest offering, "everybody knows." the psychological thriller stars spanish actors javier bardem and penelopepe cruz. it is competing for the coveted palme d'or. the decision will be announced during the closing ceremony on may 19. richelle: you are watching my from paris. a reminder of our top stories. from rejection two election, the armenian parliament has given the green light to opposition leader nikol pashinyan to become the new prime minister, turning a page on this political crisis after weeks of unrest.
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time:00 p.m. washington this tuesday is when donald trump is set to announce whether the u.s. will stay in or pull out of the iran nuclear deal. now for a look at the day's business news. brian crane joins me here in the studio. we are starting with the troubles at air france, klm, where ongoing strikes are affecting more than just the french side of the business. brian: shares in air france-klm took a nosedive following comments from the first government -- french government that it will not bail out the airline. air france is half of f a french/dutchch partnerership. they do not have a lot of support from staffers at klm. reporter: they are not striking, and they do not work for air france, but they are paying the price for the conflict. respectoyees do not
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that the crisis is penalizing the entire group. french labor action has cost the company dearly. >> 300 million loss additional on the strikes. available fors investment in new planes, new technology. they also have reservations about their french colleagues risking their jobs. >> it is unreasonable at this stage. >> they are not in the right position now. the companies merged in 2004. at the time, it was klm that was having difficulty, but that has changed. today, air france is bigger, with 48,000 full-time employees, compared to klm, 28,000. and it is less profitable. in 2017, air france lamented -- more revenue. management is divided and very different. netherlands, it is
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more of a german model, a capitalist system that involves collaboration between business and society. they do not understand very well why the french are always striking. it is hard for them to sympathize with. france, -- asir at air france, klm has tried to remain competitive. violet salaries have remained frozen for three years. richelle: those strikes causing headaches for travelers. turning to argentina, the central bank has been fighting a run on the national currency. brian: the measures appear to have had some effect as the argentine peso has stabilized momentarily. a run on the currency saw the peso hit a historic low against the dollar. the central bank raised the key interest rate up to 40% and reduced dollar reserve requirements. the company has sold off $8 billion from its currency reserve, and pushed others to do likewise.
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the most severe turbulence in the currency market since 2015. the government has forced banks to sell approximately $1.8 billion to the market, and this has calmed momentarily the exchange rate. let's get a check on the markets. how are they looking? brian: mixed at midday. travel and leisure stocks making some games. energy concerns lose ground. london's ftse 100 managing to stay positive. dax each offac and by 0.6%. oil is looming large on the minds of investors as donald trump gets set to announce whether the u.s. will stay in the iran nuclear deal. prices falling a bit from three-year highs yesterday. the beauty i getting back below $70 a barrel. wrench could still topping that $75 per barrel mark. france's labor market
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is recovering, but it seems that every silver lining has its clouds. unemployment and france is at a nine year low, 8.6% in mainland france at the end of 2017 after years of hovering above 10%. that is good news for french jobseekers, but in an ironic twist, they could soon be joined by people whose job it was to help them find work. france's national unemployment agency is reportedly planning to lay off 4000 agents over three years in response to falling jobless rates. that move comes amid new rules allowing resigning employees to claim benefits, which could add to the agency workload. they have not finalized layoff plans. they will be taken up at a meeting with unions in late may. it seeeems like they cannot win for losing in the french employment market. richelle: thank you for that round up of the business news. brian quinn there. time now for the international press review.
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dheepthika laurent is here on set for a look at what is making headlines along the world. in malaysia, photos are heading to the polls on wednesday in national elections. dheepthika: the combat begins. that is what one malaysian newspaper, chinese language, says on its front page. there are really two front runners. you have the incumbent prime minister and his former mentor. at 92 years old, he is contesting -- richelle: 92? dheepthika: 92 years old. he was former leader of malaysia. he is essentially coming out of retirement to save the country, he says. another malaysian paper, "the tor," says it is a rush midnight. the candidates are trying to amass votes before the deadline when campaigning and. at 10:00 p.m. malaysian time, both candidates will be
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addressing their supporters in last-ditch speeches. local papers are not sitting on the fence, are they? dheepthika: no one is really divided about this. for the pro-government paper, malaysians face a choice. there is a choice between mohammed, whose party governance will be a disaster for malaysia. the economy and enabled greater free speech and democracy in malaysia. this is where you see the pro-government slant. in "the financial times," they remind us that the recent fake "threatens the very notion of free speech." it is a strange set of affairs when the candidate offering the most hope of change is a one-time authoritarian who has reached the ripe old age of 92. richelle: to italy now, where the president has put forward the idea of a neutral government, in a bid to break the political deadlock.
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dheepthika: a political deadlock that has been there since march, since elections in march. this as the antiestablishment five star movement has failed to agree on joining forces with either the right-wing alliance or the central left democratic party. on monday after the latest coalition talks failed, hasident sergio mattarella suggested a short-term neutral government. but the democratic party is in favor of this. however, you happy five star movement and the league which have rejected this. they want new elections in july. it is a government of nobody, essentially. that is what the paper "il fatto quotidiano" has on its front page. richelle: the resignation of new york attorney general eric schneiderman over sexual assault allegations. dheepthika: he announced that resignation following revelations made in "the new yorker," in an article by ronan
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farrow, who has been at the forefront of revealing or reporting on such allegations since the harvey weinstein scandal. eric schneiderman, new york attorney general, has resigned. he was a champion of women's rights. he was at the forefront of the me too movement. he is facing a reckoning of his own, the new yorker says. for women -- four women are accusing him of verbal and sexual violence. schneiderman has resigned for the very alleged crimes he has accused and his prosecuting harvey weinstein four. well.le: ok, changing gears, australian actor russell crowe has gotten his own back in a joke with the talkshow host john oliver. dheepthika: it is a great story. remove and that back in april, russell crowe held a "divorce auction." he sold a lot of movie memorabilia to pay for his upcoming divorce. during that auction, the
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talkshow host john oliver paid herly 80 gram for what called a "bunch of pointless russell crowe memorabilia," including a grand he spent on a leather jockstrap russell crowe wore during "cinderella man." richelle: have you watched it? dheepthika: i cannot confirm that. these were donated to a struggling blockbuster chain in alaska by john oliver. in one store, they are probably displaying the jockstrap. "the san francisco chronicle" reports that russell crowe said he was going to come up with a way to spend the money john oliver spent during the auction. he has used that money to have a koala unit in australia named after john oliver. it is a big thing. richelle: if you want to see the -- johnroof, there is
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oliver talks about this story on the last episode of "last week tonight." i do not know if you have seen that. finally, a story from south africa about the trials and two relations of a group of thieves. dheepthika: this story was picked up by the foreign press from local south african papers that were reporting about a group of thieves who jacked a car in cape town recently. upon being pursued by the police, the thieves ended up driving their car right into a maximum security prison facility . incidentally, the prison they drove into was the one that nelson mandela was held in and 1988.82 no accolades for these thieves. the local press in south africa have labeled them the stupidest criminals in cape town. richelle: i suppose they were getting a head start. doing the police's job for them. dheepthika laurent with the international press review. thank you for that. for more on those stories, head to our website. .tay with us here
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live from paris continues in a few minutes. ççp ççñññññññññññññññññ@ zñvp]
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