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tv   France 24  LINKTV  May 21, 2018 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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anchor: you are watching "france 24." godula.e venezuelan president nicolas maduro wins a second six-year term in a landslide, despite the economic crisis crippling the country. opposition groups are disputing the legitimacy of the vote marred by irregularities and mass absenteeism. minister couldme be announced today, as the new
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coalition government made of antiestablishment and far right parties takes form. anand the democratic republic of congo is facing its ninth outbreak of ebola. a new vaccination program is starting today, aimed at containing the deadly virus. this hour inp business, an abundance of one of the world's most valuable natural resources has not stopped the country from sliding into economic crisis and poverty. more on that coming up. also for you, close to flying water taxis. go for a test drive on the seine. first, our top story, live from paris. sorry about that. seem to be having some technical difficulties for you today. that's just get started first in venezuela, or president nicolas
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maduro has just been reelected with almost 70% of the vote. that result is already being contested by the opposition, that boycotted the vote with reports of some 13,000 pro government stands being set up next polling stations. outside the presidential palace, the party begins. nicholas maduro, the winner of venezuela's presidential election, with nearly 68% of the vote, sending his supporters into wild celebrations. madero addressed those who gathered to hear the nenews. with all my -- >> with all my heart, all i can say to you all is thank you. inc. you for your nobility. thank you for your courage. thank you for your political engagement. thank you. reporter: the result was no surprise former durham-- for ma main challenger, falcon. falcon had already told
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supporters on saturday that the election lacked legitimacy. when the result came through, placing him nearly 40 points behind maduro, h he rejected it. >> we do not recognize this process as valid, as true. for us, there were no elections. we have to have new elections in venezuela. reporter: falcon accused maduro of underhand tactics. nearly 13,000 pro-government stands were set up steps away voters could scan cards to receive food packages and money. and euro offered a price to those who did so. amit election boycott by the main opposition alliance also cast doubt on the boat legitimacy -- vote's legitimacy. for the percent patient was down on the 70% seen in the 2013 elections. 40% participation was down
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from the 2013 elections. genie: president donald trump investigating whether the fbi spied on his campaign. in a reorder came before the legal team indicated these special investigation into the president could wrap up by september. reporter: president trump is calling it potentially the all-time biggest political scandal. his democratic rivals insist it is simply nonsense. the u.s. department of justice has announced that it will look into allegations that an fbi informant infiltrated trump's presidential campaign with the intention of influencing the outcome of the vote -- this after the president took to twitter to demand just that. was on friday that trump first claimed his campaign have been targeted by spies with political intentions. "the new york times" published on article seemingly confirming the existence of an fbi mole,
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although it existed this only happened once the fbi had received reports of suspicious contacts linked with russia. allegations from the white house coincide with the renewed attack by trump on special counsel mueller's year-long investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election, and whether the president tried to obstruct the inquiry. trump continues to label it a witch hunt, accusing its members of being heavily conflicted democrats. critics sayt's trump's weekend orders to the justice department, in conjunction with these latest outbursts, or an unprecedented an unprecedented attempt to get the judiciary to do his bidding. itse: paraguay opened embassy in jerusalem today, the second to follow the u.s. in making the sensitive move from tel aviv. the u.s. relocated its embassy
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to jerusalem a week ago, drawing palestinian anger. it's move was followed by guatemala on wednesday. populist parties in italy are closer than ever to forming a government. the leaders of the five star movement and league party appeared to have agreed on a name for the next prime minister. that should be in veiled later -- unveiled later today after the sides meet with the italian president to get his approval. matteo salvini says the prime minister will be neither have on -- neither him nor luigi di maio. our roman correspondent joins us now to tell us more. josephine, tell us more about who the prime ministerer might . what names are being bandied about? josephine: first of al w we are seeing a total reshaping of the political landscape in italy. neither matteteo salvini or luii di maio has confirmed who it will be.
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there is speculation it will be a law professor with very little political experience, very little experertise in pubublic administration. he taught t at her -- i i can be university and the sorbonne e in paris. more of an academic than a political background. that m might be a concern to president sergrgio mattarella, o wanted to see a political appointee in this position of prime minister. it will be interesting to see if the political parties and political leaders get the approvoval of the president when each of them meet with him individually later this afternoon. genie: josephine, let's talk a little more about what kind of program, what kind of politics these sides are looking at, and if they really are both in agreement. josephinine: it is an interestig lineup, isn't it? we have the far right league and the five star movement, young,
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brash leaders looking to make their mark in italian politics. together, between the two of them, won 50% of the vote in the march election, and have come together to form this uneasy coalition. they feel they have reached agreement on a proposal for a flat income tax, a two-tier income tax, a guaranteed basic income for the poor, p pension reform, a tougher line on immigration, rolling back sanctions against russia, and most important of all perhaps is looking at perhaps the renegotiation of treaties and agreements with the european union. and that is making financial markets very skittish. we also saw some comments from the french economy minister over the weekend, warning italy to keep its agreementnt to respect its agemenents with h the europn union. and already we saw some pushback
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from matteo salvini, the head of the league, saying french politicians should mind their own business and italian politicians will take care of italy. so the line is drawn. we may see some conflicts coming up ahead. the european union does not really know how italy is going holidays, all these with a debt level around 130% of gdp at the moment.t. --is double what is expected what is expected in brussels. so there is some great nervousness about what will play out once the prime minister decides and the cabinet is decided. we will wait to hear more this afternoon on that front. genie: justine mckenna reporting from wrong. -- josephine mckenna reporting from rome. that london isrt being used to hide the assets of the russian president and his allies. that report is called "moscow's
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," and accuses the british government of being complacent in the face of the kremlin's financial overseas muscle. a reporter has the details. reporter: the british government is putting national security at risk by turning a blind eye to dirty russian money, allowing kleptocratic and human rights abusers to use the city of london to launder ill-gotten funds. new is the conclusion of a select committee report, "moscow's gold -- russian corruption in the u.k." salisburyhthts the incident with a russian intelligence officer and his daughter as a missed opportunity.y. as punishment for e e attempted murders, prime minister to recentakee expelled 23 r russian diplomats. this report argues that move was undermined by london remaining a top destination for russian oligarchs linked to the kremlin to launder proceeds of corruption.
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indeed, just two days after those attacks, russian gas giant zprom was able ga to trade millions of pounds of ponds in the capital. they suggest closing loopholes that allow companies to use london markets while being sanctioned in other realms. it also wants to see more of president clinton's allies targeted. russia's ambassador to london insists the report's recommendations have no basis in law, and that the government should think twice about going after moscow's money. the british national crime agency warned that potentially hundreds of billions of pounds of money laundering impactsts britain each year, with london a paparticularly attractive destination for russian assets. genie: the democratic republic of congo is in the midst of the ninth outbreak of ebola. is launchinguntry a vaccination program to try to contain the deadly virus.
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the world health organization ,ut the latest death toll at 25 with the disease showing up in urban areas. final toll could be much worse. emerald maxwell reports. emerald: this building used to be used for meetings. now, patients wait for the first ebola vaccines to arrive. 4000 doses have been shipped. the democratic republic of congo's first urban area to register cases in the new outbreak. tothe building does conform international regulations. we have adapted and designed it to make sure there is no contamination. emerald: the virus is spread from rural areas to this port city, and difficult to contain. kinshasa,ads to downstream -- residents said they did not know how to face the outbreak. >> we work on this river every
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day. we go to villages all over to get clients. we know nothing at all about this ebola epidemic over here. >> i don't know how to protect myself against ebola. only god can protect me from this illness. emerald: more than 40 cases have and two dozen people have died since early april. the virus spreads through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person. it causes hemorrhagic fever, which attacks the organs and affects the body's ability to regulate itself. thegovernment has said first wave of vaccines will be to health care professionals. with a program for difficulties, not least keeping the vaccine at 80 degrees celsius below freezing in an area with limited power supplies , where daytime temperatures hover around 30 degrees. you wantn't forget, if the latest on that story or any stories we cover through the day , you can check out our website. the address, our top story, france poised for
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a new week of strike headaches. staying in france, if you were in paris over the weekend, you might have seen a strange sight on the river seine. look at what is coming up. it is called a sea bubble, that has also been dubbed a flying taxi. it is really propelled by two electric motors that touch the water. here is more. reporter: it wants to be the uber of the water, cutting a commute across paris to 15 minutes. bubble promises zero noise and zero carbon emissions. >> in the morning it is a huge journey. you do not leave traces behind you. it is extorted neri. reporter: -- it is extraordinary. reporter: powered by electric propellers, it hovers above the water. between journeys, batteries are charged dockside using solar panels and turbines. the idea is to cut pollution and fight gridlock by making the
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used for commuting. the so-called flying water taxis already operate in rotterdam. the french startup has had its sights set on the city of lights. it has the mayor's backing, that has come up against red tape from parisian port authorities. >> today, the rules are designed for floating boats, and generate waves, make noise, leave oil traces, image black smoke. his is not our world. it is the old world. we have to switch. it takes a long way -- a long time to change. bubble wants to bring 5000 vessels to 50 cities by 2024. genie: venezuelan president nicolas maduro has won a second six or term in a landslide, despite the economic crisis crippling the country. opposition groups are disputing the legitimacy of the vote, marred by irregularities and
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mass absenteeism. italy's new prime minister could be announced today, as a new coalition government made of antiestablishment and far right parties forms. thed the governmement -- democratic republic of congo is facing its ninth outbreak of ebola. ataccination program aims containing the deadly virus. time now for our business update with brian quinn. you are going to start us with our top story out of venezuela, where maduro's victory comes amid an economic crisis, despite one of the world's largest reserves of crude oil. early 20the the century, venezuela's economy has been inextricably linked to the price of crude oil, a resource that turned the country into the richest in latin america. that mismanagement and a historic crash in the price of crude over recent years has thrown it into poverty. venezuela holds one of
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the world's largest oil reserves, but production is in freefall. the home to the country's largest refinery looks more like a ghost town than a bustling oil hub. the state owned oil company is on the verge of bankruptcy. its creditors have even threatened to seize its overseas assets. years ago, all those chimneys were spewing smoke and vapor 24 hours a d.. now, there is nothihing, because we are not refining any oil. the refinery is paralyzed. national oil production has fallen by 50% over the past 10 years. for somome, the drop in prprodun signals the e failure of h hugo ,havez's socialist experiment which lead to disasastrous managegement of thee statete-run firm. its it's employees explain how the seeds of failure were sown. >> ideology comes first.
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all of the chosen bosses were close to the ruling party and did not know anything about oil. chavez, it does not matter if you are a good technician. what matters is that you know everything about communism, che guevara. the sharp decline in oil prices in 2014 added fuel to the fire. state oil of the company became increasingly uncertain, and salaries collapsed, along with the economy. >> three years ago, $13,000 a month. today,y, six dollars. just six dollars. paradoxicale consequence -- venezuela is now required to import crude oil. and many citizens of the country with the world's largest oil reserves are dying from starvation. genie: tell us how the markets are looking. analyst: our european -- bryan:
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our european indexes mostly pushing higher. notable exception, as we see in milanhe ftse falling amid concerns of higher spending by that new coalition government in italy. the big market mover news -- the u.s. and china have put their trade war on oil -- on hold, and have suspended punishing tariffs. stephen innis on how markets are responding. markets are reveling. i think they are happy to see that both parties are at l least tryiying to avoid this tit-for-t escalation and trade war, whichh has bebeen weighing onon sentimt for the past few months. i think we are seeing a little bit of that risk premium unwind. we're starting to see some new money come back into the market. it is a fairly e encouraging sin right now. it is hoped they are moving toward bilateral trade negotiations.
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investors are guarded in the sense they did not really put anything on the table. in my view, this is going to go on for months ahead. i think we will be watching headlines for weeks and months. genie: let's come back to france, where a lot of jobs are carfour.t car for -- bryan: the french supermarket giant is focusing on closing small local outlets they say are not profitable enough. they are looking for buyers for the locations, with only a few dozen sold off so far. unions accuse the group of putting shareholders ahead of employees. four management says they are doing everything they can to make sure those employees land on their feet. offers that have 76 have already been accepted. 40 are in ththe process of being negotiated.
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employees should have at least three job offers by the summer. genie: the case of demand outpacing supply as france has to compete. bryan: it is the traditional aperol cocktail that replaces dinner for some of us. some clouds on the horizon as france could be facing a shortage of rose wine. bad weather led to record low harvests. rose extremely popular in france, the average adult consuming 20 bottles a year just rose, not wine overall. experts have risen sixfold. the upshot -- rinses 2.4 billion liters of rose may still not be enough this year. i have already begun stockpiling line. genie: there is something about in thebottle of rose spring, with moderation, of course. thank you. it is time for the press review.
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rushworth joins me on set to look at what some of the papers have been saying. you are going to start with the reelection of nicholas maduro. nick: one of the venezuelan leading on maduro's whim, talking about a great national dialogue. you can see the headline. is, every day bolivian forces, chavez forces, are more united. if all the opposition had been united and taken part, i would still be celebrating, as i am today. maduro triumphant. there is actually a newsfeed online for bolivarian views.. there you can see it. there was a tweet that stood out for me which gives you the bolivarian message directly.
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in a totally legitimate election free of fraud, without the slightest hint of vote rigging, commendante nicholas maduro has won and will continue the revolution. that is the message from caracas , from madero. let's go to ecuador, or there is a -- where there is a cartoon in "el universo," with maduro pouring the blood of the venezuelan people into the ballot box. you see people on the ground, being bled dry. genie: what have papers been saying outside south america? nick: i looked at "the miami herald." it is asking, can venezuela survive another maduro victory? it argues we are concentrating on the opposition being fractured, but it's point is, maybe there could be internal struggles which will change things in the coming months or so. says, ispresident, it
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eyeing a place in the presidential palace. so internal power struggles could be the pitch form of euro. -- for maduro. it is funny at the government is going to have to work to respond to basic needs -- it is pointing out the government is going to have to work to respond to basic needs. we have been hearing how terrible the situation is in venezuela. the hospitals have little more to offer than aspirin. a terrible situation. genie: let's go to the u.k., the front page of "the independent." nick: a parliamentary committee of mp's is accusing theresa may of failing to follow up condemnation of kremlin aggression with credible action. the quote is, the robust rhetoric following the murder of sergei skripal and his daughter has been undermined by a
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business as usual sign on the u.k.'s front door. the report called "moscow's gold," which according to "the daily mirror" is slashing around london. mp's want fresh sanctions against russia. ministers risking national security to dirty money in the british capital. isuses that word that there too much of a business as usual attitude in london around the behavior of russian oligarchs. italy, we have seen many italian governments, and go over the decades. this latest one that is starting work today is getting lots of attention in the press. nick: there is a real fear in brussels that this new government could be overspending and perhaps plunge the eurozone into some kind of crisis. we have seen that in the past with greece, spain, portugal. the government will be announced in the coming hours. the italian press is focusing on te, aman, giuseppe con
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favorite to become prime minister. they had to present him from scratch, almost. he is a lawyer with a brilliant background in the legal profession, but a novice politically. in terms of just how rock and roll italian politics is, let's go to this piece in "la repubblica," about much a salvini and luigi demaio -- matteo salvini and luigi demaio. this is a government of narcissists. i do not need to go further in the article. it is quite clear in the headline. very rumble tumble in italian politics, with brussels quite scared. closer lookan get a
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at that press review on our website. coming up after the break, portugal's presidential train has been given a new release on life, being reborn as a aççóo÷÷ñññgç>>?????
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>> this next panel is--it's-- i think it's really important to me because it's so rare to find honesty in the environmental movement. not many peoplple are willing to confront the reality of the situation we face. i think that's really understandable because that's a hard reality to face. but it's mymy belief that only by truththfully looking at the situation and moving through the process of grief can we come to a place of action. so with that said, i want to introduce our panelists. this is guy mcpherson. he's a professosor emerititus from the university of arizona >> [applause]


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