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tv   DW News  LINKTV  May 21, 2018 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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>> this is dw news. washington lays out. to reign in iran. >> no more wealth creation for aristocrats. no more missiles in the gallant heights. the u.s. secrcretary of state, mike pompeo, adding that the u.s. will impose its toughest sanctions on iran. italy's populist coalition nominates the prime minister.
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the country could finally see a new government sort in -- swornn in. russia faces a new doping scandal with lesson four weeks into the soccer world cup. suspicious test results of russian soccer squad members. ♪ >> i'm brent goff, it is good to have you with us. two weeks from withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal, the u.s. has promised to impose the strictest restraints. the 12 point plan was laid out today in washington while other foreign ministers were meeting in one us artists. france in the u.k. are working
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togegether. the progress will be difficult with russia and the european union also active in playoffs i just -- buenos airires. >> we will apply unprecedented pressure on the iraninan regime. the iranian regime should know that this is just the beginning. the sanctions will be painful if they do not change the course from the unacceptable that they had chosen to one that has rejoined the league of nations. this will indeed end up being the strongest sanctions in history we are completed. >> that was mike pompeo, earlier, a senior advisor spoke to our washington bureau chief. >> mr. hook, the announcement
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today, do you really believe that they can bring about the change you expect from a run -- iran? >> since the adoption of the deal, iran has increased its destabilizing behavior across the middle east and it has also not deterred their intent to acquire nuclear weapons. we are putting in place a new security architecture that we think will achieve our objectives not just for the united states before the world. >> many experts are skeptical saying you are telling iran to stopping iran. it is rather unrealistic to think that the regime will comply. with every unrealistic? >> if they want to be treated again normal nation, they need to start behaving like a normal nation. still, there is not any country
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in the world that sponsors more terrorism than iran much of their violence field in the middle east has been during the deal. we do not think this is a framework that will achieve counterterrorism. >> we have are raising some reactions from official saying the goal is a regime change. is at your goal? >> our goal in iran this for them to end their nuclear program which has the intent to achieve a nuclear weapon. we also want them to stop the terrorism and violence in the middle east.. we need them to stop violating the human rights of their own people. these are all reasonable demands. we have become desensitized to a lot of what iran has beeeen doig in the past couple of decades. we need to change the paradigm.
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we need to get iran to join a more civilized community of nations than it has been in the last couple of years. >> pompeo said today in his speech that the u.s. would like to continue cooperating with its allies. however, we have to say that some of these allies included germany would like to save the existing iran nuclear deal. there is a foreign ministers meeting taking place in argentina. mr. pompeo is not taking part in this meeting instead, he gave the speech today sending a message that the u.s. is ready to move forward without consulting its allies. >> the secretary has already spoken with the foreign ministers of germany, france, and the united kingdom. he will continue speaking with allies in europe and other parts
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of the world. he as countries around the world who care about halting the spread of nuclear weapons, who care about fighting terrorism, to join the united states in this historic effort to promote peace. >> any comment on the attempts but the european's? >> secretary pompeo said today that the united states has made its decision to leave the clear iran deal. other nations who are part of the deal have to make their own decisions. the united states has made their decision. pompeo presented a very positive decision that would give them a brighter future and would certainly help reduce the violence and terrorism that iran is engaging in. brent: that was brian hook, a senior policy advisor. mike pompeo speaking to our washington era chief.
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here are some of the other stories picking headlines around the world. india has dispatched medical teams after the outbreak of a deadly virus. up to six people may have died. with no vaccine, it has a mortality rate of around some 5%. -- 75%. tetemperatures h hit 44 degrees celsius in the southern city of karachi. there are spread -- fears of widespread heatstroke while many people are refraining from tricking and the daytime -- drinking during the daytime in observance of from it on. the company says under the multiyear to agreement, the couple will produce films and series under the name of higher ground productions. netflix has 125 million subscribers worldwide.
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italy is edging closer to a new government 11 weeks after the inconclusive election. today the populist coalition dominated the main you see break your to be prime minister -- right here to be prime minister. the antiestablishment five-star movement and the far right. >> this graffiti made to pick the close relationship between the two but they certainly were not allies during the election campaign. now the populist leaders of the far right leak and the first hired -- five star movement have asked the president to approve their new alliance. >> today, we can say we are faced with a historic moment. i also say this to our international partners. let us begin first. this is perhaps an unexpected
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government but it has been elected. >> nobody has anything to fear. obviously, we want a government thatat puts international interests first and foremost. we will respect e erybody who will put everybody -- italy in the center. telling his first. -- thailand's -- italians first. >> it calls for the deportation of half a million asylum-seekers. basic income are to be paid for with more debt. >> this contract is the heart of the government change. i see many people concerned with the international context. they have nothing to fear. the contrtract is the will ofofe ititalian people w who want cha. plocked.'s european partners are the eurozone's third artist economy is already one of the
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most indebted countries. the coalition helps the political novice and will ease the concerns of italy's partners. the law professor has been proposed as prime minister. the two party leaders agreed on the unknown technocrat is a compromise for the top post. now the president has to approve the new coalition's choice . brent: let's bring in our very own. good evening to. who is this and -- men and what is it about him that needs a far right party and far left party can agree for them to be there prime minster? >> politics in italy work differently anand it is no surpririse that a prime mininisr has beeeen chosen who is not a memberer othe cocoalition parar. it is s not so unusual.
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ththe populist parties are extreme. he is s ry unknown to everybody in italy. is a l law expert and an expertf international law but t he never heldld public office. he is leading the m mement and that is maybe the reason use chosen to lead this g government and both parties. both party l lders h hope to control him fromehind. it may be that both of them m wl be in th cabinet of thisis prime ministster. he will be the puppet on a string. >> this is a political no-name. it still remains to be seen whether or not he will be a puppet to one of those parties. he has to get the approval of the italian president how likely is that? >> it is quiteikely that the president wiwill approve thiss
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choioice because t the new prime miminister will have a broad majority for both houses of parliament. 60% of allll intelelligence - -- italiansns, are supporting this new approacach. they will go along witith it ototherwise,here will be an institutionanal governmental crisis. brent: we know that they have both been pretty critical of the european union. house brussels likely to respond to all of this? -- how is brussels likely to respond? >> of course, the eu is very sususpicious to e e what happen. the contract of the coalition is a long list off wishes and
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aggression against the e e because ththe government s saysy will no longerer appear to the rules of the e european union.n. they want to trereaties f for european early. they want to destabilize the eurozone and everyone will watch how the markets will react. italy y has happily indebebted % of itsdp. it is simimilar to the debt. it is very difficult for the italian n government to spenendo much m money in the view will watch closesely. brent: think you very much. the palace has released the first official photos of britain's prince harry and meghan markle on their wedding day. the couple appears relaxed appearing beside page boys.
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the queen granted harry and make an the titles duke and duchess of sussex is a married the windsor castle on saturday. daniel, did you watch the wedding? daniel: of course, it reminded me of my own. brent: let's talk about china and the u.s.. a trade war? daniel: china has done its best. china and the u.s. have agreed to hold off on imposing new tariffs. the temporary deal ends months of tension for financial markets. vision of drink in a joint statement with washington to substantially reduce the trade deficit in china. the chinese did not commit to closing the get by in a specific it amount. of these, the two sides are talking.
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>> oranges from the u.s. consume asas a regular fixture in n chie supermarkets. the asian country has agreed to import markets that are made in the u.s.. for donald trump, it is a call for celebration. china has agreed to buy massive amounts of additional agricultural products. it will be one of the mets -- the sinks to happen to our farmers in many years. tariffs have come down for the first time in china. president trump has previously criticized china for exposing markets to the u.s. and china. the agreement could begin to reduce the trade deficit with the nation. concrete numumrs remain n uncler with only substantntial amounts they mentioned. >> there was a reaean why we did not t put a specific number on .
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whatevever we agreree to isis na government to government purchase. we have very specific targets. >> china is also pleased with the deal and with it the avoidance of a difficult trade war. >> we believeve that the chinese and the u.s. governments have reached a good agreement. an outcome acceptable fofor besides. of course, both sides should honor such of an agreement. economists believe that the chinese government will now instruct companies to focus more on u.s. products but the agreement could be bad news for european firms especially, german automotive and mechanical engineering companies who rely on the chinese markets. brent: while asian markets greeted the news with understandable relief, opinions very on the streets of beijing. >> a tradede war couldld harm
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investorors. there should not be one. china and the u.s. should work together. >> i think i can buy luxury goods and/or prices. -- at lower prices. brent: is this a victory for trump? some are saying china has one the trademark -- tradewar. >> on wall street, there were certainly some relief that an agreement could be on the table. the dow jones industrial average for the first time in two months trading 5000 points. we are still short of any details. this past week, there was this number out in the media that the u.s. is looking to cut the
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deficit with china by 200 billion. that certainly will not be achieved. it certainly depends on the details. we have to wait and see. brent: positive reaction but still in weight and see mode. u.s. secretary of state, my pompeo, is taking a hard-line against iran. the europeans have dived into investing in a run. -- iran. >> overall, and even if you look at business between the european union and iran, business overall is minimal. yes, you have a couple of companies like boeing and general electric who have deals depending but it really does not
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matter that much for the u.s. economy. what you did see is all of the tensions with iran and venezuela , the geopolitical tension that is going on, oil prices are moving higher and oil is actually trading at the highest level in three and a half years. u.s. companies, it does not really matter too much. brent: are americans broadly welcoming trumps trade policies? >> it really depends, what angle you are looking at. when it comes to iran i have the feeling that a lot of americans, especially, conservatives and evangelicals are supporting the u.s. president when it comes to
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china, it really depends on the industry. the agricultural industry does help that the trade tensions do not excavate. -- escalate. brent: back to the fallout of the presidential elections. brent: vice president mike pence described president maduro's like -- landslide win today is ace -- as a sham. venezuela's opposition party boycotted the vote. today there celebrated winning a second 10. -- term. >> a new learning -- morning in venezuela with a new president. with popular opponents banned from running, the opposition sitting out and an official
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turnout of only 46%, many venezuelans are unhappy with the result. >> we have no food, no transportation, no medicine. what we want, we want this president to leave. we do not want this discussion we have here today. i am truly tired. i am not satisfied because it was a total sham. >> much of the international community, including the u.s., agrees. the e trump administration band american citizens from buying venezuela statee debt as a means of further isolating the o government. however, the measusure stop shot of imposing new sanctions. he calls his left whirlwind a victory against imperialism but in his next term, he will face potentially bigger chahallenge than any exterior photo. -- foe. brent: authorities in whole
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white are warning residents -- hawaii are warning residents. the llama is zeus -- lava -- residents are beining told to sy away the mitch of acid, steam, and extremely fine shards of glass reduced by a chemical reaction. authorities say the themes can cause lung damage and i and skin irritation. german journalists have revealed evidence suggesting that authorities covered up doping test results for soccer players meggin: the revelations come weeks just before the world cup term kicks off in moscow. our investigative it -- reporter help to uncover a state run the program. now, soccer players and authorities have some questions
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to answer. >> the russian doping scandal may extend to the national football team. russian officials are expected of covering up test results. footballers heaven selected for the world cup squad. alyssa's been obtained with playlists. the list is based on information based on investigators. in that raid, the world anti-doping a agency see samamps with a typical test results that had not been investigated further by russian authorities. some players in the current world cup squad is among them. >> it was the labs mechanism by which they fossae reported their results. brent: a rd says they also obtained a separate database with atypical test results.
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this information was also passed on to the for following a request for comment, fever said investigations are under way and they are hoping to report new developments in the coming weeks. >> we as a journalist how these latest revelations could impact the world cup just weeks away. >> we will know in a couple of weeks i guess. fifa is really investigating the outcome of the result of the database which has been taken from a whistleblower last year. 63,000 samples from different sports. 9000 of them have been completely suspicious. almost 100 of them are now under investigation. we do not know what is the outcome. we just talk about screening
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which might be doping but may not necessarily be doping. it needs to be scrutinized. brent: those was the investigative journalists speaking with us earlier. it is one of talks biggest tourist -- products biggest tourist distant -- parague's biggest tourist destinations. >> a hole in prague's soul. >> imagined here would be tall steel forged machinery. right now, all that is dismantled and being repaired. >> in january, the cops turned
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one last time. -- cogs turned one last time. it is at their time since its debut. hundreds of years of dirt must be removed. stone mason being cleaned with a high-pressure clear. at the moment, a photo rendering hangs here while servant, dirt, are removed. >> this is like a crust which chokes the stone. precious details are lost. >> the two should be finished by july. the city is putting on the pressure to restore the magnet. the photo on the scaffolding hardly does it justice. >> we will have to come back. we have a good excuse. is a beautiful country. >> some of the most sensitive work is done in the garden.
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here he scrubs clock hands. when he is done, it must run like clockwork. he is a masterwork of precision and beauty but pronk and its tourists must set -- wait a few months to us at their watches. brent: i will be back to take you through the day. stick around for that. be right back for that. ♪
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